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Woodley, Polamalu, Ben updates


The Steelers’ 13-9 victory/escape at Kansas City was reminiscent of a 23-20 win at Indianapolis earlier this season.
No way should the Steelers have let an inferior team that was playing with a career backup at quarterback hang around the way the Chiefs did.
But an eyesore of a win is much better than the alternative: having to take the wild-card route in the playoffs.
And a loss to the Chiefs would have dealt a crippling blow to the Steelers’ chances of winning the AFC North as it would have essentially put them two games behind the Ravens with five to play.
With the Steelers at 8-3 and tied for the best record in the AFC, here are a couple of injury updates:

— Troy Polamalu’s concussion history makes his early exit from the Chiefs game all the more troubling for the Steelers.
Mike Tomlin, however, emphasized that the Steelers don’t know if Polamalu sustained a concussion after taking a helmet to the knee early in the first quarter.
He said the Steelers held Polamalu out for the rest of the game because he had “concussion-like symptoms.”
Polamalu didn’t finish a game against Jaguars last month after he experienced the concussion-like symptoms, and he played the following week in Arizona.

— Outside linebacker LaMarr Woodley missed his third consecutive game because of a hamstring injury but Tomlin sounded optimistic that the fifth-year veteran will return to action sooner rather than later.
“Obviously he’s getting close,” Tomlin said. “He’s run a little bit all of these days but he wasn’t well enough to play. We’ll go through the same process again next week.”
Woodley ran before the Chiefs game, but the Steelers didn’t give any consideration to playing him.
“I felt pretty good,” Woodley said. “I was out there covering some receivers and tight ends. It’s day to day right now.”

— Roethlisberger had thrown for at least 200 yards in 17 consecutive regular-season games prior to Sunday night.
But he and Tomlin said his broken right thumb had nothing to do with Roethlisberger coming up seven yards short of extending that streak to 18 games.
“I didn’t think it was a factor,” Tomlin said of Roethlisberger’s injured thumb. “In terms of his execution we didn’t have any discussions regarding it — he or myself, the medical staff. It was a non-issue.”
Roethlisberger said his latest injury didn’t contribute to a third-quarter interception that blemished his stat line. Roethlisberger threw into double coverage and Chiefs quarterback Travis Daniels made an easy pick.
“Just a horrible throw,” Roethlisberger said.

— Scott Brown



  1. sjb says:

    What an awful game, especially after coming off a bye and considering what and who they were up against. Seriously; the “they don’t have to win pretty” nonsensical logic of Dejan and others is really just scraping for excuses and that’s just provincial homer talk. Just like the Colts game, this was an ugly, embarrassing win and if anyone other than Palko was the Chiefs QB, the Steelers lose. How can anyone come away from that game feeling good about this team’s “real” chances going forward?

    As soon as the world thinks the Steelers have what it takes to represent the AFC in the SB, they prove they are easily beatable by just about anyone. Fact is; there really isn’t much separating teams like the Chiefs and the Steelers and if they are 4-7, are the Steelers at 8-3 really that much better?

  2. dsk says:

    I agree 100% with sjb. That was terrible. Anyone else think Redman should be starting over Mendenhall? And why all the deep pass attempts to receivers that aren’t open when a 10 yard pass keeps the chains moving? Bad play calling yet again, but we all know that. Does anyone really think the packers wouldn’t have won this game by at least 20? Enough of this ‘a win is a win’.

  3. Dunny says:

    It clearly shows a lack of focus. I love this team and its players, but it appears they lack the desire to seek perfection. You watch Rodgers, Brady and Brees and you know they study their craft. I’ll take Ben over them any day when he is balling. Yesterday it seemed like he went back to playground ball and nothing he threw seemed fluent and intentional. When they receive constructive criticism, they’ll tell you people are hating on them instead of taking responsibility for poor play. They are a team that think they can turn it on and off when they want. It finally caught up to them in the Bowl. Defense didnt slow down Rodgers and offense was inconsistent. It’s really hard to see them play this way and no one is held accountable. No one will tell Ben to protect himself by getting rid of ball. He showed he can do it this year but he’s back to playground ball??? They are smarter than you and me so it will continue. And Ben will continue to limp into the playoffs and not be at his best…

