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MRI confirms high-ankle sprain for Ben

An MRI taken today confirmed that quarterback Ben Roethlisberger sustained a high-ankle sprain in the Steelers’ 14-3 win over the Browns.
Roethlisberger is in a walking boot and in a considerable amount of pain after receiving one of the biggest scares of his career.
Roethlisberger’s left foot got folded under his leg after he was hit low by Browns defensive tackle Scott Paxson in the second quarter.
Roethlisberger said he thought he had broken his leg, and he surprised many of his teammates by hobbling back onto the field after halftime and playing the entire second half.
He completed 8 of 12 passes for 178 yards and a touchdown in the second half. Roethlisberger also posted his higher passer rating of the season (129.6) despite playing on a bad leg for half the game.
It looks like it is going to be real close as to whether Roethlisberger will be able play Dec. 19 in San Francisco. The extra days of rest the Steelers get because of the schedule should help, but most players wouldn’t be able to make it make so soon after sustaining such a gruesome injury.
Then again, Roethlisberger isn’t most players as he showed in one of his career-defining performances.
Probably the best way to put his prospects for playing against the 49ers is this: Don’t bet on him. Don’t bet against him either.

– Scott Brown


  1. JT says:

    Ben is a man. Period. But him and Pouncey are truly hurting. Not good to see. No way the Steelers win in SF even with them. So now do they rest them both until the last game of the regular season or wait until the first playoff game for them to play. Tough call and the big question here. The Steelers are going Wild Card so nothing to gain in trying to win any of the remaining games. Sucks no doubt.

  2. David says:

    i have read on high ankle sprains and for all intense purpose, Ben should be out and off his ankle at least 6 weeks,,, so we will eave that perverbial question up to Ben …. Will he play next Monday night!….. 10 days…..

  3. Bsteel says:

    Just watched the game in real time on DVR (was working thurs. night) . It seemed like a Steelers/Browns game from the 70′s. Forget about the present status of the teams. It is worth saving and watching again. Steelers defense was timely, to say the least. Big Ben, we are watching a Steelers legacy. Kudos to the Browns and Colt MCCoy. I want the AFC North to be the best div. in the NFL, just like the Central was in the 70′s. If not the Steelers, then go go go Ravens, Bengals, and Browns!

  4. cerone says:

    Bsteel: Good point except there is zippy chance any self-respecting Steelers fan would ever stoop so low to root for the Ravens, unless a Ravens win meant the Steelers get into the playoffs. Rooting for the Browns, maybe; rooting for the Bengals, perhaps. Ravens, never. Steelers have a lot to be happy about at this point and a lot to be concerned about. It should be an interesting finish…

  5. Chuck H. says:

    Thank God for Ben Rothlisberger. I am so proud of that man, because without Ben, we would have surely lost. We really don’t have a capable back-up QBack. At least,
    Charley Batch, while he was in there, didn’t look like much of a threat. Both passes he threw were way off the mark. The Steelers needed some kind of play when they were
    on the Browns’ one yard line. Sending Mendenhal into a mass of defenders four straight
    times was ridiculous. They should have faked the plunge and sent a runner around
    the end. Where are those plays when you need them? STEELERS, all the way if Ben
    plays. Maybe they could get Favre to come out of retirement!!!

  6. Doug Halfen says:

    I couldn’t be prouder of the Big Galoot. He’s a special player, and we’re BLOODY LUCKY to have him as our QB.

    He will do many things that drive me nuts (I’m _constantly_ yelling at the TV for him to throw the ball away as CERTAIN DOOM approaches), but he does so many more things that just drop my jaw in amazement. He had a late TD against the Cowturds in ’04 that was an utter miracle, and that first TD last night was cut from the same script. ;^>

    If he hadn’t come back, then the injury would have been devastating. But he gutted it out, as I sensed he would (he’s kinda predictable that way X^D ). Wow.

    I’m looking forward to seeing him play in San Fran (fingers crossed X X) — goodness knows, we just _have_ to beat _one_ of the Harbaughs in this regular season…..

    (We’ll need to beat the other one in the playoffs and prove the whole “3rd time’s the charm” saying. ;^)

  7. Don Lewis says:

    Our chances of being a wild card would be the same if we lost another game, say to San Francisco, and even if Ben can’t play for the rest of the regular season, he would be ready for the playoffs. If the Ravens win their last three games, the Chargers, home against the Browns, and at Cincinnati, and they should, it wouldn’t matter if we won out, same deal – we’re in as a wild card. I believe the Bengals have the best chance of beating the Ravens in Cincinnati, but they too have been sliding downhill since mid-season. About Pouncey, I can’t believe Tomlin let him stay in so long after it was known he had an injured ankle or lower leg. Bottom line, I say don’t push Ben into the San Francisco (the only game we can’t win without him) game. Leftwhich can win the other two without too much trouble.

