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Joe Reedy, who covers the Bengals for the Cincinnati Enquirer, answers three questions about today’s AFC North game at Paul Brown Stadium.

Q: How good is this Bengals team?
A: I think we start to find out how good this team is beginning today. The biggest thing they have done compared to past years is they have won the games they were supposed to win.
Another big reason is nothing fazes this group. Last year there would be a bad play or two and the avalanche would start. This year’s team has a lapse or plays a bad half and they quickly erase it from memory.
Last week they fell behind by 10 at Tennessee, made their adjustments at halftime and then scored 17 unanswered points in the second half. Another big reason is they aren’t turning the ball over. They have only one lost fumble but it came on the last play of the game against the Niners on a free kick.

Q: What was the most significant acquisition Cincinnati made during the offseason?
A: You would have to say right now it is the selection of Andy Dalton in the second round. Many in the locker room remark about how he has the poise of a three-year veteran and how he is not an ordinary rookie.
He’s already led the Bengals to two fourth-quarter comebacks and has only two interceptions in the past three games. The stats at times might not have that wow factor but he does a great job of managing the game and has done really well over the past couple games of getting all of his receivers involved.

Q: Who wins this game and by what score?
A: Considering the injuries on the Steelers defense and the fact they haven’t had their bye week yet, if ever there was a good time for the Bengals to play Pittsburgh, it is now. Bengals 20-17.



  1. David says:

    The Steelers will win 38 – 10

  2. Leefoo says:

    before you dismiss a rookie QB, remember when Ben was a rookie.

    nuff said.

  3. K2 says:

    Still early, but did I mention closing out teams….? BB better keep his head in this one!

  4. Rick says:

    Refs finally calling penalties against Bungles! Offside was unavoidable – ha ha.

  5. K2 says:

    The Steelers better figure out how to close teams out! A lot of mistakes, drop balls, penalties, big miss to Wallace…but a win is a win!

  6. Carl says:

    GOOD GUYS WIN! 24-17. I called it Old Coach….

  7. Rick says:

    They had some stout defense, caused coverage sacks. Shouldn’t have been that close a game, but we won!

    Still am REALLY irritated at refs, biased calls, lack of calls, penalties occur right in front of them and if the jersey isn’t Steelers they ignore it. They finally picked out a few to call int he second half.

    And the interference call on Miller, a total flub – was defensive holding first, and beyond 5 yards.

  8. Rick says:

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!
    Just learned the Ravens lost to Seattle!!!
    How bad is that?
    Blew their wad again after playing us. Doesn’t make the loss any more palatable, but at least we didn’t lose to a loser team!

  9. WIsco says:

    Good job Willie Gay….we are going to need you. We need all our DB’s to be able to cover…esp, in the playoffs and Super Bowl. That’s when we’ll be playing teams that will test our nickel and dime cover corners….

  10. Dick says:

    Hey, we won one for the old coach. He doesn’t think we’re as good as the Bengals. Guess he is going back to coaching school. Now we’ll see how the Bengals fare against the Ravens next week. In the meantime maybe we can heal the wounded and move on. Sure would like to get Woodley back. Bad ref call on Miller cost us 4 more points. Every week you’re just waiting for calls like this to come because you know they will. I have to say I saw a good young QB in Dalton. He’s got the right stuff. Love beating those guys though. They are measuring themselves against us and so far they don’t measure up. Better luck next time old coach, you’ll need it.

  11. Dick says:

    Would like to second that opinion on William Gay. He has taken a lot of heat but today he vindicated himself and deserves a game ball. Keep up the good work, William!

  12. Hound Dog says:

    Have to phase out Clark, Farrior and Foote and do it ASAP. Too many guys can’t cover.

  13. Jay Walker says:

    Can we get Starkey to cover Steelers games? Dejan’s column was really bad today.

  14. BUNCIE says:

    Tomlin almost lost another one. He has no idea what momentum is all about. He gave the momentum away when the Bungles caught their firts pass & dropped it on the turf. Where was the chalenge flag? Clearly a dropped pass out of bounce. Again at half time, there were no adjustments made on defense or offense. Just a simple reminder that we are winning, now lets finish. I can coach as good as that. Better yet, I can even challenge a play.

