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Pryor alert


Terrelle Pryor was spotted by WPXI’s Rich Walsh going into the Steelers’ practice facility today at around 3 p.m.
So what is there to make of Pryor’s visit a day before the NFL holds its supplemental draft?
The visit in itself is anything but out of the ordinary. The Steelers make sure they do their due diligence especially when it comes to local kids. They’ll bring in anybody from their backyard that is eligible to visit and has a chance to play in the NFL.
Also, Pryor could be taking a physical here with all teams getting access to the results of it. The Steelers are the closest NFL organization to his hometown of Jeannette, and there has been such little time since the league cleared Pryor for the supplemental draft that not all teams have access to him –- the way they would have at the NFL Combine.
Pryor is an intriguing talent, whether you think he can play quarterback or not. He has a rare blend of size and athleticism, and he performed well at his Pro Day workout Saturday in Greensburg.
I’m just not sure the Steelers, who clearly have their sights set on a return to the Super Bowl, have the luxury of stashing him on their 53-man roster and letting him develop.
They could cut ties with Dennis Dixon, also waive Charlie Batch — but tell the latter to stay by the phone in case something happens since he is from Pittsburgh and, at the age of 36, is unlikely to sign elsewhere — and draft Pryor as a third quarterback.
It’s a risk, but signs point to the Steelers giving strong consideration to submitting a bid for Pryor’s services Monday, in the former of a 2012 draft choice.

— Scott Brown



  1. David says:

    sounds good to me, dixon won’t be here nxt year anyway, cut him and sign Pryor and letr him watch one of the best winning qbs in NFL history…. oh, after he returns from his 5 game suspension

  2. Ed says:

    Too bad he’s not a left tackle. Jonathon Scott and Ramon Foster are castoffs from other teams. The running game will never go any where with plug in players.

  3. Steve says:

    That’s the Steeler way,build for the future.

  4. Jayson says:

    Well, I would draft him in the 5th round; I wouldn’t touch the kid earlier than that, he has way too many character issues. He is fortunate to even be considered for the supplemental draft. I agree, Dixon will not be there next year, why not trade him to San Francisco or Oakland, he is a West Coast Guy anyway. I will tell you another team that just might be interested, Arizona. Yes, the Whiz would love this kid. Heck, I would trade Dixon regardless if they draft Pryor or not; why not try and get something for all the work the Coaches have committed to him the past four years?

  5. Tim says:

    Could be as simple as they are giving him a look, I think is is related to Charlie Batch plus being a home town kid. Why Not

  6. Red Vodd says:

    I hope the West Coast fans are reading these blogs and feel they “need” to steal him from the Steelers, beat the Steelers to him in the draft, and allow this egomaniac to ply his trade as far away from Pittsburgh as he can get!

    The best he could ever be is a supersized version of the original Randle El.

  7. scott kunst says:

    hey guys i think we should trade leftwitch and batch and keep big ben dixson and pryer around becuase dixson deserves a shot to start for the steelers next year

  8. […] they were the closest team to the stadium. Pryor visited with the Steelers today and as Scott Brown points out, that too is not surprising as the Steelers could just be conducting the physical of Pryor to share […]

  9. Jerome says:

    Absolutely grab Pryor. I would go as high as a second round pick.

  10. Tony says:

    The kid has a ton of talent, but not for a QB. He’s got David Boston like size and ability with more speed. Easily, he’d be a solid WR or TE. I listened to an interview he had on ESPN and he outright told the interviewer that he was not interested in any position other than QB. A big mistake on his part that in the end will make his NFL career a short one.

  11. Scoobs says:

    Why is the world would we want another mini-BEN. Have’nt we had enough “ridiculous” behaviour already.

    The kid needs to sit down and take a break fom all the cheat-beating he is doing and realize that things in life are bigger than himself. And also show some humitlity.

    He does not deserve to be part of the supplemental draft this year. There aer many others that have not had such a short-life with such a long-checkered history already.

    I would rather see us pick a kid who is good and level-headed, and will be around for a long time and not in jail

  12. Howard says:

    please steelers dont touch this guy!…..hes no-good …not to smart ….to have thrown the world away for a few tattoos….he should left to flip burgers in Jeannette somewhere…..

