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Worilds, Harrison and Essex


Some odds and ends with the Steelers’ Monday Night Football game rapidly approaching…

— Ryan Clark is not the only one that had good things to say about Jason Worilds this week at the Steelers’ practice facility.
When asked how Worilds has fared at left outside linebacker when playing for LaMarr Woodley, defensive coordinator Dick LeBeau said, “People have tried to run over there and I think Jason’s held up very well. I’m sure that he’ll get a couple of (more) tickets to the dance, but I think he’ll do fine.”
Worilds, who has three sacks in the last three games, will play right outside linebacker in San Francisco assuming Woodley doesn’t have a setback and also suits up against the 49ers.
Moving to the right side shouldn’t be too much of an adjustment for Worilds, who, along with cornerback William Gay and defensive tackle Steve McLendon, has been one of the most unsung players on the Steelers’ defense.
As the Steelers’ top reserve at outside linebacker Worilds gets reps on both the right and left sides. And he is actually listed at right outside linebacker on the Steelers’ depth chart.
“It’s less of a switch for him than it would be for somebody else,” LeBeau said.

— It’s a good thing for the Steelers that the Trai Essex is so versatile.
In addition to working at left guard with the first-team offense this week, Essex said he has also taken some snaps at center.
Essex is the No. 3 center behind Maurkice Pouncey and Doug Legursky.
He will start at left guard against the 49ers if Pouncey is unable to play because of a high ankle sprain and Legursky has to fill in at center.
Asked when he will find out if he is starting in San Francisco, Essex said, ““I’ve been practicing all week so I’m going in with that mentality.”

— Clark on James Harrison not getting his one-game suspension overturned following an appeal.
“I don’t care about the league’s message anymore. It’s about us playing the type of football that’s going to help us win championships despite who gets suspended, despite who gets fined. We’re going to play within the rules. We’re going to stop fighting this battle.
“Like I said on Wednesday, my disappointment is for James. I think he’s been trying really hard to comply with what’s being asked of him and for him to be suspended for this situation to us is disheartening. To me it was a between he whistle play that they’re making an example out of him for this year. I don’t think it’s right but we just have to continue playing and roll with the punches and try to win a game without one of our best players.”

— Steelers fans that are trekking to San Francisco and want a little Pittsburgh flavor should look no further than Giordano Bros.
The Steelers bar is on 16th Street in Mission neighborhood, and it will be a hub for visiting fans this weekend as well as Monday. The place should be hopping and it is worth checking out, especially if you are in the mood for a Primanti Brothers Sandwich.
The phone number for Giordano Bros is 415-437-2767. You can also find more information by going to

— Scott Brown



  1. eyeheartbrucearians says:

    Excerpted from the Steel Mill:

    “Clark on James Harrison not getting his one-game suspension overturned following an appeal.
    ‘I don’t care about the league’s message anymore. It’s about us playing the type of football that’s going to help us win championships despite who gets suspended, despite who gets fined.'”

    That’s the talk, now walk the walk!

    We are living the last days of NFL football, my friends. Goodell is posessed by a “politically correct” world view that will ruin more than the game if somebody doesn’t stop it.

    Well, RC and the Steelers can stop it in their own way. One small step for mankind, one great step for the Steelers.

    Just kick a– Monday night, RC and the Steelers! It would be great to see a team (Steelers) just physically dominate like in the good ol’ days!

    Here we go Stillers, here we go!

  2. Dick says:

    Recommend an excellent article in the P.G. by Josh Levin titled “James Harrison: The Villain the NFL Wants.” It describes how lineman, running backs, etc. are subjected to traumas that affect their health, something I have been trying to get through to certain thickheads. They are finding that former players later in life are suffering from Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE) (Note: The safety of ALL players is affected by this game called professional football.) So what’s the answer to this safety problem? It is not, in my humble opinion, the willy nilly, inequitable approach they are taking now which even confuses the game offiicials, let alone the players themselves. I see two solutions: 1.) Engineer better player equipment that would improve safety. This could be done but for some reason the league ignores this solution. 2.) Completely overhaul the game as you see it today which i believe will kill the game itself. Unfortunately, the solution the league is implementing today is misguided, inequitable and will not work. TAKE ALL THE VIOLENCE OUT OF THE GAME AND YOU WILL TAKE THE GAME OUT OF THE PEOPLE’S INTEREST!

