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Colon may have sustained serious arm injury


I thought one of the few positives from the Steelers’ 35-7 loss to the Ravens was that no one got seriously hurt.
That may not be the case.
I’m hearing that starting right tackle Willie Colon suffered a triceps injury, one that may possibly end his season. It apparently happened late in the fourth quarter, after Ben Roethlisberger got sacked, which resulted in a fumble and a pile up with Colon in it.
If the injury is serious, look for the Steelers to bring back Flozell Adams or Max Starks.
Adams played right tackle last season in place of Colon, who ruptured his Achilles tendon in June of 2010.
Colon made a full recovery from that injury and the Steelers signed him to a five-year, $29 million contract in late July.

— Scott Brown



  1. tomthebombtracy says:

    The media who dismiss the loss as one bad game and “They’re still the Steelers” are typical of the arrogance here.

    This is an arrogant group that’s over the hill on one side of the ball and lacks leadership on the sidelines, not to mention an o-line and cornerbacks.

    The last Super Bowl was a sneak preview of the ’11 season.

  2. tobias says:

    Smh shouldn’t it be time the Steelers fix this disastrous Oline once and for all

  3. yinzer73 says:

    @ tom the bomb, first off, you mean the last Super Bowl where we played an extremely good team in Green Bay, probably the best QB in the league right now, one of the best CB’s thats ever played, and one of the deepest receiving corps in the league?

    We played a bad game, and you are a typical yinzer that watches the game and has absolutley no clue what is going on. We got embarressed by a good team. If you play poorly in all phases of a football game, you will get embarressed by a good team, and have trouble beating a bad team (IE: Buffal BIlls last year).

    Calm down man it is 1 game, they have been saying they have been over the hill for 5 years and they have been to 3 Super Bowls and are 2-1 in them. On the defensive side they may start to be showing their age, but they also have pieces in place to take over, Hood, Cameron, McClendon on the D-line, Woodley, Timmons, Sylvester, Foote, Worlds, Brown, Cortez, all are under the age of 26.

    Pouncey, a pro bowler, was injured for the Super Bowl last year, which like you said we sucked in and were blown out by the Packers (we lost by less than 1 possesion). By himself he takes a below average offensive line, and turns it into an above average offensive line. The addition of Colon if he isnt hurt for the season only makes us better. Gilbert I beleive will be your starting left tackle next season.
    No leaders on the side lines? You are crazy, Ben is a leader. I guess he wasnt a leader when he took the team on his back in 09 and marched down the field for the game winning score. What about Troy, Ike, Pouncey, Wallace, Colon, Ward, Farrior, Woodley, Harrison. You are right I guess they take games and plays off etc. Minus yesterday, you have no information or examples to back you up.

    You tomthebombtracy, are arrogant and have zero football knowledge.

  4. pedro says:

    Just love all these experts who dont know their asch from a hole in the ground

    Tom the bomb tracy? you must me 90

  5. Graham says:

    @tomthebombtracy what are you doing on here with your negative comments? Do you like being a hated loser?

  6. Rhode Island Steeler says:

    Tom the bomb has it all wrong. Its not arrogance; its simply intelligent analysis. Its the first game of the season. The only mistake the Steeler’s made was not thinking that Baltimore was going to be extremely motivated to avenge getting beat in the play-offs. Bruce Ariens needs to add some plays or evaluate his game plan as the Ravens had done their research and obviously studied alot of film. My prediction is the Steelers will go 12 and 4 in the AFC North and the Ravens will go 11 and 5. Steelers will beat the Ravens on 6 November and by more than two touchdowns..and totally classless Ravens fans shouting “Steelers Suck” during the game. What do you expect from Baltimore?

  7. David says:

    from my vantage point, and that being the television set, ie; high def,3,000 pixel, set. yeah i said it, HD3000……… I did see alot that went wrong in this game, for starters Ray Rice is a beast, runs low, and takes care of the ball, RH could take a look at film on ball security from him,,,, two, Ray Lewes was pushed and shoved and out of speed by the time the 3rd quarter had begun, the only thing going strong with him still is his verbal feroscity, he can still talk a good game I mean’. Still we Stillers got blown out by a middle of the pack defense, and the score could have been alot worse if the Flacco led Ravens ofense was better then average, 18 points off 7 turnovers isn’t really cause to be alarmed here, the thing alarming here tho, is this type of play on both sides of the ball can fester into a really long season, or a short one if you prefer to look at it in that light….. Ed Reed was all over Ben, and his progressions and this is a type of game we deserved, I myself was feeling rather confident in our offense that didn’t materialize out there Sunday, hope this was just a wake up call on that thought, and not a sign of a bad season…. well now on to the Seatle game at Heinze where we all will be more on edge then we are used to, 0-2 is not good, tho it is a possibilty if we play like that again this Sunday….

  8. Ralph says:

    yinzer, the Packers had more injuries than the Steelers. The best CB they had Woodson was out for most of the game. The SB exposed flaws in the Steelers that NE exposed earlier that year. It just happened that they did not have to face any good QBs until that point.Those wide open zones you saw yesterday has been a big problem for the Steelers D for a couple of years. It just happens that team either do not have the coaches or the QB to exploit that in most games.

  9. Romel says:

    No focus – No intensity – No discipline!

    The Ravens were fired up like they were playing in the SB and the Steelers were over confident and playing like this was a scrimmage/preseaon game. The Steelers intensity on defense appeared to pickup a notch with the Ravens were trying to run up the score. It this game doesn’t get their attention and get the pickle out of their butt nothing will.

    The Ravens challenged their man hood and took it and the Steelers offered little resistance. All that cash being spent on players obviously made them soft or maybe they were too busy spending the new cash at a strip club instead of preparing to play a fired up Ravens team. They had to expect the Ravens too come out like crazed annimals….Suggs basically forecast their mood when he said they were tired of losing to the Steelers. The play calling on both sides of the ball was bad, but the execution by the players was worse.

  10. James Thompson says:

    Hopefully, this won’t be the end of a promising career, especially since the Steelers have enough to worry about after the debacle in Baltimore yesterday. And furthermore, I would certainly hope that the Steelers won’t be going into another post superbowl funk like the Post Gazette’s Bob Smidzik fears they might be.

  11. Jimshim says:

    Yinzer73 nice to see a knowledgable comment! Only problem I had with what you said was that foote is under 26 LOL hes 31!

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