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Woodley: ‘I just got a little fatigued’


There was some good news from the visiting locker room after the Steelers gave away their short-lived lead in the AFC North.
Outside linebacker LaMarr Woodley said he didn’t aggravate the hamstring injury that has hampered him since late October.
Woodley, playing in only his second game since Oct. 30, sat out the fourth quarter against the 49ers as a precaution.
“I just for a little fatigued so I got out,” said Woodley, who leads the Steelers with nine sacks. “We expected that anyway, that it was going to get fatigued. I felt pretty good but we didn’t come out on top.”
The Steelers proved to be their own worst enemy when the electricity was actually, you know, on at Candlestick Park. They committed four turnovers and were penalized nine times for 72 yards in the 20-3 loss to the 49ers.
The Steelers have 11 more giveaways than takeaways for the season, a statistic that doesn’t bode well for them making a run at a seventh Super Bowl title.
Quarterback Ben Roethlisberger committed all four of the Steelers’ turnovers and blamed himself for the team’s fourth loss of the season. Several defensive players, however, said they should have done more to help the offense.
“We just didn’t give our offense a chance. We didn’t give them enough opportunities with short fields,” free safety Ryan Clark said. “We didn’t play bad defensively. But they played great and that’s why they won the game. We came to the West Coast and got our butts whipped, plain and simple.”
“We had an opportunity,” Steelers coach Mike Tomlin said, “and we didn’t seize it.”

— Scott Brown



  1. Doug Halfen says:

    Happy for LaMarr, who provided some assertive pressure, but that’s a dim silver lining to an otherwise _very_ dark cloud.

    Just like last year’s Super Bowl, this game hinged on #7’s mistakes, plain and simple. Injured ankle and all, he did a fair amount of good last night, only to figuratively shoot himself in the foot each and every time. (The refs didn’t help, either — this was the _second_ poorly-called game by Walt Coleman & crew we’ve had this season, especially that phantom chop-block late in the game. Yoi…)

    Take away Ben’s mistakes, and we have a different ballgame. Yet you can’t help but feel _some_ admiration for the Big Mutton-Head sticking it out admirably with what was obviously a very painful injury. We got away from the run, too, while only down by 10 points — something that should have NEVER happened with Ben clearly playing at less than 100%. The game turned into “Who’s gonna kill Roethlisberger on THIS play?” for the entire 4th quarter.

    (The defense performed admirably — you can’t ask for much better when the offense is sputtering and committing a fistful of turnovers. And the 49ers’ D just pinned back their ears and went for the throat.)

    Lost in all of this: we don’t really have “comeback potential” with this offense. Once we’re down, we _stay_ down. You can’t expect our D to save our bacon every time; the offense has to start pulling its weight against quality opponents: score plenty in the first half and let the defense feast late.

  2. sjb says:

    Maybe he got fatigued wacthing Timmons try to fill Harrison’s shoes, or even fill his own. He stinks at outside LB and is only serviceable inside. After 5 years now of waiting for him to become the player everyone hoped he could be, I’m going to go out on a not so short limb and call Timmons a bust…or at the very least, a marginal draft that the Steelers erred on by signing to a large contact this past off-season. I can’t believe Ron Cook at the PG actually said it was more important to lock up Timmons over Polamalu if they could only sign one. But then again, it is Cook and he’s said much dumber things in the past.

  3. Doug Halfen says:

    Like the Tennessee game 3 years ago, let’s hope this is the late-season, slap-in-the-face reality check we need to get the train running. And (re-)learning how to _successfully_ mount a comeback wouldn’t hurt, either… :facepalm:

  4. sjb says:

    I have a feeling the only slap-in-the-face reality check they got last night isn’t of the positive, “we’ll get this ship turned around” variety. Sadly, I think this game showed exactly where the Steelers are and will be for the remainder of the season. Not trying to be negative, just see too many hurdles and weaknesses to overcome at this point.

  5. Poz says:

    I would rather Woodley said he felt his hamstring tightening. Home field on the line, Harrison out, and Woodley decides to sit because he got “a little fatigued” Not a lot mind you…just a little. For some players, maybe fatigue sets in sooner during a tough game after the long term contract is signed.

  6. David says:

    After every loss hides a 4 game winning streak….. I didn’t care about this game one way or the other, being in the playoffs is the first step in our journey, I agree we need to rest players but absolutely not at the cost if rust and allowing the seasons toll catch up with the players body,, patience. Consistency, and the sheer will to end the season on a positive note is what counts. @woodley, make no excuses for your performance, at this stage of the season your supposed to be fatigue, gutcheck and drive on soldier!

