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Wallace: ‘We can score enough points’


The question posed to Mike Wallace during the first open locker room of the week: Can the Steelers engage the Patriots in a shootout Sunday and win?
It was kind of like asking the Steelers wide receiver if he can beat Casey Hampton in a foot race.
“Yeah, we can score enough points,” Wallace said. “If I was to say that we can’t score enough to keep up with somebody that would be crazy, especially when I’m on offense. There’s no question we can.”
Earlier, quarterback Ben Roethlisberger had treaded a little more carefully when asked about the possibility of having to shoot it out with the Patriots.
“It’s hard because if I sit here and say that I feel like we need to score every time that means I think our defense isn’t going to do a good job because I think our defense is going to do a great job,” Roethlisberger said. “But I think if you look at just the numbers they put up a lot of points. Therefore we need to put up a lot of points because that’s what we want to do and need to do as an offense.”
Roethlisberger heaped praise on Brady, who owns the Steelers, and said the two-time NFL MVP is why the Patriots have played in four Super Bowls since 2001 and won three of them.
“I think Tom Brady’s the best and I think that correlates to them being one of the most consistent teams in the league consistently,” Roethlisberger said.
When asked, again, about the possibility of having to duel it out with Brady in a high-scoring game, Roethlisberger smiled.
“I hope not,” he said. “I hope we score a lot of points and they don’t.”
And if the Steelers need to score 40 to beat New England, Mike Wallace?
“Forties, fifties, whatever,” he said. “We can score enough points.”

— Scott Brown



  1. GC says:

    Its no suprise kemo gets fined. He always hits late and has cost the Steelers in the past. You would think the guy would learn.

  2. Broadway Franny Rose says:

    The Pats will spread us out and expose our LBs and CBs in coverage again. LeBeau won’t adjust, not that he has the personnel to do much about it. Expect to see the back of Farrior a lot while he chases a younger, more athletic RB downfield.

  3. Jay Walker says:

    Yeah, any time we want to beat a good team is fine with me. Can’t play the NFC West forever.

  4. Jopa-n says:

    I just want to see the offense play confident and loose (the way the Patriots play) every week. Go out and just let go. Your the underdog. You have nothing to lose. Be more concerned with attacking rather than being safe and careful.

    Nobody of note thinks your gonna win, so what the heck, go out and play like a team that has nothing to lose. Safe and close to the vest has gotten you down 23-3 a lot more often against these Patriots.

    Turn it up on high and fast and keep it there. Get the boulder rolling in your favor and then push it even harder. How can there be an argument against it when the only other options have been bad?

  5. Mac says:

    Have zero faith in Tomlin and LeBeau against Belichick and Brady in this game. Patriots 37, Steelers 24.

  6. Steelers7thHeaven says:

    This is our year, super bowl and everything!! Back to Back appearances and this is the year we put Tom Brady on his @ss, Im sick of them punks coming to OUR house and handing us, our you know what!! SICK OF IT, sick of Golden Boy Brady, & BelaCHEAT!! Its our year to put the smack down on these Ma’fa’s, and send them back to New England, or whatever you call that place, with their tails between their legs & BEAT DOWN from the physical pounding they will take while in Pittsburgh….lets beat these fools down like the beating that will be taken place in a few weeks when them BIRDS come to town!! Come on Steelers, lets play some Steeler ball, and show the NFL that you guys still got IT!! The run has started, lets keep the momentum rolling!! Don’t turn the ball over (Big BEN!!) hit Brady on D, and run the ball, we got this…….!! GO STEELERS

  7. dave crowley says:

    i agree with 7th heaven. enough of this patriot crap, let’s give them a beat down. put brady on his butt and he will run like a scared little boy! GO STEELRS!

  8. Mac says:

    Patriots will win easily. Steelers don’t have the coaches and defense to match up with them.

  9. Jay Walker says:

    We’re pretenders. We have yet to win a team with a winning record. We’re 0-2 versus playoff contenders (Ravens, Texans). Patriots 38, Stillers 28.

  10. Sammy says:

    If we hold Brady to less than 350 yards and three TDs, I’ll be shocked.

  11. Paul G. says:

    I am with you all the way on that one Crowley, It is time to finally give Brady one of those Halloween 2004 beat downs. And by that I mean Sacking Brady like 4 times, causing three plus turnovers, and having either Ike or Troy pick one of his passes off and take it to the house baby!.

  12. Scott P says:

    I disagree with the shootout mentality but it is really our only chance. If Whiz were still here and we had any semblance of a consistent running game, I would say pound the ball against the weak Pats D and wear them down. Unfortunately, since that idiot Arians took over, this team can no longer do that.

