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‘Cowboy’ Cribbs in crosshairs of Steelers


To kick or not to kick to Josh Cribbs when the Steelers try to beat the Browns for the 15th time in the last 16 meetings between the AFC North rivals.
That is the question Mike Tomlin will have to answer before Thursday night — if he hasn’t already done so.
“We cannot let Josh Cribbs do to what he’s done to us time and time again in the past,” Tomlin said. “We’ve been dead Indians in his cowboy movie enough.”
Indeed, three of Cribbs’ eight kickoff returns for touchdowns have come against the Steelers. That is why Tomlin, during his weekly news conference Monday, left open the possibility of kicking away from Cribbs.
There should not even be a question of what the Steelers should do when it comes to the one Cleveland skill player that inspires any kind of fear in the opposition.
Make Colt McCoy, Peyton Hillis or one of the Browns’ no-name wide receivers beat you. Don’t make it any easier for an offense that should be no match for the Steelers’ defense by giving it a couple of short fields if not a touchdown.
If the Steelers do challenge Cribbs -– and they won’t kick it right to him if they go that route –- they may have the player to neutralize him in Curtis Brown.
Brown leads the Steelers with 13 special-teams tackles, 11 of which have been unassisted. Only three other Steelers have more than five tackles on special teams.
Special teams coordinator Al Everest lavished praise on the rookie cornerback after the Steelers’ 35-7 win over the Bengals.
Tomlin did the same at his news conference, and he rarely has much to say about first-year players.
“He’s got a different sense of urgency than most,” Tomlin said of Brown. “His hair is on fire. This guy competes when he’s in position to make plays. He competes when he is in less than ideal positions, double-teams.
“He’s an exciting young guy, not only because of what he’s doing on special teams, but generally, if a guy plays with that kind of urgency and that kind of production on special teams, it’s a window to what he may be capable of doing at some point on offense or defense. We are excited about him, but I think we are getting similar efforts and contributions from Cortez Allen.”



  1. Dan says:

    he’ll be put back to sleep again by da silverback

  2. Doug Halfen says:

    Al has done an absolutely _fantastic_ job with our special teams since landing here after being unceremoniously dumped by the Noners. (Anyone with half a brain knew that the problem was Puddin’-Head Singletary…)

    I have complete confidence that, even if Cribbs makes some returns, they’ll do their best to contain him. Cleveland should be more worried about our Bugatti Boys zooming returns against them! ;^>

    After seeing how the Browns played against the Poiple Boids, I can’t help but think that this bunch is still in “expansion” mode. Colt McCoy showed some real promise last season but looked like a _complete_ idiot this past Sunday. (I think one doomed screen pass netted -9 yards or such — the QB should know better than to throw that ball!!!!! Just awful). And their defense was absolutely listless, allowing Ray Rice to run through them at will. (He had over 200 yards rushing!)

    If the Browns were that terrible at home, then we should absolutely DESTROY them at Heinz Field. Let’s get the “fire Mike Holmgren and Pat Shurmur” (as much as I dislike Mangini, they should have stuck with him for one more season) parade started; they’re a pair of bums and an insult to the city of Cleveland.

    (Ohio has had _especially_ lousy luck in football lately, especially with the pro teams…)

  3. David says:

    We should trade for Cribbs, let him feel what its like to be winning games all the time, not just once in awhile. He would be a great talent to have. Steelers 41. Browns 9

  4. eyeheartbrucearians says:

    Speaking of Tomin-speak, I had never heard the phrase “moving forward” or “going forward” before Tomlin said it awhile back, and then BB started repeating it in his Big Lebowski manner of incorporating speech manerisms into his own vocabulary without having any idea what they mean, and now I hear it on sports talk radio and sports TV every day!

    Hell, I can’t figure out what it even means, but I hereby nominate Coach Tomlin as the inventor of “moving forward.”

  5. eyeheartbrucearians says:

    Steelers 13, Browns 10, as Bruce Arians outwits himself and noone else, moving forward.

  6. Paulie Raspa says:

    It’s simple… If we are punting inside our own 20 kick the ball away from Cribbs –Out of Bounds — Whatever — If we are kicking the ball to where he most likely is going to fair catch or inside the 20 –Kick it to him…… I think we should run another fake — Let’s face it –when Special teams makes a play — the whole team gets excited!!!


  7. Rick says:

    Moving forward, easy to figure out – the past is past, can’t change it, learn from it and go on.
    Gee eyeheart…, join BA. :p
    Tomlin compressed it into 2 words, better things to talk about than what can’t be changed.
    It won’t be a slaughter, but Miller will get his receptions, Mendy and maybe Redman both might get 100 yd rushing games, Browns will get 3 or 6 points (read about McCoy limping, not good to play when gimpy, least wise not against us), Cribbs will still be wanting (he’s really good, too bad he languished on the Browns).

    Just love short weeks.

  8. David says:

    There are some things to be said about moving forward. If your going back, you can’t be moving forward. If your standing still your not found anywhere, and if your pushed back against your will and are fighting it, its called a strugle. Hence the phrase , moving forward is a term used when you aren’t looking back!

  9. David says:

    I know I myself have used the phrase moving forward at lest a quad dozen times and um older then Tomlin, he couldn’t have made it up, plus I remember distinctly in the back of my mind my father saying it in a regular basis.

  10. eyeheartbrucearians says:

    Thanks, I stand corrected about “moving forward.”

    But, “join BA”? Why, is he coming apart?

  11. David says:

    your welcome eyeheart, just sayn… also on BA, the only explanation for ba is that ba does what ba does, nothing else can explain why he does what he does except for that he does it…. i think you can pretty much understand what im sayn…. Right!

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