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Everything seems to be against the Steelers, but…


No James Harrison, no Casey Hampton, no Aaron Smith and Rashard Mendenhall only in the event of an emergency.
Ben Roethlisberger will play on a sprained left foot, and he will operate behind the fifth different offensive line combination in as many games.
The Titans have already beaten the Ravens, they lead the NFL in scoring defense and Pro Bowl running back Chris Johnson appears to be rounding into form after a slow start.
All signs point to the 3-1 Titans beating the beat-up Steelers today at Heinz Field.
That is why I am picking the Steelers to win -– something they are favored to do in spite of a recent spate of injuries and their well-documented struggles when it comes to stopping the run.
This team seems to thrive off an us-against-the-world mentality, whether slights are real or imagined. It seems to be at its best when it is pushed against a wall.
I expect the Steelers to play their best game of the season -– and think it will be just enough to beat the Titans.
Steelers 24, Titans 20.

— Scott Brown



  1. WIsco says:


    Theme this year is: “It doesn’t matter what anyone else says”.

    Time to put up or shut up….I like the Steelers to come out and put up a great performance in front of the home crowd.

  2. David says:

    well, we know now what this Pittsburgh Steelers team is capable of, Tenn, is a good team, but not a dominating team so don’t let thier 3 game win streak fool you, wasn’t too long ago when they were a last place team. but on the flip side of that, the Steelers showed what they can do provided he gets time to do it with out running for his life every snap, and all that coincided with the return of Starks…. also, i know who my feature back would be the remainder of the season if it were up to me, yes, isaac – moore – dwyer, redman is a beast carry the defenders on his back for 3 more yards, mendy couldn’t do that!…. this however is just 1 win in a row, but in a convincing fashion, but it reminds me too much of the Seatle game after being pulverized by Baltimore, and now being pasted by Texans last week, and playing dominationg ball a week after, at any rate, Im a Steelers 4life, and the nxt 2 games should be a win also, but then again, the steelers stil have to play….. looks good on paper, but then again, I Look Good On paper…. Here we go Steelers……

  3. Wildwood says:

    Great call Scott, the team did show urgency finally. The defense showed discipline as well and woodley finally came to play. The game ball goes to Max Starks what he did should not go unnoticed either, I don’t care who he was playing against. Let’s see if this carries over now.

  4. Dick says:

    Well Scott B., looks like you are a prophet. The Steelers played a great game today and the walking wounded performed above expectations. Bringing Max back was a good move and he acquitted himself quite well. In fact, the O-Line had its best performance of the year. Our wideouts are the best since the Stallworth/Swann era and the running attack really enhanced the passing game. Kudos to Big Ben (my favorite QB since Terry B.). Here’s hoping the foot heals fast. Then again, his superb performance today shows he can operate under the most adverse conditions. What a guy! To Starks, Hoke, Ben, Redman, Dwyer, etal, thanks for the badly needed “shot in the arm.”

  5. Doug Halfen says:

    Fantastic job, gentlemen, almost without exception — even my man Hoke played super-solid in relief of Casey!!! And Ben, when you keep the gunslinging to a minimum and hone your sharp-shooting (a la Aaron Rogers in the night game — I can think of no finer example! ;^), wonderful things can & DID happen. Now let’s put the screws to the Jags and keep this train a-runnin’ — I knew you guys would pull it together, and I’m very proud of ya! :thumbsupsalute:

  6. Doug Halfen says:

    Oh, and a big shout-out to Isaac — your patience was awesome to watch today, and you had great “stay-on-your-feet”ness. ;^>

  7. sjb says:

    Pretty hard to ignore the fact that the running game can be very effective when anyone besides Mendenhall is getting the ball. I liked how every time Redzone got the ball and grinded out an extra couple yards that Rashard would have left on the field they went right to a picture of Mendenhall on the sidelines as if to say “See Rashard, that’s how it’s done.” When’s the last time Mendenhall ever moved the pile 4 yards at the goal line? Answer: never…that is, unless it was 4 yards BACKWARDS.

  8. K2 says:

    A solid gamed and played with some intensity, but still a little sloppy. Hopefully we continue in that direction against the Jags…. Go to bi-week, come out healthy and then make another Super Bowl run.

