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Faulk not impressed with Steelers


Upon further review, Mike Tomlin did find something positive to take from the Steelers’ 35-7 loss to the Ravens.
“Daniel Sepulveda punted the ball well,” Tomlin said at his semi-informative, semi-entertaining news conference Tuesday.
Tomlin said several times that the Steelers were soundly beaten by their archrivals, that there is “no explanation” for what transpired in Baltimore.
And he didn’t bite when asked if the Steelers had come out flat, inexplicable as it may seem considering that they were playing the Ravens.
“I don’t want to take anything away from those guys. I don’t want to make excuses,” Tomlin said. “We didn’t perform well. We got beat convincingly by a good football team. However tough the meat is we’ll chew on that and move forward.”
At least one NFL analyst had a different take.
During a conference call Tuesday, NFL Network analyst Marshall Faulk gave his observation of arguably the most surprising outcome from a wild opening week of league play.
“I didn’t think that they were ready,” Faulk said of the Steelers. “Baltimore showed up with a chip on their shoulder that the Pittsburgh Steelers normally match in that game. That did not look like the Pittsburgh Steelers team that we’re accustomed to seeing.”
Perhaps more interesting was Faulk saying that he doesn’t think the Steelers have improved themselves after getting to the Super Bowl in 2010.
“Yes, faster receivers does make for a better offense, but offensive line wise, I didn’t see them get better. I didn’t see them gain any depth on defense,” Faulk said. “Obviously, Troy Polamalu is there, kind of the heart and soul of that defense. If he goes down, they’d be in the same situation that they were in the Super Bowl when he was a little hurt.”

— Scott Brown



  1. tobias says:

    I totally agree with Faulk they did improve themselves they got a RG who they benched last yr still have the same ole corners who where terrible Gay,Bmac, Olineman still terrible didn’t they loose the SB where the upgrades Ravens had them beat in playoffs but choked

  2. Steelers7thHeaven says:

    I think we are an older team, and I did not see any fire under them. We still stuck to the same ol’ stuff, as other teams are moving forward, Im not sure we can compete this year. I know we are full of veterans, and they will come out fighting this next game, but I have been saying this all along, can they hang in for 15 more games? and hopefully make the playoffs!! I hope so, I have always had faith in them in the past, but we started slow in the superbowl, and look where that ended, they started off slow in the Baltimore game, and we see how that ended! I know they think they can turn it off and on, they think they can do that on command (at least Ben does) instead of taking the game from the get go, and not having to play from behind all the time, we need to remember who we are, and what we do as a team….and remember that all the teams want to beat us, esp. dem punk @ss ravens, we will see you again, things will be different!! Now Steelers, get your heads in the game, and go for the 7th, not many more runs left in this team….hope that is a false statement, but not so sure, get that fire going!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Kevin D says:

    Faulk’s not impressed with the Steelers? This makes news? The Steelers lost 35-7… I wasn’t impressed either, but nobody wrote about me.

    I wonder if Marshall Faulk has any predictions about Hurricane Irene.

  4. David says:

    when Marshall was talking about not being impressed with the Steelers, i was thinking to myself, ( as I do alot of…), I was never impressed with Marshall mysel as a player and this is why you see him in the boothe now and not on the field playing, i am sure he wished there was a team out there that could say they are impressed with him, but obviously there aren’t any….. I don’t remember hearing anything about the Steelers ever being interested with him, why, because they weren’t impressed withhim either….
    now on to the Seatle game……. i went out and bought me a brand new Steelers hat to show my Unconditional support for my Steelers, the best there is, the best there was, and the best there will ever be…. Go Steelers….

  5. dave crowley says:

    steeler fans need to relax. yes we play like crap against the ravens,( a hated rival) but it is week one. you don’t crown champions in the first week of the season! there are a few teams over the past 15 years that started slow and won or made the super bowl. steelers, cowboys patriots etc. stop being so negative are team is solid. it was a bad day and we will get better. also stop with the fear of the patriots, i live in r.i. and listen to bs all the time. stay strong steeler fans, let’s go!

  6. Mr.G says:

    I gotta say as much as I hate to that I agree with Faulk on this one.
    We better get some players on this O-line or It’s gonna look alot like it did this last Sunday for the rest of the year. But that definitely wasn’t our only problem.
    For instance when is Tomlin gonna get over this man crush he got for McFadden the guy as usual was pitiful. Gay STILL SUCKS and they ran right down our throats all day long. Guess that sums up the start of our problems. I’m so glad I’m payin 400 bucks a year so I don’t miss a game while livin out of state.