  8. George P says:

    Um…..that’s great except Leftwich is on IR.

  9. eyeheartbrucearians says:

    I, eyeheart, have had a change of heart. After a heart to heart talk with some fellow Stiller fans over a few malted beverages (had to settle for Rolling Rock, as you have to go to some remote beverage emporium to find Iron City on the West Coast! although Rolling Rock is just fine, because of the glass lined barrels, an’ all ‘at) we have decided that the best course of action is that something stupid and futile be done on somebody’s part… and we’re just the guys to do it! Let’s do it! From here on out, I’m all in! Never again shall ill words fall from my pen, er, keyboard! With Big Ben at the helm, all is possible! Shine on you crazy Roethlisberger! You go, BA! Let’s go Coach Mike! Troy and the D! The Big Legursky! Coach LeBeau! Let’s go! IIIII gotta feeelin! Pittsburgh’s goin’ to the SuperBowl! I think we’re watching history in the making! I am not kidding here! I think that that Cleveland game has galvanized the Stillers and they will launch a run to the Super Bowl. I only hope the Packers make it too, because the Super Stillers will roll their rocks!

    Here we go Stillers, here we go!

  10. Paulie Raspa says:

    Whew –What a Game!!! A win is a win and again we almost lost our key player Big Ben!! That injury though was on him –He had 5+ seconds to get rid of the ball –But -The true Warrior and Throwback he is –He finishes and WINS the game… What do Farrior,A.Smith,Ward,Hoke,Komeatu(the human penalty) have in common? Most likely, this will be the last Year in the Black n Gold uniform — but to be honest with you I would want them all back (except for Chris KOM–Like the Guy but not the mistakes)..
    Need this win in San Fran as this game is Huge for us and I still think San Fran is a Bit over-rated —
    Last-off — Our D is playing LIIGHTS OUT— CONGRATS TO THE “TOO OLD D” — Warren Sapp should be FIRED for not knowing about STEELER FOOTBALL!!!!
    BRING ON THE NINERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. DickW says:

    Agree with all Steeler fans who say the Super Bowl is our destiny. However, this enthusiasm must be tempered by the fact that Ben has sustained a slow healing high ankle sprain. If this guy was to pull off a SB run this condition then they should waive all rules and immediately send him to Canton. However, I wouldn’t count him out because if anyone could do it, it would be Big Ben. That being said, how about that Antonio Brown? Gotta love this guy. Redo the draft again and AB is a first rounder. If we can keep BB healthy, the sky is the limit with this receiving corps. And, I’ve been waiting for Warren Sapp to eat his early season words but still haven’t heard it. Maybe afterit’s all over and we get number 7.

  12. Rick says:

    I am sure that we will all be back to … beat SF … later next week.
    Right now some things I still do not like.
    Inconsistency of the refs in their penalty calls. Someone said Kemo was wrong on all 3 calls for holding, yet I will cite several times in space that Brown’s OLs literally had their arms around the chest and under the neck of one of our guys. Please, just what is holding? I liken OL play as sumo wrestlers maneuvering each other.
    So, that said, the holding call on Kemo on that run, the defensive player turned off Kemo and he appeared to be holding a little (note that his hand did not move from the legal position) and released during the other player’s turn around. What if he had released him and shoved him to the ground, is that holding?

    That beat writers are calling Harrison’s hit on McCoy a “vicious hit” is a bit disturbing. I didn’t take it as that. Once again, some Cleveland player alters his course and nothing can be changed to avoid the hard hit. Yes, McCoy was outside the pocket and in free space running. Hmmm. No flag when Ben got clobbered, hit to the leg, technically not legal or so close they should have erred and called it! Why the difference?

    Twice Cleveland players hit our receivers with helmet to helmet hits, yet no flags.

    I am not picking on Cleveland here, I am questioning the refs. Yes, once more, why are they bring to alter games with inconsistent calls?

    Like the catch no-catch review. That was just a terrible review call, even the announcers, from their replays, said so.

    Ben, I hope your new wife is babying you to make up for the lack of it from the opponents. :D Use Hines’s hyperbaric chamber.

    Folks, I was born in Latrobe, grew up near Pittsburgh, but lived away for the bulk of my life. I have NEVER stopped being a Steeler’s fan. Don’t call me some “whatever” homer. I try to view things, liking them or not, in the most realistic way possible. We can all second guess BA or MT or DL, we have the luxury of seeing things from a different view sometimes. But it is their efforts that got the Steelers from pre-camp to where we are, and the players either perform or don’t. It is sometimes that simple.

