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3 questions for Ben Roethlisberger


Here are a couple of excerpts from Ben Roethlisberger’s weekly chat with reporters:

Q: What do Indianapolis defensive ends Dwight Freeney and Robert Mathis do that presents problems?
A: “Disrupt, speed, spin moves. They’re built for that turf and the crowd noise. When you have to use silent count they can get off the ball and they’re basically like linebackers that are big and strong. They’re so fast and it’s a huge challenge for these guys this week and you have to make sure you spend some time with tight ends and backs, chipping and helping out. I’ve got faith in our tackles and our tight ends, whoever is on them. Those ends are going to win some but we’re going to win some too.”

Q: Are the struggles you had running the ball in second half against Seattle a concern?
A: “No, that’s them knowing we’re going to run the ball and just packing the box. We still have to take pride in running the ball even when they do that but I don’t see as there being anything wrong with our running back.”

Q: Are you urprised at how Indy has struggled?
A: “I didn’t expect them to struggle. I think Kerry Collins is a great quarterback. He’s been in this league a long time. And they’re playing good. They had two close games. It’s a play here and a play there and they’re 2-0. I expect them to come out and be flying around and be jacked up because it’s Sunday night and it’s us.”

A note of interest for Steelers fans…

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  1. David says:

    Yeah, I would Like to keep this mentality on every game we play the team we’re face is undefeated. And like Ben said, its us they re facing. Seems every team gets an extra gear in when we come to town….. But to stay humble and at the same time, never forget the Ravens game …..

  2. Steve says:

    My biggest concern with any game the Steelers play is the emotional level generated by the opponent. That is obviously part of what happened against the Ravens. The Black and Gold must stand ready to match the motivation of who they are playing and understandably that is difficult to do every week when you will be matched up against “lesser” opponents sometimes. Has a lot to say about parity but with the Steelers I shudder everytime they go into a game that “they should easily win”.

  3. David says:

    Raheem Brock said he was tripped by Gilbert , that’s not the truth. If ur tripped the natural thing anyone does is put thier hands out to catch thier fall, he diif u look at the play in real time he beats Gilbert to the inside move and he d none of this as he clearly wrapps his arms around Ben’s knees.

  4. sjb says:

    Colts lost two close games? Playing good? I guess he’s just imagining things to keep his focus. Whatever it takes…I’d like the Steelers to think the Colts are undefeated and are blowing out their opponents so they’ll play as hard as they possibly can.

  5. Mike K says:

    The Brock play didn’t bother me as much as the second and third late hits to Ben’s knees after he was injured. The hit after Brock was so egregious that even the announcers were complaining…especially the “Goose”. Okay, we know the Steelers are blue-collar tough, but come refs. After all the fines on Harrison last year and they fined Brock for the hit which I didn’t think was intentional, but they do nothing on the next two blatant hits to his knees. The one you can see Ben on his stomach gesturing to the official who shrugged it off. Maybe the league should fine the refs for the no-calls.

  6. James Thompson says:

    I wouldn’t be inclined to take the Colts lightly either after Baltimore, although so far, Kerry Collins has yet to live up to expectations.

  7. SeanAY says:

    Playing well, Ben. Well. Unless he means they’re pretending to behave. But I digress.

    While I don’t think Indy should have much of a chance in this game, I’m not inclined to believe that they won’t get better as the season goes on. In fact, I’ll go on record as saying I’m glad the Steelers have them in Week 3 and not Week 9. They plucked Kerry Collins off the street, and he’s had roughly three weeks to learn this offense. He’s a veteran QB and they still have some offensive weapons, as well as that tough pass rush.

    If the Steelers attend to this game with the appropriate seriousness, they should win by two scores. But I don’t think they should be overlooked, as these are the kinds of games the Steelers seem to find ways to lose in seasons after Super Bowls.

  8. Scott P says:

    The inconsistency within the NFL’s fine system is maddening. I really wish the players would have had more solidarity as it relates to reducing the power of that jerk Goodell.

  9. DLB says:

    There is a very good slow motion video and still’s on Steelers Depot of the Brock hit. In deference to David above, he does not wrap his arms around Ben’s knees. Quite the contrary, you can clearly see his right arm go down to the ground to catch himself, as you run through the still’s and the video. Looking at action is slow motion is not fair to any player as it erases momentum.

    I see this fine comperable to some slapped on Harrison last year that were unfair to the circumstances of the hit. It is impossible for any of us to fairly judge whether or not Brock could have changed the direction of his momentum when his knee hit the ground, enough to have avoided Ben… also, when his knee hit Ben still had the ball, would you direct yourself away from a QB that still had the ball in his hands as a defender? Not if you wanted to play very long.

    Though I’d be ok with Brock not being fined, it is nice to at least “finally” see some action by the ref’s and NFL in favor of protecting Ben. It wasn’t perfect per the following hits pointed out by Mike K, but it’s game 2 not 16, so maybe a step in the right direction.

  10. David says:

    Well, I guess I will go n take a look at it.. was good to finally see a flag get thrown on that hit tho I’m just glad it wasn’t anything that serious

  11. David says:

    :…….. To the Steel Mill, No, we really don’t want to forget that game just as Tomlin stated, the team that shut out Seatle, is the same team that got whooped in Baltimore. I myself want to use that game as a lesson to keep that edge in every game played.

  12. JDub81 says:

    Terry Collins will be a statue for the Steelers blitz,,,,i don’t see him coming back in the 2nd half.

  13. DLB says:

    I was very glad to see the penalty if for no other reason than Ben never gets those calls, regardless of Brocks intent. In fairness to the post of the hit on Steelers Depot, Dave Brown who runs Steeler Depot feels the fine was justified, as he sees Brock as lunging into Ben from his knee off the ground.

    Based on how Brock put his arms down instead of wrapping them around Ben’s knees, I could go either way. Judging momentum and intent to take out Ben’s knees, in light of Ben still having the ball and Brock being taken down by Gilbert is a tough call… Had Gilbert not taken down Brock, one thing is for sure, he would have hit Ben a lot higher.

    In the broad scheme of things, better to error on the side of giving the fine, and maybe save a QB’s knees the next time. I’m with you David, at least it didn’t cause a serious injury to Ben!

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