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Offensive tackle Max Starks, who re-signed with the Steelers Wednesday morning:

Q: You’ve been released, benched, started for two Super Bowl-winning teams and are now back. Can you talk about your time with the Steelers?
A: “It’s the circle of life. I’ve definitely run the full gamut of NFL experience. Not as exciting as I thought I was going to be. As with life I’ve gotten to see every aspect of it, and it’s a learning tool. When I got released I took it as another learning opportunity. I wasn’t bitter. I didn’t sit in the corner and cry woe is me or be bitter when I was walking around the city. I just went out to Arizona and started doing the same training regimen I normally would do and it felt good.”

Q: What have you seen from watching the Steelers’ first four games when it comes to the offense line?
A: “Communication is probably one of the things, getting that continuity. As with anything else, you usually build that over the OTA time and then going into came so you have a little bit of a foundation to build and move forward. And the change in the training camp schedule didn’t allow for that, to have all of those padded practices to go through those tough days and push through as a group. I think that kind of threw things off kilter with the bonding experience. With anything the offensive line has to be on the same page. I always preach it and any run block, pass protect, sustained drives, keep the defense fresh — those all stem from the offensive line so it’s a big thing that we have the chemistry within that group.”

Q: Did you see any pictures of Ben wearing your jersey one day at training camp?
A: “I kind of had blurry vision (laughing). It was very touching, to use a soft word in the locker room full of men. You kind of felt proud to know that your work was appreciated. We’ve been here together since Day One, and it was cool to see a friend do that.”



  1. Scott P says:

    It’s about time they bring Max back. This is a step in the right direction. Now go get Flozell off his couch and maybe this team can still do something this year.

  2. Chuck H. says:

    Any replacements will be an improvement for the O’line. They actually couldn’t get any worse. For Ben to take a beating week in and week out is disgraceful and very damaging to the team. Don’t know if Ben will be able to go on Sunday, or if someone else will be in there, but if there is no improvement in the o’line, then Heaven help him.
    I remember previous seasons, when Bradshaw was the qback, it seamed like he had more time to pick a receiver, and not near as many sacks. GO, Steelers!

  3. Naje says:

    @Scott P –
    Who was responsible for Starks leaving? Was it the Steelers staff and management or the 400+ lbs that Starks was carrying?

    How ’bout: it’s about time Starks looked more like a left tackle and not a dangerously overweight, out of shape liability….

  4. paul raspa says:

    Well its about time!!!
    I sure hope Max gets his start in the nxt couple of weeks. This O-Lne needs to stay low and finish their blocks to the whistle. Speaking of staying low, the reason that Harrisons eye socket was broken was because the Ot for the Texans was LOW!! Kudos to them bad for us . However kugler needs to emphasize this to the o line. Anyone who reads my commentary I am always stressing this point. Maybe we can get Russ Grimm back!!!

  5. eyeheartbrucearians says:

    Does anyone think that the hit that broke Harrison’s orbital bone was helmet-to-helmet? It was helmet to facemask; doesn’t that count?

    Oh, almost forgot: BA go away!

  6. rich says:

    Starks is not an elite OT. But you would not have seen Freeny Bull rushing him the way he did Scott game before last. Of course then we wouldn’t have seen the ass blocking scheme Scott developed.
    I wish the Steelers would have had enough sense to bring him back sooner.

  7. Doug Halfen says:

    Glad to see Max back — always liked him, and now I’d just like them to give Hotel Flozell a call, too! Our O-line is an absolute wreck right now, with probably the worst — ahem — “pass protection” (cough-choke-GASP!!!) I’ve seen; they let a 4-man rush seem like an all-out blitz.

  8. Dick says:

    Hey, we’re not done yet! Max is back. Sure am glad the team responded to the glaring left tackle problem. Now if Adams can be persuaded we might have a chance. I’m betting he can still play. Let’s come up with a better game plan and take it to the Titans on Sunday. Sure going to miss Harrison but expect Timmons will step up for us. Hang in there Ben, help is on the way!

  9. Pal Hal says:

    I feel so much better now that we have Max back. Cham-pi-on-ship!

  10. Rick says:

    ’bout darn time they brought Maxie back to protect Ben!!! Anyone who use to complain about Stark’s footwork oughta look at Scott’s. My 8 year old even said something about how upright he was & how close his feet were!! We all should be thankful that Ben hadn’t been carried out in a body bag thus far with that “skill” level there. Legursky, while he filled in admirable last year, also needs to go. He looks soooo lost & overmatched at times it isn’t funny. Maybe Max can straighten both these guys up & make them decent in years to come. But for this year, yinz gotta agree that this was greatly needed & probably shouldn’t have happened to begin with. Next, we need Flo to return…maybe as assistant O-Line coach or something. All I know is that Ben won’t make it to the end of the season if this continues. Chuck won’t either.

  11. jason says:

    I always liked old Max. Welcome back. Thanks

  12. David says:

    Don’t know what all the hoopla is all about. Sure Max is back but one man don’t make an offensive line. Is he great, I can only day as much as an upgrade he is he is 1 of 5. There still realestate left to protect for the Qb. Doesn’t mean he’s gonna automatically start in this game vs. The Titans, and we still have to bring our A game cause at the moment, Tennessee is winning ball games

  13. Scott P says:

    I agree with you but it is a step in the right direction. Now they need to bring back Flozell, find a true, honest to goodness fullback, get rid of Arians, find a couple of cornerbacks who can cover, and get healthy.

    Aside from that…….they are in great shape.

  14. K2 says:

    Didnt the D-line get torched too? Winning football, is winning at the line of scrimmage…. We need a few players to step up on both sides of the ball or we might be in trouble.

