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Updated Ben story


Quarterback Ben Roethlisberger is hoping the MRI he is scheduled to take Friday will confirm that he sustained a high-ankle sprain in the Steelers’ 14-3 win over the Browns.
Roethlisberger stayed down in the second quarter after getting hit low by Browns defensive tackle Scott Paxson. He played the entire second half after an X-ray showed no breaks and the Steelers green-lighted his return to the field.
That clearance came after Roethlisberger received one of the biggest scares of his career.
“I thought my leg was broken, honestly,” Roethlisberger said. “One of the most painful things I’ve ever felt. I didn’t want to feel that my foot was outside of my leg.
“The plan on my part was basically to give it one or two more plays and see how I could do it. It wasn’t for any other reason than to be out there for my guys.”
Said Steelers coach Mike Tomlin, “The doctors said he was OK to go. He wanted to go. We know what a competitor he is. We know his pain tolerance. We know what he’s capable of.”
Roethlisberger has the benefit of an extended break -– the Steelers don’t play again until a week from Monday in San Francisco -– to get healthy. He said the MRI will help determine the severity of his latest injury and the course of action he needs to take to play against the 49ers on Dec. 19.
Roethlisberger completed 16 of 21 passes for 280 yards and a pair of touchdowns. His 79-yard touchdown pass late in the fourth quarter preserved the Steelers’ 10th win of the season.
Afterward, Roethlisberger limped heavily as he made his way to the shower, stopping to allow Steelers trainer John Norwig to wrap his left ankle in ice.
“People want to hate on him all they want but the guy’s one of the toughest competitors in this game,” Steelers defensive end Brett Keisel said.
Keisel said he was “surprised” that Roethlisberger returned at all after going straight from the field to the Steelers’ locker room with six minutes left in the second quarter.
“We came in here and didn’t see during halftime and I think everybody was kind of ready to go out without him and we get out there and he’s taking snaps from (center Doug) Legursky,” Keisel said.
Roethlisberger said the first high ankle injury he has sustained limited his mobility in the second half, and he lauded the job the Steelers offensive line did in protecting him.
“I really couldn’t drop back to pass and really couldn’t step into my throws,” said Roethlisberger, who finished with his highest passer rating of the season at 129.6. “They did such a phenomenal job of kind of keeping me clean. That was my intention of coming back. I wanted to be there for the guys and let them know I’m going to fight for them.”
Asked about his long touchdown pass to Brown, Roethlisberger chuckled.
“I’m glad he scored because I wouldn’t have made it down there if we had to run another play,” he said.

— Scott Brown



  1. DickW says:

    For the few out there who have bashed Ben for exaggerating injuries, I hope you had a chance to watch tonight’s Browns game. Sometimes you don’t know what you have until it’s gone. Talk about guts and glory, we saw it tonight with Ben’s gutsy performance. He is without a doubt one of the toughest QBs in the league and rates up there in the top tier with NFL QBs. All these people who rated Michael Vick higher than him should go back to football school. I like Charlie Batch a lot but think his days as the number 2 QB are numbered. I really don’t think we could make a playoff run with Charlie and that retirement for him is coming soon. It seems there are a lot of good young QBs in college and we should be looking to improving our backup depth soon. If opportunity knocks in the draft we should grab it. In the meantime Steeler fans, count your blessings and continue to watch and enjoy the play of a future Steeler Hall of Famer………………Big Ben.

  2. David says:

    What a competitor Ben is , I thought he was done for the rest of the game just like most of us did, 14-3 41-10 what’s the difference, I hope he gets well but its gonna swell big time over the next 3 days… Well we got out with a win and a much needed win at that outs pressure on The Ratbirds….

  3. Bsteel says:

    Wasn’t McCoy running outside the pocket when James Harrison nailed him? I know he released he ball just before he was hit, but I think he was a fair game runner then. Dixon should play before Batch. What are the Steelers doing with Dixon?

    Ben is a freak. HoF highlights should include montage of hobbling plays.

  4. Bsteel says:

    Steelers brass needs to get real and draft/trade for top notch O-line.

