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After further review … (Steelers vs. Bengals)


Taking a look back at the Steelers-Bengals game on my DVR.

Ben Roethlisberger is having a great year. So are Mike Wallace and Antonio Brown.

But none of them would be nearly as successful as they have been if it wasn’t for Bruce Arians.

The guy you love to hate is having one heck of a year.

Sure, the talents of Roethlisberger, Wallace and Brown sometimes makes Arians’ job look easy, but don’t kid yourself, Arians has been on point all season, especially with stuff that you don’t even realize.

The Steelers have been tremendous on opening drives all year, and that’s just not a coincidence.

Arians’ opening script has been near flawless.

Against the Bengals, the opening series resulted in an 8-play drive in which the Steelers marched right down the field against a very stingy defense and scored a touchdown.

The success can be traced back to confusing the defense, and Arians did that by mixing and matching personnel groupings.

Out of the eight plays, only twice did Arians have the same six skill players on the field at the same time.

Arians used a three-tight end set twice, a two tight end set three times, a three wide receiver set three times and even three receivers, a tight end and a running back in a five receiver look once.

The skinny in all this is that Arians does a fantastic job of confusing defenses during his scripted calls to start the game, and also uses that later in the game to predict how defenses will react to different personnel groupings.

Yeah, I know all offensive coordinators do something similar to what Arians does, but not many do it as well as him.

* Hines Ward played only nine snaps the entire game, one of which came in the second half.

You have to give Mike Tomlin all the credit in the world in having the guts to make the correct call to put Jerricho Cotchery in the lineup ahead of Ward.

Bottom line is that Cotchery is better than Ward and deserves to play ahead of him.

Tomlin’s demotion of Ward was handled with class as well. There was no talk of it beforehand, and no denying it afterwards. He let Ward start the game and quietly removed him as the game went on.

With Ward’s resume, that’s the least of what he deserves.

* Now, don’t you William Gay haters feel a little bad about yourself now?

OK, Gay is no Darrelle Revis, but he sure played like him against the Bengals.

Gay knocked away one pass, batted another that was intercepted by Lawrence Timmons and, of course, saved the game when he jumped Jerome Simpson’s slant route and intercepted the ball to give the Steelers the win.

Teams continue to ignore Ike Taylor on the other side and test Gay, and to his credit, he’s stepped up to the challenge every week … well, except for last week.

* Speaking of Gay’s interception, you have to give him a lot of credit for anticipating that route and making a play on the ball.

However, a lot of credit also has to go to linebacker Jason Worilds.

The linebacker quickly got to his correct depth on his drop and really altered Simpson’s route that, in turn, led to the interception.

* Sorry to say, but the hit Reggie Nelson laid on Heath Miller around the goalline was not a helmet-to-helmet hit.

It was close, but Nelson’s shoulder clearly contacted Miller’s shoulder.

Saying that, Nelson still should be fined because, even though there was no helmet-to-helmet contact, it was most definitely a hit to a defenseless receiver.

* Let me get this straight, you have your best cornerback who has shut down every receiver he faced this year pass off a guy like A.J. Green to a pair of safeties who can’t cover a lick?

That’s exactly what happened on Green’s touchdown catch, and I have no idea why there was any such call in Dick LeBeau’s game plan.

Still makes no sense a couple days later when Ike Taylor isn’t racing stride-for-stride with Green to the end zone.

* There is some talk about Cincinnati Domata Peko having a good chance of making the Pro Bowl this year.

I don’t know about that, but do yourself a favor and cue up your DVR to the 45-minute mark of the game when Ben Roethlisberger was intercepted by Leon Hall on the Miller bobble.

Just look in amazement on what Peko did to Steelers guard Chris Kemoeatu, mind you, one of the toughest linemen in the NFL.

I can’t ruin it for you. Just go back and look at the play.

* My goodness that was a pretty play by Roethlisberger to shake a pair of untouched blitzing defenders to throw the initial touchdown of the game to Cotchery.

It was a thing of beauty – unless your name is Marcus Gilbert.

The rookie right tackle totally blew his assignment leaving both Jonathan Fanene and Nate Clements with a free run at Roethlisberger.

Gilbert was supposed to slide to his right and pick up Fanene leaving Roethlisberger only Clement to deal with.

It was a mistake that went unnoticed because of the result. However, eventually something like that could cost the Steelers big-time.

