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And then there were five — cuts left


So the Steelers make most of their cuts — and clear up very little in the process.
They are set at quarterback, running back, linebacker and the secondary (yes, I think the Steelers keep seven cornerbacks).
I don’t think Arnaz Battle makes the final 53 because the Steelers have no need for a sixth wide receiver. Guard/tackle Chris Scott is also out though it wouldn’t shock me if the Steelers keep him instead of Trai Essex.
Defensive end Jarrett Crittenton is an odd man out on the other line, and either Daniel Sepulveda or Jeremy Kapinos will go though both punters did everything they could to make the team.
That leaves, to me, the most interesting dilemma for the Steelers: keeping an extra defensive lineman or a fourth tight end.
If they want to keep rookie Weslye Saunders -– and he won’t make it to their practice squad –- the Steelers may also have to include veteran John Gilmore on the 53-man roster.
Bruce Arians’ offense utilizes three tight ends. If Saunders isn’t quite ready to play regularly Gilmore can serve as a bridge until the Steelers are comfortable the undrafted rookie can handle playing in their three tight end sets.
If the Steelers keep four tight ends, either veteran Chris Hoke or Steve McLendon is out along the defensive line.
The guess here is that Hoke and McLendon are in and Gilmore is cut.
Steelers have until 6 p.m. Saturday to finalize their 53-man roster.

— Scott Brown



  1. Jim says:

    yes, Gilmore should go. Saunders has long term potential.

  2. Josh Pollock says:

    Why keep Gilmore? If Saunders doesn’t dress in the beginning of the season, Essex can be the 3rd TE and if they need a bigger then Redmen/Dwyer FB/H-Back while Johnson is otherwise predisposed they can put Legursky there for a play and use Hills or Essex at RG.

  3. Greg says:

    Greg They need to keep Saunders and McLendon I would doubt anone would pick up Hoke and he would be available if the need would arise. They need to get younger and stop keeping old players just because they been around so long, the young guys need a chance.

  4. tobias says:

    Agree keep Saunders he has hands plus another weapon for Ben cut Hoke and Gay

  5. eyeheartbrucearians says:

    Steelers cut TE Wes Saunders because he “can’t block.”
    Some team that actually throws to the TE (Chargers, Giants, Colts, Ravens, Cowboys…) snaps him up and turns him into a pro-bowler.

  6. eyeheartbrucearians says:

    Oh, I forgot. Patriots and Jets will be in the mix for Saunders.

  7. eyeheartbrucearians says:

    “Pryor to Saunders…TOUCHDOWN RRRAIDAAAHS!”

  8. Clarence says:

    People please, why worry. The 5 left are for the practice squad. We have 5 rooks who are NOT ready to play this year but have potential, they are the 5 cuts left and if one gets picked up before we can sign them onto the practice squad, then maybe John Clay will or Wes Lyons will be available.

  9. Clarence says:

    Ohhh, amendment, you keep Saunders if he isn’t going to make it to the practice squad. Have no choice there I think. I guess I would have to let Gilmore go and let Saunders play. Keep Chris Hoke, we need Big Snack’s backup! Arnaz Battle will also get picked up, maybe by NE if we let him go. He can catch and play special teams.

  10. Mack says:

    I think they will try to trade one of the db’s or cut bmac or gay. Or at least they should.

  11. Tim says:

    I find it extremely hard to believe Saunders gets picked up. With over 300 players getting cut this weekend, does he rise to such a level a team has a spot for him on their roster?

  12. Look just get rid Of William gay and honestly do we really need Larry foote?! Make those 2 cuts and then rest you guys can easily figure out there it is Saunders!!

  13. Dennis obrien says:

    Get rid of gay no one will pick him up, get rid of battles and a punter then there is only 2 to go

  14. terrycozens says:

    Battle, Scott, Crittenden, gilmore and sepulveda (only because hes injury prone) can go. Hokeys old but still hasnt played much so is still fresh. we need to keep Saunders he can only get better and gilmore aint never been any good. Scott loses out a numbers game as does battle . for the practice squad we need Warren, Ivy, Scott, Williams, Bryant, Grisham, cromartie-smith & john clay

  15. pedro says:

    Saunders blocks better than Spaeth did, if Spaeth was still here he should be cut

  16. Look people William gay is a truck and we don’t need Larry foote yea I like him a bit but he’s not getting any better or younger i got kids on a high school team that’s got more talent than gay he cannot cover a tight end just ask the patriots get rid of your weakest link!

  17. Paul Raspa says:

    Knew Hills would get cut!! Said it in a Blog here weeks ago about him and Sweed!! Glad they kept Sepulveda… I sure hope Suisham can kick the ball CONSITENTLY into the end-zone on Kickoffs!! I am sure most would agree.
    I sure hope they keep Clay on Practice squad …. the guy can be a BIG BACK should we go back to that BETTIS type back.. I like Dwyer and he earned it … Redman is solid and could/should touch the ball 5-7 times a game.. Weak Spots are still going to be at LT and CB … Key here is the running game if we can avg 3.9+ yds per carry, should keep Ben from getting sacked 45+ times this year. If he is sacked more than 45 times than the Steelers will need a NEW O-LINE coach!! Over and Under 45 sacks — Any takers?????

  18. eyeheartbrucearians says:

    Let’s hope that Wes Saunders appreciates his opportunity to be in the NFL and with the Steelers, of all teams. He has great potential but does have to overcome that SC “stuff” and be a Steeler.

  19. David says:

    With the ball now being placed at the 35 yard line now, even I can kick it in the endzone… a shirt order cook can kick it in the endzone. My 5′ 3hundred pound uncle can kick it in the endzone.

  20. Paul Raspa says:

    hey David, but you don’t play for the Steelers and Neither does your uncle lol … And you better care about TOUCHBACKS because it’s a part of our game that causes fits…. Or are you one of those fantasy people?????? lol

  21. Jim says:

    Just combed through the cuts and one name jumped out at me. Adam Weber from Denver. He is the QB from Minnesota that was outperforming Tebow. Would be a great practice squad addition and the eventual replacement to Grandpa Batch (no disrespect). That move would also allow a trade of Dixon this offseason to Seattle when they realize that Tarvaris Jackson isn’t the answer there.

    Surprised that Leftwich wasn’t waived/injured, but I guess there is a bit of logic there. How many IR spots are available?

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