  3. David says:

    There are number of ways of tackling and to consider or reconsider is to think of how you would want to be or not to be tackled. You don’t always have to go for the big shot up high, when all you can do is wrap your arms around the guy and bring him down, it doesn’t always have to be that bone jarring hit. One must learn a correct injury free tackle that allows a player to get up for the next snap and be ready for the following weeks game. My prayers go out to Colt McCoy who is still hurting….

  4. jason says:

    lil colt will slide next time i bet.

  5. adam says:

    The real fear for the NFL is what happens to the game when/if someone dies on the field in front of the cameras. Then there will be congressional committees, boycotts, etc. Could come close to ending the game on all levels.

    Though I miss the good old days of watching the Steelers put the hurt on an opposing WR or QB, I don’t see that there is another legit option.

  6. Dick says:

    David, I don’t disagree with your post but helmets in particular could be improved to be much safer. Jason makes a good point too in that, if McCoy, and for that matter, all QBs would learn to slide that collision could have been avoided. It works both ways. Your point on tackling is well taken though.

  7. Rick says:

    Shades of the Roman Gladiators and the Coliseum, thumbs up or down!!!

    Harrison got his orbit broken by a helmet to (under front of) helmet hit before the play he came out on. DID THE NFL DO ANYTHING ABOUT THAT – NO!!!!!

    They are hypocrites at best. They care nothing but making a show and penalizing only a very few players.

    McCoy didn’t want to slide, he wanted to pass and make a play. So QBs are now allowed to do that and if they get hit wrong “other players pay the price”.

    We don’t ned arena football in the NFL.

    This is like the dummy who jumps from between parked cars into the street, gets hit and the driver of the car is at fault. Unavoidable situation.

  8. David says:

    my earlier post was in general speaking, only because colt took a nasty shot, not that it wasn’t his fault because he had everything to do with the way that particular played , played out, and yes nothing happened to the player who launched himself trying to get extra yards that hit james orbital bone, and it really did err me that nothing came of that , talk about making players poster boys of wrong hits, i bet goodell laughed at that and said to himself thats what he deserves, but at any rate, we all know James is a target with the way fines are handed down vs, other players doing the same thing, tho this game is a game of collision it doesn’t mean it can’t be played safe, and for the record, James hit , tho as violent as it looked, really wasn’t a violent hit, it only looked bad because he pushed out with his armseverything else was incidental….

  9. eyeheartbrucearians says:

    Call me old-fashioned, but I’d like to see Lamarr Woodley pull the still-beating heart from Alex Smith’s chest and hand it to him in a doggie bag–after Smith has tucked the ball away and become a running back, of course, so it would be OK.

  10. olddog says:

    Since Goddell took over, there is a definitive bias AGAINST defensive players. You can’t so much as breathe on QB’s and all the ticky tack pass interference calls etc.( Jack Lambert was right, put skirts on the QB.) Yet offensive players are allowed to cut the knees of D linemen without penalty, offensive players are allowed head to head contact with no penalty (just ask James Harrsion how his orbital bone was broken). And the great hypocrisy of this is NFL FILMS takes all these massive hits and puts them on tapes and CD’s to sell for a hefty profit.

    Look at the history of the NFL, imagine Dick Butkus, Ray Nitschke, Deacon Jones, Jack Tatum, Mean Joe Green, Mike Curtis, Lawrence Taylor and many many more trying to play in the new NFL Flag Football League. They’d all be banned. Player safety is important BUT let them play the game like it was meant to be played !!!!

  11. SteelHeart says:

    You have your facts skewed. No one launched themselves at Harrison. A big ol’ OL blocked down on him and basically head butted him – smacking him with his big ol’ helmet. There was no flag. Harrison went down, then tried to play but couldn’t see, and came out. But there was no penalty — even the commentators seeing the replay, didn’t comment on it.

    Each player should start with a clean slate each year. What happened last season should only have minor affect.

    If those Sh*theads running the NFL don’t stop this method, teams will start dumpings any player with a previous incident. Then all we will be left with is f*ag football.

  12. Chuck H. says:

    The rules say that any player in the backfield who is running with the ball and is not in
    the pocket area is called a RUNNING BACK and not entitled to the protectiveness of
    a Qback. McCoy was most certainly, as Harrison realized, a RUNNING BACK. I capitalized those terms so that those numskulls running the league could better understand the situation. Come on, you assholes, quit pickiing on our Steelers. They don’t need to be up against the other team and the league officials too.

