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Dalton, Green no ordinary rookies


It sounds like a couple of rookies are making Dick LeBeau work overtime.
Consider that the Steelers defensive coordinator made a comparison today between Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton and Ben Roethlisberger. He also said the Bengals wide receiver A.J. Green is “one of the better first-year receivers I’ve ever seen.”
At first blush this looks like the time-honored tradition of a coach laying it on thicker than Brett Keisel’s beard when it comes to the opposing team.
But the Bengals are 6-2, and not in spite of their first two picks of the 2011 draft.
Sure their defense has been one of the top ones in the league — Cincinnati has forced nine lost fumbles — and they added when they subtracted me-first wide receivers Terrell Owens and Chad Ochocinco.
But make no mistake that Dalton and Green are also big reasons why the Bengals will take a five-game winning streak into a 1 p.m. game Sunday against the visiting Steelers.
Dalton, the 35th overall pick last April, has been anything but overwhelmed since stepping in for the departed Carson Palmer.
He has 12 touchdown passes, with three coming last week when he rallied the Bengals from a 10-point deficit to a 24-17 win over the Titans.
“Quick with the ball, athletic, getting better every week,” LeBeau said. “He’s very, very good out of the pocket, particularly going to his right. He’s a little like Ben. Something good usually happens for his team when he leaves the pocket.”
LeBeau had just as much praise for Green, who leads all rookie wide receivers in catches (40), receiving yards (599) and touchdown catches.
So did Ike Taylor, who could match up exclusively with Green at Paul Brown Stadium.
“Freak of nature, great ball skills,” Taylor said. “He’s their go-to guy.”

— Scott Brown



  1. Steelers7thHeaven says:

    Naw, these little pussy cats arent read for the big leagues, how can a team named the “bunguls” do any damage in the AFC North, big bro is coming to town, u better paten down the hatches, cause its going be a along day for the bunguls and little Red Reddin’ Hood!!!…….Steelers 37, kitties 14.

  2. David says:

    This team has 6 more wins then I thought theyd have at this point so I must give the Bengals credit. Winning is the bottom line at this level and they are doing it. I don’t care what people say about thier schedule and not playing anybody yet, heck you had to have played someone to get to 6-2, so this is a good match up, is it to see if the Bengals are for real, or is it to see if the Steelers are better….. We will see. Go Steelers

  3. David says:

    We all should flood the ravens front office with calls to see how they feel about Ray Lewis getting off light on another killer hit…. Clark led with his shoulder , Day the hitman Lewis led with his helmet.

  4. Doug Halfen says:

    The Bungles will find a way to blow their division lead, and the Steelers are just the team to help them in that quest! ;^>

    Seriously, we need to put together a workmanlike win against them. We’re at 6-3, just like 2 years ago at the start of our disgusting 5-game slide. The Bungles paid Heinz Field a visit then and dealt us that 3rd loss (on a day when Ben said things just felt weird). Weird or no, we really need to notch that 7th win ASAP and prevent history from repeating itself.

    We were defeated by a superb play on the part of the Poiple Boids — now we know that we simply _cannot_ afford to let the “other team” of the week be in such a position. We have to put them down and KEEP them down.

    (And if William Gay can’t look back at what happened to him, reach down deep, and become the best darned defensive back in the league — well, this is his best opportunity to do exactly that. The answer lies in “solving” that play: if he can find a way to defend it, then he could defend ANY play. One simple adjustment, and that TD would never have happened.)

  5. the old coach says:

    I called it right on last week and will be on this week as well. The Bengals D is the best in football and will stymie the steelers with multiple fronts and blitzes and keep the Steelers off balance. Bengals 24 Steelers 14

  6. jason says:

    hey old coach. we got an old coach on D. His name is Dick Lebeau. He’s a HOFer with a nice win percentage against rookie QBs. Steelers 31 Bungholes 10.