  4. Rick says:

    You guys are just awesome. Redman gets stuffed just as much as Mendenhall does. Mendy made some nice runs. O-line shuffles again, Wards plays more.
    Did I like the ugly win, nope.
    BUT, a win is a win is a win.
    Not open receivers, the league heaps praises on other teams that toss balls to receivers, allowing the receiver to make the play. So when we do it, it is a bad thing! Crap. Wallace dropped 2 passes he should have caught.
    One bad play by Ben on that INT. Once again an opponent is way up playing against us. And we were in Arrowhead, a nasty place to play.
    We lose 2 top players early in the game, we are playing without another, yet one more goes down with a calf injury (Foote), and the dee still manages to hang in there.

    A WIN is a win, that’s ALL that counts right now. I don’t care if we win each of our last games by 1 to 3 points, they will be WINS, not losses.

  5. Doug Halfen says:

    The climb up the mountain always starts at the broad, unattractive base (barring a helicopter lift ;^), and this game was the start of our ascent.

    We’ve proven that we can win ugly. Now, we should start a “beautification” program to prove that we can win “pretty.”

    Yeah, right!!!!!!! X^D

    But we can also lose ugly, too. I would be MUCH happier if we became more consistently-disciplined offensively and stopped “riding the razor’s edge.”

  6. Doug Halfen says:

    (“Razor’s edge: we’d be better off _doing_ the cutting than getting cut. Especially since Brett the Beard is growing all wonderfully-wild-&-free again.)

    Scott, I didn’t realize that the chiefs had a QB named Travis Daniels!!! (Autocorrect’s fault? ;^>

  7. Braveheart says:

    I have been watching the Steelers play football for over 35 years. One thing I have learned, is a Win is a Win. I could care less what it looks like. BA’s deep route play calling was an issue once again. Where was the short passing game that worked so well against the Patriots??

    BTW, I have no issues taking shots deep down the field. Wallace dropped a TD and another one on the deep throw. No doubt, not their best performance. Wins are all that matter, stats are for the talking heads on ESPN.

  8. Scott P says:

    When is somebody going to knee Arians in the head? The bye week hurt the Steelers because it gave that idiot an extra week to out smart himself.

  9. David says:

    There for awhile I thought limas Sweed was out there dropping sure touchdown passes then I saw the name on #17 s back. Pathetic is all I can say and if that’s what we have after a the I just asunder not have one. Steelers didn’t deserve a week off, all that does is slow the body to catch up with all the aches and pain. Set. We were doing well with Ward catching the underneath stuff where as I don’t understand taking so many shots downfield like a shooting range, hey Ben, I know Elway was ur childhood hero, but Elway u r not too many shots hoping for that 1 big catch is rediculous. Well now to Cincy where we need to play sound football, not this hokey pokey stuff

  10. Will says:

    History lesson. Coming off an SB appearance in 2008, the 2009 Steelers (like all other Tomlin teams) started the season 6-2. (All of them.) After the second, last minute loss to the Bengals, the ’09 Steelers went on a five game losing streak, before Tomlin could stop the rot. That loss to the Bengals demoralized the team, as they knew the odds were against them winning the division with the tiebreaker against them. They lost to bottom-feeders Cleveland, Kansas City and Oakland. They were an embarassment to the franchise.

    Fast forward to ’11. Coming of an SB appearance in 2010, the ’11 Steelers started the season 6-2, before losing a last minute Ravens rally — and sweep — ceding the tiebreaker to the Ravens. Since then — two wins.

    Whether the ’11 Steelers win the division or not, they are likely to win one of the two wild cards and gain their ticket to the Super Bowl tournament. A much better outcome than their last Super Bowl let down season. And don’t forget the one before — 2-6 start in ’06.

    Winning ugly beats losing, which is always uglier!