  13. David says:

    steelheart, the ball carrier in that game jumpemed up ( launching himself ) to gain more yards, think you need to look at that play again, nothing is skewed about that, and as far as we know how exactly harrison busted his orbital socket remains to be clarified because it was a big mess after that as in players piled on each other….. sorry i ruffled your steelfeathers, lol… anyway isn’t it desperate on Johns part to want to share info to his brother on this game, its like he really needs to beat us and is starting to show some really wierd way of doing it, had to ask a team official to see if it was ok to talk football to his brother, wow, like coaches don’t talk all the time I am sure….. well, here is to the Chergers, hope they get up for this game to keep thier very slim playoff hopes alive,,, maybe i can talk to Norv!……have a good day steelheart! :)

  14. DK67 says:

    While I’m still not convinced San Fran is anything except a one-and-done playoff team, this week is not looking good.The Steelers are the walking wounded right now. I think Ben and Maurkice should sit out and leave it up to the defense to win this one. I thought the season was over last week when Ben went down (as we all probably did), so I think it’s more important to have him healthy for the playoffs or they’re going to be a one-and-done team as well. One win should clinch it, so I don’t think it’s time for panic mode and I’d rather go into the playoffs as a healthy wildcard team than as a beat up division winner.

    PS: Anyone think Dixon should be starting instead of Batch? I just think Dixon gives us the option to run if things are covered downfield or they start blitzing. Also might be a good week to see the two back set, but we all know that isn’t going to happen with BA running the show.

  15. Rick says:

    Guys, Harrison got the OL head butt in the face, so to speak, BEFORE the running back play. IMO, that’s where the break occurred and not when the runner tried to propel himself forward.
    This announcers did comment on the hit then, more of a “what a collision”, but then nothing else.
    This was all at the LOS, not the sidelines play when Harrison came out.

    What it is is that we are all pissed at the OBVIOUS disparity the NFL appears to have with regards to the Steelers. Our receivers can receive helmet to helmet hits, no flag, low fines. We can get cut blocked and it’s OK, we do it and flag. They arm bar our defenders, we hold the jersey legally one second after a player turns, flag. Their receivers can push our defenders all day, we touch them, flag.

    I have no answer to this. It takes a lot of what is football to me out.

    Keep it up NFL and you will lose fans, fan base. Then try kissing the wimp owner’s butts who are then losing money.

    Football is a “violent” sport, as stated by more than just Tomlin. That is why they wear pads and helmets and other gear.

    I hate seeing games decided by some biased official’s flag dropping.

  16. Carl says:

    I agree with all you guys in that it appears we get picked on. I will say this however, I still watch and feel like we are going to overcome it and win.

    Is it that the Steelers are that much better then the competition? Really must be, injury, suspension, flags, etc. and we still get over, mostly. The league is changing, nothing ANY fan can do about, because I don’t think anybody is gonna stop watching NFL football.

    We just have to understand what’s happening, and be better than the rest at it.

    Should be an interesting playoff season. I still see another Superbowl run for us. Harrison SB MVP? Wouldn’t that be awesome, Goodell would probably be scared on that podium handing a trophy to James, Lol!

  17. eyeheartbrucearians says:

    DK67: I believe that Dixon will play some for one reason or another…

  18. David says:

    hey Rick, im not mad…. Steelhaert is…. don’t know where i went wrong on my thoughts, if im wrong thats one thing, but jeesh, Really!
    I for one don’t think Ben should be playing in this game, he has a 6 to 10 week injury and we need hime more in the playoffs then right now, i tather take 5th seed, go to Denver with qa more mobile Ben, then to take the risk of losing him for the rest of the season plus playoffs. well one more day til we play the 49ers, and 7 hours til ravenstime!…. Lets Go Steeler Nation……

  19. David says:

    Did anyone see the dallas game lastnight and that hit on a defenseless reciever and no flag thrown,,,, gotta watch to see if goodell fines that cause the player didn’t even see him coming….

  20. Pete says:

    Harrison said his helmet malfunction on that play and part of the protection slid down to his face and was the reason his face was broken. Normally it would’ve been ok, nobody hurt.

    Still, the offensive linemen and defensive linemen make head contact all game long. The league ignores this in there lust for player safety. The league ignores head contact with running backs. The league ignores head contact in practice where most concussions occur.

    I’m inclined to side with those who think the league is doing this to generate more offense. I agree they should make the equipment better. What we have now is flag football. The NFL is getting so wussy the real men are playing rugby or hockey. We’ll see how long I’m willing to watch flag football.

