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Farrior done wrong?


BALTIMORE — Mike Tomlin is widely considered one of the better player’s coaches in the NFL.

Tomlin has a reputation of relating to his players in a fashion to get them to play hard because of his honesty, straight-forwardness and his no-nonsense approach — all attributes that players love.

Saying that, Tomlin is doing wrong with the most influential player on the Steelers’ defense.

Tomlin made the decision to remove veteran linebacker James Farrior for the final two series of the first half of Sunday’s 35-7 loss to the Ravens because what he said afterwards was because “we had made a commitment to play Larry Foote some.”


At any other position, I’d buy that as a logical reason. At cornerback, I’d buy that reason.

But when you are talking about the unquestioned leader of your defense; the eight-time defensive captain; and the all-around most-respected person on the Steelers’ roster, it’s hogwash.

Farrior deserves better.

“I’m healthy and everything is fine,” disappointed Farrior said afterward.

But obviously everything isn’t fine … or should I say won’t be fine.

For Tomlin to make a drastic decision to remove Farrior for series at a time, there’s a problem, and that problem may get worse before it gets better.

Foote has no way surpassed Farrior in quality of play on the field. Off the field, Farrior is invaluable.

Just think, a guy like Farrior is replaced because of his decline while William Gay and Bryant McFadden remain on the field.

I’d be shaking my head if I was Farrior.

The Steelers were trailing just 14-7 at the time of Farrior’s removal in the second quarter, and the Ravens quickly went on an 11-play drive that resulted in a touchdown. Foote missed a tackle on a play, but that’s beside the point.

Well, maybe that is the point. Foote is a backup for a reason.

Farrior doesn’t deserve to be treated like he did Sunday because even if the man is in his 15th year in the league, he still hasn’t lost it.

Foote is not head-and-shoulders better than Farrior to warrant the change, which makes it all the more head-scratching.

Apparently, Tomlin doesn’t agree with my assessment.

“Larry had a good preseason,” Tomlin said. “We respect both of them. We know that both men are capable of standing in front of our defense and make calls, and we would like to play both men.”

But at what cost?

There is an old adage that if you have two quarterbacks then you really don’t have any.

Same can be applied here.

You can’t just switch out an important position as the inside linebacker in a defense like the Steelers and think there won’t be problems internally and externally.

“We made a commitment early on that both me were going to play, and we stood up to it,” Tomlin said.

If it’s just for one game then that’s fine.

Farrior doesn’t match up very well with speedy running backs like Ray Rice anyway so the reason would be logical against the Ravens.

Putting Foote in on obvious passing downs because Farrior lost a step is one thing but taking him out series at a time is another — one that is puzzling at best.

Remember, Farrior was one of the best players on the defense a year ago. He lost it that quick?

It’s going to be interesting how this plays out, but next week against Seattle should tell plenty.

— Mark Kaboly


Author: Mark Kaboly

Mark Kaboly is the Pittburgh Steelers beat writer for the Tribune-Review. Mark has covered more than 300 NFL football games in all 32 NFL cities as well as three Super Bowls -- XL in Detroit, XLIII in Tampa and XLV in Dallas. A Belle Vernon Area graduate, Mark earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in English with a specialization in journalism from California University of Pennsylvania. Mark lives in Port Vue with his wife, Jennifer; daughter Briella; and boys Rocco and Bugsley Pug


  1. Florida Steeler says:

    And Tomlin continues to bury his head about Gay, McFadden and his coaches pet buddy–Melwede Moore. Why are the three of them on the roster, especially Moore??

  2. Don says:

    You are over reacting. Older players need rest. They do the same thing with the D-Line. It is not a big deal to give Farrior a few series off, he needs that if he is going to remain competent for the entire season. Regardless, the Steelers are going nowhere with the Defensive Backfield. Colbert should lose his job for not focusing on drafting a couple of corners who can cover. They should have moved up to get Jimmy Smith, instead the Ravens did.

  3. thebinker says:

    Farrior has been a liability on third down for the two-plus seasons.

    This is a big void on defense, and it showed once again.

  4. Datruth4life says:

    I don’t agree with this at all. Everyone on the team should have been subbed for – probably besides Ike Taylor – for how poor they played today. What an embarrassment for the Rooney family and the entire Steelers organization to come out and get dominated like that after the Rooneys dished out close to $200M in new contracts this offseason. Aaron Smith might be done and BMac is close to being benched. Shameful, shameful performance.

  5. eyeheartbrucearians says:

    I said it on the last blog and I say it again:

    This loss is on the coaches.

  6. Nick S says:

    First , I am no johnny come lately about this but I firmly believe (before this game) Farrior should be 2nd string but not to Foote – But Steven Sylvester. Better yet, Harrison to the inside soon, Worldis in. Second for 3 yrs. Colon as RG and sign Adams again or Gilbert (start him). Colon is a RG. Why is this team so stubborn. Lastly Gay has to go. HE is small and supposed to be really agile to move around inside. Unfortunately, he is not – how could any other DB be worse. He gives up 7 nearly every other game. Finally, Ryan Clark is too slow. Great hitter but slow. Please can we get a speedy safety before old age slows troy?!

