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Steelers to get steady dose of Foster


The Steelers have given up over 5 yards a carry to a pair of backs already this season, and it won’t get any easier in Houston.
Arian Foster, who won the NFL rushing title a year, is expected to start and get the bulk of the carries Sunday in the Texans’ 1 p.m. game against the visiting Steelers.
Foster, who has been plagued by a nagging hamstring injury, played in the second week of the season. The Texans held him out last Sunday against the Saints so he could get back to or close to full strength.
“All indications are that he should be fine here going forward for the season,” Kubiak said today during a conference call with the Pittsburgh media.
Foster’s return should only strengthen a ground game that has been carried by second-year man Ben Tate, who is fifth in the NFL with 301 rushing yards.
It could also put pressure on a defense that is allowing almost 100 rushing yards (99.3) after yielding just 62.8 rushing yards per game last season.
Kubiak said he isn’t buying into the notion that the Steelers are more vulnerable against the run this season.
“I see the same great defensive football team,” Kubiak said. “They’re dominant physically, that’s what they pride themselves on. I don’t see any change there and it’s a challenge to us to stay away from negative plays because they can create a lot of negative plays.”
The Steelers are 2-1 despite ranking last in the league in turnover ratio (minus 9) and struggling to run the ball. Kubiak said that is a testament to the Steelers knowing how to win — something the Texans are trying to learn to do.
“It shows me how mentally and physically tough they are as a team,” Kubiak said, “and that’s what’s so impressive.”

— Scott Brown



  1. Murphy says:

    “…The Steelers are 2-1 despite ranking last in the league in turnover ratio (minus 9) and struggling to run the ball. Kubiak said that is a testament to the Steelers knowing how to win ”

    It is testimony to the two weak teams the Steelers have played.

  2. Mr. Cynical says:

    Anybody else think that our defense needs to go to a 4-3 for a while? Let Casey and McLendon play the tackles. McLendon can play the three technique to prevent the run and rush the quarterback on pass plays. Cam can play DE along with Ziggy–both are young and fast.

    It would just create more confusion for opposing offenses because they wouldn’t expect it. Just a thought!

  3. Chuck H. says:

    Amazing how we went from a much feared defensive unit to a defense that allows almost six yards a carry. At least, that was so last Sunday vs. the Colts and the first week vs. the Ravens. I did notice holding on almost every pass play against Indy, which held James Harrison, but it was only called once the entire game. The couple times that we were called for holding were questionable calls.
    Now the oline is another story. It has got to improve in a hurry or we lose to the Texans, and many games to follow. I can’t believe that the Steelers pass on the best olinemen in the college ranks every draft. If you have a good oline. your receivers have a much easier time because your qback has more time to throw to them. The o’line has not been good for a number of years now, and you’d think Management would see that.

  4. Bill Z says:

    It looks to me like the Steelers are afraid. The defence seems to be afraid to be agressive because they might get a fine for hitting someone the wrong way. The offence just seems to be afraid to hit someone period. Maybe management needs to step up to make a point to the team and to King Goodell and pay any fine that a player may get for just doing his job.

  5. Rick says:

    OK – was informed by someone who got news from a different paper about the sack-fumble TD Colts debacle.
    — the play was supposed to be a draw or slant in, not a fake slant in or deep.
    — That is why, if one looks at the play at Kemo was downfield 8 yards and Scott was playing patty cake with Freeney.
    — Play called for either draw or 3 step drop, not 5, which is why Ben was in harms way.
    — However, I just have a large aversion to allowing any DL to run past without knocking him off stride. Had that happened we still would be grousing – but NOT AT SCOTT!
    — And why no one seemed to know it was an either/or play, Ben didn’t even attempt to fake the handoff.
    === Apologies to blaming Scott.
    I would have really hated it had the play worked and Wallace broke free for a TD cause it would have come back and we would be blaming Kemo instead of Scott.

    Communication was key, and it seems only Ben and Wallace were in communication on that play.
    NOT in a place like the Colt’s stadium – you need to CALL out that kind of change.

    Are we afraid to hit, ask Harrison, doesn’t seem so. Ask Farrior, nice smack down on Collins. Ask Clark, he hasn’t let up as far as I can see.

    And for giving up lots of run yards – we only did that in Baltimore. We gave up more than we might have had we not been playing a guessing game, not filling lanes properly in Indy. When we played the game we normally do they got nothing.

    Yeah, someone mentioned a lot of Colts O-line holding. So what else is new, happens every game to Harrison. We get about 5-10% of those called at best.

    And remember, despite a good game from Ziggy, Keisel was out, adjustments have to be made. Did we lose Hoke somewhere, haven’t seen him and he usually spells Hampton.

    We simply need to quit trying to be cute, attempting to fake the dee out. Used to be fun to watch a dee get flustered cause they knew what was coming and couldn’t really stop it. Had not a whole lot to do with the Bus but with aggressive O-line and techniques.

  6. David says:

    Ok, now the offense is being fined, are we just so feared on both sides if the ball, or is Goodell out to leafy his pay check back from dining the Steelers, Goodell, DJ u only paid itself 1.dollar a day during the lockout, now your trying to make the Steelers pay for it. What unit is next, special teams! Ugh. I’m sick. I think ill fine myself for expressing my views…. In the mean while, go take care of business in the bathroom.

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