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It is rainy and gray three hours before kickoff. Not that the weather matters to either the Steelers or Colts since tonight’s game is being played inside cavernous Lucas Oil Stadium.

Here is look at the Steelers-Colts match-up by longtime Colts beat writer Mike Chappell of the Indianapolis Star as well as a prediction:

Now, a national prime-time audience will get a glimpse of what the Indy market has seen through the first two weeks of the season.
The Colts haven’t had the wherewithal to get the job done at Houston or against the Browns, and the Steelers clearly are a notch or two above.
Pittsburgh’s disruptive 3-4 defense always has been a match-up nightmare for the Colts’ offensive line, and that was when the line wasn’t in such disarray and Peyton Manning was around to make just enough plays to make a difference.
Keep the remote handy and check for alternate viewing. Steelers 27, Colts 13.



  1. eyeheartbrucearians says:

    bruce arians must go

  2. eyeheartbrucearians says:

    BA has to go

  3. eyeheartbrucearians says:

    Get out, bruce arians

  4. eyeheartbrucearians says:

    just leave, BA

  5. eyeheartbrucearians says:

    retire, please, BA

  6. eyeheartbrucearians says:

    you are ridiculous, arians

  7. eyeheartbrucearians says:

    we are watching the colts/steelers and you suck, arians. get out. just go. retire. leave.

  8. eyeheartbrucearians says:

    tomlin, if you have any guts, you will fire BA.

  9. eyeheartbrucearians says:

    we are sick of this. just leave, BA. pretend that you are sick, and not just stupid.

  10. eyeheartbrucearians says:


  11. eyeheartbrucearians says:

    GET OUT!

  12. eyeheartbrucearians says:

    3rd quarter, same thing. you suck, arians.

  13. eyeheartbrucearians says:

    4th quarter, 13-13. pathetic.

  14. eyeheartbrucearians says:

    wiley bruce arians: suuuper geeenius.

  15. David says:

    I think the offense tried hard to cancel out itself. The defense did everything it could not to let that happen. The run game was none existent, and we will Gimp into Reliant Stadium with the Texans having prime time knowledge of that, and thier defense is sound and tough to beat. They say. A win is a win, no matter how its won! Well we aren’t gonna do much if the o-line doesn’t get better. Soon…

  16. GC says:

    We lose if PM was playing. Sorry, defense just doesn’t look that good right now. The defensive line is still getting pushed around and the O line right now, well, stinks. Either the players are bad, not doing what there told or not being coached well. If this continues, get ready Charlie Batch. To bad we couldn’t play Seattle a couple more times.

  17. Dick says:

    This is not the same team as last year. Looks like we’ve slipped a notch. I would definitely try to bring back Adams and probably Starks. The O-line was being manhandled and the defensive line wasn’t doing much better. I fear for Ben’s safety if things don’t get better. We have to get a better O-line if Ben is to survive. Too many question marks to feel very confident about this year and don’t see where the improvement will come from. Not sure we can run with the ‘Big Dawgs/”

  18. TAG says:

    I still have faith, but here are three very obvious things:

    1. Why even make the statement “we are committed to the run”, when we don’t even have a FB on the roster. Attempting to use Miller or Johnson as an H-Back is comical.

    2. We did nothing at all to improve the Offensive Line. Brought in Sean Kuglar from Buffalo to coach the OL last year. Why???? Buffalo had one of the worse OL in the NFL under him. So we bring him in and sure enough he got his way and Jonathan Scott was signed. Scott is so bad that DE’s just totally ignore him as if he were a paper cut out. Oh let’s not forget that just two weeks ago we signed another one of Kuglar’s former Bills (Jamon Merredith) who is just as wasteful. It was evident last night that 2nd round pick Marcus Gilbert is SOFT. Not to pick on the wounded, but Willie Colon is no better than a back-up in this league.

    3. Max Starks and Old Flozel are still available.


  19. Dennis Moore says:

    bring back Starks,the o line is terrible.start hood and heyward.smith was a great end but age is upon him.