* Roethlisberger has made his share of poor throws this year, especially missing the wide-open deep ball that he’s done more than once this season.

However, rarely has he made a bad decision with a throw.

Roethlisberger’s throw that was intended for Brown in between a Cover 2 defense was a flat-out bad decision.

It should’ve been intercepted by Nelson. Roethlisberger was fortunate.

* It may be just because we follow the Steelers on a daily basis, but Roethlisberger absolutely gets treated differently than any other quarterback in the league.

Roethlisberger complained to the referee (and rightfully so) in the third quarter when Peko put a shoulder into the back of Roethlisberger way after he was already sacked.

Nothing was called.

If that wasn’t bad enough, the ensuing drive for the Bengals was helped out when Timmons did the same exact thing Andre Caldwell in the red zone after he caught a pass.

The inconsistencies are what gets the players so riled up, and who can blame them?

* The wide receiver screen has become one of the Steelers’ best run plays, and Arians sure doesn’t hesitate to call it.

An extension of the run game, Wallace caught three screens for 23 yards and Ward caught one for 10 yards. Three of the four went for first downs.

Can’t complain about those numbers, can you?

* Forget the Ike Taylor watch for this week because Andy Dalton didn’t want anything to do with him.

Taylor didn’t allow a catch and was targeted only twice all game.

Here’s the updated list of who did what against Taylor this year:

Wes Welker, New England 4-23 yards
Larry Fitzgerald, Arizona 3-58 yards
Anquan Boldin, Baltimore 3-35 yards
Andre Johnson, Houston 3-23 yards
Nate Washington, Tennessee 2-11 yards
Rob Housler, Arizona 1-20 yards
Jason Hill, Jacksonville 1-18 yards, TD
Reggie Wayne, Indianapolis 1-11 yards
Deion Branch, New England 1-10 yards
Mike Williams, Seattle 1-9 yards
Damian Williams, Tennessee 1-8 yards
Mike Thomas, Jacksonville 1-3 yards
Torrey Smith, Baltimore 1-2
Pierre Garcon, Indianapolis 1-(-2) yards

Grading the Starters
QB – Ben Roethlisberger – B (Continued his MVP-like season)
RB – Rashard Mendenhall – A (Game-winning TD was impressive)
TE/FB – David Johnson – B (Cutting down on mistakes)
WR – Mike Wallace – B (Getting involved in other ways)
WR – Antonio Brown – A (Just think when he gets it)
TE – Heath Miller – C (When he messes up, he messes up big)
LT – Max Starks – C (Looked slow)
LG – Chris Kemoeatu – C (Inconsistency still plagues him)
C – Maurkice Pouncey – B (Did well against Peko)
RG – Ramon Foster – B (Steady as they come)
RT – Marcus Gilbert – C (Plenty of mistakes)
DE – Ziggy Hood – C (Still nothing)
NT – Casey Hampton – B (Good one play, bad another)
DE – Brett Keisel – B (Was quiet)
LB – James Harrison – B (Forced 2 huge penalties on Whitworth)
LB – Jason Worilds – B (Getting better)
LB – James Farrior – C (Had a rough return)
LB – Lawrence Timmons – B (Needs to make more plays)
CB – Ike Taylor – A (No catches allowed)
CB – William Gay – A (Player of the Game)
S – Troy Polamalu – B (Playing around line a lot more)
S – Ryan Clark – B (Can’t get beat like he did)

 By Mark Kaboly


Author: Mark Kaboly

Mark Kaboly is the Pittburgh Steelers beat writer for the Tribune-Review. Mark has covered more than 300 NFL football games in all 32 NFL cities as well as three Super Bowls -- XL in Detroit, XLIII in Tampa and XLV in Dallas. A Belle Vernon Area graduate, Mark earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in English with a specialization in journalism from California University of Pennsylvania. Mark lives in Port Vue with his wife, Jennifer; daughter Briella; and boys Rocco and Bugsley Pug


  1. PAULIE RASPA says:

    Mark — Max Starks looked slow — but has Ben been hit from the Blindside since he has been back????NO!!! THANK GOD!!

  2. leefoo says:

    “Teams continue to ignore Ike Taylor on the other side and test Gay, and to his (Gay’s) credit, he’s stepped up to the challenge every week … well, except for last week.”

    I thought it was determined that they were in zone and that Clark had deep support?

