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Short Tomlin takes


Here are some notables from coach Mike Tomlin’s news conference on the Steelers preseason opener Friday night:

— The quarterback rotation hasn’t been set behind Ben Roethlisberger and Tomlin said too much shouldn’t be read into what groups the rookies play with in the 7:30 p.m. game against the Redskins.
“Maurkice Pouncey never got with the first unit last year until the second game,” Tomlin said, “and we knew almost instantly how credible he was so it’s not out of the ordinary for the rookies not to play with the first wave of terror if you will in the first preseason game.”

— Chris Scott is a legitimate challenger to incumbent Ramon Foster at right guard.
“He’s in the mix man,” Tomlin said, “and he’s put himself in the mix with how he’s prepared and performed.”

— Tomlin said the Steelers’ interest in Plaxico Burress and Jerricho Cotchery does not mean the wide receiver corps is lacking in experience or anything else.
“We intend to strengthen ourselves when given the opportunity at all positions because we’re trying to be a developing world championship caliber football team,” Tomlin said. “When there’s viable guys out there that are Steelers-like guys or guys that we have a level of comfort with we’re going to be interest in taking a look.
“Maybe some of those pursuits and discussions are getting a little bit more attention because these things are taking place in a training camp setting whereas in most instances they’re transpiring in March. This is just how we go about our business. We want to strengthen our team as much as we can. That’s what we’re doing at receiver or tight end or anywhere else that we bring him.”

— Scott Brown



  1. Paul Raspa says:

    Tomlin, I like the way the guy answers and his statements are to the point.Anyone who is a TRUE STEELERS fan knows that we do not play for Self Notoriety as Championships and Trophy’s are more important Let other teams make the mistakes by building thru Free Agency as the Steelers use the draft as well as Free Agents(as rookies) to build a team. This way has been in place long before Tomlin and the planning and execution has been great. All teams should take note. Take the Jets, they lost Cotchery,Edwards and Smith at WR and added Mason and Burress. The way our team is built, either would have fit in nicely with us because of Guys like Wallace, Brown & Sanders.I would rather be older at the D/LINE as we are than at WR!!! We have a tremendous amount of talent all positions on the O & D!!!!!
    . Yes, ESPN analysts can say that we are an “older” team but our team is not the 11 on the field ONLY, IT’S THE 53 men that make the team.
    You look at every position and we have accomplished veterans at each position. At CB(ARGUABLY OUR WEAKEST POSITION) and yet we have players that can play. My largest concern personally is Left Tackle. Jonathan Scott had growing pains last year and it is my belief that he showed the staff something which is why both Starks & Adams were let go. I will take my chances again as I believe this year Tomlin & Arians will open the Playbook and add some wrinkles while Lebeau will let McFadden/Gay as well as Taylor play a little tighter to take away some of thos dink/doink passes.

  2. John says:

    I could not have said better Mr. Raspa! The Steelers have a winning formula. We only add people that fit that formula. From the management, to the coach, to the players and support staff.

    Steelers are winners!!!

  3. Scott P says:

    The signing of Cotchery tells me that the Steelers have little confidence Sanders will be healthy enough to contribute this year.His foot issues must be worse than they are letting on. It also tells me that they plan to cut Sweed.

    Speaking of Sweed, that 08 draft is shaping up to be a real stinker. After Mendenhall they chose;

    Sweed – Head case will be cut this year.
    Bruce Davis – Out of football – Can’t play
    Tony Hills – Waste of space
    Dixon – Kordell Stewart starter kit
    Mike Humpal – Who??
    Ryan Mundy – Bottom of the roster spare part at best.

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