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Atmosphere draws Cotchery to Steelers


Jerricho Cotchery, No. 82 in your program, repeatedly brought up the atmosphere today when talking about why he signed with the Steelers.
“The way they handle their guys over there, (it’s) just something I need at this time. I feel like this is the best atmosphere for me to be able to thrive in as a player and as a person.”
Cotchery, in a six-minute interview with reporters outside of the cafeteria at St. Vincent, touched on a number of subjects including his release from the New York Jets.
Cotchery had played for the Jets since entering the league in 2004 but he requested his release after the Jets signed Plaxico Burress.
“It was time for a change of scenery and the organization as well,” Cotchery said. “I didn’t really see myself fitting in there. People from the outside looking in say, ‘Well you’ve been there that long, obviously you’re going to be a part of the future,’ but I didn’t really see it that way.”
Cotchery also visited the Ravens after the Jets granted his request but he said that he knew he wanted to sign with the Steelers after visiting St Vincent last Sunday.
“After my visit here I just felt like this was the place for me. It’s the type of atmosphere I need to be in right now. Business-wise you still have to take the visit, and I think that was the best thing to do, go down there and take the visit but all along I felt like this was the place for me.”
Cotchery provides more experience for the Steelers’ wide receiver corp. He also gives them insurance if Emmanuel Sanders’ left foot turns out to be more of a problem than anticipated.
Sanders said today that he is hoping to return for the Steelers’ final preseason game on Sept. 1.

— Scott Brown



  1. Wisco says:

    When you look at the end of last year, when we ran 4 wide, Sanders was getting open alot and making alot of key 3rd down conversions from the slot. Esp, when we ran the hurry up.

    When Sanders went down in the Super Bowl, we didn’t have that aspect anymore….and it hurt us, esp on the last drive. The Packers were even on their 3rd or 4th string DB’s….and we couldn’t take advantage. It was clear their depth at WR and DB were better than ours — does anyone need a reminder that Jordy (4th string) Nelson torched us?

    Depth at WR and DB are key. Having Antonio Brown will help — on the outside. And, if he can learn the slot position(s), if we go 4 wide or 5 wide, it’ll be tremendous to have Cotchery, too. He’s a guy that can make plays and is reliable. He’s got some quickness to get separation….and I look for him to make key plays late in the season. Thinking he’ll have a game where he has 5-6 catches…..with 2-3 of them being key 3rd down conversions.

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