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Pouncey working his way back from virus


Maurkice Pouncey went to work today for the first time this week, and let’s just say that the Pro Bowl center has looked better.
Pouncey spent the previous four days battling a stomach virus that caused him to lose 12 pounds, and he is just now starting to regain his strength.
“Today’s been the first day that I actually feel pretty good,” said Pouncey, adding that he wil “definitely” play Sunday against the Bengals.
Pouncey planned to take part in some individual drills today at practice, and at the top of his to-do list is putting back on the weight he dropped.
Pouncey said his weight dipped under 290 pounds, though he has already put back on two of the lost pounds with a steady diet of fluid, bread and yogurt.
Pouncey woke up last Sunday with the debilitating virus, and it weakened him to the point that the slept in the locker room while the Steelers went through pre-game warm-ups at Arrowhead Stadium.
Pouncey gutted it out for a little more than a quarter before going to the locker room for an IV. He didn’t return to the game after his stomach started cramping up, and in retrospect it’s remarkable that Pouncey was able to play at all at Kansas City.
When asked if he had, uh, lost his pre-game meal at Kansas City, Pouncey said, “I lost everything for the past month.”

— Scott Brown



  1. eyeheartbrucearians says:

    I’d like to offer my highest recommendation of BA for the Ole Miss job.

  2. Scott P says:

    I love Pouncey. He is a true Steeler.

  3. Scott P says:

    D.K. never answers my questions during his chat so I will throw it out here to see if the masses know the answer.

    Do the Steelers have enough room under the cap to buy B.A. a clue?

  4. Scott P says:

    Hey David,
    I responded to your questions about Hines and Sweetness on the previous post.

  5. eyeheartbrucearians says:

    SP: Here’s a tip for getting answered on the chat or getting through to a radio show, etc. You have to begin by complimenting the host. Observe:

    Hi, Dejan great job with the chat…

    Also, ask something that the host can be funny about. They love that.

  6. Scott P says:

    Thanks for the tip eyeheart.

  7. Steelers7thHeaven says:

    Hope we can put together a COMPLETE game this week, with everyone involved. Hope we slap the crap out of dem Bungels….and everyone else we meet along the way.

    Hope BA can pull his head out of @ss and game plan a real game…..hope BEN can go for a stretch run of games, without making the BIG mistake, then having to come back late in the game….making the offense or defense help get out of the hole he created. Hope Tomlin finally puts on his big boy pants, and starts getting in players faces, and fires them up…..dude looks like he took some muscle relaxers, always calm like a puddle of water!!!

  8. Doug Halfen says:

    Those stomach bugs can be a real PITA (sometimes literally). Glad to hear that Maurkice is over the hump and getting back on track — we need him in Pro Bowl form ASAP!!! ;^>

  9. eyeheartbrucearians says:

    Successful chat query: Love the chat, Dejan! If the Steelers’ remaining schedule were icecream, are they looking at rocky road or vanilla?

    Dejan: Mostly vanilla with a double scoop of tutti-fruiti in San Fran.

    See? Works every time.

  10. eyeheartbrucearians says:

    My special lady friend says “‘tutti-fruiti sundae’ in San Fran” is funnier, because of the sundae/Sunday thing. I have to agree. No, really, I have to or else.

  11. Clarence says:

    rest Pouncey… rest Polamalu… rest Woodley. This is a Steelers team that can get into the playoffs with healthy hungry athletes. As long as we can get the win, when we get to the playoffs, its a new day. So, when ever possible, let’s rest our guys and get them nice and healthy.

  12. Paulie Raspa says:

    I say Play them all — we need to start to Gel — If we are worried about injuries then you need to rest BEN — ANYONE CAN SEE THAT EACH WEEK HE IS GETTING HIS BUTT KICKED BUT HE GETS UP LIKE A TRUE STEELER!!!!
    Woodley,Pol & Pouncey will be out there — these guys know whats on the line!!!!
    I would spell certain starters especially if we have a nice lead..


  13. David says:

    I say rest the ones who feel they need, rest the ones who really need it, and it wouldn’t be a bad idea to pull Ben whenthe win is obvious, let Batch in there for some snaps and reps, he is rusting back there…….

    @Scott P. i read it, and thanks, i also elaborated on thet previous article.

    @Paulie: wow! your really telling your age…….

    this weeks game with Cincy is no cakewalk, so I hope we are going in this game with a Playoff atmoshere attitude, a loss won’t hurt us, but it will put a ding in the armor

    that said, this ‘ of all games remaining ‘ concerns me…..

    nonetheless! … Here We Go Steelers, Here We Go!

  14. eyeheartbrucearians says:

    Awright, here we go! This has to be a signature game. The Steelers have to show that they can put down a team that is above average in talent, that has a stake in the playoff picture, that is a division rival, and that they have in their home digs, for goodness sakes!

    This must be a convincing win “going forward!”

  15. paulie raspa says:

    Hey — I say when the season is over and B.A. retires — Hire Norv Turner as O.C. BUT NEVER MAKE HIM A HEAD COACH!!!!!!!!!!!!
    He is one of those guys that is good at the O.C. spot but as a Head Coach I could not see him….. Wade Phillips,Romeo Crennell and Rex Ryan are the same types too..

    David — we haven’t had too many “obvious” wins,Hopefully 1 today
    — and lets say I was 11 when Bradshaw’ neck was broken — the hit was as scary as when Tatum hit Stingley !!

  16. eyeheartbrucearians says:

    You beat me to it, P-Ras. Norvill will be available next year, with a chip on his shoulder. I can’t see his face on a TV pregame show. With the young offensive skill position players the Steelers have and Norvill as OC the Steelers could be a dynasty.

    Now, does anyone out there not think that Turner would be an improvement over BA?

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