  7. Dick says:

    Let’s be real here. I’m as big a Steeler fan there is but I can’t disagree with the way Faulk sees the Steelers. I saw a Steeler O-line that was beaten off the ball, a Steeler pass rush that was virtually non-existent, and a Steeler rush defense that couldn’t stop Rice the whole game. Worst of all, the Steelers were not emotionally ready to match the Ravens fire and that hurt the most. Big Ben certainly did not have one of his better games and we were lucky the score wasn’t worse. It’s time for this O-line to come together and give us some consistent play. It’s long been too much patchwork. Are we getting too old? Only the players themselves can answer that. I hope the big salaries haven’t dulled the competitive edge. It happens. I think Mike Tomlin has his hands full this year. GO STEELERS!

  8. Mike says:

    Would like to see the young guys on a rotation on defense, the had no pressure on QB. Harrison looked bad hopes he’s not a take the money and run guy. Not sure Legursky is gonna work out. When things go bad anymore no blitz packages, no no huddle no urgency on coaches part to try anything, they watched the team fall apart. Tomlin won a superbowl early, maybe he can’t motivate old guys, fire or pick young talent he starting to show a nack for losing the big games.

  9. Datruth4life says:

    Just might be time to get some younger players in the mix on defense. It is hard to see how fast Aaron Smith has fallen. He is a shell of himself. Chris Hoke can’t move anymore. Keenan Lewis, Sly Sylvester, Heyward, McClendon, Ziggy, Worilds, Cortez Allen … their time might come sooner than we think. And even if the Steelers pulvarize Seattle and the Indys of the world, it doesn’t make up for how awful they looked against their biggest rival in the league. It’s been 3 days since that awful game and I am still pissed. What a way to spit in the face of the Rooney family after giving out $200M in contracts.

  10. Tom Pfeiffer says:

    Last year the ravens head coach said they should of beat Pittsburgh in those last two games and less face it they build on that in the off season. When they found out they were to play Pittsburgh in the first game the coaching staff just drove that home and just fired them for that game also I think the Steelers were a little flat in that game, they beat them the last two times they played so they were maybe a little to over confident but you have to remember on their only touch down drive they had control of the game at that time, then the turn overs started. There were some interesting thing in that game Baltimore only really had one long drive for a touch down, all the other ones came on an short field after an turn over but they went for it twice fourth down and one, did not make it, not even close that told me some thing right there also with all the bad playing and play calling in the second half they were driving for touch downs when most of the turn over happen except for the fumble deep in their end of the field at the beginning of the second half. If it was not for the turn overs they would of scored on every one of those drives then guys like Faulk would of said nothing at all about the teams play. I cannot wait when we play them again I think it is going to be a very different game. Steelers are not going to forget this game Baltimore just fired them up for the rest of the season. Look out Seattle you are about to get your jocks knock off.

  11. Jimbo says:

    Ive been watching NFL Network and Faulk FOR YEARS, and I am not surprised at all that Faulk said that. For lack of a better way of putting it, he has been anti-Steelers for the entirety of his broadcasting career, for whatever reason. Sometimes, when you watch something enough, you get a feel for a man’s biases on a team, and I’ve always read that on Marshall’s “Steeler takes.” Even when we are winning super Bowls, it is readily apparent, so i put little stock in his “informed” so-called “expert” opinions.

  12. Harold says:

    Did anyone see what Tom B did on Monday night? I think our QB is just as good as New England’s and our receivers are far more talented!!! Lets get in the hurry up and take the pressure off the O line with quick hitters and keep the other teams from substituting, and lets see how they play with their tongues hanging out. We need to play to our strong points and thus help cover our week points, ie weak O line and aging D.

  13. Carolina Steel says:

    Infusion of youth needed. But Harold, as long as Bruce Arians is there forget any kind of offensive initiative. And I think it’s also time for Dick Labeau to move on.