  7. Dick says:

    Well, my worst fears came true. Give Ben credit for a gutty performance but he just wasn’t up to it for this game. The injury bug has really bit us this season and could affect the playoffs big time. We could still win the division with a Cincinnati upset of the Ravens. First, we must do our part. What a lousy rule that laid a personal foul onTimmons for trying to block a field goal! I wonder how many times that is called.
    That rule is junk and should be eliminated. We sure missed James Harrison at LB.
    Also, anyone have the rulebook definition of a chop block?

  8. Steve B says:

    QB that could barely move. No Pouncey or Harrison and a weakened Woodley. This game looked like a loss before it started but I would have never thought the Steelers would only score 3 points. Mendenhall looked good at times. I just can’t believe Alex Smith can lead a team to an 11 – 3 record. They barely got near him and he killed them with short stuff. Also, the Steelers aggresiveness on defense got them burned a few times especially on the screen pass during the Niners last TD drive. The goal now should be to get people healthy for the playoffs. Can they beat a terrible St. Louis team with potentially Batch at QB on a short week that included a west coast trip? Not confident they can this Saturday.

  9. chuck broad says:

    this was by far the worst Tomlin has coached as a Steeler. He claims we just hold everyone to the same standard…yet he refuses to use either batch or dixon when ben is hurt to the extent he can not throw the ball accurately.IN other words…Tomlin believes that even against a team that scores very little…SF was what…30th in the league in scoring…..that neither Batch nor Dixon can do the job…. Obviously Tomlin is a good coach usually…but this week he failed miserably. BY the lack of production by Woodley…it probably would have made more sense to play Timmmons there all game with foote and farrior in the middle….instead tomlin risked having to hurt players being hurt even more…never again will i believe him when he spouts “we hold everyone to the standard.

  10. Rick says:

    I didn’t feel right about the game from early in last week. We were just too banged up all around.

    We will need to play whatever, however, the last 2 games. Maybe even sit Ben a game to allow him to heal more. He played admirably for someone with the high ankle sprain, but it affected his passing and ability to play “Ben’s style” of football.

    Not certain about the 1st INT, but is was his high pass, sailing pass, on the second. The fumbles, hell, he was manhandled a couple times and was more into protecting himself than both, esp when Justin Smith was whomping him.

    I cannot believe that he is allowed to be hit and knocked down after he passed the ball, but then, that is what i have complained about all season.

    We tried, but as depleted as we were the loss was almost inevitable.

    And that jumping on the back to boost a block kick attempt penalty on Timmons that allowed SF to get their 2nd TD – he was at the LOS, not back off it, but of course they never showed that play, only the one Hairball complained about in the 1st quarter.

    Chop block is where a player cuts the legs out from under a defender – and said player is not next to the player who is engaged with the defender when in down stance. A guard can be blocking and the center can cut block (same as chop) that defender. A great demonstration was in the SD – Ravens game when Yanda did it to a SD defender.
    Now if same guard is blocking, and the TE, back or other guard comes over and blocks low, that is chop blocking. I think there is also a version for diving at the legs of a defender – Gore was called for a chop block in the game, didn’t see any other offensive player blocking who he chopped.

    As for some holds, I guess I’d rather see that than Ben down and in pain. Of course they never called any late hits on SF, so I guess our guys were making sure the mass rush was slowed. Small consolation when big plays come back.

    While the defense played pretty good, they were often backed off the SF receivers, allowing Smith to get 3 step drop and pass done. That allowed too many excess yards. I think we did a good job on Gore overall.

    So we are now the 4th seed, and barring any real screw ups will stay there.

    We have little depth left at this time, in certain areas. We desperately need healthy players back in the lineup.

  11. Carl says:

    That game couldn’t have been any worse even if Tomlin walked out on the field in the middle of the blackout and dropped a big steaming pile of sh*t in the middle of the field, then took the team back to the locker room and called it a day. In fact, that might have been better….

    Cincy beating the Ravens and gifting us the division would be nice, but don’t count on it. Winning the next two and getting on a roll for a playoff roadie is imperative, We will need the momentum. Tenatively looks like we would be up against the Tebows in round 1, I’d feel good about that matchup.

