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Clark: Defense vs. defense


The Steelers’ defensive players won’t be playing against their counterparts from Baltimore Sunday night.
Just don’t tell that to Ryan Clark.
“We don’t have to beat Joe Flacco, Anquan Boldin, Ray Rice. We’ve got to beat Ed Reed, Ray Lewis, T(errell) Suggs, Haloti Ngata,” the Steelers free safety said earlier this week. “We have to outplay them. If you look at the way our games play out, the team that creates the most turnovers, the team that creates the most havoc on the opposing offense is winning the game. That’s what it’s about.”
That is what happened on Sept. 11 with Ben Roethlisberger, not Joe Flacco, committing the kind of killer turnovers on which outcomes of Steelers-Ravens games hinge.
Roethlisberger and the offense have to take better care of the football for the Steelers to avenge an earlier 35-7 loss to Baltimore.
The Steelers also need to create some turnovers, and they are due.
It is astounding that the Steelers have played this well on defense –- they are No. 2 overall, behind the Ravens, and No. 1 in pass defense -– and only forced three takeaways.
That probably has to change for the Steelers to avoid a season sweep by Baltimore for only the second time in the NFL’s hardest-hitting rivalry.
And they’ll have to do it without LaMarr Woodley, who is first in the NFL with nine sacks.
Despite the absence of Woodley and questions about whether James Farrior will suit up and how much the 15th-year veteran will play if he is on the 46-man active roster, don’t expect the Steelers to replicate what they did last week against the Patriots.
“We could get away with doing some of that stuff last week, but also they didn’t expect it,” strong safety Troy Polamalu said of the defensive game plan against New England. “This week is a completely different animal. (The Ravens) are definitely more committed to running the ball so we’ve definitely got to keep our big guys out there for this run defense.”

— Scott Brown



  1. Dave crowley says:

    Call me cray but I think big ben’s play is the most important factor. I will take him over flacco any day. Steelers d is important but big Ben stirs the drink. Lead the way 7 Go Steelers!

  2. Doug Halfen says:

    Amen to Brother Clark!!! ;^>

    I’m _counting_ on them to wreak serious havoc on Flubbo, Needs-More-Soy-Sauce, and Boulder-Head!

  3. Dick says:

    This should be a great game. Ryan Clark is right. (Still can’t understand how the Redskins let this guy get away. He’s better than anyone they have.) Yes, we need
    to stop the run and I beieve we will. One of the reasons I say this is because Flacco will be busy passing trying to catch up. I see a new dawning for a Steeler offense that will only get better. Let’s not waste this talent. Now if we can only develop the killer instinct this team will be better than good, they will be great.

  4. Paulie Raspa says:

    The BIG BAD RAVENS are talking as if they already have locked up a playoff spot and that they are “FAR BETTER” than the Steelers!! Well here is what we need to do to WIN:
    A) Control Suggs — Chip Him — Cut him –Chip Him –Cut Him — RUN AT HIM WITH POWER SET FORMATION!!
    B) Take what is given — They may take away passing lanes but if they are giving 5-7 yds to our receivers — Take it and control the clock!!
    c) Run the Ball — Rashard needs to hit the hole with AUTHORITY!! When he stutter-steps he becomes weak– Mix Redman and co. WITH TOUCHES!!

    A)With the injury to Smith it may have actually helped their d-line become quicker!! Aaron is awesome but in this game Hood should be able to put some pressure on FLACCO!!
    B) LET TROY BE TROY — Steelers have great success when he is flying around the field…
    C) Keep the D playing MAN—- Last week the confidence the 2ndary instilled in Tomlin & coach LeBeau was incredible. Dare Flacco to beat us — Pressure him & He will lose…. and Take his T/END out of the game…


  5. Dick says:

    Ed Reed is arguably one of the best safeties in the game. However, he, just maybe, will eat his words if he gets into a foot race with Mike W. Line up tight Ed and see what happens. For that matter A. Brown is no slowpoke either. Antonio has been inches away from a big return several times. Law of averages says he’s due. That said, we will surely miss Woodley. I sure hope Worilds surprises all with a great performance. Expect game to be close……………Steelers 24 Ravens 17

