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Steelers pass on Pryor


Terrelle Pryor is someone else’s project after the speed-obsessed Raiders (gasp!) took the former Ohio State and Jeannette High quarterback in the third round of the supplemental draft.
It wouldn’t have made sense for the Steelers to take Pryor in the first three rounds since they hope to find starters in that part of the draft.
That is something that Pryor would have never become in Pittsburgh unless anyone is delusional enough to think the Steelers could have groomed him as a possible successor to Ben Roethlisberger.
Pryor’s athleticism, and it is off the charts, makes him an intriguing player for which to design sub-packages while he learns to play quarterback in the NFL.
But I also heard people at the Steelers’ headquarters talking about the same thing after Pittsburgh took Dennis Dixon in the fifth round of the 2008 draft.
It sounds good in theory. It also looks good on paper, plays that take advantage of athletic, multi-talented quarterbacks and throw something at opponents for which they have not prepared.
But it doesn’t translate if you’re the Steelers since such gimmicks generally take the ball out of the hands of Roethlisberger, their best playmaker on offense.
That is why I wouldn’t have considered using anything higher than a fifth-round pick on Pryor, who some might say received additional punishment for his NCAA transgressions when the Raiders picked him.
“Put the past behind and move forward!” Steelers free safety Ryan Clark wrote on his Twitter account. “There’s a place for you homie!”
Just not with the hometown team.

— Scott Brown



  1. David says:

    Well, nothing gained, nothing lost….. The season will still go on, so long as there is no lock out……. I feel Pryor got a raw deal going to the Raiders, he will learn nothing but losing in that organization, and what about all the violence going on over there, just don’t make sense to me…. It is just football at the end of the day. but in my mind, i think also thaat there is more to it then just going to a game, might be gang realated, looking at the incident in March, well so goes the theorist…..

  2. reedboat says:

    If, if, if. If I were a Steelers coach and Terrelle Pryor had met with me I would have said “You wanna be great in the NFL? Go to receiver. Learn how to read and run routes. You can be as great as anyone there. And just forget about being the QB.”

    And I would have gone third round for him, if he agreed to learn to be a receiver. Now he goes to Oakland where he will sit and “develop” for three years until that grows old. He is not NFL QB material. But as a receiver…ahh there’s the ticket. But can he catch? Come on, he’s equally talented in basketball, where his hands are proven.

    One certain good QB named Hines Ward learned just that and Terrelle Pryor should have followed his lead. Now he’ll never reach his NFL potential by sticking to QB. Too bad for him.

  3. Donnie Goodson says:

    I’ve lived through one Kordell Stewart. Thanks for not forcing another one on me.

  4. James Thompson says:

    This was indeed a smart move on part of the Steelers, especially since I fail to see why the Raiders would want anything to do with Mr. Pryor and his excess baggage.

  5. mike says:

    I would have drafted him in the 4th rd maybe even if 3rd if he would have fallen there, much better prospect than Dennis Dixon and much better athlete that is willing to play other spots to contribute, would have been great 3rd string QB and 6th WR a guy that is 6’5″ and 230lbs and runs a 4.3-4.4 40 you have to take a shot. The more I think about it i definately would have taken him in the 3rd rd if oakland and who ever else would have needed to pass on him. I think we missed out here Never gonna be a starter at QB but could of developed into Ward’s replacement as our go to WR

  6. Red Vodd says:

    Thank you Oakland for drafting JaMarcus Russell II !

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