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Mirror images? Maybe not — at least not yet


Both are Ohio natives and golf enthusiasts.
But when Ben Roethlisberger paid a visit to Dick LeBeau Wednesday morning, the Steelers quarterback had business on his mind.
Roethlisberger will lead the Steelers offense against an Arizona defense that is coordinated by Ray Horton. Horton coached the Steelers’ secondary from 2004-10 and is in his first year with Cardinals.
One of the questions leading up to Sunday’s game in Arizona -– how much Horton’s defense will resemble that of his mentor’s — is exactly why Roethlisberger chatted up LeBeau.
“Ray learned from maybe the best defensive coach of all time so it will be interesting to see how close it is,” Roethlisberger said. “Coach LeBeau said if I see anything on film that I want to come talk about just bring it to him. It’s pretty similar, a couple of different coverage things.”
Hines Ward said there is a significant difference between Horton’s defense and the one LeBeau has orchestrated for years.
The reason for that, Ward said, is because the lockout wiped out an offseason that a new coach like Horton needed.
“Trying to put our complex defense in a short period of time, man it takes guys five or six years to pick up all of that,” Ward said.
Ward said the Cardinals, under Horton, play a lot more man to man coverage than the Steelers do –- at least for now.
“Consequently, A.B. (Antonio Brown) and Mike (Wallace) should have some pretty good attempts, pretty good shots down the field,” Ward said.

— Scott Brown



  1. Doug Halfen says:

    Thus, the key phrase for the receivers this week:


    Do that, and the field is your treasure. (Assuming Ben hasn’t been plugged in the backfield.) And I see no reason why that doesn’t apply to the running game as well.

    “Steelers West” hasn’t exactly crystallized into reality yet. These Angry Red Birds still have a LOT of work to do. They had two good seasons with a hot Kurt Warner; before/after he was a part of their Grand Equation, they’ve been quite the mess…

    So therefore, they’re going to try to play up to our level; our job is to _not_ dip down to _their_ level. Keep rolling, get the win (ugly, pretty, who cares — just get it!), and move on. Losing to Jacksonville would have been hilarious; losing to the Cards would be majorly-embarrassing.

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