  5. Cooper says:

    When are they going to get rid of the cancer that is Number 68 Chris Kemoatu or how ever you spell the samoans name. This guy constantly makes bad plays/mistakes at the wrong time in games. May have very well cost the superbowl last year with his reckless attitude, and penalties. This guy needs to go. Yes he can pull, and is damn good at it, but come one, we can get someone else to do the same thing or close too without the down side of 2-4 penalties the game, and they always come at the wrong time, right after a big play or a first down. Roethlisberger is a beast. He needs to start getting the respect he deserves, if that was Brady/Manning/Brees, they would not have been back int hat game. Hey Cutler, watch the highlights, thats how you win for your team.

  6. Mike says:

    Ben going down just shows why the steelers still need to be able to pound the ball. When Ben goes down the offense goes into reverse. Love Batch but without the reps he’s not got the timing with the wr and could hand the ball of to the backs. If the steelers were still able to impose their will on a team. They wouldn’t have needed Big Ben to play injured again.

  7. Mr. Cynical says:

    Ben was at fault for the high low hit. . .He should have thrown the ball away (it wasn’t the O-lines fault). In a way that makes Ben great that he can extend plays but it’s also dangerous. Ben is one of the toughest QB’s I’ve ever seen play the game! How fitting that he plays for the Steelers–one of the toughest teams in the NFL!

    James Harrsion made a bad play on the QB–certainly Colt tucked the ball but Harrison led with his helmet when he made the hit. $50,000 fine coming his way.

  8. Rick says:

    Harrison was going for a legal hit when McCoy pulled up and passed. If Ben had been hit like that I would bet $10 million no flag would have been thrown.
    Two Browns hit with helmets, one was definitely on Brown early in the game. The leg shot by Paxton may not have really been intentional, but isn’t there a rule about it?
    Refs went from OK to really tick tacky, some holds called were BS. And of court the Browns never held, oh yeah!!
    Dixon was inactive for game, why he couldn’t come in.
    As for Batch, I would bet it again the whole team was more concerned right then about Ben’s status, plus he was cold. Need work to get timing down, and focus.
    And please, Ward and Miller both fumble, potentially costing TDs in the end.
    And how did Faulk know Ben would come back, everyone else said no! Wow!!

    Thank goodness for 11 days to next game.

  9. jimbones says:

    Ben is th e toughest QB, bay far, in the NFL. Mrs. Brady would have cried like a baby. What was Tomlin or Arians thinking to run Mendenhall up the gut 4 times?!! He dosent hit the hole like Riedman and how many times have you ever seen Riedman knocked backwards… He would have punched it in. Bad play call there. I’m proud of Ben and my Steelers they are the personification of Toughness in the NFL. HERE WE GO STEELERS…HERE WE GO!!!

  10. Doug Halfen says:

    An absolute warrior!!!

    (And yes, the sack was entirely his fault. That sense of I-need-to-throw-the-rock-away-because-they’re-right-about-to-ANNIHILATE-me is still lacking in our Fearless Leader. ;^)

    Both TDs just add to the legend of Big Ben’s Steelers. And Brett’s commentary about Ben playing hurt echoed the _exact_ same thing we’ve said time and again…

  11. Carl says:

    Ben is an absolute stud; I can’t remember a guttier performance ever. Analysts and fantasy geeks can say anything they want about Brees, Brady, Rodgers, whatever, Ben is the best QB in the league. It’s about leadership, toughness, and winning….

    Doug, I will totally agree with ya. I was screaming at the TV from him to throw that one away just before he took that hit. I think Ben would run straight thru a wall to make a play before he would consider throwing it away. :-)

  12. sjb says:

    All the penalties on Kemo were legit and not “ticky-tacky”. That’s just Steeler provincial homer talk there. He’s as no good as he ever was.

    Ben’s injury was all his fault. He had all the time in the world to make a throw and still tried to make something out of nothing. Live by the sword die by it too. Another reason they need a quality backup QB. Batch won’t cut it anymore.

    The overturned catch was pure BS unless they had a camera angle they weren’t showing us. There was no way based on what I saw there was any evidence it hit the ground, or enough evidence to overturn the call on the field…so that’s why I knew they would overturn it and that’s the way the game is going anymore. If you start to side on the offcials making the wrong call anymore, you’ll find you’re right most of the time.

  13. K2 says:

    The BB story is taking the focus off how poorly the Steelers looked and played last night…. Not so Super (Bowlish). The game should have been 21 zip in the 1st QTR, but once again we let a team hang around and we looked terrible in so many facets of the game.