    Go Black and Gold – yes, we can beat SF.

    And dare I say it, even with Batch at QB, as he will be definitely taking a lot more reps this week. He is not Ben, but he is not some run of the mill QB either.

  13. Bsteel says:

    They say offensive holding could be called on every play. If that is true then the call is subject to abuse, and not calling it is always an error! And ten yards for it is a drive killer! If the league wants to favor the offenses and make for more scoring, then at least reduce the penalty to five yards. The best thing to do is to make holding uniiforms, at least, legal. Let both offensive and defensive linemen grab each other and fight for leverage. The defense will adjust. No one can hold a similar sized opponent so tightly that his hold can’t be chopped off. And it would be hard to grab a tight jersey of a rushing linebacker. As it is now, edge rushers like Harrison get arm-barred around the throat and that’s not holding! By the way if anyone can tweet James or otherwise contact him, please suggest him trying a swift uppercut to the O-linemans triceps and arm pit. I have some martial arts training and was shown that there are nerves in the arm pit and a punch there will put that arm out of commission for awhile!

  14. Bsteel says:

    OK, well maybe not a punch but all you have to do is stick a thumb in the arm pit and apply pressure. Go ahead, try it on yourself and see what I mean. OW!

  15. Chuck H. says:

    On that Steelers goal line situation- Isn’t Redman supposed to be the short yard man
    in this situation? He seems to be able to find the holes better than Mendenhal anyway,
    and has proved this time after time. Why did they not use Redman this time?

  16. Carl says:

    I’ll say it again here, the Ravens going to SD will be a tough game, and so will week 17 in Cincy. We can win the division. You guys above saying we are a wild card, Come on Man! I think the Steelers have shown they can win the tough games….

  17. Paulie Raspa says:


  18. eyeheartbrucearians says:

    No update news from either the Trib or the Gazette about Ben or Pouncey’s injuries. What’s up with that?

  19. Rick says:

    Both high ankle sprains, whether they play or not, depends on healing processes and pain tolerances.
    IMO – Ben will play, Pouncey, maybe.
    As of right now we are a wild card, thank you refs and bad play.

    – EVERYONE, think positive for the Colts today. The dirty birds ala Baltimore are due for a slip up at home.

    I wondered why no Redman, but then the holes opened, give Cleveland credit, the last hole was huge at the LOS, but they had 3 waiting there to close it, and they did.

    Some times I think the Steeler mentality gets in the way of making it happen. Maybe Mendy needed to jump outside that 4th down play, maybe he needed to dive to cross the line under the defenders.
    Maybe we needed to pass on 2nd or 3rd down, shotgun quicks (tough on Ben-of-Steel tho, his tendency to extend a play to score could have gotten in the way).

    Ha ha, Ben-of-Steel.

    Wow, just came up, surprised no one else thought of that!

  20. DickW says:

    Holding in the NFL is a joke. There’s holding on every play. It’s up to the refs to control it in a fair and equitable way. We all know the refs come up short here. What;s to prevent a ref from discriminating to a team or player especially if he has a dislike for them. Come on league, get a hold of this situation! You’re laying yourself open to all kinds of problems here. I’ll say it one time, if you wanted to fix a game, the way to do it would be through the refs. I’m not questioning the integrity of the game or the referees, but, think about it. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. And, let’s also get hold of this fine and suspension business. No matter what your position in the NFL is, YOU COULD BE WRONG IN YOUR DETERMINATION OF FINES. if you’re going to contnue on in this system, then improve it. All appeals should go to an independent arbitrator, not to the people who levy the fines. You may as well not have a appeals system. Above all, follow the rule book. If a QB leaves tthe pocket and decides to become a runner, he should be treated the same as any other running back. Stop the confusion! And, while I’m at it, the refs overruling that catch by Antonio Brown was a travesty. Everyone, announcers included, and confirmed by the reruns, saw aa good catch. What’s going on here? How come the Steelers always seem to come up on the short end of these calls? It is unbelievable we are as successful as we have been. Is there a connection here? Just call me a conspiracy nut.