    I agree with the Timmons/Peko plays. Same situation….would’ve thought the QB late hit would’ve been called.


    Gilbert is a rookie. I am surprised he is doing THIS well. He’s gonna get better and better. Pouncey spoiled us.


  3. Uncle Rico says:

    Good stuff. I’m not sure that near sack on the TD was a mistake by Gilbert tho. Redzone on the road, and no presnap communication amongst the OL. Seems that protection was set in the huddle to slide left. Fanene got up and flipped to the OL’s right, creating 3 rushers for sure, and possibly 5. And leaving 1 sure rusher on the left, and possibly 3. Pouncey saw it, but nothing was said or changed. And on the snap, first thing Pouncey does is look to his left. Really looks like the call was a slide left. And since there was no presnap chatter, and it was in the RZ on the road, seems it was set in the huddle. Most teams tend to blitz the slot DB covering the RB when the Steelers go empty, and most of the time that’s from the O’s left. I’m guessing they felt pretty confident in the huddle that that’s where the pressure would come. And when Pouncey/Roethlisberger saw it fall apart presnap, just rolled with it hoping for the best. In those situations where they know they have more rushers than blockers, someone has to break hot. And Ben did call out to a split Cotchery presnap, who did break hot under on a pick by slotted Wallace. But the 2 rushers were in his throwing lane, and he couldn’t get it out. 3rd and 10 anyways, so a lot would depend on YAC for a 1st. Just a tremendous overall play by Ben. That’s a play I don’t think any QB in the league makes. And why I don’t complain when he might hold on to the ball.

    And I don’t care, Peko v Kemo was hilarious. Shocking really how often a guy like Kemo gets overpowered. The two sacks on Kemo, he was similarly serial abused by Peko.

  4. Jay Baileys says:

    Yea that wide-receiver screen looked great when Ben threw it right to Terell Suggs last week on 1st down in the red zone. I can’t stand that play unless the cb is single-coverage and giving a huge cushion.

  5. Glenn says:

    I don’t know what drugs you are on but give me some because they apparently make you feel GREAT about everything. Arians has had an AVERAGE year at best. You can’t give him credit for talented athletes. No huddle success: Ben. Sugar Huddle: Ben. Hurry Up: Ben. Two Minute: Ben. Arians brought you an unprepared, predictable, unable to adjust offense in Week 1. He brought you the same thing against Houston. He is in love with the WR screen which only had real success against the Bengals. His play calling seems to stagnate for entire quarters for no apparent reason [Houston, Baltimore (second game), AZ, Colts]. Maybe you should go back and watch game film before you write such glowing reviews.

  6. Carl says:

    First line of Mark’s Article reads, “Taking a look back at the Steelers-Bengals game on my DVR.” Ah, it pretty much sounds like he’s watching game film. Maybe you should go back and read before rip the guy.
    I am gonna agree with most of Mark’s asessments here. Not everybody is gonna play all-world at their positions every week, but we have pretty damn solid players at every position. Gay may be up and down a lot, but when he plays well, we win, period.
    Play calling looked alright to me as well, mostly cause they worked….

  7. saneman says:

    Seriously, Starks, Kemo and GIlbert all get the same grade??? Starks may look slow, but he is playing better than Kemo for sure, and in this game he was better than Gilbert.

  8. Scott P says:

    I agree with Glenn. You must be on drugs. Arians has no idea how to design and implement a decent running game. The passing game works best after Ben and his receivers abandon the original play design and resort to backyard football. Ben takes sacks and hits primarily because nobody is open on the play Bruce drew up. He has to hold the ball and wait for his pass catchers to improvise. Arians is a joke. The Steelers have won in spite of him for the past few years.

    The Steelers have had a lot of success recently. Typically when a team is winning, other franchises will at least want to interview the coordinators for Head Coaching positions. Why has Arians been ignored by other teams? Because smart football people know that the man is an idiot.

    I have lost all respect for you as a football analyst.

