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Steelers fully committed to Gilbert


Marcus Gilbert will start at right tackle Sunday, and the rookie was the Steelers’ first choice to replace Willie Colon after the latter sustained a torn triceps.
The Steelers discussed re-signing Flozell Adams or Max Starks Monday after they learned that Colon had been lost for the season. But they decided to go with Gilbert, the second-round pick out of Florida, and sign a free agent tackle for depth.
Money apparently had nothing to do with them saying thanks but no thanks later when an inquiry was made on Adams’ behalf.
The Steelers are fully committed to Gilbert, and he will get more than one game to prove himself at right tackle.
The Steelers are confident that money or the salary cap won’t be an issue if Gilbert is not ready to start and they have to eventually sign a veteran such as Adams or Starks.

— Scott Brown



  1. Scott P says:

    Why are they allowing money or the salary cap to be an issue when it is clear that McFadden is not able to play? Had they bit the bullet and signed a quality CB they would have had a strong chance of winning another ring.

  2. Doogie says:

    About Gilbert, can teh O line get it done? They ran the ball pretty well at times, but they fell behind and had to pass too often. the O-line isnt good enough to protect when the Ravens knew that was coming. The Ravens are a good team, and not many other teams will do as well against the D.. But pass protection?? This could be a porblem with a rookie.. Maybe.. But the Defense looked old and slow last week too so.

  3. David says:

    I believe we will be fine with Gilbert, after mulling over this loss against the Ravens, I’ve concluded, the Ravens outpkayed themselves going into the next 4 to 6 games. This beat down we got from them will be thier last, as we will win the next 7, we will be so focused at not letting another game get away from us like that. John Harbaugh, enjoy your first place standings for now cause its about to fade, and fast.

  4. John says:

    I feel that they win IN SPITE of their o-line and lack of quality corners. How long can LeBeau’s scheme cover up their cover deficiency? Now a rookie RT. If salary cap is not an issue – why not sign Flozell? He was their 2nd best lineman last year.
    I hope they right the ship this week.

  5. Mike Kuhn says:

    It must be quite humbling for Starks that made over 8 million last year, to be sitting at home.

  6. nick says:

    I totally feel that both McFadden and Gay are the weak links on our D. They both got picked apart in the SB and they are again easy targets this year. I do not understand the Steelers thinking with keeping these two liabilities on the field. I guess we don’t have a better option in our young guys. For the record our old guys looked old in the beat-down last week. I hope that turns around. AND Ben WTF? He played like it was his first year in the league. Horrible!!! I have to agree with Harrison’s comments earlier this summer. “Ben thinks he’s Payton Manning but he’s not he just gets paid like him”. Bottom line I guess I’m still bitter about the SB loss and now this no show against a division rival.

  7. Ty says:

    They need to go with foster at rg. The middle of that line was getting blown up by the ravens. I like what I saw out of Gilbert at both tackle positions. Tomlin continues to win despite some serious flaws with mid round draft picks. Ziggy should be able to crack the starting line up and sylvester should be the top back up at inside linebacker. Farrior is a great leader but he is slow as hell. Willie should have been cut and I’m still made that they let butler get away. Even Arizona didn’t offer him a contract when he was on the street and that’s his former db coach…

  8. Game against Ravins,whay happened to the defence,And where is the offence

  9. SD says:

    I agree with Scott P, the big problem is McFadden and Gay. Both guys got resigned, but play the same way they have for the last three years (McFadden at Az), need to go with quicker, younger and smarter here. Maybe Gilbert can help with Ngata when he lines up over Legursky …

  10. Tom Pfeiffer says:

    If Gilbert was a CB,WR,LB, or even a QB would anyone be saying what are we going to do will he get the job NO. This is why they draft players to play what do you want them to do sit on the bench for five years then play. I say put the guy in and let him play he was drafted in the second round, the coaching staff must think he is good or they would not of drafted him. Will he make some bad plays sure but every one on our OL makes bad plays. When all is said and done they are going to run the ball right behind this guy all the way down the field for a TD on Sunday GO STEELERS.
    Steelers 28 Seahawks 6

  11. Jay B says:


    Who did you want them to sign besides Ike Taylor, who got like 8 million? They were not gonna go out and sign another top-notch corner. After all they had to overpay big, “I get 3 tackles per game” Lamar! What a stiff, he’s the most overrated LB in the NFL. He gets single blocked on nearly every play. Harrison was hurt and still had like 8 solos including a stuff on 4th and 1. Yeah big Lamar got a sack so he will be cheered and praised all week for a solid game, what a joke. He isn’t worth half of what they paid him. Should have offered him 4 million if he didn’t take it, ummm buhbye, let Worilds play and signed another corner.

  12. Poz says:

    From what I read, the Steelers liked what they saw from Gilbert. And I read other reports that said money was indeed a factor with regard to Adams. That said, and though it doesn’t matter what I think – go with Gilbert. And get more playing time for Hood. Get Heyward in there too in certain situations. And find out if one of the plethora of corners drafted can replace McFadden. The future of the Steelers is on the current roster. If some of these recent draft picks can replace some of the positions in question – then the future is not so bleak. But if they cannot – then the Steelers will be in knee-jerk damage control, during the next draft and beyond. Not an enviable position.

  13. Jim says:

    I hope I am wrong, but I believe this spells another quiet season for Heath Miller. He will do his duty, stay in and block and help the injured O-line.

  14. Bill Crispe says:

    What is it with Steelers and Max Starks? He was playing well before being hurt, the Steelers went cheap and it shows, they could sign him, he is class person, stays out of trouble exactly what they preach they want their players to be. Cut Mcfadden and Gay anything is better use the money to bring Max back to protect Ben

  15. JDub81 says:

    When will this team get it…when you pay a qb the kind of money Big Ben is making. Pay money to PROTECT HIM!!!!

  16. Carmutt says:

    Jim, I couldn’t agree with you more. Every year we hear this will be the breakout year for the TEs, but it just never happens. Was really hopeful when Johnson made those two catches back to back in the pre-season game, but we certainly didn’t see any of that against the Ravens.

    Wondering if the “confidence” shown in Gilbert is just to provide positive reinforcement to try to get him to play above his means. Here’s hoping the Steelers coaching staff are good at spotting talent (didn’t show up in the faith they had in Foote on Sunday) and Gilbert gives them solid performance.

  17. David says:

    Does anyone have an opinion on the fake field goal for 2 loins. I myself see a very arrogant coach over there, I declare no mercy on him in 9 weeks Tomlun, run up the score whenever you can cause I know that ate at you to the core. harbaugh was out to stick it to us, and he proved it with that play call. That’s all him.

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