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Harrison and injury updates


Ben Roethlisberger’s high-ankle sprain dominated talk in the Steelers’ locker room after a 14-3 win over the Browns. Here is a James Harrison as well as an injury update.

— Harrison didn’t agree with the roughing the passer penalty he received in the fourth quarter for hitting Colt McCoy after the Browns quarterback had flipped a pass to running back Mondesto Hardesty.
“From what I understand once the quarterback leaves the pocket he’s a runner. All the liberties a quarterback has in the pocket are gone,” Harrison said. “You can tackle him just as if he’s a running back. The hit wasn’t late so I really don’t understand why it was called.”
Harrison said he was penalized for unnecessary roughness, not a helmet-to-helmet hit, for the blow that leveled McCoy and forced him to leave the game for a play.
When asked later if it had been a cheap shot, McCoy said, “I don’t know.”
Said Browns coach Pat Shurmur, “I think (referees) felt it, so it was penalized.”
Harrison is almost certain to be fined for the first time this season by the NFL.
“We’ll see what transpires later on in the week,” Harrison said.

— Other injured Steelers to watch include center Maurkice Pouncey, who sustained a high-ankle sprain and strong safety Troy Polamalu.
Pouncey didn’t play in the second half after limping through the latter part of the second quarter. He said after the game that he will be back in the lineup Dec. 19, when the Steelers visit the 49ers.
As for Polamalu, Tomlin said, “Troy Polamalu may have tweaked his hamstring. I don’t know how significant it is. We just got him out of the game to exercise some caution.”
Defensive end Ziggy Hood said he is hopeful the groin injury he sustained against the Browns won’t keep him out of the 49ers game.

— Scott Brown



  1. sjb says:

    I totally agree with Harrison on that one. McCoy is nothing more than a player running with the football at that point and if he decides at the last second not to throw, he’s only a yard or two away from running to a first down. Harrison played that perfectly and if it was Ben and also not Harrison involved, that gets no flag.

    Is there any question anymore that Chris Kemoeatu is a POS worthless player and shouldn’t be allowed near an NFL field yet alone play for one of its teams. Three penalties and twice he killed great third down conversions that they had to find a way to come back from. The 2nd time leading to Ben’s intereception which I completely blame Kemoeatu for.

    I’m all for going for it 4 times from the 2 but Mendenhall 4 times up the middle? Dumb play calling, dumb coaching. He’s not a back you can go to when the box is loaded, never was. If I’m Redman I start demanding a trade after this season to a team where my strengths can be appreciated and put to better use because the Steelers and Tomlin certainly don’t see it and don’t think he has anything to offer them.

    Between the Penguins and Steelers, is Pittsburgh the most injury plagued city in America? It’s been like this for about two years now and I’d like to find the JO with the voodoo doll…bet he lives in Baltimore or Philly…the breed them like flys out there.

  2. sjb says:

    Sorry, bad typo…flies.

  3. Jonesz says:

    Even though I hope he’s right this time, remember Pouncey also told everyone that he’s was, without a doubt, going to play in the Super Bowl too..

  4. DickW says:

    Agree with James Harrison on the McCoy hit. We all know that logic never prevails when it comes to fines. The league won’t be happy until they’ve screwed this game up completely. Also, they get a chance to come after the Steelers again and they don’t want to miss that opportunity. Reverse the circumstances of Ben’s hit by the Browns and if it were the Steelers on McCoy you can bet on the flag and the fine. Let’s win the Super Bowl and watch these league guys wring their hands. Sorry James, they are after you again.

  5. John V says:

    Tomlin should be required to watch those 4 ridiculous downs with Mendenhall over and over and over again. And then apologise to Issic Redman. What stubborn dork Tomlin is!!!!!!!!

  6. great article, always love reading good writing.

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