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Neck injury ends Smith season


A neck injury, not the sprained foot he sustained three weeks ago, is what ended Aaron Smith’s season.
The Steelers placed Smith on injured reserve Saturday, and coach Mike Tomlin is expected to address Smith’s latest injury after today’s game.
Smith has probably played his last game for the Steelers given his age (35) and his contract situation (he is in the last year of a five-year deal that he signed in 2007).
Smith may well retire on his own, given that he has suffered a season-ending injury for the fourth time in the last five years.
If he does return to the Steelers it will likely be in a limited role since Ziggy Hood, 24, is a former first-round pick and is noticeably more comfortable at left defensive end -– where Smith had been entrenched since becoming a starter in 2000.
If Smith has played his last game for the Steelers, he should be remembered for being as good a guy off the field as he was on it.
There is not a more down to earth player in the Steelers’ locker room, and Smith’s philosophy when it comes to dealing with others is simple: treat them the way he would want to be treated.
His play on the field has been exemplary if overshadowed by players at glamour positions on the Steelers’ defense.
But here is all you need to know about Smith’s value to the Steelers: Tomlin held a roster spot open for the 13th-year veteran for almost two-thirds of the 2010 season because there was a slight chance that Smith might return for the playoffs or only the Super Bowl.
That is what you call respect.

— Scott Brown



  1. David says:

    Not trying to rush the enevitable, but first I want to thank Aaron Smith for a remarkable decorated career with the Steelers, but even if he cones back healthy next year, he has played his last game as a Steelers 3 weeks ago. Thank you sir for your professional best year in and year out.

  2. Dan says:

    Liked the way we threw the ball late in the fourth quarter. If he stays out of traction, Big Ben will be good for 35 TDs-plus this season.

  3. Dan says:

    Does anyone know why it takes so long for Steelers stories to be posted on game day? The game ended four hours ago and there’s almost nothing to read here.

  4. David says:

    At what point did the Saints feel like they needed to score mire points on the Volts lastnight, I know , I know, but come on. I guess We could’ve scored another touchdown on our last possession but we didn’t. I lost some respect for Brees and the coach lastnight, wasn’t necessary. 62 – 7 was the final , kinda feel bad for the Volts this season.

  5. L Milburn says:

    Not only a class act-in my opinion he now joins Greene, Stautner, and Greenwood as the 4 best Steeler DL’s all-time. You start someone in place of those people but you may never really replace them.

  6. Doug Halfen says:

    ^^^ What L. Milburn said!!! ;^>

    Seriously, Aaron was one of my favorites among favorites — a true “bring the lunch-pail to the (de)struction site every day” kind of hard-working lineman. Not many accolades, but _so many_ darned-good results….

    I am going to miss you BIG time, #91.

    (And in response to Ryan’s quote from Dejan’s column: nah, man, we loved him, too! ;^)

  7. Rick says:

    Dang, couldn’t understand why a foot injury was IR.

    Regardless of the final outcome – I want to wish Arron the best and thank him for all the great seasons, top play, good guy off field.

    For some of us the things stack up too much, and there is no real time for when it can happen. So if this is it for the Steeler’s career on field, I hope you are around for many more years teaching on the sidelines.

  8. Luis says:

    Aaron Smith, Pittsburgh Steelers great defensive lineman. Whatever you decide to do thanks man.

  9. Dan says:

    Dejan can slobber over Smith all he wants. Fact is, the guy should have retired two years ago. Because of his selfishness, we’re way behind schedule at the position. That’s a major reason why we’re so poor against the run. Same goes for Farrior, who continues to hurt us week after week. (See Stephens-Howling, LeRod). There’s a real need for young, fresh, athletic legs at this side of the ball, not geezers who take up cap space.

  10. Jay Walker says:

    Patriots 38, Steelers 28.

  11. Carl says:

    Hey Jay, not if Woodley is all over Brady the way he has been all over everyone over the last month. Wow, Patriots. Sick of that attitude. Their Defense is horrible, we can score on them. It’s in our building. Our defense will come to play. Put Brady on his back a few times, and frickin’ cover Gronkowski this time, and we can take this game.

  12. David says:

    Steelers 31 – Patriots 17

  13. David says:

    I played these teams on “xbox 5 times and it came out even.

  14. jason says:

    hey jay walker. the only possible way that pats* win is if goodell has the refs not call holding. that is the only way those cheating scumbags ever win anything. get your trollass home boy.

  15. WILDWOOD says:

    Hats off to Aaron Smith, he had a stellar career for the black and gold however his time has come. The torch has been handed over now and i’m sure he understands that fact as well. All the best Aaron thank you for the oustanding play, perhaps you can turn it into a coaching career very soon.

  16. Clarence says:

    Thank you Aaron Smith for being one of the main cogs in the Steeler machine. We know that this team would not have been nearly the same without you.

  17. David says:

    Steelers take sole possession of 1st place.

  18. David says:

    It took 7 weeks, but the AFC North, is now in order.

  19. K2 says:

    Steelers have played two tough teams and lost both games. They are rated #1 in pass defense(?)…. We will see this week if that holds up. The next two games will tell us a lot about this team and how far they can go into the playoffs and if they are truely Super Bowl contenders.

  20. K2 says:

    I hope so……

  21. David says:

    Roger Goodell must be biting at the bit with James Harrison being injured, that who he makes most his money but knowing Goodell he is probly in his science room devising a way to fine him anyway probly ….. Sorry Goodell

  22. Broadway Franny Rose says:

    Pats 34, Stillers 28. Have zero faith in our cover LBs versus Brady and company. I’ve seen this fish before.

  23. […] none sadder than hearing the team had placed defensive end Aaron Smith on injured reserve, ending his 2011 season. Smith going on IR wasn’t in and of itself sad. It was almost expected after suffering four […]

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