  21. eyeheartbrucearians says:

    Just watched Steelers/Browns last night for the third time. Great game, all things considered. It was like watching a ’70s game, and Harrison’s hit was a 70′s hit, and fair, I think, because McCoy was running outside the pocket. All that aside, what I noticed is that today’s TV announcers cannot compare to those of the past. Mayoff, or whatever his name is, is knowledgeable and fair, and the other guy is vanilla. Back in the day, the announcers could make any matchup seem like a legend. These guys today are removed, and cynical. For example, for a matchup of teams with bad records, these guys just belittle the game and check out. I was thinking about this game being broadcast in the 70′s, and how the announcers could make it seem like we were watching a historic match, and then, we kids would look forward to “Wild Kingdom” with Marlin Perkins, and eating leftovers.. OK, I’m dating myself, but the NFL today just doesn’t have the same feel to it and there are a lot of reasons for that, LIKE THE STUPID RULES that handcuff the defenses! But I think that some upstart broadcast crew and station could make a killing with a retro-style broadcast.

    OK, that said, I just scored tickets to SD/Bal and I will be there, hopefully over the tunnel, to give those ratbirds the what-for!

  22. Jay Walker says:

    We’re toast.

    Supe prediction: Packers 35, Ravens 17.

  23. R-Mi says:

    I agree with Carl. Although it looks improbable, the Steelers still have a chance to win the division….and even the number one seed! I will continue to hope. So for this week, Go San Diego!!


  24. Scott P says:

    San Diego is going to beat Baltimore. If the Steelers take care of their business, they will be rewarded.

  25. Chuck H. says:

    The hit on McCoy was legal because the Qback became a running back as soon as he left the pocket. If the powers that be want to be fair about a possible fine or suspension on Harrison, they will consider this point that is in the rule book. The league apparently
    doesn’t like the Steelers, so don’t expect too much justice from Goodell & Company.

  26. Fat Pedro says:

    Chuck: It was a head hit and McCoy was a defenseless player. Still, I’m glad Harrison did it. It was the biggest play of the game. He’s a bad mofo.

  27. Dick says:

    If Pouncey and Ben play, the Steelers will take the 49ers. If this happens, my advice to the Ravens would be, “you better win out.” Otherwise you’ll be looking up at black and gold. And if the Good Lord wills it, we will be looking for you in the pllayoffs. Can’t wait for that one!

  28. K2 says:

    The 49er game might define the season for the Steelers. It will be tough without BB and Pouncey in the line-up. I hope the are both fast healers! Plus, Harrison might be out too(?).

    It’s very possible for the Ravens to go down to either the Chargers or Cincy so the 49er game becomes a defining game for us.

    Winnig out is HUGH… We need a team effort on Monday night and for lessor known players to step up BIG!

  29. Carl says:

    This just in from the league, Playing Defense deemed not legal! Totally surprised….not. Whatever, Goodell can lawyer away all he wants, I personally have no problem with that hit, and the explanation for it was legit. League is out to get Harrison, pure and simple.

  30. Chuck H. says:

    The point in question is the helmet to helmet hit on McCoy. My question is, “Is it a penalty for a running back or pass receiver to be hit helmet to helmet”? If it is, then it
    doesn’t matter whether McCoy was a Qback or running back in that situation. They were correct to fine or suspend Harrison.We will beat the 49 ers without him.

  31. Cammy says:

    The hit wasn’t legal — McCoy was defenseless on a helmet-to-helmet hit — but it wasn’t so blatant that it deserved a suspension. Goodell rears his ugly head again.

  32. K2 says:

    Regarding the Harrison hit…. Start a new league kinda like how people left boxing for MMA fiighting… MMA is more exciting to watch than boxing and it has made boxing almost obsolete these days.

    Like I mentioned earlier, we will need a few extra players to step up on Monday Night to get the job done in San Fran… It will be a BIG win if we pull it off.

    What’s next(???)

  33. Dick says:

    Re James Harrison suspension, I can’t say I’m surprised. To me, McCoy was a running back when he tucked the ball and left the pocket. He only pulled up at the llast second and chucked the ball when he saw Harrison coming. I repeat, McCoy was a running back and running backs are getting hit helmet to helmet all the time with no fines levied. Does anyone think they would have suspended Ray Lewiis in the same situation? Only if he wore a Steeler uniform! It sickens me to see this league ruining the most popular sport in America. Keep it up guys. The goose that laid the golden egg is getting sicker by the day.

  34. Wildwood says:

    Just read harrison’s comments he made to Jerome B. And although the league has some issues with these double standards they are showing with regards to how it legislates their rules Harrison needs to take a chill with the defiant comments. Goodell needs to get it together because Ben gets the crap beat out of him weekly and nothing is being called by the refs. Another issue I have with James’s comments is that he is supposedly appealing this suspension and these comments won’t help his cause, or the teams.