    As for Bruce Arians as OC, who would you replace him with? Where is the more talented OC on the market that you could bring in and expect that with the talent there, they would do better than BA? BA does not have the best offense in the league because he does not have the best players. How can he? In the salary cap era, if you spend as much on defense as the Steelers do, where do you economize? The Steelers answer is the OL. How can you dominate the line of scrimmage and open up running lanes with inferior linemen? They are big because it is easier to get big men to pass protect than it is to get athletic big men to conduct a rushing attack.
    You get what you pay for in general, except for the Steelers, who manage to get more than the lionshare of the league while paying the same!

  11. Carl says:

    As a fan I’m cool with the ugly win, and yes, I think the bye week screwed up any momentum we had, but…. Time to start another streak. Playing that badly but still got the W, so things can only get better. Ravens had a couple stinkers too, but they lost theirs. Its a significant thing….

  12. RPV 23 says:

    I’am never upset about a win, ugly or pretty. Cause come playoff time nobody cares if games you won during the season looked good or bad. What I’am upset about is the red zone execution, I mean inside the 10 not even the 20. They are not getting it done,
    I believe its because of the players they have on the field. I want my best guys out there. Mendenhall running and being in tight quarters like that I want Ward and Cotchery out there. Keep Johnson and Moore on the bench, bring in another lineman
    to lead block if you have to. Wallace and Brown are great open field recievers but I haven’t seen them do much inside the 10. I think Sanders route running down there is
    valuable and should be used over those 2 guys. To me this what we should be worried about not if a game is pretty or ugly to watch.

  13. Glenn says:

    Once again, a LOUSY performance by Arians goes unmentioned by this blog. Last week, the Tribune praised his WR Screen play calling and gave him a high grade for the season. The WR screen has become predictable. The defense knows it is coming. The 8+ yard average the Tribune was touting last week is due to Wallace breaking a big one in the Jax game. Where is the review on Arians this week? He might have had 10 decent play calls the entire game. Once again Ben was playing backyard football because the plays called weren’t working. The 3 plays called leading to the initial field goal were embarrassing. The constant defense of this man by the media is beyond absurd. While the team underachieved overall and was fortunate to escape with a win, Arians is a big reason this game was close at the end.

  14. Mike says:

    I agree with Rick a Win is a Win you need to take shots down the field to open things up. Dropped passes don’t help. Chalk this up to BYE week RUST>

  15. Joe N says:

    —just a quick question. Could someone explain the rational for calling a timeout in the 2nd half with the ball on the KC 40 yard line when the Stealers tried to draw KC off side on a 4th down? How dumb could you be in waisting a timeout on any punt that is suspect for being placed inside of the 20 yard line?—Now in this case the Stealers didn’t need this timeout at the end of this game. But I do believe someone has to stand up an explain the reasons behind that decision before it’s repeated in future games.

  16. Scott P says:

    I can not agree with you more. This team has been successful despite the incompetence of the O.C. The media has been soft on this guy since day 1. He must have pictures of both (trib, and post) sports editors doing naughty things with farm animals. He is shortening Ben’s career by exposing him to physical abuse week in and week out.

    The Rooney’s should be more interested in protecting their investment. After years of Tomzsak, Stewart, Miller, Grahm, etc. you would think they would want to keep Ben healthy and extend his career by giving him a reasonable offensive system to operate in.

    Bruce Arians is very detrimental to the long term success of this franchise.

  17. Jay Walker says:

    If you ask me, Arians has the concussion. He needs to sit out two games at least.

  18. gab says:

    Some of the “bad” play calls were plays that Ben checked into at the line ( int ). You guys crack me up with the calls for Arians to be fired or Mendy to be replaced or for the team to go back to run, run, run. This team will live and die by the talent they have. Caught passes, refs actually throwing a holding flag on the opposing offense and perhaps even an occasional pass interference call…and the game is not even close. They won. If you wanna complain about a team not meeting expectations, go visit the team from the east of the ‘burg. As for me, I’ll take a W any day in any way

  19. Walt Claw says:

    Your all right!! We pulled out another….. and 1 play against Balt on last drive could have been the same and your singing a different song.