    Arians-Haters, last night was one for your arguement! No continuity or plan at all evident at any point in the game….

  12. K2 says:

    In the San Fran locker room there is a sign that says teams either get better or worse… I believe this Steeler team has not shown any real improvement in the second half of the season…. Bottom line is they ain’t so Super.

    BB continues to miss the long ball, he does not know how to throw the ball away to live for another down or protect himself (it’s not always on the O-line), lack of discipline as a total team, D-backs can’t cover when it counts, can’t run the ball when it counts, their 2 min offense sucks (BB can’t mange a game) etc….i’ve seen no improvement ove rthe 2nd half of the season.

  13. Mark T. says:

    We all know Ben plays injured but if he is that hurt he should have been pulled after the first interception. If Tomlin has no confidence in Batch or Dixon then cut them and get a back up who’s capable of playing if or when Ben goes down. Second our O-line is just terrible. Dont blame RM who is a great runner when he has blocking. Let’s spend the money and fix the O-line or we will be looking for another QB sooner rather than later. All the stars aligned for us, the ratbirds lost, we could be sitting pretty as the #1 seed but we didn’t handle our business. Let’s hope in the off season the Steelers will fix the O-line. GO STEELERS!!!

  14. Scott P says:

    The Steelers did not play well in this game. The 49ers did. That said, the officials made two horrible calls at critical points in this game. If not for the ridiculous “interference with the opportunity” call, the Steelers would have had a first and 10 deep in San Fran territory.

    The “leaping” call against Timmons changed it from a 2 possession game to a three possession game at the start of the 4th quarter.

    The officials should be ashamed of themselves.

  15. Scott P says:

    Just to clarify, we are now the 5th seed. The top 4 go to division winners. Baltimore is back in the AFC North lead and would get the 4 seed. The Steelers went from number 1 to number 5 last night. Very disheartening.

  16. cerone says:

    Woodley says he was FATIGUED!? Nobody should take comfort in that. It’s a pathetic excuse. The standard is the standard as it was and should have been for Ben after he cajoled his coaches into playing all night. If you start, play it through hard and without excuses. Shame on Woodley for not being ready and sticking it out. He is too good of a player not to be dragged off the field kicking and screaming.

  17. Carl says:

    Currently, Baltimore is a three seed, and we would be a 5 going to Denver, who is 4. Could all change, but that’s where we are right now….

  18. Clarence says:

    How true, Scott. Everyone is right.

    Ben’s right, the loss was on him. He played John Wayne and got beat up.

    Ryan Clark’s right, the defense played well but not good enough to bail the offense
    out of 4 turnovers and a host of very inopportune penalties.

    The offensive line played well for a half, but it wasn’t until we abandoned the short game and the run that they started losing the battle up front.

    …as usual no halftime adjustments were made.

    When we ran the ball and controlled the game with short passes, we drove downfield. The moment we went away from that, we were not only ineffective, we turned the ball over starting with the very first pass play over 20 yds.

    BA was calling a great game until he went with the long developing plays. When we depend on these long developing plays as the norm and not the exception, we tend to lose and Ben gets beat up.

    …and don’t blame the officiating as they’re just terrible, but, except for Harrison, they’re terrible for everybody. They didn’t throw 4 picks. They didn’t commit 7 penalties, 3 of which negated big plays.

  19. Clarence says:

    Cerone, relax. He hasn’t played for several games and it happens, especially in a dense atmosphere like the humid bay area.

    The worst thing is giving up the golden opportunity to be the #1 seed. For that to come around again, we would have to win out and the Ravens and Patriots lose 1 more game.

    Those types of chances don’t come often. Coming out with a 7 penalty, 4 turnover, 20-3 shellacking doesn’t equal wanting it too much.

    While it hurts, it is over now, and we have the playoffs coming up after these next two games. We have to shake this off, get Steeler Nation in gear and full steam behind our team. They are our Steelers and they have more than earned our support. GO STEELERS!!!


  20. Rambis says:

    Our D wasn’t spectacular, but come on, what is it reasonable to expect every game? SF scored ONCE when they weren’t handed the ball after a turnover. We held them to FGs three times rather than giving up TDs (until that weak call on Timmons on the FG gave SF another shot at the goal line). Without those turnovers, this is a different game. With even a decent offensive performance, this is a win. Can’t blame the D on this one at all – totally on the anemic offense.