  6. David says:

    the ravens are talking like the patriots we confused cause of all the passes from the offense, when in fact it was the Steelers D that surprised them and caught Brady off guard with the man to man coverage,,, good grief ed and ray-ray, even i can see that and i don’t even play in the nfl…. you guys are in for some awe n shock if you feel u have this team figured out, this isn’t week 1 fellas we are much better and for ray to say they are better from week 1, better look at your record ray and especially the EGG you guys dropped the week after your superbowl in dropping to the titans,,,, a tesam we beat the week b4…… Steelers 41 – Ravens rat birds – 13…. we haven’t forgotten the two point concersion after the touch down, u will pay….. ratbirds…..

  7. EddieDean says:

    Yes, Yes, NO! & YES!
    Yes, the Ravens have a Great Defense!
    Yes, the Ravens have Great, Game Changing Players!
    NO ! The Ravens can Not match the Talent of Big Ben Shuk’n and Chuk’n to the Steelers Game Changing Talented Wide Receivers!
    YES !The Steelers Win going away! Yea !

  8. David says:

    Ed Reed is like Ray, old n slow, cept Ray still has a liitle turbo left in the tank, Ed has gotten knocked down and injured quite abit lately and i feel this will be his last year in purple before he hangs the cleats up….. Steelers in a Romp….

  9. Rick says:

    I have a serious question.
    How did the first Ravens drive make a first 1st down?
    How did a first and 20 become a second and 7 off a 3 yard gain?

  10. Rick says:

    I hate the refs already.
    How the hell was there no penalty on the last two plays?
    Interference on Brown, then a head shot, helmet to helmet, by Lewis on Ward!!!!

  11. Bsteel says:

    Good call, Rick. We have to watch the replay, later.
    However, Ray Ray has got to be taken out for that helmet to helmet hit on Hines.

    I mean, “taken out.”

  12. Bsteel says:


    Massive hit on Rice by R. Clark.

    The tide is about to turn.

    Prediction: Flucco will not finish this game.

  13. Rick says:

    Well, not completely liking what I see from our offense, but no turnovers so far.
    That is a plus.
    Harrison is getting back into his monster mode, I love it.
    Need a turnover, need a cut block on any Raven d lineman!
    Need to step on a couple refs, they are inconsistent idiots once again.

  14. Florida says:

    Time for Tomlin to open his mouth,and go after the refs. I have never seen a quiet Coach till Tomlin came here.Me time for Tomlin to go with BA.

  15. Tammi says:

    Any time we want to force a turnover is OK with me.

  16. Jay Walker says:

    Mike Wallace must be at Andy Rooney’s wake.

  17. Carol says:

    LOL. That’s the best line I’ve read in the Trib-Review in years.

  18. Bsteel says:

    release the Kraken!

  19. Carol says:

    Season over.

  20. Carl says:

    Guess the bookies no what they are talking about. I am a optimist, the 3rd game in the playoffs will be payback time…..

  21. David says:

    Don’t know know why we were sending in 8 fishers when we knew they were having to throw the defense couldn’t hold on for the win gotta huge no call on the last touchdown. The refs were horrible

  22. Carl says:

    Oh, and the refs deserve an F for their onesided calling of the game. The Hines Ward play, I’m looking at you. Lewis will get fined, but what differance will it make? No call….

  23. GC says:

    The Steelers couldn’t stop the Ravens all night, 92 yard drive on home field to win the game. 14 of 21 first downs. Need I say anymore. The refs were bad, but you don’t give up a 92 yard drive. Was that Joe Flacco or Joe WILLY.

  24. David says:

    The Ravens were head hunters out there. Suggs putting his ugly mug on the camera like that should be considered taunting, hey I also thought Halloween was over. Missed 15 yard penalty on the Ward hit is an injustice refs crew should be fined also that was so clear to see. If refs were fined to the game might be called down the line. Clearly the refs wanted the Steelers to lose.