  20. EF says:

    This O-line is pathetic. Anyone with an inkling of football knowledge could see this coming before the season ever started. We sign Colon who might be an average guard at best. He is not a starting NFL caliber tackle. We release Starks and Adams who are better than Colon on their worst days. We leave the left tackle position to a career backup in J. Scott and that is being gracious. I can’t believe Essex is on the team in any capacity, he is fat, slow and not athletic. These are not very good qualities for an alternative at any postion. They have to bring back Starks or Adams or both to help shore this thing up or it is gonna be a long season. Starks-LT Kemo-LG Pouncey-C Foster-RG Gilbert/Adams- RT. This line up might give us a little hope. I also know a couple of retired truck drivers that might be an upgrade.

  21. Mr. Cynical says:

    So what you’re saying eyeheartbrucearians is that you want BA to leave. Is that what you’re trying to say!

  22. Scott P says:

    Bruce Arians is an arrogant, stubborn jerk who has no interest in a strong running game. If you agree that he should be dismissed, join the fire Bruce Arians fan page on Facebook.

  23. K2 says:

    With the exception of a few players, the Steelers almost seem disinterested at times…. Lacking intensity for some reason(?).

    The offense of line is not talented, but i’m starting to get on the get rid of Arians wagon…. The offense is vanilla and predictable.

    The D looks to be soft … can’t cover, no pass rush and surprising could not stop the run…. What’s up with that?

    I hope this is just a slow start(?).

    Scary performance last night…..

  24. eyeheartbrucearians says:

    Does BA even install a gameplan? It does not appear so. Just about every team has been “scripting” the first 10–12 plays ever since Bill Walsh’s success doing that. Do the Steelers plan the first 10–12 plays? All we ever hear about is them practicing “situational football” and Tomlin praying for “splash plays.” Well here’s your situational football: The OC is terrible. The O-line is a shambles. There is no backfield blocker. The D front is being manhandled. We have secondary issues. Practice that!

    BA doesn’t seem to take advantage of opponents weaknesses, but thinks that the Steelers’ O can do whatever it wants (he wants). There do not seem to be adjustments being made during the game. His aversion to using a real fullback verges on mental illness. With our O- line there should be two backs in the backfield one of whom is a real blocking fullback. Ben should be rolling out almost every time for quick hitters instead of sitting in a pocket that is not there.

    And what’s up with the Pittsburgh sports writers? They defend BA as if he is responsible for the Steelers recent success. They have succeeded in spite of him! And now that the D can’t carry the Steelers like it has, the offense has to pick it up.

    I haven’t given up, but unless changes are made this will fast become a wasted season.

  25. Texas Steelers Fan says:

    As long-time Pirates broadcaster Bob Prince used to say: “Never a doubt!” “We had ‘em all the way!”

    A win is a win is a win!

  26. eyeheartbrucearians says:

    God bless Texas.

  27. Chuck H. says:

    You all are wasting your time and efforts saying get rid of Arians. If the Steeler management felt the same way about Arians, he would be gone now. It’s true, the Steelers have not much of an offense, with running plays into the teeth of the defenses.
    I feel sorry for Ben, who has to scramble for his very life on almost all passing plays. When he is in the pocket, looking downfield for his receivers, there is not supposed to be any defensive players behind him to knock the ball loose from his passing hand.The pocket is supposed to have protection all around the qback, so how do the defenders get behind the qback? Missed blocks, most of the time. Our oline has been bad for some time now and it’s way past time to get some new, younger people to replace them. Arizona Steeler fan from Greensburg, PA