  9. Rick says:

    No sacks, that is from about 6 holds that were ignored by the refs. How do you wrap your arm around a rusher’s neck and not get called for holding?
    Yeah, as I stated in another blog, Clark looks like something is wrong as he has misplayed 2-3 deep passes of late. Two safeties on a receiver, I mean ON THE GUY, and he still catches the ball! Green is good, but when the defender totally misplays the pass again, TD!
    I am simply curious, but what if Green Bay suffered the same level of starters out, O line shuffling that we have? Would they be undefeated?
    Glad we have a week off, need to get players back for last push, which at one point looked to be an easy stretch, but now appears to be just as tough as any other series of games this season.
    At KC – should be a win, but at Arrowhead, tough place to play. 24-3 or 24-7.
    Cincy, will be looking for revenge, not. Refs stay right, 27-10.
    Brownies, always rough, but, 31-10.
    49ers, rough game, they are riding high. 21-17 or 21-14.
    Rams, can’t ignore Jackson, however. 35-10.
    Brownies to end it all, yeah, 28-3.

    Just doing the above for a chuckle, I am not making any living predicting NFL games, other than…
    Refs call things properly we win, they do what they did vs Ravens #2, we lose. Or come close to losing as with Bungles.

  10. eyeheartbrucearians says:

    Really enjoy “after further review.”

    Having said that, Bruce Arians is simply incompetent. He continues to show an empty backfield in situations where the run should be an option, call that wide reciever screen that finally got jumped by New England and is a pick six waiting to happen, seems to have no pass routes designed to hit a receiver in stride and “in space” (just watch the Green Bay receivers’ routes), and the bottom line is that this offense with the personel the Steelers have should be averaging 30+ points per game. Period.

    30+, ladies and gentlemen.

  11. eyeheartbrucearians says:

    By the way, the interference call against Heath Miller that negated a Cotchery TD was the lamest call I’ve seen this year. Why no heat from the fans/coaches/players?

  12. Bob Loblaw says:

    Does Kaboly get paid or is he an intern they allow to scribble huge walls of text on the blog? Here’s a million observations on the game, instead of writing a paragraph I’m just going to throw them all at you! Vague descriptions of plays? Check. Seemingly having a conversation with himself in the post? Check. Clear graduate of the Twitter School of Writing? Check.

  13. Carl says:

    Hey Paulie, at the top of these responses, why don’t we just get 5 really strong midgets to play O-line for us, then we will destroy all!
    I think there’s a bit more to playing line in the NFL then getting “low”, otherwise every team in the NFL would stay away from the proto-typical O-lineman, who is generally 6’5″-ish and 320lbs.

  14. eyeheartbrucearians says:

    Even the network broadcasters questioned the Miller interference call. The ball was in the air, so Miller could have blasted the defender. But he stopped short and barely touched him. He was “in the way” of a defender on a pass play in progress.

    Fans should hunt down (P’burgher and Stillers fan) Dennis Miller’s rant on the direction of the NFL. I don’t have a link handy–maybe someone who does can post it on this blog–but he is dead on.

    If you are old enough to have enjoyed the NFL at least as far back as the 70’s, you have got to be dismayed at the namby-pamby product that Goodell is orchestrating.

    “Death to the Dictator”*

    *for legal purposes, no reference to any real person, living or dead, is intended.

  15. David says:

    Just give Ward the Damn ball”. A keyshawn Johnson quote. I’m lobbying the Steelers to let Ward in on plays, I want him to reach that 12,000 yard plateau…. Here we go Steelers, here we go!

  16. Steelers7thHeaven says:

    Bye week, lets get healthy, refocus for the final stretch, Ward will be ready mentally, and the rest will only help us using him. I REALLY WANT A REMATCH WITH THE PACKERS, WE SHOULD HAVE BEAT THEM, AND I WANT TO SHOW THE WORLD WE CAN &WILL………but first things first, win the division, secure a bye, get into the show……..come on Steelers dont let me down…….we only have a few more good years to make these runs, lets stay focused!! Benguls, Browns, Ravens, we got them, they are ours, if we play fundamental and turnover free ball….!! GO Steelers…all the way from Utah!!!

  17. cerone says:

    Does this guy really get paid!? Awful. Hines situation handled with class!? Classic. Tomlin should have discussed this with Hines in advance of the game – like a man. That is class. I still have a hard time believing Cotchery is better than Hines. Not getting it. Hines deserves the benefit of the doubt this season until he clearly shows lack of consistency. While I see the ascendancy of Wallace and Brown, he has not performed poorly to be relegated to 4th or 5th in the WR line up. Good to know Hines will handle this with class at least. I only hope he gets some chances to remind Tomlin and gang just how good of an all around WR he still is.

