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Arians expecting new wrinkle on Patriots ‘D’


The Patriots are coming off a bye.
To Steelers offensive coordinator Bruce Arians that means one thing: expect the unexpected.
Arians said in his history of coaching against Bill Belichick, the Patriots coach always unveils something major when he has had an extra week to prepare for a team.
“It’s very hard to prepare for things that aren’t on film but history says they are there,” Arians said. “You try to clue your guys in to what could possibly happen but don’t paralyze them with analysis.”
Arians said the Patriots play primarily zone in pass coverage, giving their defensive backs a chance to make big plays.
New England cornerback Kyle Arrington is tied for the AFC lead in interceptions with four. The Patriots returned an interception for a touchdown last year in a 39-26 win at Heinz Field.
“They’re a very opportunistic defense,” Arians said. “They don’t drop any interceptions, and you better not throw any or you are going to pay the price either with their return ability or their offense is going to score.”

— Scott Brown



  1. Doug Halfen says:

    I’m honestly NOT expecting a win — especially if Brady comes out like the pumped-up jerk he was last season (all for naught in the end, of course! ;^).

    We need to make this game about US, not about _them_. Let’s show the NFL what WE can do, and let’s do our best to make the Patsies a footnote…..

    Because as soon as we make this game about _them_, they’re going to stomp on us.

    (So let them stomp into a big ol’ cowpie of trouble, thigh-high!!! 8^)

  2. Bob Loblaw says:

    Win or lose, at least this year we didn’t have to listen to idiots mouthing off in the week leading up to the game.

  3. jimbo says:

    The Steelers need to come out ready to play and make plays. Tomlin needs to light the fire like Cowher used to do. These next two games are crucial. The Steelers have a chance to turn this season into a championship season and these next two games will determine what they have when it counts. Redman should start. He has the Bettis overdrive.
    7 will be heaven..

  4. stu says:

    it is simple put tom on his butt and u got a w!

  5. sjb says:

    There’s still time Bob…there’s still time.

  6. Dave says:

    Wouldn’t it be special if Arians planned to come out and do something entirely different from what he normally does. A whole new game plan, I mean, not just adding a couple stupid, slow-developing trick plays that will be immediately sniffed out by a smart defense and result in a loss of yards. Belichick is ALWAYS changing up his game plan. The biggest change I’ve seen in the past 3 years (or more) was the Steelers using misdirection on a first and goal earlier this year. If that’s the best Arians can do, then this will probably be another loss.

    I love Dick LeBeau, but I’m also calling him out a little, too, as it’s primarily been his defense that Tom Brady has had for dinner in 6 of the last 7 games between them. The defense is going to have to avoid relying on all the same old things, as the same old things don’t work nearly so well on Brady.

    I’m hopeful, as always, but not optimistic.0

  7. David says:

    I’m on the fence with this game a lot will determine how this game starts and ends, if we get the first punch then I feel we will win, but if we take the first punch then we will be in for a ling day and week. Patriots can be beat ….

  8. Mr. Cynical says:

    Really BA. . . really? Expect the unexpected every week not just this week! That’s what football is all about–keeping other teams off guard! BA will not be back in Pittsburgh next season. . .Furthermore, I am convinced that the Steelers would have drafted NT Phil Taylor–in the first round–instead of Heyward this year if the Cleveland Clowns wouldn’t have drafted him (not that Heyward is a bad player to have). Taylor could have replaced Hampton immediately. I am excited about the potential of Curtis Brown and Marcus Gilbert—certainly, both should be starting next year for the Steelers. Also, Stevenson Sylvester should be ready to replace James Farrior next season. With that being said, I think Ward, Hampton, Farrior, A. Smith, Kemoeatu, Worilds (bust), and McFadden will be cut next season, which would free up money for the Steelers to sign free agents in 2012. 2012 draft needs will include LG, LT, CB (can never have too many), & S. Also, BA will not be with the Steelers next season.

  9. mark says:

    Let me tell you this…..Hines Ward will NEVER be cut from this football team. He’s still a big part of the offense. Sure, he’s not as fast as he was but he’s still great. Great hands. He still gets open.