    Complain all you want about Ben but I believe I saw about 3 passes “FLAT ASD DROPPED” by some of our best receivers — two that would have been TDs. I believe thats 14 points. The one that went thru Mike’s hands was inexcuseable.. He must have had the same virus as Ponce.

    And as bad as our line seems to be, on a 3 step quick release QB they would probably be as good as anyone in the NFL. Whoops – did I really say that? If a team is throwing at a 60% ration pass to run, don’t you think that lets the offense T-up on the pass rush… Don’t give up, they are looking exactly like the team that won the Super Bowl only a few years ago…Wild Card playing #1 seeds all the way.

  20. Paulie Raspa says:

    Steeler Fans— Look at it like this — We were on the road against a team with Nothing to Lose but a Point to Prove. Our 3rd down O stunk — But I must say — I would rather run the ball than pass…. 3.9 on the ground—VS 5.7 in the air last night… If Mende just runs with no stutter-step he would gain more yards. I am more NERVOUS if Ben throws the Ball 40+ times because he does tend to lock on the receiver. I did like his checkdown throws last night but if you look at this — the O-line gives up 3+ sacks a game,factor that with Ben getting pressured and hit another 5-7 times a game— he is very succeptable to an injury he cannot return from ….. I would rather see the Running Game step up with the O-LINE and carry us through the month of December!!! AGAIN –IT’S TIME FOR THE RUNNING GAME & O-LINE TO GRAB IT’S B-LLS AND LET’S GO!!!

  21. K2 says:

    Not so Super a showing…. ugly we need to start playing
    sound fundamental football down the stretch or we are going to go out early.

  22. RD says:

    A few things were confirmed last night, AGAIN.
    1. The defense, with or without Troy, is not performing at the level it has in the past. The strength now appears to be pass coverage, and other teams seem to find that open receiver on 3rd and long when they need to. Also, opposing teams run game seem to be able to run at will. KC didn’t put up big numbers, but they did run effectively on occasion when everyone knew they were going to… And this was KC.
    2. The OL still needs big help. Our run game is aweful (and that’s putting it nicely). Other teams have been able to run against KC, but the Steelers offense was only able to eek out 108 yards. Max has had a good season since his return, but I hate to think of how many other injuries Ben would have suffered if he hadn’t been brought back. And Pouncey is not looking like he did last year.
    3. Two of our biggest offensive weapons still have a long way to go. Mendenhall had one or two nice runs last night, but he still dances around too much. He’s a big guy with supposed power. He has yet to learn that a lot of the time he just needs to put his head down and power ahead. A 3 yard hard fought gain is better than a stutter-step 2 yard loss. That’s why many people think Redman is a better back for our offense. And they’re right. With the problems that our OL has, the best approach is hit the gap and church those legs. And anyone who thinks that Mendenhall is still worth the hype, check out his average compared to Redman and Moore. Mewedle is a little shifty guy, but he knows how to hit the gap and get the necessary yards. Many of the 3rd and long situations are caused by Mendenhall. The other offensive weapon that needs to develop more is Wallace. Yes, I agree that he is one of the best deep threat weapons in the league. But can anyone imagine how many yards he would have if he just learned to jump up and go after the ball? I can remember at least 2 times last night when the defender was close to him on a deep route and he just waited for the ball to drop into his hands. JUMP IN THE AIR AND TAKE IT AWAY FROM THE DEFENDER! Fight for the ball. Yeah, he fast, but the great receivers always had the mentality that ‘The ball is mine’. Our great receivers in the past never let a defender beat them out for the ball. There are hours of highlights of Swann, Stallworth, Lipps making leaps to take the ball away from defenders for clutch catches. Wallace is all speed with little desire. Antonio Brown will soon surpass Wallace because he wants the ball, he goes after the ball, he fights for the ball.

