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3 questions with Terrell Suggs


Terrell Suggs lived up to his “T Sizzle” nickname during his conference call with the Pittsburgh media. What did the Ravens outside linebacker say? What didn’t he say was more like it after Suggs’ 10-minute call. Here are three questions that produced some of Suggs’ better sound bites:

Q: Why do you play some of your best football against the Steelers?
“I consider Heinz Field my Madison Square Garden. In my eyes, if you’re an opponent you want to go into a hostile environment and what better than Heinz Field. I’m definitely the bad guy. I don’t think there’s a player they hate more than me but I love that. I love playing in Heinz Field even though the fans hate me. Everything about this game they bring it. They’re a big part of the game. We’re even looking forward to hearing that song in the fourth quarter. It’s going to be fun.”

Q: Do you still own Ben Roethlisberger?
“No man owns anybody but you know if there’s anybody who can bring him down by themselves it’s definitely me. I’m pretty sure he’s going something in store to make sure I don’t have a good day but so does everybody in the NFL so I’m just going to show up to play. I know he’s going to show up to play. I know Tomlin’s going to have his whole team ready to play and this is football. There’s the Super Bowl and then there’s Ravens-Steelers. Everything you want to see in this game is going to be in this game. And if a ref throws a flag for personal foul or illegal hitting I think he’s robbing the fans and he’s robbing both teams. Let us play football.”

Q: Who will win Sunday
“I expect to. Who plans to lose? I’m expecting a straight-up night brawl. I think their coach declared war on us (two seasons ago). We’re not going to be surprised if we cone out there and get into a scuffle or a brawl. This is football at its finest. This is definitely the most physical game of the year out of all 32 teams. Tell (No.) 86 I hope he plays because it wouldn’t be Baltimore-Pittsburgh without him. I’d be really disappointed if he doesn’t play.”



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