  21. 6tonsofsteel says:

    I’ll keep it short, Ben should not have played. Tomlin knew he was limited all last week and made the stupid decision to start him. We are in playoffs already. Still have 2 games to go. Batch or Dixon should have started.

  22. Doug Halfen says:

    You know, I could’ve totally understood us beating the Niners and then having a letdown of a dogfight against the Rams. Now, of course, we have to balance the desire to win against the need for healing. We took the “golden opportunity” for a shot at the division and chucked it in the toilet…

    Ben should rest. If he plays that poorly again, we’ll be a quick wild-card flop. He needs to be much closer to 100% before he takes the field in the playoffs.

    (No, the state of Ohio will most certainly NOT do any favours for us against the Purple Pigeons. We’re stuck under those idiots now.)

  23. Jerry kubicki says:

    The big play no one is discussing was the punt and fumble where Steelers would get the ball inside the 20. Instead a 15 yard penalty for interfering with the catch. This would have been a game changer! Lewis was blocked into him! Can we ever get the critical call being made properly?

  24. Scott P says:

    Fellow fans,
    Please don’t take this the wrong way. I am not trying to be overly negative. From a realistic standpoint, take a look at the Steelers results this year. They will end the regular season with one quality win (New England) and that one was at home.

    The rest of their victories have come against the dregs and pretenders of the NFL. I would feel a lot better about the playoffs had the Steelers shown the ability to beat a good team on the road. Houston and San Fran took them to the wood shed and Baltimore blew them out of the barn.

  25. RI Bucco says:

    Just wondering what Dennis Dixon has done to find himself in Tomlin’s doghouse at #3 on the depth chart behind Batch. To me, he has way more upside than Batch, especially if one looks at how Batch performed in the last game….utterly awful. Do we not remember how effective Dixon was in his only real opportunity to play last year?

    Not sure if Ben plays against STL or not, but I would much rather see Dixon under center than Batch, who is all done. That said, he has been the consumate Steeler and community man, and would make a great coach.

    Tough to swallow the loss because the ugly Patriots are now lurking at #1….the difference is that even with that awful defense in NE, they won’t squander this opportunity to hold onto the #1 seed.

  26. fishmaster says:

    Who is the coach here…. Ben stated Tomlin tried to pull him from the game in the 4th quarter but Ben told him no. Ben is a warrior and will never come out but the coach needs to make logical decisions and realize the game was out of reach and to pull Ben. My opinion he should have pulled him after the first two drives. I don’t blame Ben for this game I blame the coaches…. BA is a fool for having Ben throw the ball 44 times…. really. This game plan should have been a Bill Cowher game plan…. run the ball… keep the game close and hope one of our play makers on D or one of the receivers makes a big play in the 4th and come out of there with a W.

  27. Big Al says:

    Woodley wasn’t the only one who was out of gas. Starks was suckin’ wind, too, when he wasn’t just plain suckin’. Tomlin is running a country club over there.

  28. Jay Walker says:

    Season over.

    Patriots are AFC champs again. Book it.

  29. Carl says:

    Season ain’t over, there’s at least 3 games left….

    Boy, Debbie-downer dude. Weren’t people booking the Pats as AFC Champs last year too?

  30. Zarbor says:

    This game lies squarely on Tomlin and the entire coaching staff. They screwed this game up royally. I appreciate Ben wanting to go out for the team in a big game. That’s what you expect from all your players especially the leaders.

    It is up to the head coach to decide if and when a player should or should not go especially if they are hurting the team in winning. I can’t understand how in the world you have Charlie take all the snaps in practice and then on Saturday have been do a little bit of work and start him the whole game.

    Clearly whatever plan they had with Ben, it was a hot mess. As TJ on ESPN said on the second blackout, it was clear from the get go that Ben could not plant that foot and was unable to really move and should be replaced. He looked bad on that first interception and it was down hill from there.

    I personally thought the defense (though not stellar) kept us in the game for a long time. Hoping that the offense will get a spark and do something. Charlie Batch is better QB than Alex Smith and I’m convinced, we could have won or at least put on a much better showing than a hobbled Ben. The game was close at halftime, so that would have been a great time to switch.

    I like Tomlin and really love what he has done over the years but this is the first time he gets a solid “F” for not having this team prepared to play like there was so much at stake. The 49ers looked like they wanted it more. The game plan look very suspect and the decision to keep going with Ben was asinine.

    This team has a lot of injuries and don’t need stupid coaching to lessen our chances.