    We won that game beacuse the Brownies could not get out of their own way… Again, a win is a win no matter how ugly I guess.

    We better to pull it together if we want to win out and maybe steel the division.

  14. sjb says:

    “a win is a win no matter how ugly I guess.”

    Only in the Super Bowl. Until then; it still kinda matters “how” you win, not just “if” you win. Right now, this team is simply not playing well enough consistantly to go very far for very long. Add to that the injuries and as it stands now, they aren’t going very far in the playoffs if they don’t completely blow up before then and miss them all together…still not out of the realm of possibility. Between the Cincy and Browns games, seems like they’re taking 1 step forward and 2 steps back.

    And for the “Gooo Stillers” fans, that’s not anti-Steeler/anti-fan talk, that’s just being realistic. On a scale of 1-10, right now they are at about a 6 or 7. Still lots of room for improvement and not a lot of time.

  15. dean danorth says:

    Don’t get me wrong I love my black and gold but the standard is the standard and we were flat. Yes a win is a win and a super first performance by Big Ben but…..The defense missed a bunch of opportunities again. 5 Steelers one receiver no steps in the passing lane. Troy did an ok job but has definitely not been last years player. The same play at the goal aka bill cowher stubborn not creative and the same play on 4th down. Tomlin would be the goat if this was a loss. Yes we find ways to win but do we have to make it sooooo hard sometimes. With a little more agressiveness and awarenessand a bit of creativity on the goal this game would have been a slam dunk. This time of year teams need to fear you and with that performance they will not. Even fir us fans the standard is the standard.

  16. DickW says:

    Well, I’ll try to be a little more gentle this time as I guess they didn’t see fit to publish my last post. For all the nay sayers that referred to Ben as a “drama queen” when talking about injuries, I hope you had a chance to see last night’s game. And, for all the poll takers who rated NFL QBs and had the likes of Michael Vick rated higher than Big Ben, I say “you need your head examined.” What a gutsy performance by Ben last night and not just by finishing the game like he did, but performing at a high level under the conditions. Sure hope there are no torn ligaments. What a competitor! As for the plalyoffs, so goes Ben…….so go the Steelers. Seriously, we need to take a good look at the QB depth. There are some good young college QBs coming up and we should take a hard look at them. I expect Ben to be a Steeler for quite a while but consideration should be given to a backup who could guide us through the playoffs in case Ben went down. I think we have one of the best QBs in the league right now, bar none, so enjoy this guy’s performance right now folks. You’re looking at a future Hall of Famer!

  17. Braveheart says:

    I will state it does NOT matter how you win. No one is voting in a poll, style means nothing. Yes, they should have had them down 21-0 in the first quarter. But, two costly fumbles and we have a game. Ben is a warrior, the unquestioned leader of my beloved Steelers. I accept he holds the ball to long, because more times than not, he will make a play. I only hope he can recover from the injury quickly. This team will be in the playoffs, and after that anything is possible. All that being said, they must continue to improve, and, in my opinion, any shot at the division crown will be decided at the 49’ers.

  18. eyeheartbrucearians says:

    Okay, who’s the Stalers coach that called 4 straight Mendenhall-up-the-middles from the 1 yard line?

    Gosh, I hate being right all the time.

  19. Carl says:

    Chiming in on a couple of the things stated above:

    Yes, Kemo sucks. He will not be around next year. Dude killed some drives tonight…

    The win may have been “ugly”, but I think something is being missed here. A performance like that by your team’s leader can bring a team together; they all play better. Did anyone really think we were gonna lose that game? I didn’t, even before BB came back out. This game was huge for this team…

    TO monster showed up again last night. That’s the only thing that kept this from being a complete blowout. And the Refs review was complete BS. There was no view showing it on the ground. NFL Network has so many cameras, and they showed it from every angle. Hochuli needs his friggin’ eyes checked, or needs to read to the rulebook again because you need to see evidence to the contrary of the call on the field.

    As far as winning the division, I kinda look at the Ravens game in San Diego next week, and their game in Cincinnati final week of the season as potentially games they could lose. We would need to win out obviously. I don’t think this scenario is that far out of the realm of possiblity….

