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Joe Reedy, the Bengals’ beat writer for the Cincinnati Enquirer, answers a couple of questions about today’s game at Heinz Field.

Q: What will having A.J. Green for the entire game do for the Bengals’ offense?
A: A.J. Green gives the Bengals a consistent deep and vertical threat which is something they were lacking since Ochocinco’s decline in 2007. It will help having him the entire game because that frees up Gresham and Caldwell underneath. Simpson can help stretch the field too but has been wildly inconsistent.

Q: What do the Bengals have to do to win today?
A: No turnovers and their secondary has to play perfect. Nate Clements might miss the game due to a hamstring injury which leaves just three corners and not a lot of depth. Chris Crocker and Gibril Wilson could play the nickel corner, which is a scary proposition.

Q: Do you have a prediction?
A: Steelers 27-20. If the Bengals had Clements I could see the possibility for an upset but not now. Their secondary is too banged up and with the way Roethlisberger can make plays on the run that should be the deciding factor.



  1. eyeheartbrucearians says:

    Q for Joe:

    Hey Joe, how can you sleep at night rooting for a team with those uni’s? Maybe because they look like jammies. Do they have feet in them? Puh-lease. The Bengals discredit the AFC North and the entire National… Football… League with those costumes. What’s next, the players draw whiskers on their faces with eye-black?

    Stillers put the “OW” in Bengals’ growl.

  2. Wildwood says:

    Just thought I’d ask you anti BA folks out there how he did coaching em up against a top ten defensive unit today?????. That was a nice 93yd td drive to huh? Oh yeah does anyone know the score in the Bears/CHIEFS game too??? Perhaps the chiefs can play some “D” …… I’m just sayin! BA is not perfect guys but the criticism is at ridiculous levels as the steelers head into the playoffs AGAIN!

  3. eyeheartbrucearians says:

    Ghee whiz, WW, we’re talking “body of work,” here. The Steelers offense did today what they should be doing on a regular basis. How do you compare the Steelers’ offensive position players with those of the top offenses in the NFL? The Steelers have, at least, comparable players with the Saints, Pats, and Packers. Yet, the offenses of those teams run roughshod over the opposition. Meanwhile, the Steelers consistently have to sweat it out against all opposition.

    That’s the issue, WW and others: the Steelers have SUPERIOR offensive talent, and inferior offensive performance.

    The Steelers should be a top three scoring offense, plain and simple. That’s it. That’s the issue. Why don’t you BA apologists get it?

    By the way, please rewind and see how that stupid wide receiver screen is getting jumped by the defense.

  4. Wildwood says:

    Like I said BA’s not perfect and not without fault and yes those “bubble screens” are questionable at times, however when the defense gives Wallace a ten yard cushion you can see the logic I hope. Going into today the Steelers were ranked Ninth offensively and tied record wise with the Pats and Saints. “Body of work wise” the Steelers are the only team of the group you mentioned to make it a Superbowl twice in the last five years. BA deserves some credit for this success, you can’t make it possibly to three
    SB’s in six years in spite of your OC I don’t care what you say. When I hear that BA should be fired is just moronic. Being six spots below your expectations is no reason to fire the guy. I might add that a certain QB has thrived under his tenure too.

  5. David says:

    Didn’t get to see the game until there was 8 minutes in the second quarter , did Ward get 12thousand yards recieving, I saw he was in the mix in this game. Hey you two, can we all just get along, BA is no more a bad oc then MT is a bad coach, Ben says he likes Bruce and even is said to have talked him out if retiring last year, so if my qb is comfortable with a system and we are winning, well then u don’t fix what ain’t broke and you don’t break it if it still works. All u gotta do is look at Bens won loss record as a starter… That’s all I need to say, heck of a game today and there for 3 hours we held the number 1 seed in the playoffs, see how close we are to achieving that…. But Baltimores gotta lose 2 games and so does Houston we have the tie breaker over New England…. Thursday night is just 4 days until Cleveland time hunker down men, we going into battle…. 9-3 looks pretty good, doesn’t it!

  6. Rob says:

    Wildwood, it’s all about consistency; BA has none. Last week, against a pathetic KC team that turned the ball over 4 times, BA directed an offense that capitalized for all of 3 points. When trying to put the game away at the end of the game, BA directed 3 consecutive 3-and-outs. Care to defend that?

    I recall a quote earlier this season from – I believe – Antonio Brown along the lines of, “(the offense) just needs to get it together.” Interesting statement, that.

    The phrase “get it together” could be condensed to a single word: “coordinate.” In other words, if only the Steelers had someone who could coordinate the offense. We could call the position, “coach who gets the offense coordinated.” Unfortunately, the title “offensive coordinator” has been ironically spent.

