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Polamalu … the rest of the story


The NFL announced that Steelers safety Troy Polamalu was fined $10,000 for using a cell phone on the sidelines during last week’s game against Jacksonville.

Polamalu was caught by a CBS camera on the sidelines talking on a cell phone not long after leaving the game because of “concussion-like symptoms” following a hit he put on Maurice Jones-Drew during the fourth quarter.

The NFL said in an email: “Possession of cell phones, PDAs or other electronic equipment in the bench area during a game is strictly prohibited by League policy beginning 90 minutes before kickoff through the end of the game.”

It’s was assumed the Polamalu called his wife, Theodora, to let her know how he was was doing.

That wasn’t entirely the case.

It was a team doctor’s idea to call Polamalu’s wife on his cell phone to fill her in on Troy’s status.

The team doctory had a lengthy converstation (10-15 minutes) with her before eventually handing the phone Troy for a brief amount of time.

However, CBS caught that brief amount of time on camera and showed it during its live telecast.

The Steelers, and especially coach Mike Tomlin, aren’t happy with the discipline on Polamalu and will go to bat for the All-Pro safety. However, it is highly unlikely that the fine will be reduced or anything else will come of it.

Polamalu was fined $15,000 earlier in the season because of a horse-collar tackle.

– By Mark Kaboly


Author: Mark Kaboly

Mark Kaboly is the Pittburgh Steelers beat writer for the Tribune-Review. Mark has covered more than 300 NFL football games in all 32 NFL cities as well as three Super Bowls -- XL in Detroit, XLIII in Tampa and XLV in Dallas. A Belle Vernon Area graduate, Mark earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in English with a specialization in journalism from California University of Pennsylvania. Mark lives in Port Vue with his wife, Jennifer; daughter Briella; and boys Rocco and Bugsley Pug


  1. David says:

    Roger ” the idiot ” Goodell: sure would like to see the guidelines on this atrocious policy. we are now in the era of make it up as we go ……. thats pure blasphemy. what is it, now i really do hope nothing happens to this clowns family member and see him not be able to make a call to see if all is ok…. 10,thousand dollars for a phone call, and he lets donte stalworth still play ball after killing a pedestrian while under the influence. what a moronic stiff…… helter skelter this guy is… please, please, owners of the NFL, get this dud out before he really ruins your game.

  2. David says:

    i tell ya, guys are gonna start retiring earlier because of the nonsense being handed down by the whipper snapper, my gosh man, what did tagliabue leave us, a money mongul monster!

  3. David says:

    I believe if Roger Goodell was a police officer, he would be one of those ” Rare ” bad cops and turn ordinary law abiding tax payer citizens into a common felon just because they looked his way….. i know some out there who are just like that…..

  4. David says:

    the phone was given to troy by the medical staff, so to say troy had his personal cell phone is a false statememnt, and if that idiot doesn’t listen to that reasoning, then we all know what this commish is all about, fining the Steelers at every possible angle he can come up with,, the medical staff handed the phone to Troy Roger, he didn’t pull one out of his hip like you’ve seen T O do ith a markie……. get a life goodell.

  5. This is it! unbelievable!With all the fines on the Steelers this year already someone could purchase a team

  6. Mike says:

    I guess if you are a murderer, wife beater, child abuser don’t pay child support, encourage animal violence, assualting individuals, illegal gun carrier , allis forgiven if you don’t make a phone call

  7. Tony says:

    Goodell’s an idiot!

  8. eyeheartbrucearians says:

    Dear lifelong fans of the The National Football League.

    We are witnessing its demise. From the ridiculous lengths Goodell goes to protect quarterbacks, to the ridiculous and arbitrary rules governing legal/illegal hits, to the outrageous fines that are meted out by Goodell, without legal recourse by the players, and which are not regulated by any guidelines whatsoever. $15,000 for a phone call? What would you do to him if you saw him after he does that to you?

    If ever an upstart league could challenge the NFL, it is now. All it has to do is to play good old football.No gimmicks, no goofy fashion designs–just football the way it was meant to be played.

    The guy has to go.

    He is destroying the game.