    How does that sound!!!

  9. Wisco says:

    We now need consistency….can the players stack elite level performances in back to back weeks? Can they do it on the road (when we have to go to silent count)?

    I sure do like playing at home when the O-line doesn’t have to deal with crowd noise as much. I also like the quick strike passing — that should be mixed in with the longer passing routes. Like a boxer….jab, jab, jab….that sets up the power shots.

    As Woodley says, we can still go 14-2!!!!

  10. Scott P says:

    Redman and Dwyer were fun to watch. Hopefully Mendenhall will use it as motivation to get better. He saw what can happen when you hit the hole hard. He has been way too hesitant at the point of attack. I hope this was a learning experience for him.

    For those of you who think Redman will take over as the feature back, you are sadly mistaken. Bruce Error-ans said during the week that Rashard is the lead horse. If we know one thing about Bruce, it’s that he’s stubborn as an ox. Even if Redman is the second coming of Barry Foster, it will take prolonged injury to Mendenhall to keep him on the field. Either that or Tomlin taking the decision out of the hands of the most arrogant assistant coach in the NFL.

  11. David says:

    Honestly think its all etched in stone. Mendenhall will not be the feature back, there are too many stallions in the barn to keep riding a horse not willing to win the race.

  12. Scott P says:

    I hope you are right. That said, I highly doubt it.

  13. Wildwood says:

    Two points worth noting here, first this team has to show the ability or willingness to adjust offensively as needed. Let’s hope BA will do the just that, by incorporating a short passing game helps on several levels. 1) Bens health 2) brings less stress to this mash unit we have at oline. 3) it makes for tighter coverages and could allow for Wallace to get his 40 yard “game killers” as well. There isnt a bigger nightmare for def. Coordinators to have to play more press coverage with this group of fast receivers. I hope Rashard feels some pressure now in knowing that yards can be made if you would just stop spinning and dancing all the time. Take the hit and get your yards!

  14. Steelers7thHeaven says:

    They should use Redmen more, change up the pace using two back, instead of Mendenhall every down (usually not 3rd downs) but it might help to change the pace a little with 2-3 backs in a game. The o-line will still block the same, no matter who is back there, think about it Bruce…Tomlin~

  15. Paulie Raspa says:

    Great Game yesterday.Went to the game and also saw them beat the Seahawks too. Team needs to play together and yesterday’s play showed that if they can play together and believe in each other things will fall into place. We were w/ out 6 starters and saw what can be achieved if we all work on our responsibilities…. Let’s keep the momentum and BLOW OUT THE JAGS!!!!!!!!!!!!! Our best football is yet to come, don’t lose the focus STEELER NATION!!!

  16. Eddie says:

    Whatever team was on the field Sunday should be the team that stays on the field for the rest of the year. It seems that Ben is more dangerous when he stays in the pocket than he is when he’s scrambling around…and his foot prevented him from doing that. Many people have said that he needs to get the ball out quicker with short slants, screens, etc. instead of always looking for the home run play. It showed Sunday that he’s more effective running a game plan designed to “max protect” his foot than he is playing sand lot football. The O line plays more effectively also when they don’t have to hold off defenders for 7 to 10 seconds while Ben picks and chooses where to throw the ball. That type of game plan keeps the O line healthy and keeps Ben upright. Hopefully Bruce Arians got the message and we’ll see more of what we saw on Sunday. It was a nice mix of run and pass with a long bomb thrown in for a little surprise. If we stay the course in that direction, there’s no telling how far this team can go.

  17. Scott P says:

    Hoping that Bruce Arians will ever “get the message” is like hoping that Santa Clause will put a winning Lotto ticket in your stocking this year.

  18. David says:

    @scott p, it could happen! @eddie, did u notice the previous week that all the defenses flew by our offensive line before anything downdield could materialize, I have to disagree , the Steelers offense played better because Max Starks was in there and everyons play was above the line that enabled Ben to have the time he had this was the first game where he wasn’t rushed out or hurried that I’ve seen in a ling time. The past 4 weeks were like that and then u have a game with Starks in there.

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