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Wallace: ‘I’ll be fine’


If I am Bengals coach Marvin Lewis I am most worried about Mike Wallace –- and what he will do Sunday at Heinz Field.
The third-year wide receiver is due to go off after a lean four-game stretch during which he has caught just one touchdown pass and hasn’t been much of a deep threat.
Wallace will be particularly motivated when the Steelers play the Bengals for the second time within a month after what happened last Sunday night in Kansas City.
Wallace dropped a pair of passes, including one that would have given the Steelers an early touchdown.
“I don’t drop the ball, that’s not what I do, that’s not me,” Wallace said Wednesday, before the Steelers’ first practice of the week. “I don’t think it has anything to do with Ben. I think it’s just me. I’ll get it together.”
Wallace, whose 17 receiving yards against the Chiefs were his fewest in a game since his rookie season, said he “just got a little overexcited for (the) game.”
Wallace appeared to be a little too wound up before the game had even started.
He and Chiefs safety Sabby Piscitelli exchanged words during pre-game warm-ups, and the two had to be separated.
Wallace then played one of the worst games of his career as he also dropped a deep pass that hit him right in the hands.
The drops disappointed Wallace, but they don’t appear to have shaken his confidence.
And confidence, like speed, is something that Wallace has in abundance.
“I’ll be fine,” he said. “This week I’ve got something for y’all.”

— Scott Brown



  1. Jay Walker says:

    Supe prediction Patriots, 38, Packers 35 in overtime.

    We’re one and done.

  2. Bon says:

    Well I guess the season over.

  3. eyeheartbrucearians says:

    Super Bowl perfection:

    Steelers 100, Cowboys 0.


  4. eyeheartbrucearians says:

    But, all 100 Steelers points are scored by the defense, and BA gets fired.


  5. Jopa-n says:

    I think maybe part of the problem when the Steelers have difficulty creating seperation is that they don’t scheme to isolate a player or create space to run an open receiver through a CREATED open area, like the more polished passing attacks.
    GreenBay has receiver combinations that force obvious one on ones where the defender can’t cover both over the top and out- or- in off the break.
    The Saints have plays designed to put there TE phenom in one on ones by using him in the slot, and then letting the WR run the deep post to take one defender which sets up the TE in a position to win over the top or underneath as he turns towards the CB- breaking at the last second.
    We all know the Patriots. If you don’t- or can’t- play Welker in pure bump coverage (like Ike), the Pats set up crosses and drags designed to open up the opposite end of the field and burn the daylights out of the zones (to the point of nausium for non pats fans).
    The Steelers need to take advantage of the fear of Wallce going vertical in the same type of way these teams do, by using the respect other Steeler receivers get, to create the matchups that are impossible for defenses to cover without playing bump- which they certainly can’t do against Wallace. Cross, slant, drag, dig, comeback, curls should all be a part of his game- to- game catch totals. Not just go’s and outs.

  6. Dick says:

    JoPa, your idea sounds like a plan to me. I’m ready to trade BA for you. I do look for the Steelers to pick it up this week but am glad we didn’f have Cincy last week. Mike Wallace will be okay. I do feel we are not getting all we should out of this dynamic duo of Wallace and Brown. These guys are better than good and we should be putting up points in the 30s. Think we are wasting some talent here because of the game plan.

  7. Doug Halfen says:

    I’m not worried about 60 Minutes in the least bit — he’ll be fine. We need all 3 of our Bugatti Boys to run circles through the Bungles’ secondary. ;^>

    I’m more worried about our O-line and the running game. Injuries notwithstanding (at this point, they’re a freakin’ GIVEN!!! — same group every week, HAAA!!!!!), they had a pretty mediocre outing at Arrowhead. I’d REALLY like for them to actually _show_up_ this Sunday!

  8. D.L.Moore says:

    jopa,you got it right for sure.if the db gives wallace a 10-12 yard cusion the why not throw 5 yard hooks or slants untill the db moves closer then go deep?a lot of this seems so elemetary.

  9. David says:

    we all need to remember there are 5 games left, hence a five game losing streak in 2009 that kept us out of the playoffs, Wallace just needs to be motivated and not say too much as to ” i have something for ya’ll ” makes me think of T.O. and Oucho” we don’t need brashness on this team because the center of attention will go to that one player but will resonate on the team…. i don’t like that…. you start thinking your bigger then the game then the game will make you look very,very small. as far as Superbowl predictions, Really!…….

  10. Carl says:

    How bout this for a SB prediction:

    Green Bay one and done after Ndamukong Suh breaks Aaron Rodgers collarbone on the 3rd play of their 1st playoff game.

    Steelers beat Baltimore to go to the SB on a “Poetic Justice” deep bomb to Mike Wallace with 37 seconds left in the game.

    SB: Steelers 27 Saints 20. Rashard Mendenhall is SuperBowl MVP as he runs for 147 yards and 2TDs against the Saints weak run D, keeping the Saints high octane offense off the field. Steelers D does the rest.

    My prediction is just as good as the boring Pack is perfect or Bradys gonna win it BS. Why not?

  11. K2 says:

    Wallace has dropped a few, but BB has missed him big at critical times this year…. Once last week and again against the Ravens which would have been a game changer!

    I agree the BA offense is boring and predictable, but is BB checking the calls and is he making the right calls?

    What about BB timeout against KC after trying to draw them offsides… BB not looking so smart there(?).

    Other teams are getting better and we need to too if we want to make a run in the playoffs….