    We gotta take this bastard. Now, we could do it with conventional weapons, but that could take years and cost millions of lives. No, I think we have to go all out. I think that this situation absolutely requires a really futile and stupid gesture be done on somebody’s part!

    We’re just the guys to do it!

    Let’s do it!

    Go! Go! Go!

  9. Bsteel says:

    It might be interesting if fans began displaying “Death to the Dictator” signs at NFL games. Just for the record, and for legal purposes, I officially have no idea who the “dictator” might be.

    It could be Ackmablahblahzood, of Iran for all I know.

  10. David says:

    If I were a strong union , I would have every NFL player boycott games until the owners listen and fire this dumb mule.

  11. Dick says:

    Well, I was wrong in assuming that somehow common sense would prevail in this case. I guess there isn’t any when it comes to Goodell and his boys. I just wonder who the next Steeler will be that they target. The people in the league office act like a bunch of zombies, unable to rationalize anything. Come on, players union, you’re not protecting your members from these nonsense decisions. No matter what the rules are, sometimes there are extenuating circumstances. That’s when you have to use your God-given brain. The union needs to intercede here and try to get some common sense into the league……….that is, if there is any!

  12. Dave says:

    Let’s see. Troy gets a 10K fine for this call. AJ Hawk of Green Bay gets the same fine for flipping the bird on TV. Just isn’t fair. Hitler and his band of thugs are way out of control and have nor rhyme or reasoning for how they hand down fines.

  13. Robert says:

    The fine for using a cell phone was the right thing to do. All Troy had to do is ask a staffer to contact his wife to let her know he was OK. No cell phones means no cel phones.

    Goodell is proving to be an effective leader that is taking the NFL to the next level as per his directive from his bosses (the owners).

    The league must protect QBs at all cost. They are the most imortant people in the game and drive revenue success.

  14. David says:

    That’s a stiff penalty for a guy who has no off field issues. This is tragic by the NFL.

  15. Rick says:

    Good grief, once more the “NFL powers that be” are being total a$$holes.

    Define “possession of a cell phone, pda or other device” please. As in touching it, it is yours, use of – come on.

    Put those bozos on the field, smack them hard, hurt them – and see if their wives won’t want to talk with them to see if they are OK.

    There is NO COMPASSION from the NFL front office. I put them into the same basket as Congress, Senate, Tea Party and the greedy folks who have this country in a bad state.

  16. the old coach says:

    Let’s talk about the game and not some expensive phone call. This will be a challenge for the black and gold. They have some inexperience playing on D-fence and their offense stalls more then my ’59’ buick. Kiesel was blown back on some run plays last week and Timmons looked a but lost at OLB.I see the Cardinals staying with the run and being balanced which is the way to beat the Steelers as the Ravens and Houston have both shown. The Cardinals are fresh as a daisy after their bye week and the Steelers have never won in Arizona. Remember a fat Eric Green collapsing 7 yards short of the end zone in ’94. I do. The Steelers are getting some identity on O-fense but are a right handed running team and teams know it. Essex is a terrible run blocker and a down grade if he plays left tackle. Kemeteua is a poor pass blocker and makes a lot of mental mistakes on the road. I do like the kid at RT and their Center is an All-Pro. The Steelers pass defense will get torched this week they have been challenged by NO ONE. My 16 year old grandson could throw for 200 yeards against William Gay he does tackle well and he better be prepared to tackle. I like the Cardinals 27 Steelers 17 Wells will run for 100 yards. Mark ny word and as for Troy, call your wife and ask if she could play CB.

  17. Marsha hays says:

    Did Goodell ever have to reassure his family that he was okay? Seems like since Troy
    signed his contract all they are trying to do is get all the money back in fines. Is it because we are the Steelers that our players are targeted for these giant fines? Get a life Goodell. Already you have changed the game to a point that is disgusting. IT’S FOOTBALL. Seems like people are really becoming a little disappointed with the whole thing. Perhaps we should turn our attention to another sport and do you have any idea how difficult that would be for a DIE HARD STEELER FAN? I doubt you have a clue.

  18. Bill Z says:

    The Steelers giveth, and Goodell taketh away.