    Need a win this weekend…Go Steelers!!!

  15. David says:

    I erred on the side of caution last week with the Texans with a feeling we could lose that game, I feel the same here with the Titans coming into our house having a blue print on how other good running teams are beating us. Let’s just hope at the same time Pittsburgh feels an urgency and play lights out football our playoff aspirations hinge on this game with how we are playing to this point.

  16. Rick says:

    First, I am glad Max is back. I don’t care what the reason was he was let go, the game so far has shown he was needed more than anyone realized.
    And he is correct in terms of O-line communication – that is a must. As well as knowing what your next to me buddy is going to do (remember Troy’s comments on Clark).
    Maybe the rest of the O-line gets the word this week. I would like to think so, cause Ben cannot keep getting bashed the way he has.
    And who’s bright idea in the negotiations was it to limit full pads practices? That’s like telling the military to practice without weapons.
    And if one looks at the play Harrison was hurt on, the Texan player who first blocked him had a neat helmet smash on him on the right side on his helmet to head area. That may have set it up to be finished on the end of that play.

    OK, Titans come to our house. We play up to par, or we consider we don’t have it any more. That’s it, plain and simple. Wish Max could play, but I know he isn’t game ready.

  17. Mr. L says:

    Why not bring back the ‘Hotel’. He did a great job last year and we could use him again.

  18. John Brody says:

    How ’bout Alan Faneca and Marvel Smith?

  19. David says:

    Hey, howabout Green and Greenwood, and Lambert,, hey here’s a thought, howabkut drafting already and fix what has been a thorn in Bens been starting, star him some protection already!…..

  20. David says:

    Start drafting him some protection. We are set at all the other offensive positions now its time to concentrate on the o line.

  21. Carl says:

    Gonna go out on a limb here, and say that next years first 3 draft picks will be LT, RG, LG. Then we can cut one one of them and he can go start for the Bills…

  22. Clarence says:

    This season has a strange feel to it. I could be wrong, of course, but I believe that this team has the potential and headed into the direction of not only gelling, but peaking at the right time. The line is slow coming together. Our CBs have been forced into the game where experience is slowly bringing them along and they’re responding well.

    Mendy’s got a flat, but the axle’s still intact and we have multiple capable backs. If we could learn to chip to help our linemen, and pass short sometimes to stay alive, we could bring it all together at the most important time.

    I’ve been very vocal about us making adjustments to get some wins going and protect Ben and that has not changed. But, I believe we very well may just quietly put together a season we’ll be very proud of in the end. I got that feeling maybe due to our corners playing well, but also because it just don’t seem like it’ll last forever. GO STEELERS!!!

  23. David says:

    I can tell mendenhall is an introvert, rarely says anything but when he dies it almost always explodes in his face. He is in a locker room yet he feels outcast, this is his delima and the teams weekness I know, cause I’m an intrivert. Rarely do you have sucessful introverts at what they do, even at the NFL level

  24. David says:

    Offensive linemen, we need. For hire, and now hiring. Big strong agile persons who know how to block and protect quarterbacks from getting injured or hit… Pay is very Good, but No garantees are offered. Apply within the confines of Heinze field. fund raisers now for Steelers offensive line, in need of xtra bodies

  25. Steelers7thHeaven says:

    I hope Clarence is right….cause i have had a BAD feeling all season, I think the team is getting OLD, and i have been saying this since week one….can they last 16 games? We are in week 4 and look how many people are out…..peak at the right time is good, but you need to be in the playoff picture, they almost pulled out the Texan game thanks to all the mistakes on their part…..but I am a little worried, lets see what they show this week, we need a little run, not sure if we can get one going, but here is hoping it comes out good Clarence!!!

    Steeler fan for life from Utah~

  26. Dick says:

    My main concern for tomorrow (Titans) is Ben. We have to keep him heallthy. He can carry this team if he is. If he goes down all bets are off. I expect Max, fresh off the street, will provide at least as much as we are getting on the O-Line. Also think the reserves, at 100% will be better than starters at 80%.. BUCKLE THAT CHIN STRAP GUYS, IT’S TIME TO PLAY BALL!!!!! GO STEELERS!!!!!

  27. Bill Z says:

    I’ve got a question. What happens to all the money the NFL recieves from fines? It’s not like they need it, so why not donate it to charity? At the end of the season they could let all the players that were fined vote for the charity they want to recieve it. Just a thought.

  28. David says:

    Bill, fyi… Goodell is recouping the money he gave up in salary during the lock-out through these fines,,,as we all know he said he would pay himself 1.00 of his 10,million dollar salary. No one will ever see the fine money go anywhere, once Rodge the “moneydodger” gets it, its automatically transfered to a relatives account that only he can retrieve through a secret identity…, jk… these fines are already given to a charity, which one i don’t know, maybe they will start a Hank Jr. public political correctness class in his name…. ( I am sure the President,has said things too, and not only this one….. Bush used the term, ” we will get those “brown people” and put people who are brown under a terror umbrella, and me being brown heard it all the next week, not fun…..

  29. David says:

    We Need a Raallying Cry in this game with the Titans, howabout the ” THE TERRIBLE TOWEL STOMPING” rampage the Titans did that one year….. I was so in disbelief when i saw all that going on….. here we go Steelers, here we go!

  30. David says:

    cincy will lose today putting them back where they dwell the most, we will win putting us a half game behind idle baltimore, and a half game in front of cleveland, who i still predict will finish 2nd ……..

  31. David says:

    Cool. Hopefully Redman will stay the starter the remainder of his career here, um hoping Mendenhalls days are numbererd as a Steelers feature back…..

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