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Woodley unlikely to play in Cleveland


There is very little chance that LaMarr Woodley will play against the Browns Sunday, and there is zero reason for the Steelers to suit up the outside linebacker in Cleveland.
Not if they want to get anything meaningful out of him for the playoffs.
Approached before practice Wednesday, Woodley said he is “day to day.”
That is going to go down as the epitaph for the second half of his season.
Not that it is any fault of or knock on Woodley, who hasn’t played a full game since Oct. 23.
That’s just the way hamstring injuries are much of the time. Woodley, with the stops and starts he has endured since going down while chasing after Tom Brady, can attest to that.
“It’s not going to be healed for the rest of the year,” Woodley said of his injured hamstring. “Right now just try to be smart because not missing games is going to be big going into these playoffs.”
Here are three questions with Woodley, who is almost certain to miss Sunday’s game as he focuses on returning for the playoffs:

Q: Is it a situation where you can rotate with Jason (Worilds) and be fresher for the fourth quarter?
A: I never want to limit myself. You want to be good for every quarter, not just the fourth quarter because every quarter count. Whatever the coaches decide that’s what we’ll do but if it’s up to me I’ staying out there and playing the whole game.

Q: Do you have to limit your snaps?
A: A lot of people didn’t expect me to play that long coming off a hamstring injury (in San Francisco) but I did a great job going in coverage, rushing the quarterback. It just got a little fatigued and it’s going to get fatigued because I haven’t been getting many reps in there and you can’t get those kind of reps in practice where you’re doing all of those different things. So we expect for that to happen.

Q: Can you still be effective when you’re not 100 percent?
A: Yeah, I wasn’t 100 percent the San Francisco and I went out there and played pretty good football. They weren’t holding the ball a lot and I got back there to the quarterback a few times and not even 100 percent so I think yeah, I’ll be a lot effective.

— Scott Brown



  1. Doug Halfen says:

    We need to win the game, and our backups thwacked the bejeezus out of the Yams with no problem. The Brownies aren’t much better (the pundits can wax poetic all they want about Seneca Wallace and his athleticism, blah-blah-blah [say the same thing about Kordell or Dixon], but he’s a proven backup — meaning he’s NOT a proven starter), and we need to _prove_ this to them.

    We need to play them like they slapped our sisters and spit on our mommas. (Crude, but you get the point.)

    I think everyone should realize: Pat Shurmur is NOT the answer in Cleveland; Holmgren made a gross misjudgment. Injuries notwithstanding, this was a better team under Mangini (I’ve never been crazy about him either), and it took a big step _backward_ this season.

    Let’s put them in their place: the AFC North Cellar.

    Meanwhile, all 3 other teams in the division will make playoff visits (if the Bungles can beat those darned bird-flu-riddled carrion feasters…..).

  2. Jopa-n says:

    Woodley is one I could see sitting even if he was able to tough it out. Having Harrison on one side to scare the cow dung out of whoever QB’s the Bownies should suffice on defense.

    See last week:

  3. David says:

    yeah, let Woodley catch his breath and get his wind back, wouldn’t want him to get fatigued in the middle of a 2 seed run….. Harrison alone will make a qb think after the shellacking Colt took, not to be without compassion on that hit, it was hard, but it was legal … anyway, we should win this game by a marginal lot so let the Browns demise begin,….. and hoot hoot for the Bengals this week…… here we go steelers….

  4. Chuck H. says:

    They say that Ben is walking without a limp, but one good hit on his bad ankle could
    make him immobile again. You offensive line guys will have to step up your blocking
    assignments to keep him safe during the passing plays. An immobile Ben would be an
    easy target for pass rushers. We need to establish the running game to the point that
    the pass will be more effective. If it were up to me, I would start the backup qback and
    see how the game goes. Give Ben another week to rest his ankle for the big ones ahead, unless we are forced to use him against the Clowns. Whatever the case, GO,

  5. 1big6fan says:

    Do the Steelers have the trainers that the Pirates use? Holy cow….Meeks was out most of the year with a sore arm. Now we loose Woodly the second half of the season for a hamstring???? We not only need an some turnovers, we meed new trainers.

