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History will only go so far for Steelers


Nine of the 22 Steelers’ starters were here in 2005 when Pittsburgh became the first team to win the Super Bowl as a No. 6 seed in the playoffs.
A number of other key players from the team that won three-straight road games before beating Seattle in the Super Bowl are still here, including Hines Ward, Larry Foote and Bryant McFadden.
But as the Steelers try to become the fourth team since 2005 to win the Super Bowl as a wild-card team they are aware that history won’t block Von Miller in Denver, tackle Ray Rice in Baltimore or cover Rob Gronkowski in New England.
“This is a new team and a new year,” said tight end Heath Miller, who was a rookie on the team that won its final eighth games in 2005, with six of those victories coming away from Heinz Field. “I am sure it will be good stuff for you guys to write about this week. It has no bearing on what is going to happen this weekend.”
Or beyond.
And the only way the Steelers will play again at Heinz Field this season is if they advance to the AFC title game as the No. 5 seed and the sixth-seeded Bengals also make it that far.
A lasting Kardashian marriage is a safer bet than that scenario playing out.
There is value to what the Steelers accomplished in 2005, going on the road in the playoffs and winning, but James Farrior acknowledged it is limited.
“The only comforting thing is that we’ve done it before,” the Steelers’ defensive captain said. “That could help us in the locker room. I don’t know if it’s going to help us on the field.”
What would help the Steelers is if they do a better job of running the ball and stopping the run on the road than they did during the regular season.
The Steelers averaged 137.9 rushing yards at home this season and 100 away from Heinz Field. They gave up an average of 88.3 rushing yards at home, but that number swelled to 111.4 in road games.
That discrepancy doesn’t preclude the Steelers from making a lengthy postseason run. But it may not bode well for them either.
“I have faith in this group,” left tackle Max Starks said, “that we can be dominating whether we are at home or on the road.”
We’ll find out soon enough.

— Scott Brown



  1. Doug Halfen says:

    History, shmistory — yeah, we’re a mess, but we were also a mess in ’08, and that hot mess surprised everyone in the playoffs.

    The road’s going to be ugly, but we’ve gone 12-4 with ugly all season long. Nobody wins ugly as good as the ’11 Steelers; we’ve cornered THAT market. ;^>

    So let’s bring ugly to the postseason and £!$$ everyone off!!! X^D

    (Note: we were also missing Mendenhall in ’08. I expect Redman & Clay to play like a real pair of studs. We’re certainly counting on them now!)

  2. eyeheartbrucearians says:

    “’Over’? Did you say ‘over’? Nothing is over until we decide it is! Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? Hell, no!”

  3. 6tonsofsteel says:


  4. Paulie Raspa says:

    The best thing about the Steelers is the System they play in. Shoot, you could bring back Levonne Kirkland & Rod Woodson and they would fit right in on D. Madison coming back helps Special Teams as well as the thin spots in the Secondary. He is Short but the GUY CAN PLAY!! Welcome back Anthony Madison. On the O we need to run the ball 30+ times this week. The D/line of Denver rushes the passer well but stopping the run does appear to be their weekness. If Ben throws 20 passes and goes 15-20 –225 yds 2 td’s and we run 38 times 145yds and 2 td’s I can live with that. More importantly, OUR QB will not get hit as much — our O-LINE will continue to gel— and our YOUNG RB’S will get the confidence they need for the big games ahead. Also, our D or Special Temas will get a score this week… That’s a GUARANTEE!!! PLAY MAN AND STOP THE DENVER RUN AND FORCE T-BONE TO BEAT YOU!!! HECK 38-9 WE WIN — O-31-PTS & D 7 PTS !!!

  5. Carl says:

    All predictions aside, I can totally see our Defense creating a turnover that results in a score. I think all we need points-wise will be in the 10-14 range to win.
    Couple that with staying healthy, and the guys that are hurting improving, will be a good week for the Steelers!

  6. JDub81 says:

    This team is a train wreck waiting to happen….and the engineer (Tomlin) hasn’t got a clue.

  7. Rick says:

    When the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor – must be a real “tongue in cheek” comment there Eyeheart!

    Yeah, it ain’t over til the fat lady cries.

