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Costly hit for Polamalu?


I’m hearing Troy Polamalu has been fined, but not for taking what appeared to be a swing at Ravens running back Ray Rice during a scuffle between the AFC North rivals.
The NFL has instead docked Polamalu an undisclosed amount -– I’m working to try to get the exact figure though I think it’s $5,000 or $10,000 –- for a horse-collar tackle late in the third quarter of the Steelers’ 35-7 loss.
It came at the end of a 26-yard run by Ravens running back Ricky Williams.
Polamalu had yet to hear about the fine before the end of the open locker room session Wednesday afternoon.
It will be interesting to hear if he has any comment on it Thursday.
He offered this gem when asked what set him off before getting into it with Rice: “I think they were talking bad about our reporters.”

— Scott Brown



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