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Game-time decision? Not likely


LaMarr Woodley’s performance was a little too over the top today as the Steelers outside linebacker tried to convince reporters that there is a chance he will play Sunday night.
He pointed to a half-full duffel bag in front of his locker as proof that he will be a “game-time decision.”
Yeah, right.
And here is what Woodley said when asked what input doctors will have on whether he suits up against the Ravens.
“Doctors don’t know nothing,” Woodley said with a grin. “I know more than the doctors about my body. They just went to school for it.”
As for Mike Tomlin’s role in deciding whether or not Woodley plays, the fifth-year veteran said, “Not coach Tomlin’s decision, my decision. He’s just coaching.”
Woodley did say -– with a semi-straight face –- that his hamstring is much better than it was last Sunday night.
“Sunday it was hurting to go up the stairs,” Woodley said. “Now I move good going up the stairs, jogging and everything.”
Bring on the Ravens.

— Scott Brown



  1. Scott P says:

    Let’s hope Jason Worilds has a breakout performance. The Steelers need him to step up.

  2. Jeff C says:

    A breakout performance? LOL, how about just a performance. Of everything to be happy about with the four game winning streak since James went out, the one thing to be very unhappy about is that Worilds hasn’t been able to get on the field. I do hope he’s able to go Sunday night, but I also know he would be better Sunday night, if he had gotten four games of real playing time under his belt.

  3. David says:

    i think man coverage is the way to go, it takes the guess work out of assignments and where a player is supposed to be as it is in a zone coverage. man coverage is simple you cover the guy in front of u as oppose which 3 or 4 will run a cross patter or a post…. the defense was stupendent last week….

  4. David says:

    Suggs is telling everyone he ” ownes ” Roethlisbergers asz…. well if thats the case then Roethlisberger ” ownes ” the Ravens…..

  5. Doug Halfen says:

    T-Fizzle seems to forget that Ben seems to play better the more he’s “beat up” (broken nose, broken foot/feet, banged-up hand) — kinda like Brett Favre, but with more Super-Bowl appearances!!! ;^>

    Seriously, whoever takes the field Sunday night just needs to represent Steeler Nation well and AVENGE the Opening-Day Massacre of 9/11 by _winning_ — big or little, pretty or ugly, we don’t care — just win!

    Put Rice in a bottle, smacko the Flacco, and frustrate the bejeebus out of the Boldin Beast (whose “interference performance” and “hot hands” proved to be _colossal_ problems for the Cardinals).

    And our defense always benefits from getting takeaways on these guys, so let’s hope they can start raining some turnovers now! ;^)

  6. Leefoo says:

    The key to this game will be to score more than the Ravens.



  7. Jopa-n says:

    With Harrison coming back into the fold minus now Woodley, I’d like to see Harrison, Timmons, and obviously Polamalu used in the ‘Joker’ mode throughout the game. That being like Troy, James and LT would float anywhere and everywhere to rush or be in coverage (atleast as much as possible).

    Corner blitz, Fire up the gut, delayed blitz (from every spot possible), cover in zone, man, high and low. Joker, joker, joker!

  8. Rick says:

    Hmm, Harrison still has to have final clearance, I haven’t seen that as yet. Worilds needs to show why he was so highly thought of when he was drafted. But the rest all need to play top of their games.
    If so, we win. If not it becomes shaky.
    And if they use cut back blocks on us, use it back on them. May work especially if they aren’t looking of it.

  9. David says:

    Clark, being the union rep, should let his displeasure of cut blocks known to Mr Goodell since player safety is paramount to him. its a block at the knees for crying out loud from behind while another player engages youfrom the top….. but I hope Hampton knocks a guys head off just to let john harbaugh know its not something that is liked by any nfl player, anyway,we haven’t forgotten the two point conversion either, karma is coming back to you, can the Ravens afford to fall 2 games back? this game is more important to them ……. looking at the remainder schedule of all playoff teams to this point, we have the 2nd hardest schedule the Packers have the toughest of all playoff teams at this point….. GO STEELERS!… Ravens will have 1 less feather and I will wear in my Steelers cap!

  10. Dick says:

    We’re gonna miss Woodley tomorrow night. Imagine the Ravens without Suggs. It would make a big difference. Jason Worilds, here’s your big chance to stand out. Both Woodley and Suggs are game changing players. If we can take down the Ravens without Woodley in the defense it would say a lot. If the league is truly concerned with player safety, why are cut blocks legal and chop blocks illegal? Is there really no safety factor involved in cut blocks? I guess it all depends on what the meaning of is, is. Also, why are horse collar tackles illegal and subject to fine while face mask tackles are not subject to fine. Something is wrong here. Tackling by face mask and twisting a man’s head around could ostensibly break his neck let alone tear an ACL. I wish someone would explain this. I can only guess this NFL fining system is a work in progress. Sure hope we don’t play too conservative in this game. Open it up and challenge the Ravens to stop our weapons. Mix it up and keep them guessing. Throw in some “no huddle’ and give Ben lots of leeway to run the offense.

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