  7. pedro says:

    Farrior cannot cover Rice, never could. Your assessment of Foote is way off base. I understand your opinion of Farrior, he is a leader but Foote was brought back to replace him. It looks like its about time. After today’s humiliation any and all jobs should be looked at. Baltimore used crossing tight ends all game long just like the Pats did last season. This is 4-5 games in a row that the defense has looked bad. Big Ben stunk too, this is his 4th subpar game as well.

  8. David says:

    If all a team can score on 7 turnovers is 18 points then to me that offense is not that good. We played like the Ravens have an elite untouchable offense. If it weren’t for the defense and the Steelers hand wrapping a win to these Ratbirds, then its a different tune.

  9. Jim says:

    This not second guessing. I was dumb founded when I saw the Steelers line up with an empty backfield against the Ravens. The result of the play, Suggs strips Roethlisberger. I was very puzzled by that approach.

  10. Coach Al says:

    The score was embarrassing but I’m not too worried. It was just one of those games. The offense turned it over every single time they had something going and a couple of times when they didn’t. The Ravens played well but I’m only concerned with matching up with Ray Rice next time. Mendenhall was doing ok early but again they went away from him too soon.

  11. Harold says:

    It was just one of those games. Over the years I have seen the Black and Gold lay a big egg a few times. If they are being coached right they will bind together and be just fine in the end. Don’t forget after the great Teams of the 70’s won thier 4th SuperBowl they started a decline because they refused to get rid of the great players who wer getting older. I am sure this team will do fine this year but maybe it is time to start the real youth movement before the age bug really does catch them.

  12. Jopa-n says:

    The only ones that were ‘done wrong’, were those that expected the Steelers to atleast be somwhat prepared to fight the fight on Sunday.

    It’s one thing to lose. It’s another to get pasted. It’s one thing to be outsmarted. It’s another thing to made to look like an idiot. It’s one thing to be positive after a loss. It’s another to be unrealistic to the obvious after a drubbing.

  13. Bad as steelers play turnning ball over 7 times ravens did not inpress me when come to pitsburgh will be differtent story they cannot beat steelers in big game and with7 turnover and only score 18 points come on high school teeam could beat you when you give ball back all the time that the name of game in the pros turnover

  14. Paulie Raspa says:

    This was the worst game the Steelers have played as a team in a very long time. The whole team stunk.From the O-Line to the D-line –from the QB to the safeties !! THE WHOLE TEAM STUNK!!
    Missed Blocks, bad passes, Missed Tackles, trying to cover people when you know you can’t…. The Ravens used their Tight Ends not for Blocking but for catching the ball — maybe we can use Heath Miller and the rst of our T/ENDS to spread the field…. But they can’t because Terrell Suggs and co. were killing our O-LINE!!! Please get rid of Jonathan Scott , this is our weakest Position on O ,and Gay & Mcfadden cannot cover period!!!!!

  15. Mark says:

    Making an issue of who was making the calls for an unmotivated, uncoordinated, disinterested defense is just silly.
    It was obvious that the defense and offense read too many newspapers and watched too much TV about how “loaded” they were and how superior they were to their opponents, causing them not to prepare or work to get ready for this game. Lack of effort.
    Death by ego…….

  16. Jason Mock says:

    I’m very interested to see how this year’s team responds to this week’s beatdown. Hopefully they pull it together.

  17. jeff k says:

    Timmons was constantly out of position. IMHO he lacks quick instincts. Linebackers were constantly losing track of TE’s and RB’s out of the backfield. The sack by Suggs looked like kemo and scott double teamed and kemo did not peel off to block the stunting Suggs. No pressure by D-Line. Woodley was pressing too hard up field and they were going right into his position with dump passes and running plays. Johnny Highschool Mistakes. Pathetic.

  18. Bill the Fan says:

    We accuse the team of not having perspective, the fans don’t either. Let’s be sober about this:

    1. To hang our hat on “only 18 points from 7 turnovers” is ridiculous. Look at the play calling, it was clear the Ratbirds called off the dogs and started just running the ball about half way through the third quarter (save for about 2 plays where they threw the ball aggressively). If they had play called like they did in the first half it might have been 60-7.When they mixed up the play calling we could not stop them.

    2. Easy to blame the coaches, but our front 7 on D and our O-line were losing the 1-on-1 matchups constantly. Harrison made about 1-2 stellar plays, did have 8 tackles. I hope he gets stronger/healthier as we need him.

    3. Ben looked bad but there is not a QB in the game that doesn’t look bad with ruthless pressure. Ben knew Scott was going to stop nothing on the left edge. Ben can elude 1-2 guys and make plays, but the whole OL was a turnstile. To add insult to injury, everyone watching knew he had to start throwing a lot – Rats just teed off on him. He was shell-shocked by the end of the game. With good OL play, Ben is one of the top QBs in the game. Blame Ben’s play on the OL I say.

    4. “One of those games” – really? They were beat down. They didn’t have good drives and a mistake or two killed it; they didn’t stop the other team on D and a fluke play or two killed them, or a bad ref call; they were BEAT DOWN. Individual poerformance need to geta lot better, and maybe the embarassment will be their motivator.