  21. Pete says:

    Greg Lloyd said in an interview about the state of the game today,

    ” … You cant tell me that [when] I go take on a running back and get ready to hit him, he ducks his head or I go to hit a quarterback and as soon as I get there, he ducks his head — is that my fault? But they’re penalizing guys for it. Its not my fault. If he sees me coming, he does what he’s going to do — little p—- get down. He’s a p—-. But the rules have gotten to the point to where its like, we’ll just put a red jersey on [the quarterback] put him in a tutu and let him run around and do what the hell they want to do. The game is totally different now. It’s just so different now than when I played.”

  22. eyeheartbrucearians says:

    Apparently, what you have to do to beat the Packers is play defense. The Steelers can do that.

    Now, let’s take care of business Monday, roll through the playoffs, and play some Lebeau defense against the Packers.

  23. David says:

    Ok. We are in the playoffs at the 5th seed. Ben needs to rest and get that ankle healed. Is be very surprised and p-o’d if he plays…..

  24. Carl says:

    Just saw Flacco on the sidelines. Anybody know what’s with his douche-bag mustache? Lol, looks like he lost a bet or something….

    Knew SD would beat these dirtbags. Steelers have an opportunity now, gotta go get it. Ben don’t play Defense, it’s on them to win this!

  25. Clarence says:

    The thing with the NFL and Harrison is not fair but the league does not care. If so, as others have said, they would deal with other head on collisions such as when RBs duck their head to deliver blows. This is why its so frustrating for fans. They keep saying one thing and doing another and lying to us about motives while suspending one of our best players for what could be the game of the week.

    Anyway, I am one who has been hard on both Worlids and gay and yet both have stepped up very well. Here’s to hoping it continues as they seek the #1 seed!


  26. Doug Halfen says:

    Carl, Flabbo’s Fu Manchu was a “gag” he started right about the last time they played us — just an example of his low-key, quasi-dorky humor. At least one other Ravens player is growing the same thing; it certainly hasn’t “caught fire” with most of the other players/coaches. ;^>

    The Bolts played a complete game and gave us the best Christmas gift we need: a shot at the division crown!

    Our boys need to strike gold @ Candlestick and make that gift count.

    Our playoffs have just begun for real — no more losses the rest of the way, gentlemen. Indy awaits, and we have to earn the right to be there.

  27. Paulie Raspa says:


  28. Rick says:

    Ah, we are not 5th seed, officially, until after tonight’s game, we are 2nd seed, guaranteed at least a playoff spot.
    10-3 is better than 10-4, just behind 11-3 Pats.
    Texas is 10-4 now, as the Ravens.
    Still, all irrelevant until the final whistle on the last game.

    We have been given a beautifully laid out table, LET’S FEAST!

    Ben will play as long as he feels he is capable, otherwise we will see him duck taped to something on the sidelines!

  29. Scott P says:

    Last night on Sunday night football Ray Lewis clocked a running back with a jarring helmet to helmet hit. As Al Michaels explained, helmet to helmet on a running back is legal. In my opinion, Colt McCoy established himself as a running back by leaving the pocket, running toward the line of scrimmage and tucking the ball under his arm.

    The suspension of Harrison for this play is a joke.

  30. Rick says:

    Was the back behind the LOS?
    According to the rule as I understand it, the new rule applies pertinent to where the tackle is made. But then, I could be wrong from what I read.
    And QBs are skirt species.

  31. eyeheartbrucearians says:

    Was at the SD/Bal. game last night! Hats off to the SD crowd, they were as into the game as anybody, anywhere, except the Burgh, of course (at least not like I remember when I went to games in the 70’s), which was weird because the SoCal radio talks like the SD fans are disinterrested.

    Has anyone heard anything about a scuffle between Ravens players after the game? We were razzing them as they went into the tunnel, and we thought someone tripped, or something but then there were a lot of F-bombs and players hurried into the tunnel, all of a sudden. I didn’t see the exact incident on the DVR, and I have been listening to ESPN and even Baltimore streaming sports talk to see if anyone says anything about it. Maybe nothing, but I hope that Flucco and the Ratbirds are imploding!

    If anyone hears anything about “disharmony aboard the Ravens’ ship” after the Chargers game post it, please, because it seemed like some pushing and shoving to us.

    Also, it looked like Ray Lewis is not himself. I think that he missed on a few important plays for the Chargers. I’ll go over the DVR this afternoon before the Steelers game to verify that, but he did not look good in real time.