  23. David says:

    Can anyone tell me when our bye week is, these guys look slow, drained, and out of focus. OHwait! we just came off a bye from the week before…… wow! then I am totally shocked at how tired everyone look out there, I know a win is a win, but that was an embarrassing win, i mean if KC had won then it wouold be a good win for them, but we are of a different breed here, we have an explosive offens ( supposedly ) and we should have no problem scoring 30 points a game, right! i mean is that too much to ask, 30 35 points…………… but instead we get schooled by KC and barely make it out of there with a ” w ” ……. i can see 1 n done in the crystal ball.

  24. Bill says:

    Troy, Quit leading with your head or your playing days are numbered. We need you to stay healthy. Make some changes and stay around.

  25. Scott P says:

    I wish B.A. would punch me in the fist with his head.

  26. JD says:

    lets face facts, steelers d without troy is avg at best. turnovers last night were on bad plays from chief mistakes not great plays by steelers. the play calling seems to be worst on the road, is it just me? or anytime the steelers travel into a loud enviornment they cannot function on offense, (going to baltimore in Jan would not be good)

  27. Steelers7thHeaven says:

    It was an embarrassing win, after a bye, and they played like that!! Tomlin, I just dont know about that dude…talks a lot, but im not sure……never have been! BA, is full of BS, that dude stinks it up season after season, and he is still around!! This is why I really cannot believe in the Tomlin system, still winning games with a Cowher built team…..the real test will be in a few yrs when those players are gone, and we will see what he has built. The AFC is a mess, we still have 5 more to go, lets see where we end up, but for petesakes, they are going to have to play ALOT better then that Sunday night performance, I dont think we really scared to many teams with that offensive show, and the D wasnt very much better, letting them hang around, game should been over in the first quarter, someone once said the Steelers play down to the level of their opponent, the more I watch them, the more I believe that!!

  28. Carmutt says:

    So, to a few of the earlier comments, the more I watch Mendenhall run, the more I believe he is not the right back for the Steelers. Not saying Redman is the complete answer either, but at least Redman doesn’t run up to the would be tackler, stop and turn his back to him. How many times did Mende do that…10? Unless there is a big hole for Mende, he does not seem to be able to make anything happen. Redman at least plugs it up in there and seems to fall forward and run harder. Realize we have to make due with what we have this year, but a new hard nosed back is needed in the future. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves here. We will not be a running team this year, so the O-line needs to hold it together so we can pass our way to victory each week. Go Steelers!

  29. Hanibal says:

    I won’t make excuses for Palko, but the Chiefs may have the worst group of wide-outs in football. P.U.

  30. Paulie Raspa says:

    Arians needs to paln better. He probably plans DOWN to the competition.. I kinda liked the way we used Miller in the game against the Pats!!! Why can’t we form a game plan around Wes Saunders in a 2-3 TE offense…. I believe that guy could really shine..
    With regards to Running the ball, they need to run left more so that run right — and I said before Mende needs to hit the hole with authority… He could’ve had six or gotten closer had he not stutter-stepped down around the 5.Mende ain’t fakin’ out no one!! They should use an extra lineman too in certain instances for an extra blocker…
    Run Redman more too and they should get Dwyer into the mix — Why not dress 5 RB’S …

  31. Scott says:

    If you guys look at our history, we normally have trouble with KC so that is no surprise. They are just one of those teams we should beat handily but rarely do. I would rather get our bad game out of the way with them instead of Cincy, SF or Cleveland. We could run the table if we play well, but offense needs to execute and defense needs to close out games better. KC was moving until the pick by Keenan.

  32. Ken says:

    Two things. 1. A bye week does not help the offense. That was half problem. Timing was off. 2. Cheifs played a decent man to man coverage making it harder to throw quick passes but easier to throw deep passes. It seems most of you forgot that three key passes were dropped or we would have had a more comfortable margin. The receiving Corp did not play at there normal high level. That was the main problem. One other notice. Mendenhall was better when he got several carries in a row. His carries are so sporadic he seems to almost panic and not be the patience runner he had become.

