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Farrior full of praise for Tebow


The Steelers allowed only three touchdowns in their final six regular-season games, and it’s difficult to envision them getting into a shootout Sunday in Denver.
It’s even harder to imagine them losing to the Broncos considering how much “Tebow mania” has ebbed since Tim Tebow delivered one of his patented comeback victories that put Denver at 8-5 and seemingly at the center of the NFL universe.
Since the Broncos stole a 13-10 win from the Bears last month -– the Jay Cutler-less and Matt Forte-less Bears, it should be pointed out –- Tebow has completed just 41.4 percent of his passes and has committed seven turnovers.
His struggles are a testament to how NFL defenses adjust to offensive innovations or gimmicks, and there is a fine line between the two. Or they are an affirmation of those that contend Tebow can’t throw well enough to succeed as an NFL quarterback.
The many critics Tebow has had since well before he threw his first NFL pass is one reason why Steelers inside linebacker James Farrior found himself cheering for the former Heisman Trophy winner.
“I root for the underdogs,” Farrior said. “A lot of people hated on him.”
Farrior is not one of them.
“He is the guy we have to stop,” the Steelers’ defensive captain said. “No doubt about it. The guy is a winner and a competitor. He is something that we haven’t seen in a long time in a quarterback. He does a lot of things with his feet, and we have to be prepared for that.”
Tebow has been largely contained as a runner the last three games, and the Chiefs completely shut him down in a 7-3 win last Sunday.
Tebow isn’t likely to beat the Steelers, not with the number of veterans and difference-makers they have on defense.
But, as Farrior pointed out, if Denver keeps the game close at home Tebow could find a way to win it at the end. The Steelers would prefer not to find out if Tebow can do that once again, in his first NFL playoff game no less.
As outside linebacker James Harrison said of playing the Broncos, “Hey, I’m just trying not to get Tebowed.”

— Scott Brown



  1. Jopa-n says:

    Yes. Agree completely for not letting the impossible stand at your doorstep all game long and then having to hold your breath as the last heave floats down upon a couple of players in opposite uniforms.

    Maybe the offense (scoring) will show up this week. I certainly know they better if they plan to advance beyond this game if they survive another 13-9 contest this week.

    To go to the SB this year, it will take all phases of the team making major contributions:

  2. Jay Walker says:

    Broncos 16, Steelers 13. Tebow beats a tired defense on the last drive.

  3. Doug Halfen says:

    This playoff game is actually an extension of the season — right in line with the games played against the (less-than-stellar) Yams and Brownies. So, other than being on the road, our boys should consider it to be a serious tuneup for the “real” playoffs.

    Defensively, we will eat Tebow alive. The kid, as awesome and entertaining as he has been for _brief_ (yet memorable) spurts in the latter half of the season, is absolutely doomed. LeBeau will make sure that Lil’ Timmy falls down a well somewhere on the field, with Big Snack, Mr. Kerosene, and LaMARRRRR stuffing him in and slamming the lid. (Or, better yet, maybe he can get lost in Brett’s beard!)

    Polamalu vs. Tebow — this isn’t even a contest; it’s a sick joke!!!

    Gotta remember: take away that DIPSTICK of a RB, Marion Barber, and his two mistakes in Chicago, and these horses would have been headed to the glue factory by now.

    Offensively,….. well, ???????!??!??? I’m hoping that Ben was learning to play through the pain and making adjustments. Denver’s D is going to make life a living hell for him. (But at least we’re not playing against Crennel’s Chefs, who would have had just a little extra fire and brimstone in their guts.)

    Steelers running backs — paging the (remaining) Steelers running backs: we need this to NOT be a repeat of the ’76 playoffs. Please make your snaps count. We all know Arians is a pass-happy mutton-head (if he had Payton or Bratty, then that would be understandable, but he doesn’t, so it isn’t…), so you’ve got to stick it to the Broncos each and every time.