  28. Ace Mullins says:

    Obviously, our offensive line has huge issues. OT Flozell Adams is available and due to the loss of Willie Colon, J. Scott, etc., I think the Steelers need to pull the trigger and give “The Hotel” what he wants. We’d be fine had we not lost Colon for a second straight season, but right now Big Ben is running for his life back there nearly every play and Flozell is an excellent run-blocker too. And while Big Ben is great at “backyard football,” he’s still taking way too many hits. He’s lost four fumbles and that’s largely the result of no protection. Noboby can really fault Arians, as the Steelers have been to three Super Bowls in the last six years and won two. A running game is important in keeping defenses honest, but let’s be completely forthright. The Steelers have too many weapons at wideout (Mike Wallace, Antonio Brown, Hines Ward, Heath Miller, Emmanual Sanders) to be handing it off to Mendenhall 25 times a game. And our defense can’t be expected to bail us out every game when our offense goes three-and-out. It’s time to unleash Wallace though. He wasn’t a big part of the offense after the first quarter at Indy last night, as we attempted to get Mendenhall established. The run should be used, but only to set up some play action opportunities. It’s amazing that we have 10 turnovers in three games and we’re 2-1. It’s way too early to want to pass judgment on this team though. Tomlin, LeBeau, Arians and Company will do what’s necessary to make sure we’re a playoff contender again. Hate all of the negativity amony Steeler Nation though. We’re spoiled rotten as a fan base.

  29. David says:

    For starters,give the Colts defense a hand, this defense is fast which is why they were able to get to Ben as often as they did, vs. an offensive line that looked like they need oxygen tanks after every whistle, those up front were slow to attack and not agressive at all, the bottom line is…. the Steelers need to look at that line in the off season and get some youth and speed in there, or take what is there and run them up the stadium stairs of Heinze field, that’ll get em in condition shape…… its not that u can say they are bad, but you can definitly say they are slow…. the Steelers defense on the other hane is the reason we narrowly escaped with a victory, take Harrison/Polumalu stripped fumbe recovery for a touch down, and we lost that game, the Colts didn’t need Manning for any of that to happen….. We are gonna need all the luck in the world going into Reliant Stadium…….with the way we played lastnight…..

  30. Texas Steelers Fan says:

    I’m originally from Punxsutawney, PA. I’ve been a Steelers fan since the days of “Bullet Bill” Dudley.

  31. Frank .B says:

    If Tomlin does not fire BA then may be Tomlin has to go as well.

  32. eyeheartbrucearians says:

    God bless Punxsatawney.

  33. nick m says:

    Where’s Dan Krieder?. Since the line has trouble blocking why not put 2 backs on either side of ben. Every time I see that empty set I pray for bens life. They would actually be less predictable if they used the same basic formation with 2backs 1te . The defense won’t know what’s coming run/ pass. They use to many obvious formations. Its going to be a rocky season. Ariane must go…………(get a fullback!!!!!!!!!).

  34. Paul Raspa says:

    Bruce Arians does not coach the O-LINE — If Bruce Arians was calling the plays well Ben had a Great Game. I have said more times than once that the LEFT TACKLE position was the weakest position and that BEN will be on his back 45-50 times this season— well it looks good. Jonathan Scott was OVERMATCHED because he was not underneath Dwight Freeney — I know he is 6’6′ but Damn — Get Low & Stay Low. The game against Seattle when Seattle stopped us inside the 1 — The D-LIne of SEATTLE WAS LOWER THAN US!!
    Ben had great stats with the exception of the 2 sacks & fumbles but I am not into Fantasy and stats I am into rings. The O-Line showed heart but we need some help. They should call Damien Woody for a tryout since Flozell and Starks are not a good fit anymore.!! Hell call MARVEL SMITH I am sure he could still play!!!
    This week will be a huge test for the Steelers Pass Defense …. which is ranked 1st !!! We need this Game !!!

  35. Dick says:

    We have very good running backs and receivers but where can you run to when the blocking isn’t there. Give Ben better protection and you may see numbers like Brady is putting up for the Patriots. He has the ability to do it but needs better protection so he can get into a rythmn. Noticed that when offensive lineman would push a rusher wide (which is good) he would let up and guys like Freeney and Mathis, with theire quickness, would get right back into the play. Result, Ben is sacked and maybe fumbles the ball away. The lineman must make sure when he takes a rusher wide he must stay with him long enough to complete the play……………whatever it takes. Injuries are taking their toll but the O-line problem seems to persist no matter what.
    There must be alternatives out there. Sometimes I wonder if these young guys know what a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity they have. It will be over before they know it.
    I, for one, would like to see them committ to this slogan…………NO SLACK!!!!!! Those big boys could do it if they get the right attitude. It’s a battle of wills.