  35. eyeheartbrucearians says:

    If Ben cannot play or has to come out in SF, then do you play Batch or Dixon? Steelers have mismanaged Dixon. I hope that he gets half of the snaps this week, and the Steelers get him ready to play, if needed, because Batch is brittle, and if he plays badly, I hope that the Steelers don’t just accept defeat with Batch, but at least try to win with Dixon. C’mon, BA, surprise us with a Tebow-like game plan with Dixon running more than passing. How could SF be prepared for that? You know they are expecting Charlie to run a pedestrian offense.

  36. Cammy says:

    Have more faith in Dixon than Batch right now.

  37. Wildwood says:

    Totally agree “eyeheartBa” Batch IS brittle and now looks slow. A loss was imminent had Ben not come back for the 2nd half. I was thinking the same
    thing that Dixon needs most or at least half the reps with the first team this week. Dixon has been underappreciated to some degree but should have been the teams NO.2 going into to this year, Batch’s age/health is becoming an issue. Ben will be in a tough spot on Monday and a quick qb backup with some wheels wouldnt hurt. It’s not likely Dixon will be on the roster next year anyway so let’s get some good use out of him while he’s here.

  38. Wildwood says:

    Can someone enlighten me as to how Chris K stayed in the game last week??? I’m sorry but to put this ” very nicely” he doesn’t belong on the field at all. My only guess is that Tray E. Cannot play left guard, if that’s the case then we need two guards this offseason and let’s hope Pouncey gets back in there so legursky can go back to left guard PLEASE! Tomlin cannot allow another twenty-five yards in penalties that was given up in two and a half quarters again by this guy.

  39. Rick says:

    Coach addressed Kemo’s play, says he has to get better or not play, period. That should hopefully answer the issue with him and his getting penalized a lot.
    As for Harrison, I won’t go into the hit itself – the ONLY real issue I have is that we don’t see that kind of treatment on other teams. There are lots of helmet to helmet hits on our players, few flags, no fines, no suspensions.
    If the NFL and their refs were right, we would see a lot of holding calls on those “in space” arms around neck. We don’t. It is rare when we see a holding call on someone trying to block Harrison or Worilds. I hope Woodley is able to play the entire game.
    Yeah, Ben gets clobbered, coaches have said don’t try to get him high, get his legs. Aren’t legs another protected QB part?
    Let us hope that all of this crap really brings us together out west. Players will really need to step up and play their A game. Maybe this is Baltimore West, ha ha. View it that way.

  40. Carl says:

    Rick- Baltimore West, that’s good. Hadn’t thought of that one! 49ers are in the Ravens image, ala the Cards at Steeler West in AZ.

    I think the 49ers are Very beatable. Have you seen the QB play there? It’s been horrendous. Plus their RB is banged up. They will try to run on us, the only thing they really do, but the Steelers have handled that since way back in the early part of the season. They are also beatable thru the air, witness backup QB John Skelton dropping 300 yards and 3TDs on them. I think we’ll get a couple turnovers (been doing that of late, it’s seems to have swung in our favor of late) get 20ish points, and their pathetic offense will not be able to keep up.

  41. Dick says:

    I’m happy to see Tomlin activate Dixon for the 49ers. Frankly though, I don’t see Dixon taking the Steelers anywhere. I think Batch has had his day and should retire. Dixon is injury prone and just is not built for the rigors of the NFL. He’ll find that out when he goes free agent. Colleges are putting out more NFL ready QBs and we should have already drafted one by now. 49ers will be a tough challenge and if Ben doesn’t play then I don’t know. Losing Harrison for the game was a killer, especially with Woodley still ailing. Our ace in the hole is Ben and our receivers. We need a big game out of them. Expect this game to be a tough one. Steelers 20, 49ers 17

  42. Ben says:

    If Patrick Willis doesn’t play due to his hamstring injury then their defense will not be as same and SF will lose like they did to AZ without Willis. We have a bunch of injuries to our All-Pro players (Ben, Pouncey, Troy, Woodley) and Silverback is suspended but I think we still think we go to SF and get a win.

  43. Cammy says:

    Way to kiss up to the commish, Tomlin. He should support Harrison or keep his big mouth shut.

  44. Teresa says:

    I really have a feeling that big bad Ben will be making the beginnig appearances in the next game, maybe not the whole game, but enough to get us rolling towards a win. If the chips are down, he’ll go back in. That’s just the type of player he is. I’m proud of Ben for coming back after his personal downfalls and prove what an awesome asset he is to our great team!

  45. Jimmycan get consistency out of our rotation, we could put a run together and win eight or nine out of 10 or 11 and get back to the .500 level. You get back to the .500 level, you can compete.”Chen thought

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