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Polamalu subject to phone fine


A phone call that Troy Polamalu made Sunday afternoon could prove costly.
An NFL spokesman said today that the All-Pro safety could be fined for violating league rules by using a cell phone during the Steelers’ 17-13 win against Jacksonville.
Polamalu made the call after exhibiting concussion-like symptoms following a tackle of Jacksonville’s bowling ball of a running back Maurice Jones-Drew.
The Steelers players are already sensitive about receiving envelopes from the NFL with fine notifications in them.
One can only imagine what the reaction will be if Polamalu, who has a history of concussions, gets docked for using a cell phone — he borrowed it from a team doctor — to call his wife, Theodora.
“She was concerned,” Steelers coach Mike Tomlin said today at his weekly news conference. “In this era of player safety you would think that common sense would prevail in regards to some of those things. It wasn’t a personal call, he wasn’t checking on his bank account.”
When asked if he would have a problem should the NFL fine Polamalu, Tomlin said, “I don’t have a problem with anything. I’m not anticipating anything. All I said was I would hope common sense prevails in an instance in an era of player safety such as we’re in.”

— Scott Brown



  1. RJ in Rancho Cucamonga says:

    Coach Tomlin nailed it on this one. He is absolutely right. If the league is really as concerned with player safety as they say they are, then this should be a non issue.

  2. sjb says:

    He had a concussion and he probably didn’t know what he was doing right? Anyhow, no way GODdell lets a Steeler slide without a fine. They should suspend him a few games to for good measure.

  3. David says:

    I totld you that RAT Goodell is trying to get back that money he lost during the lockout and what better way of fining a Steeler for letting his wife know he was ok…. Good one Goodell, your a smart man…. this don’t even have helmet to helmet, or launching on it, but its still something this Rat will fine,,, OMG, the owners better check on the credentials of this guy and make sure he doesn’t have any inside trader links, or is part of the mafia….the owners are a joke if they allow this clown to fine anyone of this nature for the reason it was being….. i hope a Goodell family member don’t get in an accident to see Goodell rush to thier side during the games, after all he is suppose to be alert during game day throughout all nfl games right, with a break during half time only

  4. David says:

    Goodell is on Drugs……

  5. Tony says:

    Great! Upstanding citizen and model of the NFL that Polamalu is and he gets fined for letting his wife know he’s okay. Meanwhile, coaches Schwartz and Harbaugh get nothing for their after-game tussle. The Steelers were right is not approving the latest contract because of the God-like power that Goodell thinks he owns in being judge and jury on all things, no matter how INCONSISTENT he is.

  6. Scott P says:

    2 things;
    1) If Goodell fines Troy for letting his wife know he was ok after he let two Head Coaches slide for making complete idiots out of themselves, Steelers fans should protest outside of the main NFL office in NY.

    2) I keep getting these annoying banner ads that cover half the article and do not have a button to close them. Is this happening to anyone else or is it strictly on my end?

  7. Dick says:

    I am going to give the league and Goodell the benefit of the doubt on this one. I agree wioth coach Tomlin and believe common sense will prevail. This situation was exceptional and no action will come from it. If, indeed, a fine is forthcoming it certainly wil validate the belief that the league and Goodell have it in for the Steelers. We will see.

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