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The Mendenhall smokescreen?


I’m sitting in the press box at a mostly empty M&T Bank Stadium, and I’m wondering if Bruce Arians set a smokescreen last Thursday when he gushed about Steelers running back Rashard Mendenhall.
“That’s our lead dog. Everybody wants to talk about the wideouts but our lead dog is Rashard,” the Steelers offensive coordinator said. “We’re going into the game with Rashard as the lead dog and everybody else feeds off him.”
Whether that means the Ravens see a heavy dose of Mendenhall today remains to be seen. The Steelers have had a tendency to play it conservative when it comes to the Ravens because of how good both defenses have been since this became one of the league’s marquee rivalries.
But Arians has earned, fair or not, a reputation for favoring the pass over the run. And in Ben Roethlisberger he has one of the top quarterbacks in the league as well as one in which he has complete trust.
Roethlisberger appears poised for a big year, and he certainly has the talent around him to air it out.
I expect Arians to unleash him at some point.
And it could come today with Roethlisberger dropping more than subtle hints last week that he’d like to be more aggressive when it comes to attacking the Ravens’ defense.

— Scott Brown



  1. Coach Al says:

    I hope they are very aggressive. I think the Ravens defense is a little vulnerable.

  2. Chris says:

    I hope they come up with a better defensive plan. They never had a chance. I think we are going to struggle all year on defense.

  3. GC says:

    If I didn’t know better this looked like a preseason game and the subs were in. WOW did we get run over. To me the defense looked slow and tired. No passion. Colon probably could have been called for holding a ton, but the Ref’s probably felt bad. I never saw the defensive line get pushed around that much. Bad day, I hope this is just a bad day and not a sign of things to come.

  4. David says:

    Well we took a whipping, but to put it in perspective, off of 7 turnovers this offense could only score 18 points off em which tells me the Ravens offense isn’t as good as we made them look. Did you hear the ravens chant ” Steelers suck”, that’s gonna cone back to haunt em, and last I’m gonna pull a John Harbaugh, we gave them this game in the form of turnovers because we all know concur and Cleveland can beat the Ratbirds.
    I don’t know how the refs missed the scuffle where polumalu got shoved after the whistle.
    Well next week Swarmed at bronze field.

  5. Carl says:

    Quite possibly the most embarrassing Steelers lose I have seen in my life. This team can sure talk tho. Ryan Clark sure found Rice, that tackle “attempt” was the game all on a nutshell. Brushed aside. Where’s my dog…..

  6. eyeheartbrucearians says:

    That loss is on the Steelers’ coaches. From not being ready to play, to the offensive and defensive game plans, to the failure to make adjustments. There is no way that the Ravens’ players are that much better than the Steelers’ players, if they are even as good as the Steelers.

    Coaches, coaches, coaches.

  7. Pittman in Ravenville says:

    Love these posted comments –
    Got to say that i have always liked the Ravens – Steelers rivarly. The Ravens Fans were chanting briefly because of the terrible poor sportsmanship of some Steelers players – even Polamolau apologized (we will see truth in fines this week). Ravens manhandles the Steelers in every facet of the game – even Tomlin said so, several times. Its a long season, but great way to start. Wonder what Steelers fans would be saying if other way around? Nah, Nah nah – hey, hey, hey Goodbye!

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