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Arians addresses Ben/no-huddle comments


Here are three questions that offensive coordinator Bruce Arians answered about the no-huddle offense. It became something of a simmering topic this week when quarterback Ben Roethlisberger said he would like to run it more.

Q: What did you think about Ben saying that he’d like to run the no-huddle more?
A: That doesn’t surprise me, because he likes it a lot and I like it a lot. So, hopefully, we’ll get to it one of these days. He comes to me 2-3 times a game, and I tell him “maybe next series.” (But) we usually have a plan for it, and it’s usually the third or fourth series in the game. But it wasn’t really necessary this past game. In the second half, we talked about it. He wanted to go, and I didn’t. I didn’t believe it was time to speed the game up. We just needed to make more first downs in that second half.

Q: How does it benefit the offense?
A: It helps you a bunch causing communication problems for (a defense), as long as there are no communication problems for you. That’s the big thing, and there have been a lot of interchanging pieces. So, we’re not as coherent as I’d like to be with all 11 guys to run a lot of it, but we’re capable of running it. And it may become a major force like it has in the past. So, we’ll see.

Q: Does it come down to you wanting to call the plays as opposed to the quarterback?
A: No. I have all the trust in the world in him calling the plays. No it’s the other 10 guys in the huddle functioning properly at that speed. He can play that a whole lot faster than the other 10 guys. When I see everybody playing as fast as he does in the no-huddle then I think we’ll be more than ready.



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