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3 questions with Dick LeBeau


Q: What makes Tom Brady so effective?
A: “He’s very accurate. He’s seen everything and does a great job of gathering pre-snap information. He holds the snap and gets you to show and with his accuracy he knows where to go and he’s very good at what he does. We respect everybody that we play but you go to the track record and guys like Peyton (Manning) and Brady they’ve got it, they’ve done it. Yeah, they’re going to get your attention. ”

Q: Is he most accurate throwing against zones and blitzes, therefore the zone-blitz?
A: “I don’t know that it matters to him that much. I’ve seen him make throws where you would tell your quarterback, ‘Don’t throw that ball’ and yet the ball goes zipping in there for 35 yards. I don’t see him having a problem with any throw versus any coverage that’s why his numbers are what they are.”

Q: If he is getting rid of the ball quickly how do you counter that as a defense?
A: “You have to have good vision to break on the ball that he’s getting rid of quickly and then you’ve got to tackle the catch. These guys lead the league in yards after the catch, and it’s mostly reflective of (Brady’s) accuracy. He hits them right in stride and they’ve got some tremendously quick and gifted athletes to take the ball and run with it. How do you defend that? You tackle them when they catch it and don’t let those yards after the catch to occur. If he’s getting rid of it quick your pressure’s not going to get there. But we should be able to see the ball and get to our areas of responsibility and then it’s going to be very important that we tackle the man with the football.”

— Scott Brown



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