  14. Mike K says:

    Chiming in and agreeing with most of what has been said here. I don’t think we were ready to play. I think Baltimore built their team to accomplish what we saw, destroy the Steelers. What i have been arguing about in these posts was quite evident again Sunday. Mcfadden couldn’t cover a boiling pot. He was beaten on almost every play and picked on a lot. Ike Taylor,even with broken thumb, shut down a premier receiver. Go figure. Baltimore used a new offensive and defensive game plan that they hadn’t used before, it surprized us, and our coaches couldn’t counter it. Baltimore has eaten the Steelers alive with their tight ends. Did it again Sunday. Does anyone know how to cover a tight end or a running back?

  15. Ollie says:

    The Steelers did nothing to improve themselves. To tell you the truth I’m not impressed with Tomlin. He went to the Superbowl with Cowhers team. Lets first see what he does as this team further declines. I hate saying this because I really love my Steelers.

  16. steeler560 says:

    So this is where the sky is falling crowd hangs out at! Funny after how just one bad game some think they know more than the Steelers front office. Does anyone really think this team has eroded to mediocrac in just 7 short months of representing the AFC in the Super Bowl? Now Tomlin supposidly is overrated, key players washed up, blah, blah, blah. I venture to say the Steelers bounce back just fine and in a few weeks you Yinzers will be jumping back on the wagon…embarrassing!

  17. David says:

    I tell all the ravens fans here that what happened Sunday was an abberation, a freak accident. The Ravens played thier 16 games in 60 minutes and thier Superbowl. All is left on the field. That team will struggle the rest of the year with lesser teams.

  18. Rozey says:

    Its going be a long season. Dick LeBeau defense does the same blitzes, Ravens were ready for. Same OLine, Same horrible DBs Gay, BMac…..Ben giving turnovers away like crazy. No veteran QB does that. Super Bowl hangover is in full effect….Need new Offensive and Defensive Coordinator.. along with some youth….

  19. James Thompson says:

    This past opener was just like the pre season opener which we lost to the Washington Redskins 16-7 since, as Coach Mike Tomlin said at the time, the Steelers weren’t ready, and then, they won their next three pre season games, and one can only hope that’s all this is, since there are 15 games left to this regular season.

  20. jason says:

    back away from the ledge ppl. lol. take a look at 2008. jeez

  21. Wisco says:

    Hopefully this is a wake up call….and a huge slap in the face to get the guys going. Plus, it makes us realize we can’t just show up and walk through the regular season and turn it on at playoff time.

    If you think about it….the 2nd half of the Jets game, the Super Bowl and then this Ravens game……the team has not really performed to the level or standard of expectations. That’s gotta change….

  22. CoachD63 says:

    I think Marcus Gilbert is the first step to the future – he should be on the Oline for a long time. I also feel that it is time we start Ziggy and get Heyward into the mix faster than three years from now. We need youth to start rebuilding the defense. The play calling is terrible – Arians needs to let Ben call his own plays. No hurry up, no rolling pockets away from the pressure – and very few swing passes and screens to slow down Baltimore’s Defense – time to think outside the box!!!

  23. tomthebombtracy says:

    Hey, relax. We’re the Steelers, remember? We’re oblivious to old age and shaky management. No problem.

  24. Scott P says:

    He is right. What can be said.

  25. Dick says:

    I heartily agree with CoachD63. In my opinion he’s got iit right. Seems no adjustment was made in spite of the heavy pass rush. I recommend him for assistant coach on offense. I also would like to see more playing time for Ziggy Hood. It was embarrassing to see your team pushed around like that and the Steelers seemed unable to respond. I hope all understand that this criticism does not affect my support for the Steelers. I will always support this team. G O S T E E L E R S!!!!!

  26. Football Fan80 says:

    First, I’d like to say how refreshing it is to see some true football fans out there!! I’m a huge Steeler fan, but I watch every game that I possibly can, college included, during football season.

    Second, the Baltimore game was absolutely ridiculous! Pittsburgh played like it was still preseason, just seemingly walking through the motions. So the ass kicking that the Steelers got was deserved!! You can’t win a game with 7 turnovers and a defense that appeared to be lethargic! Baltimore came into the game expecting what the game usually is a straight up trash talking head to head match up and they got the exact opposite! Those Steelers that are normally big factors in any game Ward, Polamalu, Harrison, Moore,etc simply were not and didn’t prove anything! However, Ray Lewis, Ray Rice, Terrell Suggs, Ngata, Flacco, etc were huge factors they took the meaning of that game and shoved it right in the face of the Steelers…pay back it was!

