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Kemoeatu likely to return to starting lineup


It wouldn’t be a normal week for the Steelers unless there was some shuffling along the offensive line.
The latest change will apparently come at left guard with Chris Kemoeatu likely to return to the starting lineup in Cleveland.
Trai Essex has started the last two games at left guard. They were the two contests that, not coincidentally, followed Kemoeatu’s dubious hat trick against the Browns on Dec. 8.
But Essex moved to center last Saturday because of a shoulder injury to Doug Legursky, and Kemoeatu played most of the way at left guard.
Steelers offensive coordinator Bruce Arians praised Kemoeatu’s play against St. Louis, saying, “He looks healthy again.”
Practicality is also a major reason why the Steelers are likely to go with Kemoeatu over Essex this week at left guard. With Legursky out because of a shoulder injury and Maurkice Pouncey coming off an ankle injury the Steelers are still in a very precarious situation at center.
They were so thin after Essex moved over from left guard last Saturday that a one-armed Legursky was their emergency center had something happened to Essex.
They can’t afford for Essex to get hurt this week, especially since there are no guarantees that Pouncey will make it through the entire game.
Essex received the highest praise from Mike Tomlin for the job he did while filling in at center last Saturday, and his versatility again works against him.
But the prudent play in Cleveland is to start Kemoeatu at left guard and save Essex as Pouncey insurance.

— Scott Brown



  1. Cerone says:

    Scott – I couldn’t agree more on the Kemo start. This sensible and pragmatic logic should have been applied to Big Ben in SF. Looks like the coaches have come to their senses.

  2. David says:

    oh, and no dumb penalties Key………..

  3. Van Man says:

    Komeatu should stay home. We don’t need his dumb butt on the field.

  4. Jay Walker says:

    I was embarrassed by the way the fans treated Jagr tonight. The most dependable superstar in team history deserved better. Pittsburgh showed how small it really is.

  5. Doug Halfen says:

    The Big K is an excellent lineman, but he HAS to cut down on the nonsense, or he’s going to be playing elsewhere soon (if at all).

    Ending up in Tomlin’s doghouse is not a desirable outcome, but Kemoeatu seems to have acquired a pass to its freakin’ penthouse suite…

  6. Rick says:

    Kemo has the skills, he just needs to keep his head in the correct game. No stupid stuff. Any OL can get called for holding, even for what appears not to be holding. But you can’t get on a bad roll cause it keeps coming.
    Maybe he should block (or try to) Harrison and stay legal. That would be a fun contest.

    Jagr probably wouldn’t have been treated whatever way he was had he not played head games with the city when he decided to come back to US hockey. And going to an arch rival, well that added fuel to the fire. Also, he wasn’t what he had been when he was down here in DC. A real problem child.

  7. carlos gomez says:

    who is d head coach ? B. ARIANS?

  8. Jay Walker says:

    Unlike the Flyboys, the Pens never assured Jagr of a significant role here. Another bad personnel move.

  9. David says:

    Am I on the right page, this a Steelers blog isn’t it. Um thinking there is a blog like this set up for hockey…. Hope so if not. Anyway um not questioning kemo’s play but he dies have a knack for throwing tackles un pile his way after the whistle and okay is blown dead, and I’ve seen him cone jumping in on piles from 5 yards out after everyone is starting to get up. Anyway, here is to the stars lining up this weekend….

  10. Bob Loblaw says:

    Kemoeatu scares me every time he’s in. Not just the penalties, but he’s always getting beat in pass protection. Not to mention he’s been pretty quiet in run blocking this year as well.

  11. eyeheartbrucearians says:

    Kemo for nose tackle! We’d still be digging pieces of Colt-(pow! pow! pow!)-McCoy out of the Heinz Field turf if Kemo had taken that shot on him that Harrison had.

    I could live with that.

  12. eyeheartbrucearians says:

    OMG! I am watching NFL Total Access, and they ran that great commercial about ladies turning in their standard team shirts for shirts designed for ladies. Great song–who is that singing, Ronnie Spector? No matter. The important thing is that this commercial closed with the Raven’s coach Harbaugh and (his wife)? showing him her new “ladies” Ravens jersey. Check out that beak on her! Is she a raven, or what?! I thought she was going to go “Caw! Caw!” or something!

    Sorry, Steelers ladies rule!

    Ravens ladies peck garbage.

  13. Paddy says:

    Does anyone know if the Penguins plan to lower ticket prices? When I bought my season tickets — and the prices were sky high — it was with the understanding the Sid would be on the ice. Without him, this isn’t the same product. I hope Mario doesn’t rip us off.