    And why would Timmons be given a B grade with a need to make more plays caveat? Didn’t he have an interception in the game!? Maybe my memory has gone bad here…

  18. Paulie Raspa says:

    Carl — Look at the Super Bowll Last year — Komeatu was standing straight up against the lineman and was bull rushed back to Ben, Ben’ arm was hit and the ball INT for 6 points!!
    5 Midgets — maybe you should learn about the word leverage….Low MAN WINS….BOTTOM LINE… Look at Harrison when he goes in against the OT — HE STAND 6′ at best but uses his lower body and gets underneath to DRIVE the TACKLE BACK —–

    Carl — guess you must be a PUNTER OR HOLDER FOR THE FG KICKER?????

    And why not put Legursky back in the FB position inside the 5 yd line??? Essex back there is scary!!!

  19. Rick says:

    Hey, in the only open blog on SUNDAY, I called that lame interference call against Miller. Miller was actually held by the defender, and slowed down, he was called late in the play for a light hands on.

    And we do have routes to hit receivers in stride, just don’t use them as much.

    Ward, Cotchery – I expected to see more of Cotchery cause Sanders was out. Ward is still not full strength yet (my opinion) what with concussion and ankle. He played, has been getting covered, and/or not getting free as much. I definitely want him to reach those plateaus, but not at any risk more than is normally taken.

    The media is in a feeding frenzy on just about anything that can be (mis)written about. They are great at taking a little and making a ton of something out of it.

  20. Bob says:

    Frosty Rucker, not Peko, was the culprit on the late hit on Ben you referred to. Ben rarely gets calls like that and it is piss poor officiating. Disagree with your analysis of Heath Miller. . . . the fumbled pass happens rarely with him and the holding penalty was terrible as has been pointed out. No other tight end in the NFL holds the pass he caught and held on to setting up our second TD. The man is the consumate pro. . . plays the game, never complains about anything and is all about the team. He is what Steeler football is all about. . .Hines Ward will be heard from in our stretch run. No way he should be bypassed. . . . they need to mix in their talented receivers each game and go with who is “hot” as the game progresses. . . it can be done. We can and should end the regular season 13-3 and in first place in the division as the Bengals and Ravens will split. Hell the Ravens could lose another one as inconsistant as they are. . .

  21. […] enjoying Mark Kaboly’s ‘After Further Review’ columns each week. In his latest, Kaboly breaks down the Steelers win over the Bengals, hands out grades for individual  performances, and shares a few statistics worth checking […]

  22. David D. says:

    Lets get Hoke back in the line-up! His play has been much more consistent than Hamptons.

  23. Glenn says:


    Before you call someone out, read the whole post. So he watched THAT game. I assume he did since he discussed the game! But if you are going to claim Arians GREATNESS, you better back it up and have watched game film the entire year: Houston, Baltimore (second game), AZ, Colts, etc. By the way genius, just because you watch the game, doesn’t mean you watched game film. You might have to think about that….

  24. Warfighter says:

    Offense (Bruce Arians – BA) – I applaud the scripted plays for opening drives this season and deliver the grade of A. Please just tell me why we can’t deliver those high scoring games and dominate our opponents. I understand getting the win is important at the end of the day. But does it always have to be ugly. Why should we have a one touchdown or field goal lead in the games last 2 minutes? The famous words “Put it on our defense” should not be standard practice. One bad ref call, holding or missed assignment and we lose. If Tomlin emphasizes standards of measurement then he should hold his coach accountable. Overall grade for BA = C-.

    Defense DL (Dick Lebeau – DL) – Year in and out continues to deliver top notch defenses = A. The manipulation of linebacker corps and adjustments without Aaron Smith continues to impress the NFL. The addition of Carnel Lake has proved immense regarding the shutdown of opponents passing attack. Pay close attention to the missed assignments when we are ahead in the game. Teams should not feel they can pick apart our defense and win the game. If we meet Flaco and company again – we better have a solid game. Overall grade for DL = A-.

    Special Teams (Al Everest – AE) – We haven’t been burnt yet! Those long returns at critical points in the game are always a matter of concern. Overall grade for AE = B (keep up the good work)

    Coach Tomlin and Arians – Please realize the fans need a feeling of comfort sometimes instead of those last minutes heart attack plays. The first step to a return Super Bowl this year starts with total domination on the offensive side of the ball. Exercise the “smash mouth grind it out” play after we have a commanding lead.