  31. Chuck H. says:

    Steeler defense played an adequate game until they got so tired trying to bail out the woeful, no pitiful offense. Blame Tomlin for even letting Ben play, and blame Arians for his usual bland offense. The one scoring play that I have been harping about all season happened for the 49ers. They were on the Steelers one yard line-Smith took the snap
    and faked a handoff to RB who plowed into the line, but Smith had the ball and hit a wide open receiver in the endzone. That’s how you score- not send your back into the line four times. Too bad Bruce doesn’t think of plays like that. Meanwhile, when the other team knows that your Qback isn’t going to run, they just double up the pass D,
    making it easier for an interception. We had a Qback ready and willing to go, you know,the one from Oregon, but Ben had to play on one good leg.

  32. Jay Walker says:

    Tomlin isn’t here for his smarts. He’s here to be the team spokesman. That’s what he does best, obviously.

  33. David says:

    hey, head up kid, this isn’t the low of the lows, we are stronger then this loss is, and this loss doesn’t make our season, the other kid had it right we have at least 3 games left, so if your thinking about throwing in the towel, Don’t, Iwon’t let you cause I won’t allow you quit or give up…. there is still a light shining at the end of it all and its actually the glare resonating off the Steelers 7th Lombardi Trophy. So don’t pack it in yet kid, cause there’s still some a s s to kick ………………….. !

  34. RJ in Rancho Cucamonga says:

    “Jay Walker
    December 20th, 2011 – 7:05 pm Tomlin isn’t here for his smarts. He’s here to be the team spokesman. That’s what he does best, obviously”

    You’ve got to be kidding me. Are you talking about this Tomlin?:

    W-L: 53-25 / Games over .500: 29
    Super Bowl Wins: 1
    Supre Bowl Appearances: 2
    Conference Championships: 2
    Division Championships: 4

    All this in the last 5 seasons…..THAT Tomlin? There are about 28 other teams I can guarantee would take that “spokesman” in a heartbeat. J@goff.

  35. Jay Walker says:

    RJ: Tomlin doesn’t coach the team. His assistants coach the team. And it’s obvious that at least one player (read: Ben) makes personnel decisions. Otherwise, to leave a one-legged, franchise QB in the game behind 17 points in the fourth quarter would be grounds for dismissal.

  36. JDub81 says:

    If Dennis Dixon or Charlie Batch aren’t trusted to back up Ben…what the heck are the Steelers paying them for ? Practice? Mike Tomlin and Bruce Arians need to be shown the door not soon enough. A new quarterback is needed….Ben is a joke, the dude isn’t as good as we are being led to believe. Sacks, overthrowing receivers, dumb picks in the red zone sums up we can expect in big games…but a lot of you are brainwashed by the media. A fraud. Get ready for one and done in the playoffs!

  37. prnitz says:

    It was a mistake to play Ben from the ge- go, not just when the game got out of hand. If anyone thinks we have a shot at going anywhere in the play-offs, he should have been trying to heal last night. If we couldnt beat them with Charlie throwing short passes and Redman and Mendenhall running, then so be it. Steve Young was right in his analysis, Tomlin or Ariens need to have enough clout to tell Ben he’s not helping the team or himself when he tries to play that hurt and plays that poorly.

  38. GC says:

    I am watching the FI game. Let him stay at FI. The offense and the type of QB they have look ro familar. Run a real offense like Wisconsin against big time schools.

  39. Wildwood says:

    Newsflash people we weren’t in a great position to win this game anyway. We had no Harrison (pro-bowler), less than 100% Woodley, no Pouncey (pro-bowler), no Sanders and the franchises all time best Qb heading to a probowl playing on ONE ankle. Their heading towards a 12-4 season, more than likely a trip to face the worst team in the playoffs ” DENVER” with a then trip to Patsville. Let’s get some perspective here, and who’s to say the bengals can’t steal one in the queens city on the last Sunday against the Ravens also. Did the Ravens impress anyone on Sunday on the road? Granted we need the Texans to lose one more now. The team needs to use their key players sparingly these next two weeks and if they don’t then we should be bitching up a storm because that would be inexcusable. One last thought our average starting field position was the fifteen yard line, that’s a tough road to hoe when your QB really can’t walk. Hang in there people.