  15. David says:

    First of all, I hate bye week, the NFL should eliminate that concept altogether. If we root for any team next week we better hope the Ravens lose due to tie breakers which we don’t hold going head to head with the Ravens. I think the Ravens got a bad call on that flubbed kick return when they obviously recovered at the 2 but the refs didn’t see it that way. The Steelers Nation licked out cause that’s a touchdown and a game winner for them. I loved the anxiety John Harbaugh displayed with his team playing down to a lesser team and again dropping an egg after beating us last week. We are back where we belong, in 1st place. Go Steelers….

  16. Dick says:

    I was surprised to hear how happy the Bengals were with their loss. The Steelers did not play their best game. The score should have been 35-14. The offensive line needs to pick it up again. It seems to me the Bengals are “whistling past the graveyard” when they say thaey can now run with the big dawgs. If they lose to the Ravens next week it should make them feel even better. Tighten your chin straps, Bengals. You’ll prove you belong with the big dawgs when you start beating them more often that not. Seattle knocked off the Ravens yesterday. What does that make them?

  17. K2 says:

    Finally, someone is listening! The Steelers are close, if they can start putting teams away they have a chance to close out the season strong and maybe even get home field in the playoffs and make a great playoff run!

    Good teams finish games …. I feel like the Steelers are getting close!

    At least they did’nt lay an egg like the Ravens…

    Can’t wait for the finish of the season.

  18. Rick says:

    Sitting in a Steelers bar near where I live (not in Pittsburgh), and I listen to those complainers – our secondary is terrible, hasn’t been good for years. Out O line is bad, Mendenhall is terrible, Redman is better – this just before Redman gets blasted at the LOS and loses a yard.
    Guys, football is football.
    Tomlin not challenging a supposed dropped pass which the stupid network never gave any other view that could show what may or may not have happened. Why waste it.
    Clark, who is complaining about him – he has been off the last few weeks, why? Does he need glasses or contacts from too many hard hits? Not really picking on him, just asking a serious question as he usually is not that off in coverage.
    Why was our D line getting gashed by runs again? Maybe cause they were holding big time and as usual – UNLESS IT WAS TOTALLY UNAVOIDABLE TO CALL – the refs were not calling. How is strangling Harrison or Worilds not holding?
    Ben overthrew Wallace, no one commented on that, compensating for the wind at Cincy, it was bad. Credit their DBs, Ben took at least 3 coverage sacks and their D line had good contain. At least he didn’t try to force it in somewhere and get in trouble.
    The hit on Miller near the goal line was just like Clark’s hit on the Raven’s receiver, no flag, but I’ll bet no fine either (defender wasn’t a Steeler).
    Yay front office NFL – you still suck.
    I wonder who the NFL front office will fine on the Steelers this week?
    Loved that Polamalu tackle on the receiver, break dance flip!!!!!

  19. Carl says:

    Yeah, the Ratbirds can now say that they have cornered the market on the “letdown” loss. Losing to inferior teams following wins can and will kill their season.
    On the refereeing, I totally agree with you Dick. I know as a Steeler fan the penalties against us are the one’s I see, but it’s getting ridiculous. The penalty on Miller was ridiculous, Harrison gets held on every play (may or may not draw like 1 a game), etc. One thing we definately need to shore up is 3rd down Defense. Championship teams do not give up 3rd and long, but it’s happening to us way to much. Did like that we seem to have turned the corner and are starting to get some turnovers! That will be huge down the line…

  20. Jay Walker says:

    Doesn’t anyone know that Tomlin is the team spokesperson, not the head coach?

  21. Scott P says:

    This team can not run the football. This is going to bite them in the butt eventually. In December and January you are going to have to close teams out by running it down their throat in the 4th quarter. The Steelers better start working on their running game as opposed to paying it lip service.

  22. David says:

    Iagree with you Scott P. 44 yards by your feature back isn’t gonna work when it starts getting deep into the season, hope there is a game plan in there for that…. passing isn’t a problem i am very pleased with how Ben does his job, sacks don’t bother him, interceptions don’t bother him, he has all the tools he needs mentally to overcome alot of that, that no other qb can overcome….. like to see Rodgers go through what Ben goes through and shake it off and win after a 3 interception day, he can’t…… I love our chances for a record 9th Superbowl appearance we just gotta keep this train moving.
    Lets Go Steelers…..

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