  25. Scott P says:

    I don’t think it takes an exhaustive look at “game film” or even a thorough review of what’s on the DVR to see that Bruce Arians is terrible at his job.

    He ranks just below Joe Walton on the worst Steelers O.C.’s of the modern (post merger) era list.

    If you factor in the disparity of talent, he might be the worst. He has done less with more than anybody. Joe Walton was horrible but so was the Steelers offensive depth chart. Ray Sherman get’s an “incomplete” based on his short tenure and lack of talent. Same thing for Gilbride.

  26. David says:

    Did anyone see any explanation on why the late hit on Brb wasn’t called. It was blatant and in clear view for the entire universe to see but the was no flag or fine handed out to the Bengal player. Someone please elaborate as I am dying to hear the reason for this missed-non call.

  27. David says:

    On Ben …. The late hit. Wasn’t called. Result if there were any consistency by the refs, would have resulted in a first down.

  28. David says:

    Oh wait, my bad. There was consistency on refs part. Ben never gets those calls like all the other qbs do in this league. And we are the only ones who get fined on late hits…

  29. Clarence says:

    I don’t understand the C for Ziggy Hood (Still Nothing). What does that mean?

  30. eyeheartbrucearians says:

    Finally got the chance to review the game on DVR as per Kaboly.
    On the Miller intererence call negating the Cotchery TD, Miller did contact the defender before the pass was in the air. Still, it was less than a handshake. Had Miller run over him, on his pass route, it would have been D interference.

    David has it right. However, it is one more reason to like the Steelers. I mean, wouldn’t we rather see BB take a licken and keep on ticken and the Steelers win, or be Pats fans and know that our team would be average, at best, if TB were not treated by the refs like a bubble baby?

    “OOH! Another Pats first down by penalty because Tom was breathed upon by a nearby defender!”

    So long as BB or other Steelers do not get seriously hurt by non-called defenders’ “illegal” hits, I say cheer the refs. Turn it into a matter of Steelers pride.

    “Refs, you suck” –?

    C’mon, Steelers fans, you are more clever than that.

  31. eyeheartbrucearians says:

    Oh, I forgot to mention that BA has got to go.

    Bye bye, BA.

    If we hire Lloyd Christmas as OC after BA is gone, and keep the same offensive personal as BA has had, the Steelers will dominate the SuperBowl landscape for a decade.

  32. Bobby Beer Temple says:

    And the refs get a PP — Piss Poor.

  33. David says:

    As good as everyone in the media is making Aaron Rodgers seem, this dude wouldn’t last 4 games in Pittsburgh, if there were talk of the toughest QB in the NFL, hands down it would be Ben Roethlisberger……..

  34. David says:

    the officials should be handed fines for obvious missed calls,,,,, everything would be called then on all teams, not just on the Steelers….. we win no matter what tho, the more the league wants us to fail the more games we win and Superbowls we go to….. im laughing in your face roger…..

  35. Warfighter says:

    Concur with the officials being fined for obvious missed calls. Once that happens consistent calls will occur. Good point David…

  36. K2 says:

    Rodgers looked pretty in in the Super Bowl…. He tends to get the ball out of his hands quicker than BB (he does not get sacked). Let’s not forget, with exception of the Drive BB has player ugly in all of his Super Bowls…I’m still waiting for him to win one for the Burgh!

  37. David says:

    SBXL3 Ben takes this team from the 6 yard line to throw the most exciting touchdown pass in Superbowl history. Ben wad part of that drive and his throws helped win that fame. I give him credit for that win….

  38. eyeheartbrucearians says:

    Great idea, D, officials should be fined for, at the least, missing calls that are meant to protect the QB

    But, how does that happen?

    The Commisioner RG and the rules surrounding his tenure and powers are obscure.

  39. Rick says:

    The NFL front office is like the Super Committee for deficit reduction. A failure from the start, just betting on how they get to it provides the only excitement.
    Yes, NFL front office is a failure – you have an ego maniac in charge, a know nothing back up, and whimsical rules that were never meant to be properly enforced to support.

    Add to that a dislike of the Steelers and we have continual agony for Black and Gold fans.

    Ravens are crowing right now, thinking that it is a done deal. Ahh, 6 more games dudes, gotta win them or shut up.

    Same for us, we need to simply pound everyone the rest of the way, no quarter, no prisoners.

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