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Woodley reaction to contract


LaMarr Woodley broke the news about his contract, waking up at around 6 a.m. to post it on his Facebook page and Twitter account. The Steelers outside linebacker later talked about it, following a morning walk through at St. Vincent.

Here are some excerpts of Woodley’s interview:

On getting the deal done
“I knew we were pretty close (to a deal) yesterday. I just didn’t want to give out any information about that. Yes, it’s definitely good. Now I know I’m going to be around here for the rest of my career, and that’s good for me.”

On not being fazed by the pressure that comes with the big money
“No added pressure at all. You still have to go out and play football. People are going to expect a lot out of you because of the money you signed for, but you should expect a lot of yourself anyway regardless of the money you sign for. I’m a competitive person, and if I didn’t sign that contract I’d still go out and give my all. Last year, I didn’t have a (long-term) contract but I still went out and gave my all because that’s the kind of person I am.”

On reaction from his teammates
“Jokes all day, ever since I came to breakfast. When I came to breakfast with my headphones on, but they made me take them off and they’ve been talking ever since. I guess it’s going to last about a week or so, but I can’t wait until it’s over.”

On what his first purchase will be
“I don’t think I need to buy anything. Honestly. I’m not moving. I don’t need to buy anything right now. I may do different things as far as my family members and stuff like that, my mom and my dad and my brothers and sisters. I think I’m fine right now.”



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