    Carl, that fu manchu on Flucco is hair he had transplanted from where he had his unibrow separated. Has anyone noticed that the unibrow is now two? Maybe it divided like an amoeba, and migrated to his lip. Where will it all end? if someone doesn’t put a stop to it, Baltimore will soon be knee-deep in Flucco hair.

  32. eyeheartbrucearians says:

    Some more about the SD/Bal. game: The Ravens’ offensive gameplan SUCKED! Honestly, it looked like they were trying to copy the Steelers short passing plan of quick slants and screens, but Flucco cannot run that like Ben can, and they do not have the right receivers for it. They did not commit to running Ray Rice, and only went deep a couple of times, one for a TD, too late. Also, Flucco does not keep his eyes downfield when he is under pressure, like Ben does. Some of the sacks of Flucco were not because he was “extending the play” but because he started stumbling around and even turning his back to his receivers under moderate pressure. If there is a key here, I think that it is that you don’t have to acctually sack Flucco, but close the pocket around him. It’s like he gets claustrophobic, or something, and panics. Finally, they did not send enough rushers after Rivers, most of the time just two or three. They must have been counting on more INTs by Rivers, but, I know that Ed Reed is a superstar, but given that ffree time, Rivers picked apart the Raavens deep secondary.

    All in all, not what I expected, but better than I could have imagined. The Steelers need to take a lot of tips from that game, should they play the Ravens again, which will be in Pittsburgh, because the Stillers will show the cheese-eating, wine-sipping 49er’s fans what real football team plays like, tonight, then swoop into the playoffs as the #1 AFC seed!

    Here we go Stillers, here we go! (repeat several times in a loud, shouting kind of voice, so that the neighbors can hera, loud and clear!)

  33. Doug Halfen says:

    ^^^ I recall one instance where the Bolts collapsed the pocket around Flubbo last night, and he just disappeared into the scrum for a moment (kinda like a game of Whack-A-Flacc?) only to emerge out of the right side and do something stupid….

    He really IS a “deer in the headlights” (with an extra shot of “Duhhh!!!”) when defenders get to him. X^D

  34. David says:

    Ravens 4 – 0 without Ray #52 Lewis
    Ravens 0 – 1 with — Ray #52 Lewis ….. Ray Lewis is done and fried as a perennial Linebacker, as in toast of Baltimore…

  35. eyeheartbrucearians says:

    AHA! My neighbor down the street and around the corner who is a Chargers fan was at the game, and HE says that it looked like the Ravens got into it when they were in the tunnel! Is anybody reporting this? Hmmm? I know it’s not big big news like some Commie Dick-Tater-Tot, Kim Dum Dong dying, or anything like that, but it’s big news in the football world, isn’t it? Bye-bye, Ravens, you have no commeraderie. You are at odds with each other. The Steelers shall sweep you aside like so many ghost turds.

  36. Carl says:

    Didn’t know we were playing in a third world country tonight…… Pathetic…..

  37. K2 says:

    More pathetic is the Steeler performance ….

  38. eyeheartbrucearians says:


    We shall prevail

  39. K2 says:

    Halftime speech….You’re playing for the divisional title, a bye week and home field throughout the playoffs.

  40. Jay Walker says:

    The Harbaughs could outcoach Tomlin in their sleep.

  41. Carl says:

    Well, way to lay a f*ckin’ egg tonight.

  42. Rick says:

    That penalty was just so bad, no way Timmons leaped off anyone’s back.
    While we haven’t played well enough,that was just bullshit.

  43. K2 says:

    Steelers lay an ugly egg….BB sucked, I don’t get it(???)

  44. Van Man says:

    What happened to the high-powered offense that we read so much about before the season? Seems lame-butt to me.

  45. Jay Walker says:

    Very dumb to play Ben when the game is over in the fourth quarter.

  46. BUNCIE says:

    Goodell had his henchmen at thr game again. Illegall jumping? Chop block on 33? No holding calls on 49ers, 4 on steelers. Lights go out twice, hoping Big Ben tightens up? The fix is in. There should not be another night game at Candlestick park. Wasn’t all games played at day because of no lights? The NFL is a joke. Goodell started it. He should be fired.

  47. BUNCIE says:

    For you Steve Young, Big Ben has two rings, you have one. That is why Big Ben played the entire game. We are Steelers, not rageddie ass 49ers. We do not tap out as you did so often in your playing time. But, sometimes week ass players such as Woodley, tap out because his hamstring is tired. Woodley is a week ass player. He should be embarassed because he left his team & fans down. Maybe Woodley is over paid. Take some money from him & he may show some style as a Steeler.

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