    Lastly, The steelers have some teams ahead that in the past aren’t typically huge issue, but if the first week set the standard for the rest of the season Pittsburgh has some work to do! The Texans, Titans, Jags, Patriots, 49ers, etc all proved that they were ready for the season and are on the upcoming schedule for the Steelers.

    I hope more than anything that the Steelers can overcome the loss, regain their confidence and come out and put themselves back in the power rankings of the AFC!

  27. Scott P says:

    Marshall Faulk is a Hall Of Fame player who is retired. He is in the studio because his career as a player is over. Your comment that he is there because nobody is interested or impressed with him is pure ignorance. I guess Jerome Bettis is terrible because nobody was interested in signing him this year? For that matter, what about Franco Harris? I don’t see him on anybody’s roster this year.

    While I don’t like the fact that Marshall is not impressed with the Steelers, I respect his right to have an opinion. In addition, I have a hard time disagreeing with his view of the team. I have been a die hard Steelers fan since 1969. Being a fan does not mean that you should throw away all objectivity and chastise anybody who casts aspersions on your favorite team.

  28. Randy says:

    I have been a STEELERS fan all of my life 50 Years. Some of the comments made by Steeler fan are sooooo silly. David. Bro you dont have a clue. Marshall Faulk is in Canton!!!!! He Played many years in the NFL for the Colts and the St Louis Rams where He won a SB!!!!! Ollie Bro you dont have a clue either. Yes Tomlin did win the SB with “Cowhers” Players. But didnt Cowher Miss the Playoffs with Cowhers Players a Year AFTER the Steelers Won the SB. Didnt Mike T take those same players to TWO SBs!!!! I agree Mike T Allowed the Steelers to get old. Yes He didnt Address the OL Like he should have. You have a 100 Million Dollar QB. You BETTER protect him. Ben take WAYYYY too many hits!! If you WIN at the Line of scrimage You win the Freaking game. Both on Offence and Defense!!!!

  29. jackman says:

    i don’t see what the big deal is. that game was brutal to watch happen but not a minute sooner than the middle of the 4th quarter was i ever convinced that we wouldn’t click out of this funk and pull out the win. i know, that’s just the stupidity of my die-hardedness but i really felt like we had a chance until ben threw two bubby bristers (ala larry brown in sb xxx) right into ed’s chest. he didn’t even have to make a good play to get those picks, he just had to not drop them (like that first one that was in his hands and woulda made 3 INTs for the day for him).

    i say the steeltown boys put this one past them and come out lock stock and barrel for the rest of the season. sometimes, you just can’t find a rhythm and you lose. i love how tomlin handles losses and wish people would stop saying bill cowher’s team. i loved cowher power too, but now this team was tomlin’s from the start and he took them to the big game twice so far. i don’t care who you “inherit”, you still have to win with them and that can’t be taken for granted nothing can.

  30. Randy K says:

    The Ravens are not that good and the Steelers are not that bad. One game. If they struggle against Seattle, they could be in for a long year. Ben has to make better decisions and our linebackers need to create more pressure.

  31. Cato says:

    Big Ben as good as Brady?

    Put the pipe down dude.

  32. High5 says:

    Yeah, lighten up there yinzers. Come down off the ledge and go back and grab your steeler hat outta the trash.
    Pittsburgh got punched in the mouth, bottom line. We played very poorly, this will happen from time to time, especially in week ONE. Steelers will be ready for round 2, mark my words.
    Plus , one thing nobody mentions. Our offense turned the ball over quite often when we were moving the ball and in field goal range. Come away with points when it was there, this would have been a different game.
    Ravens are not as good as they were 4 yrs ago…we’ll split the reg season with them, then roll them in the playoffs . Keep the faith, and hurry up and get your hat outta the trash.

  33. David says:

    Scott P. I was expressing my view of Marshall. I myself didn’t think he was that great football player, Kurt Warner was a better player then he wad and that’s not to slight Kurt, its my opinion. To bring up Bettis and Harris in this is a redundant response because any team would have loved them as professional atheletes. Oh, on any other subject everyone will bring thier opinions out, just like what you did. Lol. Go Steelers.

  34. Jimmyclass=”twitter”>TweetBy Ted MillerYou must protect the football. It’s a football cliche that is a statement of fact when it comes to winning games, but also for winning national championships.

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