  25. DK says:

    Don’t blame the refs…blame the offense for not being able to get a first down and/or fieldgoal to close out the game…blame Ben for the lame interception in the redzone earlier in the game…blame Lebeau for going prevent with 2:30 left…blame Gay and whoever else that was back there guarding the 2 yard line instead of the endzone on that touchdown play…blame the defensive line for not putting any pressure on Fluko the final drive…blame Arians for once again proving he’s not capable of putting a complete game plan together…etc…

    Just when I thought Gay was getting a little better, he gets chewed up again.

    If you need a valid excuse…Farrior and Woodley on the bench was bad timing.

    Do you think either one of those teams is capable of beating Green Bay without knocking Aaron Rodgers out of the game first?

    PS: The first 3 quarters of that game were BORING!

  26. Scott P says:

    The defense gave up a 92 yard game losing drive. They must take 70% of the blame for this one. The other 30% falls on Bruce Arians. Since he has been the O.C. the Steelers can not run the ball when they have to. Prior to Arians if the steelers had the ball, a 4 point lead, and 4 minutes on the clock, the game was over. They would simply run for first downs and kill the clock.

    Over the years several Steelers players have come out and said that they don’t even practice running plays during the week. Arians should be coaching in the Arena League.

  27. David says:

    Must admit with a little over three minutes and with a 4 point lead, I can’t for the life if me figure out why we were sending 8 in to rush the qb, we know they have to throw, did not see any man coverage either, but on the flip side, the no call on the Ward hut was also a turning point, you get that call its 15 yards and another set of downs. If that wad Harrison on flacco u know it gets called or Harrison on anyone not wearing black and gold. The season isn’t over, I have a feeling the Ravens will lose to Swarmed next week and we will definitly take the Bengals and the North will be back in order, can’t wait for next week and then the bye….

  28. Scott F. says:

    Regarding posting #17 from Rick – see above. I noticed that something weird happened too… I just looked at the DVR to confirm and the refs definitely messed up.

    The Ravens started on their 24 yard line and Rice ran for the TD that was called back for holding. They should have been pushed back 10 yards with the situation being 1st and 20 from the 14. However, the ball was placed back on the 24 and the situation was first and ten. Steeler coaches, players and fans were so relieved that the TD was called back that they didn’t even notice this error.

    Unless I missed something on the recording of the game (and I have watched that part three times now), the refs completely fouled up the enforcement of that penalty. Did anyone other than Rick (who wrote about it in posting number 17) catch this?

    Please chime in, I would love to know if there is some obscure rule of which I am unaware that would have caused this to happen….

  29. Carol says:

    Our defense lacks athleticism. We have one cover guy we can depend on — period. That’s why we don’t force turnovers and can’t get off the field on third down. The D was gased at the finish. Should have rushed three, dropped eight.

  30. Scott P says:

    Football is the ultimate team game. The offense is responsible for holding late leads as well. Why do you think Buddy Ryan punched Kevin Gilbride in the jaw? It was because he refused to run the ball while leading in the last few minutes of games. Arians flirted with disaster last week in the last two minutes against N.E. and got away with it.

  31. Steelers7thHeaven says:

    I wrote something earlier, and it was not posted!!! Cause im pissed……we should have won that game…..the blame goes to Tomlin…..delay of game on the attempted field goal, that made us punt that ball (who’s watching the damn clock!!!)…….but even before that we were at two minutes, and we couldn’t get a first down!!! Goes back to Tomlin and Bruce Arians and there no GUT calling game……take the game, you have it….take it!!!! Have Ben throw the BALL!!! He threw it close to 50 times against them Pats, throw it, get the 1st down, go home…..!!!!!!!!!! Stop overthinking everything and take the game from them!! Then we let Flaco…..of all stupid and wet behind the ear, QB take the ball down field, and score!!! DISGUSTING….that game we ended it in a DISGUSTING manner, and we better not F up again at the end of game like that (coaches, u better take responsibility for that collapse, it was all yours!!!)

  32. Joe says:

    How about some cheese to go with all the whine I’m seeing on this site? Whooped is whooped, and twice in the same year. Live with it. Good luck against the Bengals next week.