    With good OL and D-front 7 play this team can compete with anyone. If what we saw out of individual performances yesterday continues, this team is 7-9.

  19. eyeheartbrucearians says:

    Maybe the Steelers’ plan for strength and conditioning is to play themselves into shape. They should be in top form by December.

  20. Rick says:

    Having a preseason like we did, with the dominance we had, was misleading. It was preseason. I think too much was taken from that and put towards the season.
    I have seen the defense play oddly(poorly, out of synch) in the past then recover. They kind of did that yesterday, but it was not very apparent as the offense began to fall apart after that Ngata destruction of a run early in the 3rd.
    Desperation reared its ugly head on the offensive side then and left the defense in bad spots the rest of the game.
    Points to ponder – who missed calls on the wide open TE plays in the game? If the TE was covered at all, then Woodley sacks Flacco.
    — And the announcers, well they get paid to add color. But Simms kept messing up, so I didn’t even realize Farrior was out until they called Foote’s name.
    Yes – I was watching the game on TV – I don’t live in the Burgh. The neck wrap hold and take down on Harrison early in the game was poo-pooed by Simms as “nothing wrong there that I could see…”. I was happy they called that as Harrison has been taking that kind of abuse for a couple seasons now.
    Was McFadden so bad, or just really rusty (remember, he played how much in preseason!)? That TD pass he allowed, mis-timed leap, trip at wrong moment, great catch by Bolden, all 3?
    As for left tackle, Scott better play like Starks or Adams, or get someone else. He must have some huge upside to have been kept in place of them. He should play up to that, or we should start the rookie Gilbert.
    And at least on TV the world could see something happened to Ike after that play as he was walking away. I just loved the way the Ravens could get away with stuff.
    As for fines, if any Steeler gets a fine, equal numbers of Ravens should, and ADD at least 2 refs.
    We are not a dead team, nor are we too old. Continuity is a huge deal in my opinion. We have great players on both sides of the ball. Just remember, though I discounted preseason, the Redskins game where we appeared much the same. A wakeup call then, and a new one yesterday.

    With 15 more games to go the season is definitely not lost, nor is the division, playoffs and Super Bowl.

    In general, we played poorly in all phases. the real question is why, not who is too old, bad or what.

  21. Mark72 says:

    This was a str8 blasting by the Ravens, my points on a couple of players:
    Legursky: Too little
    Smith: Too slow (done)
    Farrior: Way too slow
    McFadden and Gay: Couldn’t cover a pillow with a pillow case:
    Johnathan Scott: Can’t block grass on a sunny day
    Ben: Ed is in the middle of field, u do know that right
    Arians: Stop emptying the backfield, leave Rashard or Redman in the backfield to keep them honest. Also, everyone knows when u put 2 people in the backfield on obvious passing downs they are going to rush 3 and cover with 8 so the eac Wr is covered by no less than 2 people. Brilliant
    Tomlin: Stop with cliches’ homeboy, U will be tested as a coach this year. Dudes are paid with guarantees..

  22. thefan08 says:

    This was just a complete breakdown. First before i blame the players, i lay the biggest blame on Dick Lebeau. Baltimore receivers and TEs were running wide open. The Second, it seems Arians is still as bad a play caller as we imagined. When you play a team like Baltimore who has great rushers, why don’t we chip the players, or have players staying in to block, and if their man don’t blitz then release. Or have those players staying in to block run delay routes to confuse the defense. Baltimore did that today, and they schooled our DC.

    Third, as much as i hate to say this, i am so glad for this loss. Maybe now, we can stop drafting DEs in the first who will sit for 3 years before they start a game. I am hoping this loss allows the steelers to address our real needs, Offensive line, Corner and the safety position. I can only hope.

  23. rich says:

    1 – Flacco and the Ravens are evolving and doing what they need to beat the Steelers. And the Steelers defense was ill prepared for it and the beefy zone blocking scheme.
    It reminds me when the Steelers played Denver in the play offs on the way to SB 40. Denver was ill prepared for the offensive game plan the Steelers used that day
    2 – The offensive game plan was awful.The offense would be better if 5 WRs were used less and TEs more.
    Against defenses like the Ravens shorter pass routes are needed. Ben still hasn’t learned that consistant short passes can get the job done when you are inside the 30.
    Bad pay calling and bad decisions ruled the steelers offense this day.

  24. thefan08 says:

    Also, why are we drafting DEs in the first. The 2 DEs we have playing now were drafted in the 7th and 3rd round. We have good players on the D-Line, but we don’t have players anyone fears. Hampton is still serviceable and he might push around mediocre to average centers, but lately he loses more battles than he wins. Cody was there for the taking, and we could have moved up to draft a corner or maybe offensive line.

    I know i am venting after one game, but there is a difference between losing a hard fought game and getting embarrassed, and we got embarrassed. Hopefully, we play better against the Seahawks or it is going to be a long season.

  25. Otis says:

    I have said this for the last 3 years………Draft some O linemen and can SOMEONE PLEASE GET US A DAMN CORNERBACK ! Toast Taylor is the best we have……REALLY? Come on Man !!!!!!