  10. David says:

    I’m totally into the 2011 season myself, we aren’t promissed tomorrow let alone next season. That being said, it doesn’t look like Ward will be participating in this weeks showdown with the Patriots, sanders and brown will get some quality playing time and I also think Miller will get 5 to 7 catches and a couple of tds the run game will yet falter again mendenhall will fumble 3 times with the bringing back memories of sb45…. This could be a long afternoon.

  11. David says:

    I totally am convinced that we will lose this game, but comeback with a vengence against Baltimore, that game counts the most to me, would love to put a couple of Ravens feathers in my cap

  12. K2 says:

    The next 2 games will tell us if the Steelers are for real this year…

  13. Turn overs! Turn overs! Turn overs! we need them badly. Also put Brady on his But frequently and often. It’s not gonna happen with Timmons so we need to Blitz straight up the middle and punch Brady in the mouth. If we do this he will waive the white flag but we have gotta jump out on them and not have a slow start. If we start slow it will be a long day. Also in the fourth quarter we have to limit their touches and please please whatever you do do not give the ball back to them in the last two minutes of the game. I hope Lebeau does not have the same game plan as games in the past in that we hope to sack Brady before he gets the ball off because Brady will spread us out and kills us. We have gotta Jam Welker and Bronkdumski off the line . Come on Lebeau lets get this one!!! we owe them a big L STEELERS ALL THE WAY!!!!

  14. Rick says:

    One game at a time, and for me, every game is important. Even in a loss.
    That said – I do want us to win – big, wonderfully, close, ugly, who cares. A win is a win..
    Ward may play, I have not seen him ruled out as yet.
    Does it matter, not if Sanders plays the way he can, in addition to Brown and Wallace.
    Crochery could be in the game then, and he should know the Pats better cause he played against them twice a year as a Jet.
    We just have to play hard and smart, no stupid things.
    And Belichik does scheme a special for every team he plays – always tried something new (old, not used in a while). That isn’t a new statement, BA was just saying that don’t expect they will show what they have typically shown the last 2-4 games this season.

  15. Petey says:

    This is a huge mismatch from head coach on down. Patriots 42, Stillers 27.

  16. EddieDean says:

    On Any Sunday!!
    The Steelers will win! Here is why!
    The D will stop the run., the LBs will contain the TEs., and, put TB on the ground., the CBs will cover the WRs., AB will provide field position, the WOs will beat the DBs long., and most of all because., Big Ben will be Shuk’n & Chuk’n !!
    The Steelers will win, and That is Why !!

  17. Steelers7thHeaven says:

    Does everyone forget who we are playing, beliCHEAT, that dude dont deserve his real name be used on this site!! How many times did we lose to this cheater, in AFC games, we aint losing this week to him again!!! Mr. Cynical, sorry, your assessment is totally off, I agree with MARK, Hines will never be cut, we do NOT do those things to special players in Pittsburgh, the other players BIG Casey, should ride off into the TEXAS sunset..he will not need to feel he needs to play after this year if he dont want too, he has 2 RINGS, same with Farrior, Smith. You need to have more respect for what these guys have done for us, and avoid the word CUT. They deserve more respect from us then that!!
    I honestly believe the Defense will come up big against the Pats, they are not as good as people think, and we are better then we are given credit for. Steelers 27, Pats 21, bring on dem’ BIRDS…its almost thanksgiving!!

  18. Dick says:

    The law of averages is on our side. We are definitely due. The coaches will fire this team up and Brady will feel the pressure. The Pats DB’s will pay so much attention to Wallace they will forget about the rest and A. Brown will have a banner day. We can and will bring it to them this time.

  19. Mike says:

    It’s true that in the past that Brandy and the Pats have beat us in fine fashion.However this is another season and our offense is better now with being able to strech the field and put up some points against them.Our defence is ready for a break out game.Heavy pressure on Brady on the pass rush and containing Wes from getting big yardage after catching the short pass will keep their offence stagnant.We will win this game big’

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