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The first 10


It won’t be long after Saturday’s third preseason game against Atlanta that the Steelers will make their first cuts.

All NFL teams have to be down to 80 players by August 30. The number was originally 75, but the NFL recently announced that the increased the number to 80.

The big cut will come four days later when teams will have to release 27 players to get down to 53.

So who will be the first 10 to go?

Well, obviously not too many important players knowing that the NFL upped the training camp roster by 10 for this year.

Either way, here are the first 10 who will get the visit from the turk this weekend.

WR — Eric Greenwood
TE — Vaughn Charlton
OL — Colin Miller
PK – Swayze Waters
DL — Jarett Crittendon
LB — Chris McCoy
DB — Niles Brinkley
S — Brent Greenwood
RB — James Johnson
RB — Baron Batch placed on IR

The next cut will be a little more difficult, wouldn’t you say?

– Mark Kaboly


Author: Mark Kaboly

Mark Kaboly is the Pittburgh Steelers beat writer for the Tribune-Review. Mark has covered more than 300 NFL football games in all 32 NFL cities as well as three Super Bowls -- XL in Detroit, XLIII in Tampa and XLV in Dallas. A Belle Vernon Area graduate, Mark earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in English with a specialization in journalism from California University of Pennsylvania. Mark lives in Port Vue with his wife, Jennifer; daughter Briella; and boys Rocco and Bugsley Pug


  1. chris says:

    the cuts arent going to be hard? N Eric Greenwood is going to be practice squad cause hes the best young wr in the camp brought in free agency. The only difficult cut wil be at DB or LB.

  2. chris says:

    Donovan Warren maybe the next CB in line and i can seehimstealing away Will Gay spot in the lineup by week 8. Mcfadden should be theplayer cut and they’re are other players who make significant money like Battle who shouldnt make this team. We need to cut payroll looking at the big picture next season.

  3. William gay needs to be on the top of that list he’s only 5’10” and can’t even cover a tight end

  4. David says:

    given Dixons attitude, i feel he will be the odd man out. plus he really cant step up his game under pressure, he is not a pressure quarteback, and that is paramount in the NFL….

  5. Adam Williams says:

    I agree…no way do i keep dixon over batch. bye-bye dixon.

  6. Jopa-n says:

    I don’t feel it has anything to do with attitude as far as Dixon. It just comes down to mere talent. Not talent in running the 40 or throwing from end zone to end zone either.

    The Talent needed to be productive as an NFL QB: Making the passing game potent to help the run game, and or take advantage of the running game if the opportunities are there. Result being the offense not only moves the ball but scores TD’s.

    Leftwich and Batch have proven their worth in that way as top notch back up NFL QB’s.

  7. David says:

    whats the saying, a happy employee is a productive worker, an amployee with an attitude only gives just enough to get by, in this case i don’t see the later fitting in, because all teams are watching for good qbs , but Dixon won’t be there nxt year and he knows it….

  8. joepaternover says:

    don’t get me wrong – i like charlie batch – it’s always good to have a hometown guy on the team… but he’s getting a little long in the tooth – at least dixon will be around for awhile – maybe that’s his edge?

  9. This year, the 3 top AFC East teams all appeared better than they were because they feasted on the NFC West.

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