  26. tomthebombtracy says:

    This has ’09 written all over it. The onus will be on Tomlin to find answers, and we know how that turned out two years ago. He’s a great team spokesman but not much of a head coach.

  27. Shizitzburg Eater says:

    Your Steelers were dominated from the the first snap to the last. I was at the game, and when the writing was on the wall, all your boys in yellow could do was start fights. 2 Pgh players knocked in to refs, one ref went down and was out 5-10 seconds, that should easily have been an ejection, maybe 2. There are always a few bad calls, but the way the Steelers played and how they were coached lost it, not the refs. You guys have a great team and a wonderful history; it’s not the end of the world. We’ll see you on your turf in November.

  28. DL says:

    You call Tomlin a spokesman and a man of cliche’s. That is funny. This guy coached these misfits to a super bowl last year. Now he is only a spokesperson. How long did it take Cowher to get the steelers to their first Super Bowl

  29. David says:

    I just good we didn’t witness another Braves/Pirates 19 inning disappointment, man did the Pirates spiral after that loss. We have Seatle next week, I’m in a wait n see mode right now. First game, yes. Early season, yes but in football there are only 16 games to get in position, so as the one game and the early season is a positive thing to lean on, it is still a short season. You only have so many chances in this game, not a hundred sixty 2….

  30. Scott P says:

    The real head scratcher is why were any of the Steelers top players on the field in the 4th quarter. Risking injury in a game that was long since over makes no sense to me. They could have taken a bad situation and used it to their benefit by getting some of the young guys some regular season snaps.

  31. Kevin B says:

    Wow all these excuses and no credit to the Ravens. I too was at the game and it was a beat down from start to finish. The 18 points of 87 turnovers come on man that is riduculous. The Ravens stopped pushing after it was 29-7 and the yards you all got were all after the fact who cares yardage we are just keeping you out of the end zone. Old and slow.

  32. Scott P says:

    Arians is an idiot!!

  33. Fan since1971 and we all know Steeler football is consistent. I am confounded. Offense could not stand against Raven defense. Why? Our prolific Defense looked weak and slow which is NOT who they are. I agree we need Corners. I seriously doubt we will NEVER see a performance like that one and the Ravens will go down 11/6. We need to figure out how to deal with Suggs, Ngata and Reed to win AFC. I was disgusted when one commentator called Ravens King of North. He is a moron, one game does not make a season. We will have a 15-1 season. I believe to my core that we are best team.

  34. David says:

    Oh yeah Luke I said earlier, 18 points on 7 turnovers. I’m not too concerned there, the Ravens only had 14 points plus that arrogant 2 point conversion to thier credit. If they were as good as we made them look, the point would have been 62 – 7.

  35. dale says:

    15 more to go….lets relax….I think we need to go back to using a fullback lead like the old days. Mendenhal is quick but it sure would be nice to see the hole bigger for him to get through. Keeping Ben in to the end of the game was NUTSO!! If he would have gotten hurt on that hit up by his shoulder for no chance of winning a game….Rooneys could ask for a resignation from MR. TOMLIN!
    Remember….Ravens come to our house……BEWARE!

  36. Jeff says:

    The Ravens lost CB Jimmy Smith on the opening kickoff and CB Chris Carr in the 2nd quarter due to injury. Another rookie CB, C. Brown was inactive, leaving the Ravens with only 3 corners (Webb, Foxworth, and Williams). Considering the Steelers were down, and the Ravens DBs were on short supply, I don’t know if I can blame the Steelers trying to spread out the Ravens. The fact the O-line couldn’t pass protect is another story….

  37. GPC says:

    Tomlin’s tough guy BS has gotten old. He did not prepare the team for the pre-season game at Washington or this game. I expected a close game one way or the other but the lack of preparation from a mental and game plan perspective is not acceptable. We went down this “pass happy” offense before and it cost Cowher. Tomlin needs to get control. The attitude and swaggar that the team likes to brag about has to be demonstarted on the field. I guess the Super Bowl loss with no pass rush and no secondary didn’t teach anyone a lesson. We are a year older and a step slower. I love Lebeau but if it is not working adjust. We cut Crezdon Butler but kept Gay and McFadden? Even if it was a push, keep the guys with potential. I also heard Peter King say yesterday that we are 20 million over the cap for next year. That is scary.

  38. CeeCEE says:

    the entire team lost this game, the coaches didn’t make Ben throw those INT’s, the coaches didn’t tell Taylor to get the penalty or Troy to start fighting like a fool because he was outrun and out played. These are grown men with a job to do and failed at doing their individual jobs. How dare anyone blame the coaches for any of the mistakes that were made Sunday!! It was a shameful performance and they weren’t playing a better team, they played a team who clearly were studied and ready to roll.
    This season will not be a good one because the road to the bowl goes thru B’More. They are paid too much to play like a AAA college team, I have seen highschool teams come out with more fire and desire that these fools Sunday and they are my BOYS!!