  33. Tony says:

    Care to reword your post David ?
    November 6th, 2011 – 7:24 pm

    “ed reed is talking some trash, i always took him for a player who let his actions on the field do the talking, now he is trash talking which makes him untouchable to my wrath,,, Reed don’t get knocked out again by an offensive player named Hines Ward…..”

    Ah man does this crack me up and let’s not forget what Jarred Johnson did to Ward the first game.


  34. Tony says:

    Did you forget the bogus holding call the first play of the game? David
    Did you not see when Harrison almost gave Rice a face full of foot? David
    Comon man, that was another hell of a good game. And you guys lost! Even better!

    “The Ravens were head hunters out there. Suggs putting his ugly mug on the camera like that should be considered taunting, hey I also thought Halloween was over. Missed 15 yard penalty on the Ward hit is an injustice refs crew should be fined also that was so clear to see. If refs were fined to the game might be called down the line. Clearly the refs wanted the Steelers to lose.”

    I am loving reading all your post, just loving it.

  35. Tony says:

    Talk about no calls, how bout the way Ike needed to hold on to Boldin every play just to keep up and yet Boldin still made big plays. That entire secondary of yours was groping receivers, are they really that bad?

    November 7th, 2011 – 1:36 am”

    “Don’t know know why we were sending in 8 fishers when we knew they were having to throw the defense couldn’t hold on for the win gotta huge no call on the last touchdown. The refs were horrible”

  36. Chuck H. says:

    I quit writing comments because they stopped publishing them, but I just have to say something here. We lost the game because we stopped putting pressure on Flacco. We knew he had to pass, pass, and pass in that last drive, but for some reason, no one, not even Polamalu got close to hurrying Flacco. He had all day back there, and there was no blitz. That was a game we should definitely won. And finally, that scoring play should have been a pushing off penalty on the Ravens, not a TD.

  37. Carol says:

    Biggest drive of the game, and we throw to David Johnson (drop) and Mewelde Moore (bad route). Idiots!

  38. Jay Walker says:

    Hey, at least we won’t have to read another one of those Dejan masterpieces about how we own Joe Flacco. Does he get paid to write that gibberish?

  39. Jay Walker says:

    Wouldn’t Mike McCarthy look good on the Steelers sidelines right now?

  40. K2 says:

    The Steelers need to close out games. In last weeks Pats game we totally dominated, but did not put them away…Brady had a chance to come back and possibly win that game.

    I’m not sure who is to blame BB or BA, but the offense needs to close out games too. They get the third down the game is over for the Ravens…. We cant always ask the D to close out games …. Although the Steelers weakness was exposed again… They cant cover when it counts(how many third down conversons did the Ravens get???).

    The Steelers do seem to be improving, but man it would be nice to be able to run the ball when it counts…. If they get heathly and continue to improve, we have a chance to do some damage in the playoffs!

    I like their chances…..

  41. David says:

    That’s if we get un the playoffs, yeah we are in if the season ended already but thirst is still a sixteen game league. Playoffs! Did you say, Playoffs!! We need to learn how to win the games first and that starts with running the ball late in the 4th, a Cowher team would know how to end the 4th quarter with a 4 point lead, someone mentioned McaCarthy, would rather have a Bill Cowher….

  42. David says:

    as i look at the plays we ran, the other night, i am miffed that the run has taken a back seat to the pass, and as i look around the league it seems this is the era of the pass happy offenses, even baltimore is more pass happy then run. can’t figure that out, we have a great defense but the offense needs to srtep up and protect leads and stop putting it all on the defense shoulders, the ravens controled the clock which means our defense was out there an aweful lot, and yes some of it has to do with not doing enough on 3rd downs, i am sure by the 4th quarter they were pretty gassed…… i am just putting my 2cents in if anyhting, and this comes back to coaching, arieans/tomlin need to fix this while they can or we will be home for the holidays……. that delay of game was all tomlin who didn’t know what he wanted to do on 4th and 1 with a chance to kick a field goal to tie the game, anyway there is no wiggle room in this division this year so we need to start controlling what we can , while we can…. its still there for the taken, we just gotta want it more then them… Cincy/Balti*

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