  14. Paulie Raspa says:

    Chris K . COMING back at Guard…… Well give him a shot and tell him to stay low and keep his hands as fists, this way the holding penalties won’t happen and our QB will make it to the playoffs….Above are the 2 rules to holding penalties and not giving up sacks!!.
    Maybe the guy just had an off year — C’mon Chris you are a STEELER — YOU WEAR THE BLACK N GOLD — Get your head in the game and focus…. Return to your Better days by doing the fundamentals!!!

  15. Rick says:

    The Pens have their own part of this site with their own blog – where all Penguins answers can be had.


    And I would rather have Woodley back full strength in the playoffs than not. He has been a playoffs beast.

  16. Robb Baker says:

    The issue with Kemo is not so much fundamentals, but physical ability. The guy has poor lateral movement and, at best, average foot speed. This is why he tends to be beaten in pass protectection and either gives up sacks or has to hold. He’s not able to slide his feet to stay in front of his man. This is tough to fix and not really a “focus” issue. Jumping on the pile after the whistle is a matter of mental focus and is fixable.

    The O line and DBs should be primary focus for next draft.

    Go Steelers! Go Bengals (beat Ravens)!!!

  17. David says:

    the days of darnell stapelton are missed too bad he had to retire…. please kemo, no dumb eroneous drive killing penalties…. please. #2 sounds very attainable….

  18. eyeheartbrucearians says:

    Aha! Marsha Brady has a dinged shoulder, albeit her non-throwing arm. You Bills have to hit that shoulder, again and again. Wouldn’t it be great to turn in, Sunday night, with the Steelers a #1 seed? Hurry up, Sunday, get here already!

  19. David says:

    have a safe and Happy New Year you guys,…… 2012′

  20. eyeheartbrucearians says:

    I just e-mailed a friend in American Samoa, which is like a day ahead of us… and the Steelers, Bengals and Bills have all won!

    Happy New Year!

  21. Paddy says:

    Rick: Site won’t allow for any more posts on the Penguins site. That’s why I went here.

  22. Carl says:

    Happy new year Steelers fans!! Can’t wait for the games to start! Are we a 1, 2, or 5 seed? I think we’ll end up #2. Can’t really expect more than that, can we?? Ah hell, #1 seed here we come!!!

  23. Paddy says:

    Let’s be honest — we’re an old, boring team.

  24. Chuck H. says:

    I don’t believe I saw what I thought I saw-1st and goal and they settle for a field goal?
    They had 3 downs to run it in and what does Ben do? 3 incomplete passes. What is
    wrong with the play calling? Arians, that’s what is wrong. He should not be here next year, and neither should Tomlin, who should be running the game to his advantage, but
    he just sits there, taking what comes.

  25. k2 says:

    There are a few teams looking good going into the playoffs, we are not one of them.

  26. k2 says:

    The offense looks like it has taken a few steps backwards.

  27. eyeheartbrucearians says:

    Here is your chance, Redman. John Clay, this is the chance of a lifetime. Capitalize on your opportunities. Don’t look back. Here we go Stillers, here we go!

  28. eyeheartbrucearians says:

    I wonder what goes through Dick LeBeau’s head when he watches the Steelers offensive and head coaching decisions? I wonder what the Rooney’s are thinking. Hunky dorey? I don’t even know how to spell that. How about, AOK? The Pittsburgh sportswriters are strangely accepting of the Steelers, this year. Heck, I thought they would go undefeated. I thought their offense would be the first Steelers offense deserving a nickname. Well, we’re in the playoffs, and anything can happen. The Stillers still are loaded with potential, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they put it all together.

  29. Jay Walker says:

    What happened to the greatest offense in team history that the Tribune-Review predicted before the season? Time for an overhaul if you ask me.

  30. Paulie Raspa says:

    Guys– The Steelers Won — We didn’t lose… I am sure the BRANIACS on this BLOG knew we would have the #1 Pass Defense and our run defense would be in the dumper!! Relax— The Playoffs are here and if we win 10-9 or 51-0 we go on and not home..Isn’t that what matters most? The goal every year is to get to the Super Bowl… But, true Steeler Fans know the goal is to “WIN THE SUPERBOWL” !! WE ARE EXPECTED TO BE THERE NOT HAOPPY TO BE THERE!!
    The issues I am concerned with are the Running Game now that Mende is gone– I have faith in Redman and Clay — Will we look to sign maybe Willie Parker or is he to far gone from the game? CLAY CAN BE A BRUISING BACK AS HE RUNS WITH AUTHORITY …. HE IS COMPARED TO A BETTIS TYPE GUY ALL THOUGH HE IS NOT JEROME B…. HEY WHY NOT CALL BETTIS BACK??? Just kidding… We do need a running game and these guys will be up for the test…

  31. Rick says:

    I was getting concerned yesterday when Ben kept being off on his passes. But after I saw the ball getting blown around – on the ground – I knew. He adjusted in the second half, and Brown made some outstanding catches. But some players seemed out of the game – like Wallace, not keeping attentive.