  39. Mad Dog Mike says:

    The Rooneys have lost it….Tomlin needs to go, the O line is as porous as Swiss Cheese, the secondary hasn’t been good since Rod W left..and Ben must still be having effects from a bad cycle ride…and no help in the off season..let’s see,,,,,,,,12 turnovers in 2 games the Toilet Bowl and now this debacle…they live up to my nickname..the STUPID STEELERS sad sad

  40. David P. says:

    Steelers needed the ass kicking the Ravens gave them. Now how well they respond next week and here out. They came into season beiieving all they had do show up and forget about playing fundamental football. Packers proved they were the better team on Super Sunday, the Steelers have yet to prove they are better than there opponent since the Ravens playoff game last season. Get that swagger back.

  41. Big Dawg says:

    I’ll keep it short and simple…Ravens got Mckinnie (out of shape or not) and he is now starting! Blocked the crap out of Harriosn yesterday. Steelers could have gotten him but they made no effort so now they have to face him at lest 2X a year!

  42. Believing you will win won’t garantee a win but believing you are going to loose garantees a loss. I saw the haphazard play in the second half and I can see that Tomlin lacks the rally the troup skills that Cowher used so effectively during his time at the helm with the Steelers. Come back Cowher we need you!

  43. WLH says:


  44. gloria prye says:

    Hey everyone,
    You can’t say the whole team played bad. Heath was awesome.He made some great plays,and that speaks volumes,as to the kind of player he is.You go Hheeeeeeaaaathe!!!!! I believe he is the most underrated TE in any league. Go# 83!!!

  45. James B says:

    Hold your horse there Don (I assume that’s the writer’s name). This game was ugly from the start, but it boils down to turnovers. I give Baltimore credit for having a big hand in causing most of those turnovers, but 7 turnovers in one game is certainly a once in a blue moon kind of thing. Spelling Farrior is a good move just to keep him fresh in the game and throughout the season. Be that as it may, subbing in Foote was not going to solve the problem of the Ravens game plan against the Steelers. That’s more coaching and personnel. Also, as much as I can’t stand Gay and McFadden, there’s nobody ready that you can sub in for them. Moving up to get Jimmy Smith is easier said than done. The Steelers “grow their own” when it comes to personnel. It just so happens that the corners they drafted 2-3 years ago have not panned out so now we have a talent/performance gap at corner. Let’s hope Cortez Allen shows enough progression to step in next year.

    For the here and now, the coaches have their work cut out for them working with the backfield we have and knowing that teams like New England, New Orleans, Green Bay, and now Baltimore have shown the blueprint for attacking this defense.

    This is a game of adjustments, and now its time for the Steelers to come up with an effective counterpunch. That adjustment may actually be on the offensive side of the ball with becoming more explosive (without the turnovers). The Steelers are stubborn, but they have good reason to be. I still trust their front office, and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that this is a blip on the screen and that we’ll win alot more than we’ll lose – like always. Now let’s get this bad taste out of our mouths and thump Seattle!!! Go Steelers!!!

  46. Bob says:

    Ravens fan here. Always enjoy the game no matter the outcome. Two finest teams in the NFL to watch no matter who they are playing.

    Bottom line in my opinion was Pittsburgh had no tape to watch on a revamped Ravens roster. Baltimore had mounds of tape to watch because of the few moves the Steelers made. It will be hugely different come 2nd meeting as both coaches will have tape to review and game plan with.

    Not sure I’d be too hard on your team or coaches right now. Almost 1/2 the Ravens roster was new. Had to have made it hard to game plan. Pittsburgh always competes hard. I fully expect 3 meetings yet again this year!

  47. jimbo says:

    Odd …Nobody saw how horrible Tro played…The worst I have ever seen him play imo. Just one game tho. I think we are in for a ruff ride if tomlin dosent set a statment buy killing the SeasHags…If that game if even close…we r in trouble. Gay is a terrible corner..couldn’t cover himself with a blanket. The O-line wont get much better..they suk bad..but Hey.. we still got there last year.

  48. Frank says:

    Even though you made a committment to both men in that position, sometimes you have to think twice about that promise. Larry Foote is a good player, but he’s no Ferrier. Hi made a few mistakes that were very visible. Just because a guy has a good camp doesn’t mean he’s the the one to play. Play Ferrier for the rest of the year. I know what I’m tellin’ you, man. You’ve been a great coach until this. Don’t foul it up.

  49. Bwalsh says:

    Moore is a fine 3rd down back.. always runs hard.. I dont see the comparisons with Gay who I have not seen make a play in years ,,even on punt coverage he cant find the ball to down the thing and we know he isnt able to play in coverage..and the other 4 defensive backs that are for some reason turned into robots.. odd evoution of a group of secondfary guys..

  50. E mitch says:

    What it comes down to is the Ravens played their superbowl againist us. And it was a setup from the league to give the afc champs a road game againist their arch enemy. The ravens spent the whole off season planning for this game. Give them credit they were more hungry then us on that day, n we were sloppy. See them week 8

  51. Gator n Meadville says:

    We need some serious help at the corners and until we get help you prolly can expect all Q’B’s to have a field day picking on Gay…

  52. JoeF says:

    What’s the deal on the call after the Taylor headbutt. They talk about retaliation, but at least a half dozen Ravens retaliated. The proper call should have been off setting penalties.

    The way it was called, the officials have sent a message that if there is a personal foul, the other team can retaliate with no penalty.