  36. Rick says:

    For all you “get rid of BA” gripers – he doesn’t play on the field. Period.

    Scott looked lost, he totally missed Freeney on the sack, fumble, Colts defense gets a TD play.
    Gilbert did as well as an NFL rookie could do, so don’t pick on him. And, he came back in and played well for our last game winning drive.

    Give the Colts some credit, they played their hearts out. But our O-line just sucks right now. Run blocking is missing, holes aren’t open. Only on a few plays were there any lanes to run. Colts dee is based on speed, not size, so wide runs are destined to not work well.

    We need a healthy O line. Quit ranting on BA, he doesn’t play, he just calls plays which Ben can override if he wants. Ben sort of caused the first fumble, look at the time messing around before he ran into his own man.

    Want to complain about the defense – maybe a couple young players ought to cover closer. Yeah, Ike got fooled on a play, but overall it wasn’t bad coverages that caused our problems. Try good Colts blocking, a game of inches. Remember, our dee, put into difficult spots once again allowed one TD late – and that was set up by a generous 3rd down ball placement by the refs. Even the announcers were astounded by that one. A couple runs, our guys up front were blocked well enough to take them out just enough to allow the runner to get past. Just like the miss by Troy on the handoff, a half second sooner, ball is on ground. A choice to make between going to knock the ball down or hit the runner, Troy’s call. Someone behind Troy wasn’t there to follow up, but that’s the game.

    Am I happy about the game in general, no. Still too many questions. And it’s not BA’s play calling.

  37. Dennis says:

    Arians must go??? Funny, I didn’t see him out there failing to block, cut, hit an open man or run a good route! Seems our men are doing their fair share of stinking out the joint, win or not!!!

  38. eyeheartbrucearians says:

    Ergo, no offensive coordinator is better than any other and all should be hired for as long as they want to coach. Offensive game planning, preparation and play calling have nothing to do with an offense’s success or failure.

    All hail BA. Vive la coach.

  39. eyeheartbrucearians says:

    Head coaches don’t play the game either, nor do any other coaches for that matter. Your logic applies accross the board: Coaches are inconsequential to a team’s performance and not responsible for its successes or failures.

  40. Mr. Cynical says:

    I am a die-hard Steelers fan and I think we need a losing season once in awhile for a number of reasons (not saying—just yet—that this years team is a lost cause). First, we get better talent—obviously—in the following draft. I was pumped when we got Troy (after a losing season) and Big Ben (after a losing season). Second, we’re hungrier following a losing season! They have the same talent they had last year; they’re just not as hungry as they were last year. Thirdly, the Steelers thrive as underdogs but they don’t do as well when they’re the favorites. Let them lose and become the underdogs again—certainly, us Steelers fans will get the last laugh!

  41. Dick says:

    WHAT ??????? “Coaches are inconsequential to a team’s performance?” I couldn’t disagree more with that observation. The coaches must get these guys ready to play and, to my way of thinking, motivation is one of the most important aspects for being ready to play. Anyone who’s ever played sports I think wil agree with that. I just wish we had someone with the fire of Ray Lewis. He never quits and no matter what you think of him you have to respect him as a player. He may be getting older but hasn’t lost anything. He keeps his team motivated. There are many things a coach must do
    but firing up his team at game time is the most important. It can raise a team’s peerformance level to a point higher than it would otherwise be.

  42. Fred says:

    I AM NOT A B.A. fan. The play calling is so predicitible
    espicially in the Red Zone. There are on in game adjustments.
    The Offense Line has not been good for awhile and the Colts
    have two of the best pass rushing ends, and our Offense Line
    couldnt handle them yet we refused to put blocking backs in
    there to help. Empty Backfield against good teams will get
    ben killed. Who knows the running game may even benefit from
    a blocking back.

    The problem has been ongoing for awhile.B.A. Must Gooooooo.
    He doesent play in the game and apparently doesnt do a lot
    Coordinating of the Offense either. He has same game plan
    for all 16 games AWFUL. We win games in spite of him.

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