    She’s the one in the upper seats in black and gold with a viking helmet on! :D

  8. K2 says:

    There is something that is just not clicking with this Steeler team, but let’s hope they pull it together and make a good run in the playoffs if for nothing else to be entertained for a couple of more weekends.

    I don’t think this Steeler team is a Super Bowl team, but you never know…I’ll keep the faith!

    The German’s bombed Pearl Harbor….I’m I missing something?

  9. K2 says:

    There is something that is just not clicking with this Steeler team, but let’s hope they pull it together and make a good run in the playoffs if for nothing else to be entertained for a couple of more weekends.

    I don’t think this Steeler team is a Super Bowl team, but you never know…I’ll keep the faith!

    The German’s bombed Pearl Harbor…. I must be missing something?

  10. Carl says:

    Hey guys, a little hint on the Germans bombing Pearl Harbor….

    Leave Eyeheart alone, he’s rolling….

    I’m also changing Eyeheart’s Delta Chi to …… Flounder!

  11. Jay B says:

    Have you guys never seen Animal House?

    Steelers should win this week, and then as someone else said I hope they beat the RATBIRDS after that who cares!

  12. sjb says:

    Some people are either way too young or things go right over their heads…but I thought anyone of at least college age has seen Animal House.

  13. Clarence says:

    I just want to come out of this weekend with a win. We can listen to the talking heads blow their load all we want, but there have been bigger upsets during the playoffs and there’s always another one waiting.I don’t want this Steeler team to be that team. I see the setup coming a mile away.

    1st, we’re the overwhelming favorite.
    2nd, you have a golden boy QB on the other side who the league would love to see engineer an upset because he has a huge following that would boost ratings into the playoffs by bringing in the casual fan with whom this commissioner and league is obsessed. We cannot underestimate and MUST BE PREPARED FOR the right bad call at the worst possible moment.

    We must treat Denver like a major contender. That will be the only way we come out of this game with a win vs. the Tebow mystique, poor officiating, and a good, QB sacking Denver defense with our hobbling QB who could be a liability this weekend via the turnover, which is THE major key to victory for my Steelers: Committing no turnovers.

    No picks, fumbles, and no errors.

  14. Jay Walker says:

    How dumb was it to play a one-legged franchise QB in two of the last three games?

  15. Scott P says:

    Paulie Raspa,
    Ken Whisenhunt is long gone. With B.A. calling the shots there is no way that Ben throws 15-20 times while the backs run it 38 times. As much as I agree with you, and believe that game plan would win the game comfortably, it is simply never going to happen. There is a better chance that we see an empty backfield on 3rd and 1.

  16. mmd says:

    At what point in time were the 2008 Steelers a hot mess?

  17. sjb says:

    “There is a better chance that we see an empty backfield on 3rd and 1.”

    …and more than once.

  18. Paulie Raspa says:

    Scott P..I still like my game plan but Unfortunately I have to agree with you. Maybe, they can use it against Green Bay if we both make it. Follow the Game Plan vs the JETS in the title game and we would be going for our 8th ring this year..
    What I am really most afraid of is our QB GETTING HIT BY DUMERVIL OR MILLER! Their D can bring pressure and we cannot roll the pocket with GimpyBen back there…. Need to be effective on short passes and the O-line needs to finish their blocks and play to the whistle …. NO SNOW IN THE FORECAST either which should work to Bens’ advantage … On the Flipside — McGgahee had his best year on a run oriented team. The D more than any other game needs to stop the run and have T-BONE load up and try and beat us…. I do believe the veterans as well as the coaching staff will have these STEELERS not looking ahead and playing the game for a full 60 minutes!!!!!
    I hope Redman can put those fumbles behind him!!! He will be Key if we are to run the table…. Come on kid from South Jersey — here is your SHOT!!!
    The Guy Spann looks good on Youtube but that was College and I will re-iterate — CLAY CAN BE EFFECTIVE — BETTIS TYPE STRENGTH AND CAN TAKE THE ROCK TO THE HOUSE…. But can they pick up the BLITZ!!! Get TE Wes Saunders in the mix too!!!! Enough said– GOD– I CAN’T WAIT TIL SUNDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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