  12. Scott P says:

    Is B.A. still the O.C. when Rashard runs for 147 and the Steelers keep the Saints offense off the field? We have not seen that kind of offense since Whiz left.

  13. David says:

    on the topic of Hines Ward, unfortunately I believe this will be Hines last year and that is sad to say he is being fazed out at this point so to believe he will be in the mix next year is fantasickle thinking, ( like that word! ). so this year, and no! Ward has not lost a step, he himself says he never had a step and never claimed to be the fastest, but his production hasn’t even fallen off, his opputunities have dwindled. The other wide recievers need to rally, and Ben needs to rally behind one of the Greatest wide recievers in the history of the Pittsburgh Steelers, and afford him the opputunity to reach these 2 milestones in front of Hines at this point in his carreer he needs 9 yards to 12,000 for his carreer, and 19 catches for 1000, 9 yards can come with 1 catch, so that is feasible and not asking for a whole game plan devoted to that cause, but 19 catches can be hard to come by with 5 games left, but not impossible. its possible to reach both by the end of the regular season, I am hoping that can be done, Ward has done so much for the city of Pittsburgh and the team, i really believe he deserves to be in the mix these last 5 regular season games of his illustrious and productive carreer.

  14. Wildwood says:

    This is the same BA that won a SUPERBOWL as the OC right??? The same BA that has a top 10 offense THIS SEASON right?? The same OC that has helped the steelers get to a 7-3 mark as of now too….. correct??? Can someone tell if this was the same OC that helped get this team to the superbowl LAST YEAR? Every team has a bad showing at some point during the season excluding the packers. How great did the pats look against the bills, the saints against the rams or the ravens against the hawks,titans and jags? If Rashard Spindenhall would start running like a featured back and stop dancing, they may be more effective running. Perhaps some of you brainiacs just sound like fools bashing a system that has worked and until we don’t make the playoffs this year just relax and maybe find some common sense.

  15. Scott P says:


    This team and the offense have succeeded because Ben and his receivers are fantastic and playing backyard football after the designed play breaks down. Think about it, most of their big plays happen after Ben gives up on the play, scrambles around and finds somebody down field.

    This is also the reason that Ben takes so many sacks and get’s hit as much as he does. He “holds the ball too long” because nobody is open on the initial routes. His choices are to either throw it away or play backyard football.

    The running game sucks because B.A. is too stubborn to employ a blocking fullback and does not commit much practice time or focus to running the football.

    The team success is in spite of Bruce Arians.

  16. Carl says:

    Scott P,

    No, in my prediction Bizarro B.A. conks Real B.A. on the head in pregame. He calls a 65-35 run/pass split. Unfortunately, the Saints have no blue krpytonite, and we win…

  17. David says:

    @Scott P. any thoughts on the Hines Ward topic I just wrote about, I see you have lots of thoughts when it comes to BA, What are your thoughts on a player getting milestone numbers to help solidify an astonishing career…. and are at the end of thier playing days, and how would you rank walter payton and emmitt smith on a 1 – 2 basis…

  18. Eric says:

    Wildwood—Is that you BA-the Steelers have accomplished all of the above despite BA.

  19. Scott P says:

    Hines Ward is a true professional, a team player, and all time great. He wants what is best for the team. Right now, he is the 4th receiver. If he get’s his milestones in the normal flow of the game….great. I don’t think they should force feed him the ball in order to hit personal goals. Hines has always put personal goals way down on his priority list. That is part of what makes him who he is. That said, I don’t think they are utilizing his talents to the full potential. He is still an effective player who is being ignored in the game plan. I believe their red zone efficiency would increase significantly if Hines was a bigger part of that package.

    At the end of the day, Hines’ astonishing career is already solidified. Hitting a couple of statistical milestones is not going to make or break his legacy.

    Walter Payton is far superior to Emmit Smith. To illustrate my point, tell me who the Bears had out there helping him all those years. Did they have any pro bowl caliber talent supporting him?

    Emmit Smith ran behind one of the most dominant O-Lines in the history of the game. He also had a pro bowl full back leading the way and a great passing game to loosen things up. If you flip flop them, Sweetness is the all time leading rusher on the Cowboys while Emmitt is simply a nice player for the Bears.

  20. David says:

    @Scot P. Nice points and great feedback. Tho there is one thing to point out about emmitt, he got his rushing title yards with a different team, so on a 1 2 basis, Walter will always be #1 in regards to that point. You touched on my question the only way it could have been said and thanks for your professional input.

  21. Scott P says:

    My two favorite teams are the Steelers and whoever happens to be on the Cowboys schedule. I wish that Emmitt would have set the record after he moved on to the Cardinals. Unfortunately, He did break the rushing record while nursing the aftermath of the Cowboy “dynasty”.

    By the time he rushed his way in to the record books, he was averaging less than 3 yards a carry.

    The true MVP of that team was Mike Lynn. As the Vikings G.M., He gave Dallas a mother load of players and premium draft picks in exchange for Hershel Walker.

    Think about it……Has Jimmy Johnson (Head Coach), Norv Turner (Offensive Coordinator), or Dave Wannstedt (Defensive Coordinator) had any recent success?

    We all know the answer…..

  22. David says:

    you know, some coaches are better left in the college ranks, nuf-said on that, Norv has had a losing to .500 record throughout his NFL stints, nothing to rave about on him, but go figure as to why he has had so many stints in the NFL, your guess is as good as mine.Thanks again,

  23. aocaocpupcia says:

    “» Wallace: ‘I’ll be fine’ – The Steel Mill” – good text :)

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