  20. DSK says:

    We gave the Browns’ fans hope last night…and then CRUSHED IT!! That is priceless!

  21. David says:

    The Steelers are who they are, sometimes explosive, but other times precarious. No other word for it. I wouldn’t say we should have blown the Cleveland browns out, they aren’t gonna lay down and let us run rampant on them they are just as much NFL caliber as we are, so on that note: on any given Thursday, any team can be beat. The browns came out fired up, ready to beat us and planning on so doing it, we need not look beyond our nose to see every point was gonna be hard fought. Kudos to Ben, what a tough individual, he just makes that offense click good bad or ugly. Comparing him to anyother qb! He is huge . Well bring on the other Harbaugh….

  22. Jay Walker says:

    Yeah, Gunner, I just wish Arians could grow a pair!

  23. Fu says:

    Any time Arians wants to use play-action on first and/or second down in the Red Zone is fine with me. Yes, even on the 2-foot line.

  24. Jay Walker says:

    More Worilds and Redman, less Farrior and Mendendall please.

  25. Bsteel says:

    Something crazy to think about: IF (God forbid) Ben is done, would you sign Brett Favre or go with Batch for a Super Bowl run?

  26. Rick says:

    sjb – in case you didn’t hear, one of the TV announcers called a couple of those holding calls “tick tacky”. The last one wasn’t, so what. And Kemo wasn’t the only one called for a penalty.
    Steeler provincial homer talk, funny dude.
    Instant replay should provide an eye exam first. The overturned catch, never heard his reason why – it was wrong any way shape or form.
    And I will bet that if Ben wasn’t one-legged when we ran from the 2 four times something different would have been done. Crappy we didn’t/couldn’t bruise it in. Yeah, could have called a shotgun play at least once cause no way was Ben taking direct snap and stepping back 3 to pass.

  27. Joe N says:

    —anyone besides me think Harrison may be suspended for the remaining games of this regular season for the McCoy hit last night?

  28. K2 says:

    If BB throws the ball away like he should have we still have him for next weeks game which I agree is pivotal to how we might finish this year… I like that he hangs in there tough but man sometimes he just needs to live for another down and day.

    I dont think it would take much for Favre to learn the offense(?)…I’m sure he would like to put one on the Pack and no better place to do it then at the Super Bowl. Would that still be a Steeler win with him in a Steeler jersey?

    I hope BB is ok cause the guys is rubbing off on me…I’d like to see him beat the Pack like rented mules in the SB… Rogers is getting to cocky.

  29. Carl says:

    Joe N- There is no way he gets suspended for that hit. Fined, yeah Goodell will fine him, he fines Steelers players for sneezing in the general direction of QBs, but no suspension. That hit was during the course of play, and an arguement could be made for McCoy being a runner at that point, what with him tucking the ball in and you know, running.
    Having said that, if he were to be suspended then we would KNOW there’s a league offices conspiracy against us! No guessing anymore…

  30. David says:

    you know thats a fine the second that hit took place, but you MUST consider the circumstance that was taking place in the PROCESS, Colt becomes a runner he is outside the pocket, he is tucking the ball away to run, then a reciever becomes open and just as he throws Harrison has him in the zone and bam, its toolate for Harrison to pull up off the hit, i don’t believe he even saw Colt starting to pass because Harrison is on a collision corse with said runner, but now I know thats fantasy thinking, because Goodell will consider none of that…..75,000.00 Im guessing, anyone want to go for the under/over on that?

  31. Luis says:

    Throw it away. (Sometimes) He extended the play like 7 seconds!

  32. provincialhomerguy says:

    Are you kidding, D? I’ll go over on that one. But I have a feeling that Goodell is going down, sooner or later. Harrison should pay his fines in pennies. Does anyone out there know exactly how those fines are paid? Do they just come out of a paycheck, or does the finee have to write a check, or something? Cause if they automatically come out of a paycheck I think that a good lawyer can challenge the legality of that, because there are no clear guidelines about fine amounts and what is fined.

  33. Darko says:

    i don’t give a rat’s rear end what or who big ben did in las vegas and atlanta. Just win, baby!

  34. David says:

    i am pretty sure the players pay with a check, the owners are the ones who pay them and thier pay has to be what the player contract states, the NFL has no authority to automaticly deduct from any player salary…..

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