    So….I guess we will lose another shootout…41-30. I hope to heck I’m wrong but that is how I see it.

  13. Jopa-n says:

    I don’t believe there has ever been a shootout with the Pats. Playing safe and conservative to get down by two to three TD’s, THEN start to fire up the offensive engines is, and has been, too little- too late.

    I would rather see a true shootout than the norm.

  14. sjb says:

    The only way they win is if they can put up a lot of points and win the turnover battle. The last time the Steelers beat them the defense got to Brady early and often and forced turnovers, but this defense isn’t strong enough now to get it done by putting Brady on the ground or even pressure him enough, so they have to take the ball away and come up with a good enough defensive plan to keep them from getting too comfortable in one area of another. If the Patriots are allowed to utlilize all their weapons, then the Steelers lose, shootout or not.

    Offensively, the no-huddle that Ben has been crying for by not allowed to incorporate would be a nice change of pace and would sure open things up against a D that can be exploited. O-line issues or not, if they can’t score at least 30 points on this Patriots team then they lose and I’m fully in the fire Arians camp.

  15. David says:

    The Steelers need to play these next 3 weeks like they are playoff atmosphere games. It’s a tough stretch with Cincy playing well, we just need to stay close and have a chance late in the 4th to pull victory from defeat cause that’s how I think it will come down to, Steelers having the chance to take the lead with 40 seconds to play. Come on Pittsburgh, let’s go!

  16. Dallasdave says:

    Buffalo Beat New England….Enough Said..!!

  17. Rick says:

    Well, the season is far from over for any team right now at 6 games in. Any team can still rise from their ashes, so it isn’t just Balt, Cincy plus Pats, etc., to worry about, it is ANY team we play.
    I stated it in another blog post – come with all weapons and extra ammo, go all out from the start. For the “we have to run to win…” fans, not really. We have to play smart, no more Kemo jumps onto pile at end bone head plays, or anyone else doing that.
    O-line has been playing better, must stay up.
    We need to collapse onto Brady, freak him out. Has been done and it does affect him. Knock Welker down at line, and the “porn star lover” Gronkowski (or whatever) needs covered.
    Brown and Sanders need to read the blitzes and act properly, a few plays have been missed cause of that. I know they are still “young”, but they have been around enough now to respond.
    In other words, play Steeler football the way we are capable of playing it!

  18. Mr. Cynical says:

    WRob Ryan

  19. Mr. Cynical says:

    We need to copy Rob Ryan’s approach to stopping the Pats! Ryan’s scheme– as the Cowboys D-coordinator–slowed the Pats down (even though the Cowboys lost–it was because their offense couldn’t do anything with the ball). Also, Ryan was the D-coordinator for the Browns last year when Cleveland killed New England! I applaud Ron Ryan as a D-co! New England’s TE’s are going to present problems for Farrior and company. Maybe some crazy Steelers fan will go Tonya Harding on Tom Brady’s knee before the game–that’s our only shot at beating these guys!

  20. Jay Walker says:

    Horrible matchup as usual. We don’t have the pass rushers or cover people to contain a spread offense with this kind of quarterback. Brady, Welker, Branch, Hernandez and Pornkowski will smoke us like a bad cigar.

  21. […] Scott Brown (Pittsburgh Tribune-Review) Mike Wallace: ‘We can score enough points.‘ […]

  22. […] Scott Brown (Pittsburgh Tribune-Review) Mike Wallace: ‘We can score enough points.‘ […]

  23. Carl says:

    Easy there Chicken Little, the sky has not fallen yet. If you are saying they are gonna bomb us, well then fine it’ll be a shootout. Have you seen their Defense? It deserves the 32nd in the league ranking it has. If I had to choose just one of the Defense’s on the field Sunday at Heinz Field to make a least one stop in the game, it’s our’s easily. Will be a tough game, but let’s not just curl up in a ball and cry because the Patriots are coming to town…

  24. Dick says:

    Yes, the Steelers can outscore the Pats but they have to be willing to open up the offense. They don’t seem to be willing to do this though. They will probably emphasize the running game with the aim of keeping the Pats offense off the field. Steeler defense will have to play their best game for this to succeed and that includes taking Wes Welker out of the game, something they usually don’t do. If they do open up the offense it will be imperative they get a good game out of their offensive line; That can be iffy at best. So which way do they go? I for one would like to see the “no huddle” with some emphasis on short passes which should open up some bombs as the game progresses and just enough runs to keep their backers honest. Really looking forward to this game and hoping for the best result. GO STEELERS GO!

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