  40. Manny says:

    Realistically I blame the coaching staff.. Tomlin is in charge and did nothing.. the team was not prepared at all, no focus and you could see it.. the golden oportunity it’s gone now… and please Tomlin: SCREAM to your players on the sidelines, bring the PASSION out of them, cause it seems you are bored on the sidelines and that is contagious!! Just sayin’ come on man!! Please do!!

  41. jimbo says:

    Wow. Baltimore destroyed the niners by applying pressure on the Niner O-line using a copy-cat (mostly) 3-4 defense. I can see the difference in the Steleers vs Baltimore’s front 7 this year.
    We lost the best 3-4 end in the league and Hoke for good.
    I’m saying The Steeler D-line is not getting it done. Alex Smith was never under Blitzburgh pressure.
    Wish the Steelers had gone after the redskin free agent (Rogers) that first picked BB in the end-zone. We need some D-backs that can cover and break-up plays and pick.
    The last item is the O-line,, looked like their conditioning coach has failed. Starks was a poster child for their issues getting thrown back like a rag doll..No pouncey did not help.
    Farrior has lost a step. Timmons? Troy P.?? where are the big hits and plays?
    I hope they win it all and make 7. but the Steelers still have some areas that have not been addressed from last year and have sprung some new leaks.
    This game was a hard one to watch. I hope they fix some of these issues in the off season. hairballed in candlestick..Damn..

  42. GC says:

    The game plan should have been the one they used against NE, not trying to throw the ball down field like always, great game plan BA. Tomlin for sure does let his coordinators make all the calls, no game adjustments. He looks lost and puzzled on the sidelines during games like these, but always has great comments afterwards.

  43. EF says:

    The Defense needed to bail us out in this one and instead did nothing. It is like watching a completely different unit than the one we use to know. They are not attacking and the results are obvious. Zero sacks, Zero turnovers, too much cushion on 3rd down and not playing the sticks (Lewis, Gay, Taylor) this is becoming the norm not the strange. Can we please get back to who we are !!! PRESSURE, PRESSURE, PRESSURE !!! It sure is hard to have much hope of #7, what a great opportunity that was lost.

  44. Rick says:

    Scott, I stand corrected, I keep forgetting 4 divisions, yes 5th seed. Ah well, 4th, 5th or 6th – we still have to play better football.
    Woodley was not fatigued, his hamstring was, HUGE difference.
    As for saying Ben doesn’t know how to pass to deep receivers, you play with a high ankle sprain and then try to plant properly and pass deep accurately. His lack of real mobility was the problem, as he usually is willing to break the pocket when first and second receivers are covered to look all over. He only did that once or twice.

    I am glad Tomlin said he was thrilled with officiating. They were bad, and as usual in a close game set the stage for disaster. We were not up to overcoming much in that game for a lot of reasons.

    Like it or no, this team is a different team than last year’s. than previous years to that, and from what we fans wanted it to be. Last year we didn’t suffer as many injuries, this year we are. That’s the way it breaks down sometimes.

  45. Rick says:

    Ah crap, lousy typing – Tomlin was NOT thrilled with officiating.

  46. eyeheartbrucearians says:

    On this date, last year, the Packer were 8–6. Their losses included those to the Redskins, Dolphins and, in the thirteenth game, the Lions. Last year’s Lions.

    This has been a strange year. There seems to be many really bad teams, and no great ones.

    Honestly, does anyone out there think there is a team that the Steelers can’t beat in the playoffs? I don’t mean wins that are “on any given Sunday,” logical possibilities. I mean if they are healthy and play a good game they are as good as anyone out there.

    So, let’s get healthy and play good games, and the sky’s the limit.

    Any word on the RB situation? They have to dress someone besides Mendenhall and Redman. Is John Clay still on the practice squad, or might we see Tiki?

  47. Scott Reed says:

    The Steelers were outscored 72-20 in three losses against three playoff teams on the road. That says it all about why they’ll be one-and-done in the postseason.

  48. Wildwood says:

    To take (EyeheartBA’s) comments further who can honestly say matching player for player that Pitt wouldn’t be able to face a Tim Tebow lead team and win. Playing the bengals with a rookie QB in a playoff situation in Pittsburgh…..and win…for a third time. Playing a Texans team led by a guy named “Yates,” is that an impossible situation for Pitt to win? I know the Jets are curently in the sixth seed but I don’t see them making it, and if they do so be it, they are slow and have no offense. I don’t need to tell you how we would fair against the pats with their thirty-second ranked defense either. The fact of the matter is Pitt’s real threat to not making another SB appearance is injuries to key players and the Ravens nothing more.