    Also, the officials get their usual 5 star performance rating from me – at least 5 real interference calls were totally missed. And a holding, damn, the blocker was literally pulling Worild’s jersey from behind with NO ONE around for 10 yards. Not like that was in a pile of players.

    Bring back Parker, heh heh. Damn we are slim at RB now. I don’t think Moore will be really ready, so it’s Redman and Clay. Also, D Johnson seemed to have been hurt, looked like a shoulder thing, so an H back type could be missing. Where’s Kreider when you need him!

    And let me guess – the brilliant NFL schedulers will have us play Saturday, when we really could use the extra healing day.

    Tebow should stay on the sidelines kneeling – thankful he won’t be facing Woodley and Harrison finally on the same field together again.

    Mundy will need to be totally ready, as Clark is 95% not likely to play in Denver – his anemia thing.

    And I am gonna check up on the other top 6 defenses, as the AFC North has 4 of the top 10.

  32. Rick says:

    Just posted at – Sunday 4:30 PM game.

    So, if we do what we are capable of and win, we will play the hated Ratbirds in Baltimore. They are owed one there, for all the AFC North teams!

  33. Rick says:

    Will it copy…

    Net Total Yards Leaders
    1 Pittsburgh 4348 271.8 2751 171.9 1597 99.8 227 14.2
    2 Houston 4571 285.7 3035 189.7 1536 96.0 278 17.4
    3 Baltimore 4622 288.9 3140 196.3 1482 92.6 266 16.6
    4 San Francisco 4930 308.1 3694 230.9 1236 77.3 229 14.3
    5 NY Jets 4993 312.1 3216 201.0 1777 111.1 363 22.7
    6 Jacksonville 5008 313.0 3341 208.8 1667 104.2 329 20.6
    7 Cincinnati 5060 316.3 3385 211.6 1675 104.7 323 20.2
    8 Philadelphia 5198 324.9 3397 212.3 1801 112.6 328 20.5
    9 Seattle 5315 332.2 3518 219.9 1797 112.3 315 19.7
    10 Cleveland 5318 332.4 2959 184.9 2359 147.4 307 19.2

    Thanks to NFL records, public.

  34. Jay Walker says:

    Broncos 13, Steelers 10.

    Wait ’til next year.

  35. Paulie Raspa says:

    Hey Steeler Nation —- CHAD SPANN RB — Check out his You Tube video’s — He is on their Practice Squad and could be a Maurice Jones Drew Twin — OK — Northern Illinois is not the NFL — BUT HEY YOU NEVER KNOW — Guy looks to be quality and yes I would prefer some experience at RB for BLITZ PICKUPS ETC…. but if they have to they have to.
    Redman should carry 20 times — Clay 10-15 times and if Moore comes back the following week who knows…..
    Need to keep Pressure on Tebow and follow the mentaility that if Denver wants to win we need to stop the run and then they can try TEBOW TIME!! –Bottom line –37-9 PITTSBURGH !!!!!!!!!
    Jay — go post somewhere else — You must be a RAVEN FAN —!!!!!

  36. eyeheartbrucearians says:

    I know about Spann, he’s a powerful runner from small school. Ya never know. All things considered, Stillers will have to run to beat the Ronco veggie slicer/dicers. I hope the powers that be trust in Redman, Clay, and, to be honest, every time Moore has been called upon, he has performed well. He’s a real smart runner.

    Hey, Jay Walker is not a Ravens fan, he’s just a gadfly–and a scoff law. (jay walker)

  37. Chuck H. says:

    Absolute lack of good officiating gave the AFC North championship to the Ratbirds.
    I’m referring to the game on Nov. 6 in Pittsburgh, with the score Steelers 20 Balt. 16,
    with just a few seconds remaining, Wacco passed into the endzone to Smith, who pushed off on Gay, before making the catch. Gay fell to the ground because of the push
    which according to the rules, is not allowed. The officials let them get away with it, and the rest is history. I hope we play the Ratbirds again, during the play-offs, and make them pay. GO! STEELERS.

  38. Richie Facemire says:

    Look for another ugly game in Denver. The Steelers seem to win, or lose, in an ugly way. The Broncos are ugly all the time. Maybe a 3-0 Pittsburgh win, with Big Ben being lost for the rest of the year, and Harrison being suspended for the season for a hit on Tebow.

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