    And if anyone has a fumble, then I will _personally_ HUNT YOU DOWN and….. uh….. well, STARE AT YOU MEANLY. You’ll have _nightmares_, I promise!

    Seriously, boys: bag ‘em and tag ‘em.

  4. Diehard Steelers Fan says:

    Hate to say it, but McGahee will run wild and the Donkey D will be stout and stop our Steelers this weekend.

    Write it down. Bet the Donkeys so you have money then to heal the pain. I am.

  5. Donna says:

    I think Kellen Moore will make an excellent back up for Ben. I am officially on the Kellen Moore watch. Ben has a lot of miles left, Kellen will do well to succeed him. But yes, as much as I like Tim Tebow this will be the frst game in which I’m rooting against him. Go Steelers. Seven this year baby!!!

  6. sjb says:

    Correction Jay…you mean Tebow beats a tired “No. 1″ defense on the last drive. ;) Some people think that ranking will somehow show up in a uniform and make the Steelers win all by itself. Hmmm, maybe it will wear a 58 or 75 too.

    Honestly though, I’ll be surprised if this isn’t a nail biter until the very end win or loss. For those of you who think somehow the Steelers will flick some magical playoff switch and fix everything that’s been wrong most of the season and bury the Broncos on the road, then you haven’t really been watching these games all season and all the cute nicknames you like to call your man crush players won’t help change things either.

    If the Steelers win by more than 6 I’ll be stunned because it will be anything but normal. Yeah it’s fun to get all Rah!Rah! about the team but please put down the kool aide and look at things logically. It’s not being negative, just realistic. The way they are playing now this Denver game will be a tough one and it only gets worse from there. The Steelers peaked at the right time a few games before the playoffs the last time they went on the road to win out and win the SB. They couldn’t be anymore different a team this time around and it would take an absolute miracle for them to get through Baltimore and New England on the road to get there again this year…and that’s only to get smoked once again by the Packers if they do.

    That said, Go Steelers!..and good luck…cause you’ll really, really need it.

  7. sjb says:

    Here’s some more fuel to add to the fire.

    Worst Regular Season Point Diff
    By Playoff Team Since 1978

    WC result
    2010 Seahawks -97 Win
    2011 Broncos -81 ?
    2004 Rams -73 Win
    1989 Steelers -61 Win
    1998 Cardinals -53 Win
    1978 Falcons -50 Win

  8. Tony Jones says:

    its going to be a tough game, we will need turn overs to beat these guys…we will need to be able to run the ball effectively to beat these guys, we will need to throw the ball very effectively in the red zone. Tired defense or not…turn overs on defense, effectively running the ball and very effective passing in the red zone.

    Steelers all the way!

  9. Rick says:

    We all know numbers don’t mean squat. Playoffs are a new mini-season.
    Play or die, that’s it, all of it.

    We bring our total game. Denver is a pain place to play in only because of the altitude. But we have won there before, and against better QBs. Maybe Tebow will become near that class, but not this season.

    I am so looking forward to both Woodley and Harrison on the field at the same time. Not that Worilds has done poorly, but he isn’t quite up to either of those guys yet.

    And remember, we played against 7 of the top 10 defenses this season, 3 in our division! How often do you see that? And KC was #11 overall! So one just might argue 8 of top 11!

    So 10 of our games were against the top defenses in the entire league.

    Our losses were to…
    Game 1 Ravens, we stunk overall. Only game we really weren’t in.
    Game 4 Texans, should have won that one. Bad OL play.
    Game 9 Ravens, another we should have won, thanks to Refs mostly.
    Game 14 Niners, Ben really shouldn’t have played, he was hampered more than was worth him playing.

    All the above were in that top 10 list, numbers 2, 3 & 4.

    Most of the season our offense, 8 cylinder, has been firing on 4 to 7 cylinders. Despite that we are 12-4 and could easily have been 14-2.