  19. Scott K says:

    Roger Goodall, really dud you must have nothing better to do in your life. There are many Pro football players out there that set a negative example for our children…LIKE MICHAEL VICK AKA FELON, they are allowed to play and many others who set bad examples both on and off the field. Yet this man whi has done more for Veterans, the hungry and many other causes gets fined $10,000 for following a doctors order by reassuring his wife he is ok. Seriously Mr Goodall open your eyes and look aound your league not at the Troy Polamalu’s of your league but the others who degrade thenselves, there teams, the NFL and the country in which they live. Get a grip on reality. If you were a hunter i would say you passed up a big buck just to shot an innocent fawn.

  20. David says:

    the NFL states, no one is allowed to have cell phones of personal use on field during game time, the key word is personal , well if you want to appeal this rediculouse fine your arguemant would be that this cell phone was not Troys personal cell phone, and that a doctor gave it to him to so Troy could let his wife know that he was fine, not knowing he was gonna get “fined”, so the phone wasn’t his as in ownership or owned, it was the Teams, doctor who gave hime “prescribed”, so the policy doesn’t apply here, Troy should never have been fined, but we all are glad that he is “fine” and ok!…. Right!

  21. eyeheartbrucearians says:

    Rick the basket case should smoke a doobie and occupy BA’s a**.

  22. eyeheartbrucearians says:

    Let’s keep politics off the sports blogs.

  23. Mr.Cynical says:

    Goodell is a ‘douche.’ Troy should be able to do whatever he wants whenever he wants to do it!

  24. Mr.Cynical says:

    I think Goodell is sleeping with ‘BA.’

  25. Bsteel says:

    Death to the dictator.

    By “dictator” I mean, of course, Sylvania’s Ambassador Trentino. Not anybody, alive or dead, that might resembly a certain pro sports comissioner.

  26. Bsteel says:


  27. David says:

    I am certain in another life, Goodell played the part of Charlie Brown. Good Grief!

  28. Howie says:

    Fans should let the owners know, get rid of Goodell or we will boycott their team, their merchandise, their concessions at stadiums, their games. etc. The fans control this and have to let the owners know what WE want. When a TV show isn’t good you turn it off.
    The same goes for the NFL. Most of the NFL money comes from TV. Without fans/viewers, owners make no money if: TV stations have no viewers, if TV advertisers know you’re not watching, they stop advertising. If the TV advertising dollars are not there, the owners cannot afford to put a team on the field with just their money. At least not for long(NFL).

  29. Jay Walker says:

    The NFL succeeds in spite of Goodell, not because of him.

  30. Mary Schillinger says:

    What did Goodell do to the Doctor did he get fined also? If not, why not? It wasn’t Troys phone. The Doctor better step up and say it was his phone not Troy’s. Goodell has it out for the Steelers. He needs to focus on another team and let them see how it is.

  31. Robert says:

    Okay, so let me get this straight: Troy is fined for being caught by a camera using a cell phone. But two coaches, the supposed ‘adults’ on the field, get into a shoving and shouting match (Lions/49ers game), and the league sees nothing wrong with that. Yeah, okay … that seems right …

  32. Dick says:

    These ridiculous decisions by the league must be challenged or they will just keep on. Who are these guys doing this? They must be held accountable. The Steelers should seek legal advice on the appeal of this fine and, if need be, file a legal action against the league. Enough is enough. Technically Polamalu was directed by the team doctor to an action required by a game injury. They may even be able to seek
    damages. The people involved in this decision are acting like dictators. You give some people a little power and it goes to their heads. They can’t handle it. It’s time they be removed and replaced by other more rationale people.

  33. ron says:

    GOODELL NEEDS TO BE FIRED. He is out to fine every Steeler he can. The Rooneys should be able to see he plays favoritism. Get him out now before he ruins the game anymore and turns the league into flag football.

  34. Dick says:

    Notice the Steelers say Hampton may play this week. Somehow this doesn’t lift my spirits. I don’t rthink Casey is his usual self. If Hoke is healthy I would prefer to go with him and McClendon has been acquitting himself quite well lately. Casey, if you can, please re-instill my confidence in you! This is a big game and we need a big effort. If you’re not 100% don’t try to gol There is too much at stake. The same goes for all injured players.

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