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Roethlisberger Q&A


Quarterback Ben Roethlisberger riffs on the number of sacks he takes, “Whip” and the Steelers’ short week.

Q: You seem to get sacked at or close to the same number every season. Any theory as to why that is?
A: I plan for it. At the beginning of the year I put a big number up that I’m trying to get. That speaks to not worrying about it. I don’t go into a game saying ‘OK, I’m going to try not to get sacked this game.’ I go in and play the game the way I know how to play it. I know the line takes a lot of heat for those things but you’d probably cut those sacks in half if wasn’t for the style of game that I play. I think they’re overworrying about it, the media and the fans and people talking about them doing a poor job. I think they’re over it now. My thumb (injury) wasn’t on a sack. The big injuries just seem to happen on regular plays. I don’t think I take too many big shots.

Q: Cleveland quarterbacks coach Mark Whipple was your first quarterbacks coach here. Are you still in touch with him?
I do talk to him. Coach Whip is a great guy. I’m glad he landed. I’m not so glad he’s p there because I hate to have to beat him all the time. I know that he’s excited to be working with Colt (McCoy). I know it’s a challenge for him and he likes those challenges. I think he’ll be a good mentor for him.

Q: Do you still use being from Ohio and the Browns passing over you in the draft as motivation?
A: I’ll probably always have that. My goal is never to lose to any Ohio team.

Q: What challenges do a short week present?
A: It’s not bad for us because the game plan is very similar to last week so that helps. Having a relatively experienced group we can do the no-huddle so I think that helps us a little bit and I think Bruce is comfortable enough to say, ‘Listen, we’re going to use the no-huddle this game.’ And him feeling comfortable with me and me feeling comfortable in the offense we can utilize that.

Q: What your thoughts on the playoff picture?
A: Obviously you want to win your division. It’s not impossible to still do but for me let’s just get in the playoffs and anything can happen. We’re a good home team. We’re a good road team. That’s a distant thought right now because nothing matter unless we take care of the business that we need to take care of.



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