    Are the Steelers a marked team again this year as it appeared to be last year?

    The Ravens and Steelers still have 15 games to go, and most likely a playoff match up.
    I don’t believe Flacco can play as well as he did for 2 more Steeler games. This game was the best he has played against the Steelers, but a lot of that goes to a poor Steeler performance.

    At least they didn’t lose by only a few points and come out of the game feeling as if they didn’t need a lot of work(both players and coaches).

  53. rex morris says:

    a Steeler fan since ”’single”’ wing days in the early 40’s, the era of the ”’1 game”’ winning streak; since the Steelers had won ”’many”’ times over the Ravens , ”’U”’ knew that sooner or later the Ravens, an excellent team, would pull off a win , its better now than at the close of schedule or in the play-offs, Now We can get down the action.

  54. Scott P says:

    This team better find some corners who can play or it is going to be a long season. I bet they can find guys on other team’s practice squads that can out play Gay and McFadden.

  55. I am a die hard Steeler fan as well as my family. My son was so disappointed that
    they didn’t even try, I got seven texts while I was at work the Keystone Cops are
    at it again.
    They get big heads when things go right then they meet the ignorant ravens who
    aren’t great they are out for blood against anyone but the Steelers especially.
    They came to kill or do anything they could to win. Was it Hines Ward or the Ravens
    idiot who was fighting first and ward got called on it. Baloney I have seen to much
    Suggs last year broke bens nose he got a slap on the wrist.
    Steelers need to change up their stradegy a little bit everyone knows how they play
    and for the most part they are good but don’t keep beating a dead horse you are good go on now and try a little harder to win. Go out there and show us that you want
    to win and put your best foot forward, practice protecting ben or whoever it may be
    Tomlin needs to step it up and tell them work or walk get in their faces. We need a
    change in positions on the field.
    If you keep throwing interceptions get off the field and try someone else.

  56. Evilpens says:

    WTF would Colbert draft Cover CB’s when LeBLOW Plays them 7-10 yards off the WR’s ??

  57. Giovanni says:

    I think it would be best to place some trust in Tomlin. No self respecting Steeler fan can deny that James Farrior is one of the great players in Steeler history. Last season, when some folks thought he was past it, he had a great season at his position. However, aside from the fact that James’ age does play a role in pass defense on a team that asks more of its linebackers than perhaps any other in the league, I noticed something yesterday that I am sure his coaches saw as well; on 3rd and goal at the Steelers 1, Ray Rice scored, despite great penetration from Casey Hampton, who along with Ike Talyor, were the only defensive players who seemed to care. On that touchdown, Farrior had a clear path to Rice where if he filled the hole created by Hamption’s penetration, would have stopped Rice behind the line of scrimmage and forced a field goal.

    What stuck me is that James recognized it, but was simply too slow to react and fill that hole. His 36 year old legs would not allow him to make that play and I am convinced that this is what Tomlin saw and it had something to do with playing Foote for all those snaps. I am not saying that Larry is a better option because as it stands now, the Steelers do not appear to have an heir apparent to Farrior. Unless of course Timmons takes that role and Keiron Fox or Stephenson Sylvester can play in Timmons’ spot. Perhaps Jason Worilds can play that role as well even though he is a backup to Harrison and Woodley. All I know is there does not appear to be a capable replacement for Farrior.

    I do think it is unfair to single out James, but on a team that plays a system that requires its linebackers to do the heavy lifting, it goes with the territory. The linebacker play was horrenduos yesterday. They should all be ashamed of themselves

  58. scotty dee says:

    farrior has been done 3 yrs ago. they have sylvestor but instead of bringin and changing dbs, they keep want to add “more weapons” for ben. Also good job arians for getting rid of power run game baltimore uses! tomlin did what chucky did in tampa and let the team get old!!!!

  59. pedro says:

    Bob the Ravens fan has it right, yes no tape, no plan

  60. Peter N. says:

    I think Baltimore was a bit more up for this game and after that 1st interception thrown by Ben kind of deflated our team. By not having Ben play the last preseason game and only a half the prior game I think added to some rust to his game play, and hence some interceptions. The offensive line needs to gell and the cornerbacks maybe play some man to man coverage, Ray Rice wasn’t covered coming out of the backfield and gained a bunch of pass receiving yardage as a result. It’s only 1 game and there are 15 left, I’d be concerned if we continue to play poorly and lose…………….

  61. fanSice78 says:

    Just all around terrible..and for the life of me I don’t know y Gay is still on the team and y bring back McFadden? Backwards moves to me they are both awful..I saw this loss comming when the schedule came out..and definitely after the draft and free agency was over and we made noooo changes at key spots..did the coaches and GM forget about the Super Bowl? I would have gotten rid of all the DBs even Ike..but yet they release Starks and Adams? Even Troy looks slow now..Arians Shud have retired..and Laboe needs some new schemes..FLACO DIDN’T HAVE ONE GRASS STAIN..and Ben was simply BAD..HINT to the Steelers brass “free agency is a good thing” use it sometimes..We haven’t had a big name since farrior came..and im sure there are plenty of players who wud love to ware that black and gold

  62. Rick says:

    I don’t get you people at all that say the Steelers have done nothing about CB. They drafted at least 5 or 6 CBs the last three years and the two they drafted this year could be really good. I don’t understand letting Butler go and leaving Gay on the team but THEY HAVE drafted CBs. I think they should be put out there and tested because surely they can’t do any worse than Gay or McFadden. And that gives them game time to learn the game. They sure as heck aren’t learning anything from Gay and McFadden except how to be terrible at the position. The coaching staff is extremely stubborn when it comes to some players. Playing Foote over Sylvester is just plain stupid. Slow of Foote never should have been brought back in the first place. It is a wasted roster spot that could have gone to someone else.

