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Costly hit for Polamalu?


I’m hearing Troy Polamalu has been fined, but not for taking what appeared to be a swing at Ravens running back Ray Rice during a scuffle between the AFC North rivals.
The NFL has instead docked Polamalu an undisclosed amount -– I’m working to try to get the exact figure though I think it’s $5,000 or $10,000 –- for a horse-collar tackle late in the third quarter of the Steelers’ 35-7 loss.
It came at the end of a 26-yard run by Ravens running back Ricky Williams.
Polamalu had yet to hear about the fine before the end of the open locker room session Wednesday afternoon.
It will be interesting to hear if he has any comment on it Thursday.
He offered this gem when asked what set him off before getting into it with Rice: “I think they were talking bad about our reporters.”

— Scott Brown



  1. pedro says:

    No NFL fines this week, per Clark

  2. David says:

    The so call Goodell rule are supposed hits helmet to helmet. Hitting a player who has yet to plant thier feet, this horse collar tackle doesn’t fit any of the rules its already in the books as being a 15 yard penalty. Troy should not be finded for that. I don’t see a rule that says a player can not hair tackle….

  3. Datruth4life says:

    All of the players should be fined for not showing up. Pitiful performance and a disrespectful performance after the Rooney’s shelled out $200M in contracts.

  4. carlos says:

    If Polamalu gets fined, then the Ravens’ punter should be fined too!

  5. Steve says:

    The referees in this game were a disgrace. All sorts of crap (by both teams) after the play that should have drawn flags, but nothing (except for one call against a Steeler). Then Polamalu horse-collars a player and not only draws a 15 yard penalty (which was correct), but also draws a fine? Did they fine all the other horse-collars last week? If not, then this was complete BS.

    I’m not excusing the poor play by the Steelers, and the penalties (or lack thereof) probably wouldn’t have made any difference to the overall result, but I’m sick of the BS. I don’t know if the refs need glasses, a clue, or both–but enough is enough.

  6. Paulie Raspa says:


    your partner Starkey wrote a column this morning and it was a good read until he called KUGLER — “AMONGTHE BEST IN THE BUSINESS”!! My issue with that is Ben will not last the year if the steelers do not do a few things — O–line is not low enough, he needs to remind ARIANS to roll the pocket —- go away from gus like SUGGS and Ben is Best on the move especially when it’s designed…
    past Blog I wrote 40/45 sacks over/under — 50 sacks is the new BET!!! Hopefully Ben can walk when he is my age –(45) —

  7. Jezza says:

    ….$15k on Troy???; but chop-blocking big-snack is perfectly legal!!! …that sounds about right, Roger will get his revenge on the Steeler’s this year, obviously has the appearance that he may have some part in calling off penalties too.

  8. Don Lewis says:

    Has anyone ever seen Ariens change a game plan. He has only one. He NEVER adapts his offense to the defense. When the defense charges Ben, does he roll the pocket, or use the screen, or even the draw? No. This guy pays no attention to the strengths of the opposing defense. I know, the team has been successful with Ariens as the OC, but I beileve it’s in spite of him, not because of him. Same with Mendenhall. the coaches seem to fall in love with his one a game 40 yard run and forget about all of the 1 & 2 yard runs that could and should go farther, and his dismal 3>9 YPC average. I don’t believe there has been a game when Redman has played that he didn’t average a LOT more yards per carry than Mendenhall. I like Tomlin’s demenor and his coaching, but I don’t like the fact that he is so loyal to coaches who can’t deliver.

  9. rjddoc says:

    Bruce , does not adjust . Its always points to a lack of execution with his offense . Yes it very well may be lack of execution , that causes the offense to not be successful . But as the previous poster wrote . He does not adjust the offense when it fails or when the opposition’s defense adjusts to stop plays , or changes possibly due to injury in its defense (key players out) . He has no plan B . I have now excepted this fact with Bruce , and I guess coach Tomlin has excepted that as well since Bruce has been OC for the Steelers .

  10. Rick says:

    It’s Thursday, no fines were announced other than the Woodson (Packers game) punch from NFL site.
    First game – some factors never change…
    Refs miss a lot, defense is picked on for hard hits but offensive blocking schemes aren’t challenged for threatening player safety (we do it I will bet we get called, and a play will occur right in front of an official who will close his eyes to it – a prediction), BA is reviled for his approach to the offense (gee, when things work why not pick on him too!).

    A fix for the BA rigidity – Ben calling his own plays – BA has already stated he is comfortable with that.
    All said and done, I hate losing to Baltimore, but that is life. As much as we would wish it we can’t win them all.
    All phases of the game need to execute better, have their heads in the game and play like they are capable of playing.

  11. Scott P says:

    Chooch Goodell is out of control. How long until he starts fining players for false starts?

  12. The steelers star offensive players been carrying Arians for way too long I mean there’s a reason cleveland dropped him the ravens new exactly what they where doing it was like tampa bay and the raiders in the superbowl ! Arians needs to be fired before its to late! And get rid of gay and foote!!!!!!!

  13. K2 says:

    Bottom line is the Steelers got whipped and were not ready to play … I agree that Arians offense is vanilla and way too predictable, but I also think Big Ben needs to step-up too (get in the film room and study) like the other top QB’s in the league… Then he can start calling his own plays….He often looks confused out there!

  14. I know full well that the Steelers have been noted in the past for playing dirty football, and I also know full well that when you play against the Steelers, you know you’ve been in a game, but ganging up on them solves nothing and will only encourage the Steelers to keep pushing the envelope still more…

  15. Dick says:

    I for one would like to see a little more of Isaac Redman. He brings a lot to the game and usually provides a spark. As for the Seahawks coming to Pittsburgh at the wrong time, I’m not buying that. An attitude like that cost them dearly in the Ravens game. The Steelers better have their game face on for the Seahawks because these guys are professionals too and nobody is going to give them anything. Coaches, you better have these guys ready to play this week………….NO SLACK!

  16. Bill Z says:

    As for Dick’s comments, ditto.

  17. Warren Sapp, an ex jock now commentator, passed the following verdict on the Steelers: “old, slow, and it’s all over.” Now do we have to settle for that crap for the rest of this season?!

  18. Carl says:

    Warren Sapp is just that, a commentator. He knows when to say the over the top crap; for the ratings. We will be fine, all this garbage will be gone after this week, barring another abysmal showing. I have faith that won’t happen at home.

  19. pedro says:


  20. Matt says:

    Get rid of Gay and McFadden. Start the rookies, they can’t do any worse…

  21. nick says:

    Matt you are soooooo right. I’ve been saying it for 2 years both Gay and McFadden got to go. If we are going to be suspect at the position I’d rather it be suspect with young guys learning the system than vets who constantly get targeted in opposing teams offenses game plans because they cant cover.

  22. Dick says:

    Which is more dangerous to player safety: 1. face mask tackle, 2. horse collar tackle, 3.) cut/chop block on a defensive player. Where in the world is the players union on these safety issues and fines? Where is the parity throughout the league on this issue? Why are some players fined while others are not? Again, the question comes up, “Are the Steelers being unfairly targeted by the league?” Based on events last year and the Polamalu fine this year it looks that way to me. I don’t care what some sportswriters think. If the NFL really is interested in player safety why aren’t these safety issues equally and fairly enforced? I repeat once more………..There is a bias against the Steelers in this league. Well folks, this being the case, number 7 may be a long way off.

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