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Joe Reedy, who covers the Bengals for the Cincinnati Enquirer, answers three questions about today’s AFC North game at Paul Brown Stadium.

Q: How good is this Bengals team?
A: I think we start to find out how good this team is beginning today. The biggest thing they have done compared to past years is they have won the games they were supposed to win.
Another big reason is nothing fazes this group. Last year there would be a bad play or two and the avalanche would start. This year’s team has a lapse or plays a bad half and they quickly erase it from memory.
Last week they fell behind by 10 at Tennessee, made their adjustments at halftime and then scored 17 unanswered points in the second half. Another big reason is they aren’t turning the ball over. They have only one lost fumble but it came on the last play of the game against the Niners on a free kick.

Q: What was the most significant acquisition Cincinnati made during the offseason?
A: You would have to say right now it is the selection of Andy Dalton in the second round. Many in the locker room remark about how he has the poise of a three-year veteran and how he is not an ordinary rookie.
He’s already led the Bengals to two fourth-quarter comebacks and has only two interceptions in the past three games. The stats at times might not have that wow factor but he does a great job of managing the game and has done really well over the past couple games of getting all of his receivers involved.

Q: Who wins this game and by what score?
A: Considering the injuries on the Steelers defense and the fact they haven’t had their bye week yet, if ever there was a good time for the Bengals to play Pittsburgh, it is now. Bengals 20-17.



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