  63. fanSice78 says:

    OHyeah one more thing how do u not game plan for Suggs? Every game he has atleast 3sacks..and who in the hell is the On-line coach? Ben is in for a long tuff year..if things don’t change ..sorry to say but the only bright spots I’m seeing is Mendenhall..linebackers are fine but they. have NO DB help..Troy can only do so much alone

  64. Rich says:

    Better to lose to the Ravens now…than later in the season with the division on the line. If the loss was to anyone else it may not have been so magnified. That being said it would be nice to see & hear the players shut up and just concentrate before the games. But what do I know…I also think that the Ravens finally figured out the Steelers achillie’s heel which is to hit them with the same plays that New England uses every year. Still have faith in them because I am a home grown fan from New Ken. But also realistic enough that there are gonna be games like this at some point in any particular season, (Steelers v.s.Raiders last season)? Just let this be the last one…just get the division first, then let the rest take care of itself…good luck to the team.

  65. Pissandvinegar says:

    Holy sheets !! This game was embarrassing. D looks old and offense looks like rookies no offense cam newton! We can’t pressure flacco……really?? He threw all over us and we can’t stop the run…..really…..really? We are making trial and error substitutions in the 1st half of the 1st game …..something is definitely wrong. Will gay is horrible, worse db since well I can’t remember a solid db in the last 15 yrs but this guy is garbage and needs to be shown the exit sooner than later. Bmac should be a great nickel corner buy that’s it. Front line looks old on d and the backers can’t blitz. We need changes quickly

  66. Tomlin is starting to remind me of Obama. Forget all the post game and weekly rhetoric, his apparent relying on his “cabinet” to dictate who stays and plays is becoming a huge concern! The Gay issue is a joke!! Kugler’s boys – J. Scott & Legursky versus Flozell or Max and either Foster or Hills is almost as bad as keeping Gay and “buddy” Mewelde. Then theres the “keep Bruce for Ben” syndrum. It just reminds me of how the country is being run!!!

  67. Tommy says:

    I really think Farrior is still good and maybe he did lose a step but Larry Foote is gonna replace him?I don’t think so.The game was embarrassing and the whole team looked like they were drugged!No life on either side of the ball!If anybody needs to be replaced itsBruce Arians!He a joke and their offense is to predictable.

  68. Wes says:

    Are you a Steeler fan or elementary school guideance counselor? That’s why Tomlin is the coach and not you. I fully agree that Gay and McFadden should be relegated to ticket collections but don’t think for one minute that Farrior deserves to be on the field. Guys like Farrior need an intervention and a strong recommendation to hang up the cleats for a whistle. If your a real football student you can clearly see the amount of times (including past 3 seasons) that numerous times he gets sealed off blocks especially late in the season when he’s down 15-20 pounds. And reminder this was just week 1.

  69. Michael says:

    First you said that Mike is respected for his “straight-forwardness” and then you turn around and attmept to show him as liar?

    I’ll take the man @ his word until proven otherwise. James (Farrior) has lost several steps, dating back to the last minute drive by the Bengals two years ago. When the Bengals FB ran out into the flat, again, it was Farrior’s guy to cover. I’m talking a 5 sec. (40 yd. Dash) FULLBACK! Don’t get me wrong, James could start for any team in the league, but to ask, “Did Tomlin screw Farrior” is being totally disengenious!

    Btw, the Rooneys don’t listen to people like you! That’s why they have only hired 3 Head Coaches in the last 40 years! You can stop trying to lead a “Fire Mike Tomlin” campaign over ONE game! I have a funny feeling that you could really CARE LESS about James Farrior.

  70. David says:

    I’m not hanging my car on 18 points on 7 turnover, the Ravens were out to embarass us and they did, my proof is the fake extra point turned into 2 points. Don’t tell me john Harbaugh wasn’t into that, he’s been wanting to get the better of us for a long time. He is just that kind of coach.

  71. Michael says:

    @ Coach Al

    You’re absolutely correct!

    If Bruce Arians would have stuck with the run game, then the score would have stayed within reach. That’s why you rarely see the Pittsburgh Steelers getting blown out. When you run the ball the clock runs as well. No matter if you’re moving the chains on a regular basis or not.

    I have a feeling that Bruce will retire and Mike will bring in the guy who gave him his first coordinator job.

    Before you all get in an uproar (Brad) Childress was an outstanding OC under Andy Reid. Remember, Richard Lebeau was once a (Bengals) HC himself and now he’s the TOP D-Coordinator in the game.

    Again, excellent comment….

