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Legursky may be right man for the job


Have the Steelers made a lineup change as quietly as they did in promoting Kevin Colbert from director of football operations to general manager?
On the team’s updated depth chart, Doug Legursky, not Tony Hills, is the first-team right guard.
Hills had been listed as No. 1 there, and he started at right guard in the Steelers’ 34-16 win against the Atlanta Falcons last Saturday.
He was cryptic when asked if anything had been resolved vis a vis the competition at right guard.
“The coaches, I believe, they made their decision and we’ll find out the season opener and see what happens,” Hills said before practice on Monday.
Steelers coach Mike Tomlin said last week that Hills was getting the starting nod against the Falcons because of merit and one another reason: the coaches hadn’t seen enough of him at right guard the previous week due to injuries to left tackles Jonathan Scott and Marcus Gilbert.
The Steelers may have ultimately decided the Legursky, a favorite of offensive coordinator Bruce Arians, is their most reliable option at right guard.
Not that Hills, one of the bright spots of preseason practice, is conceding anything at the one unsettled position along the offensive line.
“I definitely want to be that guy, there’s no ifs ands or buts about it,” Hills said. “The opener of the year, you guys will know what’s going on.”
Maybe we already do.



  1. Bsteel says:

    I like Legursky too, but I notice that the Cowboys just cut 5 time pro bowler center/guard Andre Gurode…

  2. Paul Raspa says:

    FINALLY —- I have stated MANY TIMES that Doug is the BEST CANDIDATE for the position due to his HEIGHT, LOW CENTER OF GRAVITY, AND KNOWLEDGE!!!! THE GUY TOOK B.J. RAJII OUT OF THE SUPER BOWL AT CENTER!!!! At Guard he is able to get under the pads of taller lineman and use his strength. Sorry, but either He or Ramon should get the NOD but I am Glad it’s Doug!!! Met him a few times and have told him this time & time again!!!

  3. yinzer says:

    Paul –

    Any thoughts on Legursky’s ability to be 3rd string QB? Think he can throw an accurate deep ball or will his HEIGHT, LOW CENTER OF GRAVITY, AND KNOWLEDGE be an impediment at QB?

  4. Mark72 says:

    Doug is not the answer he get’s drove in the backfield by the large DT. Nata is going to have field day with him plus the other large linemen.

    Disappointing the Hills plays too high and gets drove into the backfield. Ramon doesn’t use his legs to move people. and Chris Scott is plain BFI (garbage). We are hurt at G and they refuse to move Colon to Guard and bring back Flozell who is 10 times better than Starks…

  5. David says:

    I say forget this last preseason game, you would think the coaches pretty much know who will make the 53 man roster, give these players two weeks to get ready for opening day…. Goodell, do us a favor, and just get rid of the kickoffs, BORING-BORING-BORING….

  6. Mike Keough says:

    There is one thing that I believe most of us are forgetting. This offense is a passing offense, and being a shorter person isnt as much of an advantage as being big, and being able to take the pass rush on to stop it. That being said, he did stop BJ Raji in the Super Bowl, but stopping someone from the center position is much different than stopping someone from the guard position. The center gets the first count. He knows who his man is most of the time. The guard, more often than not, must read and react, which is where the short height will hurt Doug. He struggled having to move and block in previous years from the guard spot. Im not sold on him as a guard, but I love him as a center. We have 2 great centers in my opinion.

  7. Rusty Bird says:

    I watched the replay last night of the Steelers/Falcons game and I really focused on what Tony Hills was doing at right guard. I was only able to watch the last few minutes of the 1st quarter and the entire 2nd quarter. I really don’t know much about football but I thought he looked really good. I never saw him get beat and I thought his run blocking was above average. I have nothing against Legursky but I just don’t know where this sudden move is coming from. I trust the Steelers coaching staff and I know Legursky will do a good job. He’s proven it already. I would still like to know what got Hills demoted.

  8. eyeheartbrucearians says:

    I have figured out the genius of Bruce Arians:

    Opposing coaches watch film to pick up on pattens and tendencies. There are no patterns or tendencies in the Steelers offense. It is utterly random, Therefore, impossible to game plan. Genius.

  9. Mike says:

    Legursky gets over-matched at times, but I believe he may be the most dependable guy available. I realy thought they would move, Colon inside and try to get Gilbert up to speed on the right side. But they seem intent on grooming Gilbert on the left side

    LT-JScott, THills
    LG-Kemo, CScott
    C – Maurkice, Legursky
    RG-Colon, Foster
    RT-Gilbert, Essex

    If they are really intent on Gilbert being a LT then maybe like another guy said bring back Flozell Adams to play RT. Reality is we are probably a year away from really solodifying this OLine

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