  49. Doug Halfen says:

    Jason La Canfora just issued a report on that sources are saying the Steelers’ front office wants Ben to sit for the next game. La Canfora’s track record is very good, and if this proves to be true, then the organization is making a very wise decision.

    Seriously, if our backups can’t beat the Yams and Brownies, then we deserve the 6th seed — and we’ve been there before with no problem.

    Ben does not _have_ to do it alone. He needs to heal. We can’t afford a repeat (or worse) of Monday night.

  50. DK67 says:

    I can’t say too much more than what has already been said, but if you’re playing with a QB that can barely walk, you might want to come up with a game plan that provides a release valve for him. If the opposing D is going to blitz…let ‘em, but make sure you have a RB or TE set up for a short dump and run. Deep passes? WTH were they thinking? BA brings the same game plan every week…except he decided to drop the screen this week when it really would’ve helped. I just don’t get it?

    Also, when are they going to start fining refs for phantom calls? It’s hard enough to win when you’re only playing the other team!

  51. David says:

    Sit Bev. Sit Ben. Sit Ben. I garantee we will win out.

  52. eyeheartbrucearians says:

    DK 67:

    I have something more to say:
    Roethlisberger vs. Ditka?
    I’m just asking, who’s tougher? Not who would win in a face off.
    But, position wise, It’s worth considering.
    BB just played a game as QB on one leg.
    Big Ben throws blocks that take out linebackers’ legs, for God’s sake!
    OK, Ditka’s tougher, but BB is the toughest QB, and the ultimate Steelers QB ever.

    I think that the football world is in for a Steelers surprise, come playoff time.

  53. David says:

    Bev was a typo. But we will win out , just let Ben heal for the playoffs… All Charlie has to do is manage the game with a few deep balls to Wallace, brown, and miller, but please mix Ward in there too, I’d like to see him get a thousand receptions.

  54. D.L.Moore says:

    ben should have ben pulled mid way through the 4th but trying to be a tough guy won over.woodley saw his limitation and took him self out of the game.seems smart to me.
    the steelers were doing well with run and short passing game but ben wants every pass to cover at least 20 yards.i think dixon should have played after half time since he was the most moble of the qbs.

  55. the old coach says:

    wallace is entirely overated at wideout. It seems if you don’ t throw him the PERFECT ball he can not make a play. He should have made an attempt at both long balls. They were thrown well. He has poor ability to locate the ball and rarely goes up after one. He is a body catcher. Now Antonio Brown on the other hand has a chance to be one of the best. the old coach

  56. Dick says:

    Old coach, I have to disagree with your analysis of Wallace. If the draft was done over again this guy wouldn’t have been available to the Steelers. He can really stretch the field and the best is yet to come. Defensive backs are very much aware of him and he draws double coverage. He is a keeper. On the other hand, agree with you on Antonio Brown. He is the real deal….outstanding ability paired with attitude and determination to succeed. As a bonus, we get an outstanding punt, kick returner who could break one at any moment. Can’t say enough good things about him.

  57. chris says:

    Ben was hurt and should have sat, but i’m not the one at practice everyday. Howerver, if Ben is better with one foot then the other two backups, maybe the Steelers need better back ups.

  58. RJ in Rancho Cucamonga says:

    “27.Jay Walker
    December 20th, 2011 – 9:12 pm RJ: Tomlin doesn’t coach the team. His assistants coach the team. And it’s obvious that at least one player (read: Ben) makes personnel decisions. Otherwise, to leave a one-legged, franchise QB in the game behind 17 points in the fourth quarter would be grounds for dismissal.”

    LMFAO! You have GOT to be kidding me. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

  59. K2 says:

    BB is buying too much into his on press regarding playing hurt (tough guy image). Here’s the deal, if you’re going to play hurt, then you better play well!!! He didn’t and now might have cost his team a real shot as repeating as Dividional Champs and possibly making a real SB run. He is a better athlete, than QB (not that smart either so why would Tomlin listen to him?). Like I said after the game, I don’t get get?

    The Steelers have not shown any real consistency this year and I don’t think they are looking so Super (Bowl) like this year. They don’t seem to have that Stiller Confidence or Intimidation Factor this year for some reason.

    Maybe we go on a late year run!

  60. Lady Di says:

    Jay Walker is spot on with his Tomline comments!

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