    There is hope, and if we arrive with at least 7 of our 8 cylinders firing we will be OK.

  10. Scott P says:

    I am not very concerned about Tim Tebow. I am less concerned about the loss of Mendenhall. I am looking forward to Redman and Clay getting an opportunity. Let’s just hope that genius Arians doesn’t use Mendenhall’s injury as an excuse to throw it 60 times.

  11. Steelers7thHeaven says:

    Ya, its all up to Arians, hope he dont mess it all up……dude is a dork…..hope the offense can find some consistency, and BEN dont make the big mistake, as he typically does….this one should not even be close….but you never know with these Steelers!! Shut down Denvers run game, we should be ok!!!!

  12. Carl says:

    Just a thought for you guys that are not “Rah-Rah” types-

    The Broncos absolutely and un-equivocally backed into playoffs, and are playing horribly on offense. The Tim Tebow offense that they played thru their 6 game winning streak isn’t working anymore. They have commited 9 turnovers, given up 90 points, and converted on under 20% on 3rd down, over the last three games.

    To suggest that the Broncos score about 20 against our D, which hasn’t given up a TD in 2 weeks, is just as preposterous as suggesting the Steelers will win 41-3…. Just sayin’….

  13. Jay Walker says:

    Here’s the translation of Starks’ Mendenhall remarks: “Dude is overrated. Cost us the Super Bowl. Can’t move a pile. Nice to have our best RB on the field for a change.”

  14. David says:

    i said this about 2 weeks ago regarding ryan clark and not being able to play in denver, its a shame something like this can actually stop a player from playing a game . Denver needs to be moved closer to sea level…. the nfl shoould fine roger goodell for not doing something about the high altitude in denver, and or should fire him on a very short notice…. like yesterdayyyyyyyyy

  15. David says:

    as easy as this game seems, i still wouldn’t go into it over confident, i actually don’t like this, i feel a trap game in store tho i know to know better but you can’t help but wonder what would pittsburgh do…
    losing mendy isn’t as big a deal as most make it seem, redman isn’t exactly a fall off but more an upgrade, like going from a pay as you go t-mobile to a verizon andriod smart phone, but please do not fumble twice in the same game, no excuse for it at this level, good thing it was the browns and we had the lead, and ohbythway, don’t forget our number 1 ranked defense , again!

  16. Scott P says:

    Jay Walker,
    You are spot on. It seems like Starks, Heath Miller, and probably a lot of other people are excited to see what Redman can do. Mendenhall does not hit the holes as hard as Isaac. In addition, when Mendenhall approaches contact, he turns his back to the defender and tries to spin away from the tackle. Redman lowers his shoulder and tries to drive through the contact. For my taste, I will take Redman all day long.

  17. Bsteel says:

    With all of the head coaching positions open, and maybe more to come, the Steelers might lose their OC.

  18. Ryan(Nor-Cal Stlrfanrc) says:

    @David–Are you serious?

    @Jay–I had the same idea/reaction when I read that. Although I wouldn’t say Redman is our best RB, he still has A LOT to prove and Mendenhall’s injury is huge for this offense.

    The playoffs is not the time for Redman/Clay to get an opportunity. I would take Mendy out there over both of them at this point. Next year will be a different story, I’m sure. Clay is an interesting piece, however no where near the amount of reps needed to the Steelers on a SB run.

    Won’t happen this year my friends, unfortunately.

  19. JT says:

    Scott, you should be ashamed of yourself for not posting my comments and predictions last week. I PREACHED the Steelers would unfortunately lose and how they would. And I am the biggest Steelers fan anywhere. But when I know something, I say it and spray it like Cowher. Disappointed you would not post it. I called a Denver upset last week and it only got more guaranteed when all the other favored teams won this weekend. LISTEN and LEARN. Win money in the process to ease the pain. Feel bad for IKE but he blew it today. Big time. They should make him take a bus home to Louisiana.

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