  13. Tim says:

    I saw Terrel first hand in Columbus. Arrogant jerk. CANCER. Avoid at all costs.

  14. Jopa-n says:

    For the Steelers, unless he’s totally willing to play something like TE, would not touch him with a ten foot pole. No more projects at QB please.
    If your a sub .500, team desperate to have a franchise QB, and feel you have years to put into him, go for it.
    If the Steelers did draft him as a QB, they can’t afford to have a SB contender with the hits Ben takes, plus the lack of mobility Leftwich has, with Pryor at number 3. Disaster sitting way to close. We saw two QB’s go down to injury within weeks last year.

  15. GRob says:

    Have been saying for some time now, South Side would be a great place for him. Winding up in the black and gold and learning behind BB and #7 for a few years would be a good spot for him.

    Good to see Tressel showing support as well. Regardless of what anyone says, I don’t think it was “automatic” that HC would be at the Pro Day, especially under these circumstances.

  16. paul says:

    Wonder if he can play cornerback?

  17. mike says:

    LOL@ paul

  18. Red Vodd says:

    If you feel that my opinion(s) of Pryor or his potential of harmonizing with the Steeler organization is too critical, please pull my comment out of this list of blogs.

  19. The UnBlogger says:

    Bid a third round pick on Pryor. He’s too good to pass up

  20. Jeremy says:

    4th, maybe 5th round. He’d come right in and be close to the best cornerback we’d have.

  21. G says:

    Pryor doesn’t have any major character issues. He’s just young. I can see him in a “Slash” role with any team that has the ability to use him properly in that role. I don’t see him as a long-time starting QB…ever.

  22. Shawn says:

    Has Tomlin ever looked at a white QB? Its strange to me that we have 2 horrbile back ups, and Batch. Tomlin needs to thank Cower for building this team.

  23. Donna says:

    Why did they cut Chris Dieker I read his bio, We could have really struck gold with him. We need to think about a quarterback with in the next year or so and look at the experience Chris could have had. I only hope is that Mike Tomlin had a good reason for cutting him.

  24. Jerome says:

    When you talk about Big Ben, just think of how he came in after injuries early in his career. Pryor is a rare athlete, the risk is low the reward – incredible. I don’t think the Steelers will get him, I do think 30 teams will wish they did by the end of next season.

  25. Paul Raspa says:

    Cut Guys with Experience @ QB for a Problem Character issue?? tHE WAY OUR QB PLAYS AND GETS HIT — No Way !! PLUS– Not the Steelers way and like many said we do not need a Project HEADACHE in camp.

  26. carmen m says:

    Be nice to see Dixon work with the first team a little before anyone thinks he should be trashed or worse yet allowed to develop elsewhere.

  27. rick gagliardo says:

    take a flier on him w/ a #7. If we land him, try him out as a safety. He has the size and speed to match up against elite TE’s and big WRs. We’re too deep at WR to waste our time on him there, and he is in no way good enough to be a QB. He’s a great athlete, but that doesn’t mean he’s a football player.

  28. rick gagliardo says:

    Hey David- Tim Tebow is even better than Pryor at winning college games. How’s that woking in his favor in the pros? Just asking.

  29. Ivan says:

    Do we have another ‘slash’ in the making?

  30. David says:

    These r the players I feel won’t be with the Steelers nxt year. Ward. Mendenhall. Smith. Kiesel. Foote. Keamuate. Batch. Leftwich.

    After we win SBXLVI Ward will retire. That’s why I say ward won’t be here. Because folks, the Steelers will get back to the big dance again and win

    Go Steelers….

  31. David says:

    The Steelers are the mist watched, and must see pro team in all the sports markets and this includes the NYY…. sorry Yankee fans its just the darn truth.

  32. Scott P says:

    On the one hand, I feel bad that the kid will be stuck playing for the Raiders. On the other hand, if he would have taken improper benefits at Ohio State, he would not be in this mess. I guess Karma really does work.

  33. David says:

    Renown wasn’t even in the supplemental draft. How can I literate on someone not there, besides review is like the Miami Heat advertised. All hype. When the smoke clears there’s no championships to be found, renown has already taken the backseat to Orton. Nuff said.

  34. David says:

    Renown should be Tebow,,,,

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