  7. Carl says:

    Hey Old Coach, yeah you totally called it last week. Ravens will beat us on a miracle catch with :08 left on the clock. Yeah, thats what you said. I believe it was more like Birds 24-10. Sounds familiar to the score you list above….. you are a DEFEATIST.
    I think the Steelers bounce back nicely and get their first of 4 divisional wins. Steelers 24- Bengals 14. Hey old coach, if we beat them 41-3, can I say that I called it right still?

  8. Scott P says:

    Hey Bruce,
    Run the damn ball, win the damn game. It is that simple.

  9. Dick says:

    Old coach might have called it right last week but he was lucky, just like the Ravens. The Ravens won on that last gasp TD but they did not outplay the Steelers. I hope the coaches learned something from this loss which is totally on them. Their pass defense is situational in my opinion. They should stay with the man to man defense but be flexible enough to go zone when required. They should have been in zone for that last 8 seconds and the end result would have been different. However, you have to hand it to the Ravens. They saw our mistake and took avantage of it. As for the Bengals, I am surprised at their turn around but I believe they will turn around again this week……….Steelers 24, Bengals 14.

  10. Dick says:

    This safety issue and fines levied by the league are getting out of hand but nobody seems to recognize this but the fans and players. Why are appeals reviewed by the people who levy the fines? There should be a qualified outside independent arbiter to review the fines. Maybe Ray Andersen and Maurice de Smith should be refereeing games because obviously they know more than the present game officials. I’d like to see these league guys reigned in. As for Goodell, he obviously can’t see the problem here. That being said, he should be dismissed and replaced with someone who is more knowledgeable about the game. The owners better wake up. Somehow, it seems, when you are rich and in a position of power, you can’t see your own faults. I think that is the case here. Time will tell.

  11. K2 says:

    If they get up on Bengals they better close them out with a workman like attitude…I remember us being up against these guys and past games and the next thing you know game over Bengals win…. The Steelers need to close teams out down the stretch… It might be the differnece in making a playoff run!

    I hope they beat’em like rented mules… so I can rest easy with a cold one in my hand.

  12. Rick says:

    No one called the refs role in us losing, changing the face of the game. So OldCoach, relax in your negativity.
    I think the score is reversed, ha ha.
    It wasn’t even the last grasp TD catch, it was well before that, as I stated earlier this week.
    So, since we know we’ll have to play the refs as well as the Bungles, go out with a solid game plan to defeat both!!!!
    We did it a few years ago when we were being singled out under Cowher.
    The league front office is manned by stand-ins that appear to be human. Their programming is flawed, worm eaten by a virus.

  13. K2 says:

    I’m not sure the refs lost the Ravens game…We had a chance to close them out on 3 and what 4 with a one play optioned that was hurried and failed. Steelers make that play and the game is over, not to mentioned the long drive the Ravens had to close out the game…. The Steelers weakness was exposed. They have one true cover guy that can get it done consistently.

    Good teams put teams away and the Steeler are not doing that… If they do we will go deep into the playoffs.

  14. David says:

    i predict we run the table in the regular season after the bye next week…………….. we will be 7-3 which is what i predicted to myself at the start of the season…… Go Steelers.

  15. Chuck H. says:

    If ever a game was decided by an official, it was last week against the Ravens. I remember a game a couple of years ago, when it actually helped the Steelers. A receiver pushed off on a Steelers defender and made the catch, which was nullified by the push-off penalty. Has that rule been changed? That last TD should have been nullified by the illegal push-off. STEELERS 20 Ravens 16. Go get them Bungles.

  16. Carl says:

    GOOD GUYS WIN! 24-17. I called it Old Coach….

  17. Dick says:

    Old coach got it .wrong this week so it’s back to the drawing board for him. His Bengals best D in football just gave up 24 big ones on a day when Big Ben did not have his best game. So old coach, don’t write off the Steelers yet. Seriously though, I saw a much different Bengals team that is coming on strong. Dalton is one of the best young QB;s to come along recently. That said, the winner of this division will come down to either the Ravens or Steelers. For a guy who has taken a lot of heat recently I would give a game ball to Gay. He earned it today. I wonder if there will be a fine levied on that helmet to helmet hit on Miller. Somehow I doubt it.

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