  7. Paulie Raspa says:

    The Steelers looked very good yesterday and we Steelers fans know that if we play well and GEL in December then January starts that whole new season. Hats off to both Lines and Special teams of the Black n Gold. All played extremely well yesterday. We know that each of them have been an Archilles Heel from time to time this season.
    I did like the way we ran the ball yesterday as Mende really ran with a purpose and did not “pussy-foot” and try and fake people out. When he runs with authority,conviction & a purpose he looks really good. Redman should have more touches in the game. Line him up as a receiver and shoot him a Bubble Screen and see him wreck people in front. That guy needs to touch the ball 10-15 times a game and Mende at least 20 times.
    LEGURSKY looked good and I am confident with that guy as my guard. He is Smart and A REAL THROWBACK!!! The O-LINE looked really good –BRING ON THE BROWNS!!!!

  8. Rick says:

    I have stated all year that when the O-line plays well, like they are capable of playing, the offense runs very well, both literally and figuratively.
    I was really happy to see the closest thing to a complete game we have seen all season.
    And just in case any BA constant detractors forget, Ben can call off any play he doesn’t want to run given the situation he sees, and he did do that yesterday a couple times.
    The team has to execute the given play, so what might appear to be bad BA planning or play calling often is simply lack of execution.
    And will some of you please credit opponents. KC was at home, their defense played very well, AS WAS SHOWN yesterday limiting the Bears to all of 3 points. They we playing us who had a bye week which mandates now no work the bye week, and we had a shortened week due to Thanksgiving. The offense was rusty, more like dropped passes, penalties, lack of execution.
    We are now 2-2 in the division, need to be 4-2 and win out, let the cards fall all over the Ravens. Hopefully they will falter along their path and we get the division. Otherwise we go for top wild card seed.

    This was a good win. Stay healthy, play hard and effectively and hopefully not against the refs too.

  9. Scott P says:

    I will give credit where credit is due. B.A. called a good game. He stuck to the run and allowed it to gel. He used Redman to motivate a sluggish Mendenhall. Rashard ran much harder after watching Redman carry defenders on his back.

    Let’s not get carried away with the Bengals “top 10″ defensive ranking. They achieved that competing against Cle, Den, S.F., Buff, Jax, Tenn, Indy, and Sea. Not exactly offensive juggernauts.

    Let’s see how Bruce responds to having a little success on the ground. I hope we don’t have a repeat performance of the last Thursday night game (2009) against Cleveland. It was 9 degrees on the shores of Lake Erie that night. The wind was whipping and swirling, causing sub zero wind chills . The Browns were ranked 31st in the NFL against the run. Despite these factors, Arians thought it was a good idea to call 40 pass plays vs. 19 rushing attempts.

    The Steelers lost 13-6 while Ben took 8 sacks. B.A. ran the empty backfield repeatedly in 3rd and short situations.

    Let’s hope he learned something from that abysmal failure and yesterdays success.

  10. sjb says:

    Arians is still easily capable of the “They think we’ll do this so we’ll fool em and do that” stupidity even if it means failing 9 times out of 10. He would throw the ball on every down in a hurricane if they were presented with nothing but short yardage situations and if he was in Vegas and the odds were 100-1 against black, he’d bet black all day.

    The Steelers offense has the talent and depth to succeed easily in most situations until Arians starts thinking he’s a genius and then it’s a half-a$$ed cluster F. The fact that they succeeded this week doing what they should do and playing to their strengths just means he’ll be a cute smarta$$ next time and try to change it up for no reason other than to “trick em”. I see a close nail biter Thursday and it doesn’t have to be, just like all the other games he tries to lose from the jaws of victory.

    I guarantee at least two 1st down, empty set sacks at the 30 yard line Thursday taking them out of field goal range even if they are running over the Browns all day like Ray Rice did yesterday.

  11. David says:

    believe it or not, if we fall into the wildcard slot, we will be the best 13-3 wildcard in all of professional sports, period!…. book em Dano!

  12. David says:

    also wanna give a shout out to my man Hines Ward, CONGRATULATIONS Mr. Hines, you are the 19th player in NFL history to go over the 12,000 yard recieving mark……. welcome to the Hall Of Fame in between Stalworth and Swann …… your achievements are above and beyond the ‘ Standard, now onto the reception record……hoorah, here we go steelers, here we go!

  13. David says:

    if the playoffs were to start this week

    wildcard: Steelers ( 9-3 ) @ Broncos ( 7-5-)
    wildcard: Bengals ( 7-5 ) @ Ravens ( 9-3 )

    first round bye :
    1st. Patriots
    2nd. Texans

    Steelers 34 Broncos 6 ///// tebow will get them into field goal range twice….

    Bengals 17 Ravens 10 //// flacco will get sacked 3xs giving up the go ahead score with 34 seconds left in regulation.

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