  6. Jay Walker says:

    What difference does it make? We’ll be one and done in the playoffs anyway. Jordan Staal will score a hat trick before we win a road game.

  7. Ryan the Lion says:

    Jordan Staal already has at least one hat trick under his belt (see 2008-2009 Stanley Cup season VS Detroit at Detroit). He then proceeded to back check, steal the puck from Rafalski, and set up Fedotenko for the OT winner. And the way he is playing this season, he will get an HT before playoffs…stamp it.

  8. SteelHeart says:

    If the news reports are accurate, and Big Ben has looked good in practice, my money says that Tomlin will play him until the Offense gets 2 TDs – but no more than the 1st half. Then Charlie will close out the game.

    But don’t broadcast this ! Against the Rams, the whole team looked rushed — like they were trying to put the Rams away immediately.

  9. the old coach says:

    Woodley is done for the season and WILL NOT be a factor. He conditioned poorly during the offseason and it showed early in the season. Steelers have a tough fight on their hands against Cleveland. the old coach

  10. Rick says:

    McCoy has a glass jaw. Harrison’s hit was to chin. Won’t say it was legal or not, but it was like he took a jaw shot and some people can’t take them.
    Anyway, Woodley sits, all the better as for as much as I want the Bungles to win, they might falter. We need Woodley healthy and ready to go for the playoffs.

    So if it pans out in favor of Ratbirds, then we play Tebow and the horses. Would be nice to see (insert Mahr’s commentary here… :D) what he does against 2 of the top outside LBs in the league. Too bad it would be in Denver.

    Ah, oldcoach, isn’t it nice to be so negative. I guess all the other hamstring injuries AROUND THE LEAGUE are due to poor conditioning.

    Against the RAMs, new QB, getting used to game time cadences. Needing to establish the run against a team that has huge run defense problems. Once the rust shaked, we were OK. I would have been more concerned if we had trouble with them.

    What I really want to see is a fair and proper game calling by all the Refs. No BS calls, no one-sided calls.

    And we are 4-3 on the road this season. Right now that is better than the Ratbirds Jay. We can and will win on the road in round one if need be. Happened before when no one figured we’d last past game 1.

  11. Scott P says:

    Resting Woodley is the right thing to do. Jason Worilds is more than capable. The Brownies won’t put up much of a fight either way.

  12. David says:

    inside slant, Ben will start, and if we get a comfortable lead and its late in the 3rd, Ben will still play, the game plan will be to play to win, not evaluate, that phase is over with, i for one wouldn’t mind a 5th seed and traveling to Denver, cause we will demolish TeBow mania as we all know it but the downside to that is Ryan Clark wouldn’t be able to go because of his sickle cell trait that almost took his life a few years back, that would be sad to say, cause outside the football player, just listening to him in interviews is awesome, i like listening to him, very smart person and respectful. but i truly believe the playoffs will fall in out favor and we get the Home field advantage…… with that said it wouldn’t be hard to guess how I think the Ratbirds will do Sunday evening….. Lets Go Steelers……..

  13. tpbco says:


    I believe I read that the last trip to Denver, when Clark didn’t play, that he did go along and did a “workout” and reported no symptoms. The reason they gave was since he had his gall bladder removed, it ended the potential for reoccurence. Haven’t heard anything since, so I am still going with that.

    I would still rather the purple pigeons lose and we get the home game, tho’.

  14. Doug Halfen says:

    Major props to Antonio Brown (Antonionionioni!!!), who just nabbed the Steelers’ MVP award: congrats!!!

    The kid with the million-dollar grin has turned into A FIRST-DOWN MACHINE!!!!!!!

  15. Dick says:

    Congrats to Antonio Brown on a well deserved award (Steeler MVP). Keep up the good work! Better things are ahead.

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