  33. JDub81 says:

    BB is a fraud….been waiting on him to be a top tier QB for 6 years now and what he shows is mediocrity at its best. Overthrows, underthrows, needless sacks (over 300 in his career) and his interceptions are head scratchers, coming at times where one can’t believe he really threw into tight coverage. Best corp of receivers and this team is probably averaging just over 20 a game….the media protects him when in all honesty he’s an average QB. Extending plays is a term developed by the media to cover up his stupidity to throw the ball away. Ben was the main reason the Steelers lost in the Super Bowl a sorry performance. Now 13-9 against the KC Cheifs??? Are you kidding me? Oh yeah a bad thumb…just keep on making excuses for him.

  34. BamaSteeler says:

    Arians needs to go, Mendenhall is not a number 1 back by any means, he likes to fall down at the line and then he also hates to follow the blockers and tries to bounce it outside all the time, I always remeber Bettis telling Willie, trust your blocking and run to the hole, no dancing just runnning…What is with the long balls we keep attempting, seems we are not happy with 8yd passes, we want to make the big splash all the time…So when we do not hit any of them this is what you get, one TD 2 FG’s, amazing..

  35. Rick says:

    Some of you should rewind your DVDs and watch the game again. Mendy doesn’t run tough, falls down, BB isn’t performing. Gee, Bears QB is out with broken thumb, Ben plays.
    WR screens gets ball into receiver’s hands to allow them to make a play, KC was stuffing short routes, look at Miller’s lack of production. Give some credit to KCs dee, they played pretty well for the most part with their scheme.
    Our scheme was a bit side tracked when Troy went out, but the reserves did play well, considering they are not the starters.
    Bye weeks suck worse now what with new CB no practice during bye week. Then add Turkey day to week back, yeah, rusty.
    And Moore fumbles at the 2, gee, all you “we suck proponents” never commented on that momentum changer.

  36. Dick says:

    Nobody needs to make excuses for Ben. He is a topnotch QB and anybody who follows football can see that. He has 2 Super Bowl wins to his credit and is not done yet. How many QBs can say that? Give the guy a break! Yes, sometimes he has a bad game but are the other QBs in the league perfect all the time. When the game is on the line I want Big Ben under center. If they would let him call his own game I believe the Steelers would do much better. Let’s also not forget he is not playing behind the best O-line in the business. So, come on! Show a little loyalty here. Ben will get another ring soon and hopefully you will be leading the cheers for him.

  37. R-Mi says:

    Steeler O sucked this week. The D gave them 4 turnovers and they can only score 13 points!! I don’t want to hear the excuse of the bye causing the rust. I was glad the bye came this late for once. New Orleans looked great this week ( coming off bye) and Houston (also coming off bye) had a new QB and scored more points than us. And we played against the 27th defense in the league. There are bad wins and there are bad wins. I’m tired of the them making excuses…..

  38. Zarbor says:

    This past game against the Chiefs was nothing more than the coaches not having the players prepared to play. That fall mainly on Tomlin (whom I like) as the head coach who’s primary job is to have his players prepared. It clearly looked like the players were still on vacation and thinking of turkey and stuffing. We were fortunate to play the Chiefs otherwise if it was good team we may have ended up like the Giants who clearly looked unprepared.

  39. Scott P says:

    I can’t believe people are bashing Ben on here. Without him, this team would be an also ran.

    Ken hit the nail right on the head regarding the running game. Mendenhall’s carries are too sporadic. A successful running game is built on coordination between the offensive linemen, and the back. This coordination is developed through repetition and practice.

    The Steelers barely practice the running plays during the week. During games, I have seen Arians run 3 times in a row, pick up a first down and then abandon the run for two straight possessions. The guy is a pass happy, ego driven idiot who should have been fired a long time ago.

    The Steelers will never have a consistent, productive running game with B.A. in charge. It is just that simple.

  40. T J says:

    I think the Steelers should run a no huddle the whole game .

    Need more bitzes

    turnovers will come soon , D . playing well enough , need to score too

    Fullback would help the running game .

    play action works , you need a running game first .