  72. well boys and girls a big steelers fan in philadelphia ben is still making those same interceptions throws he was throwing when he first started winning from the begining bruce a. has always been a washout lebeau age is catching up to him the secondfary has always been crap but for some reason tomlin and the steelers refuse to change even an ass whipping like this won’t change that passive style of football they need a running back not a fumbling back stop throwing interceptions ben d-line needs to grow up and the offensive line should just really disappear because thats what they are disappearing acts. None of them the entire organization should take any pay for that B.S. performance I MEAN IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  73. Doug says:

    Lighten up people, this was one game, not the season!
    The Road to the super bowl does not and will not go thru the bird brains of the AFC.
    This was one of those games where you do not panic and make drastic changes.
    The Steelers effort as a team was not there, every facet of this game was out of character. The Steelers will bounce back, and will be there at the end.

  74. STEELO says:

    Farrior is the leader of our Defence.Keep him in.I love foot but JF IS OUR LEADER.

  75. ratbirdsan says:

    1.) I love it when you call my team the ratbirds.
    2.) Unlike someone above, I don’t think either Pittsburgh or Balt is going 15-1.
    3.) I hate when you diss Suggs. The epitome of Ravens/Steelers football and you get down on him? That would be like me dissing Troy. Not gonna happen.
    4.) The road to the superbowl DOES go through Baltimore. Has for the last couple of years, will again this year. Just like Baltimore’s road goes through Pittsburgh. Deal with it.
    5.) I was very disappointed. I love this rivalry and to see a blow out game makes for a bad week. Only one way it could have been worse.
    6.) Don’t let Seattle beat you. THAT would not be good. The Ratbirds have their own nasty test with the Titans.
    In week eight, watch out for that Reed guy. He’s sneaky He almost had another one.

    tim in san jose

  76. bob swope says:

    This is by far the best rivalry in the NFL.
    Looked forward to the game since the schedule was announced.
    hated the result, love the emoiton exhibited by the fans and players. Reminds me of college football.
    The Nov 6th game and the following playoff game (probably) against the friggin Ravens will no doubt be better than this one.
    Coach Tomlin, the staff and players will no doubt mae the corrections required of them to make this yet again a Steeler season to be proud of.

  77. Ed D says:

    Look folks, most seem to be avoiding the one thing that should concern everyone here…the Ravens revamped one of the top 4 teams from last year quite a bit and got better. The Steelers basically stood pat and didn’t.

    The truth is that there wasn’t a great deal of separation between the teams last year and while we all liked to think that Flacco couldn’t beat Ben, the truth is that, if he’d had had a better O-Line last year, maybe they’d have played the Packers in February.

    Based on Sunday’s game, he’s got quite an O-Line this year, considering how bad they made the Steeler front 7 look even though they hadn’t played a down together all season, Birk and McKinnie hadn’t played at ALL, and Yanda and Oher were playing positions they hadn’t played in 2 years. If they don’t get hurt, how much better do you think they’ll be by week 8?

    The funny thing this year is that the Steelers, as division champions, have a softer schedule than the Ravens do because last year’s #2 division teams look tougher than last year’s division winners look. That might help IF they can recover from Sunday debacle.

    But, mark my words, just because week 8 is in Pittsburgh, don’t think for an instant that “Flacco can’t win a big game”. If their O-Line gets any better, we’re going to be in BIG trouble.

  78. A Fan says:

    I have been a Steelers fan for over 50 years and it’s very simple. The coach and the front office of the Steelers blew it. There was talent out there that was better than what is currently on this team that could have been had but they choose not to get it. I’m disappointed in the Rooney’s because they let history repeat itself. Remember back in the early 80’s after the great Superbowl runs when they kept Joe Greene, LC Greenwood and others around past their prime. They didn’t trade and get anything for them.
    If you want a lesson from a very smart organization look at New England who will not hold onto their talent too long and get nothing for the players . They move on. They always have more draft picks than any team and therefore can always reinvent them self quickly…not the Steelers. New England will go out and get players (they picked up 4 players on the waiver wire after the final cut this year) and play them immediately. The Steelers won’t play their young players and draft picks because the said because they have to learn the ” Defense and Offense” because it is “so complicated”. If they want to get some experts on the Steelers “D” ask Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers and now Joe Flacco if the Steelers defense is that complicated because they seem to have figured it out very quickly and well enough to torch it EVERY time they see it.
    The Steelers are now stuck with a lot of players that have very little value and talent is diminished. Aaron Smith is done so why pay him 4 million plus because he is a good guy…this is a business. Why have Chris Hoke around instead of a young stud that can still play. The cornerback position has been a joke for the past several years because they don’t seem to be able to draft good player so then go out and get some from another time…oh no that would be the STEELER way. I’ve got the answer go get a slow, older, player that gets hurt every year…Bryant McFadden…Steelers you have to be able to adjust and they just won’t do it. That is one of the reasons that they don’t make the playoff after they go to a Superbowl.
    I could continue to go on but what’s the use because the Steelers won’t listen and don’t learn. Stop patting yourselves on the back and get to work on bring in top flight talent. Steelers are a 8-8 team at best this year and will not make the playoffs…write it down. B. A. is an Idiot..I had to get that in.

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