    Wes Saunders needs to play asap , he catches everything


  41. Datruth4life says:

    Wallace dropped a TD and M. Moore fumbled at the two-yard line. Those two touchdowns would have put this game out of reach. Regardless of the one sack allowed, this was not a good game for the Steelers OL. It really showed how weak the Steelers are at the guard position. Still, a win is a win is a win. How idiotic was for Tomlin to say during his press conference that he wanted more from the return game but yet he took Antonio Brown off of kickoff returns? He’s just one of the best kickoff returners in the league, that’s all. Here’s hoping this team will put a complete game together soon.

  42. Jay Walker says:

    Yo, Dejan, the reason 37 guys have started is because it’s a old team. The front office has been slow to replace old legs with quality young ones. Clark, Farrior, Foote and Smith should have been gone two years ago. That’s why we’ll be one and done in the playoffs.

  43. eyeheartbrucearians says:

    You know, I’m not sure that the ‘Burgh sports writers understand the Steelers fans’ concerns about, in particular, the performance of the offense this year, relative to the offensive skill-position players that the Steelers have.

    A win is not a win is not a win, this year.

    The Steelers have just about the most talented skill position players on offense in the NFL.

    The O-line is not great, but it is above average, and whatever shortcomings it might have should be accounted for by offensive game-planning.

    So, it’s nice that the ‘Burgh sportswriters are upbeat, “glass is half full” kinda guys. I wouldn’t want us Steelers fans’ criticism to degenerate to the level of those in Philly…

    But I wonder if the Steelers coach and/or ownership is even aware that there is a problem with the offense…?

    The only way that we can know that they are is via the media and, so far as that goes, the answer seems to be that the coach and ownership are oblivious to there being any problem.

    There is a problem.

    Will you ‘Burgh sports writers please, please start pressing for some acknowledgement and solutions to the problem?

  44. Paulie Raspa says:

    I have criticicized the O-LINE on this Blog many times. Most of my commentary is pointed at KUGLER the O-LINE COACH. While Arians creates a Game Plan, the Offense needs to execute. Obviously, there is work to be done. We let up 1 sack to a team with 10 sacks this year.
    I often state that the O-LINE is not blocking low enough , they are getting stood up and pushed back. Look at Komeatu… there is a reason why he is getting beat. Foster too. Ilike both guys because of their size but this is a game of leverage not always the Biggest & Strongest win at the point of attack.
    My Big concern here is Ben getting hit,sacked or not. This guy needs to stay healthy for December and beyond.
    KC gives up an avg. of 130yds on the ground & 225 in the air. They have 14 INT’S also. Our Plan of attack is to exploit the other teams weakness and Dictate our game to them …. Thats’ the STEELERS way…. Now –IT’S DECEMBER FOOTBALL –GO OUT AND DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BRING ON THE BENGALS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. David says:

    I garantee we won’t get far in the playoffs if we don’t start running with effenciency and effectiveness, Mendenhall is too scared to go between the tackles, he loses momentum when he STOPS and dances, acts like he is avoiding hits and believe me he has never been the running answer in my opinion. The Steelers brass need to address this in the off season cause its too late now, we are not done being schooled, I believe Dalton is game planning mentally for us, this won’t be a walk in the park by no stretch….

  46. David says:

    To our credit, Ravens will not run the table these last 5 games in fact I believe they will lose 2 more games however we will probly lose 1 the rest of the way… We all know those ratbirds will faulter in the eyes of success.

  47. devon smith says:

    norv turner when fired by the chargers would be an excellent choice as offensive coordinator of the steelers. norvs coaching would make ben a better qb and his coaching will result in the steelers finally ringing up the scoreboard. send b.a into retirement and hire norv!

  48. Scott P says:

    While I agree that Mendenhall is not the answer, I am not sure anybody else could do any better. When you have an O.C. who is completely disinterested in the running game, it is never going to be the efficient, effective offensive tool that you want it to be.

    Arians calls the occasional running play for the sole purpose of setting up a third and 8 pass play.

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