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Roethlisberger Q&A


Q: Your thoughts on Tebow as a quarterback. There are a lot of doubters out there. Are you one of them?

A: The issue people get confused with is that people bash Tim because of his faith. Nobody does that. People talk about him as a quarterback. Tim is a winner. He finds ways to win games. Sometimes that’s all that matters in this league. Look at me. I am not going to put up pretty numbers and stuff. As long as you win, that’s all that matters. That’s what he does. He is a competitor and a winner.”

Q: You think the criticism comes from the amount of attention put on him?

A: Yeah, you have blame ESPN for that. I don’t think Tim calls up ESPN and says ‘Hey, put me on every day and make it Steelers vs. Tebow. It is probably tough for him to deal with all that stuff.”

Q: Do players resent Tebow for attention he is getting?

A: Maybe. I can’t speak or his teammates but I know a lot of guys who had to change their offensive schemes and how they run and the offense they run. They probably don’t get the pub that they do and that kind of goes along with the quarterback position.”

Q: Expectation level of the offense as regards of being dominant

A: It is always going to be the best we can be and score points and continue to try to do well on third downs because it keeps us on the field and our defense off the field. We just keep saying that we are close. It is just a matter of when we can get over that hump and hopefully it is now because now is the time that it matters.”

Q: Isaac Redman and what he can bring to the table

A: Isaac has been in the game a lot. It is not like he has only been a third-down back. We are going to miss Rashard, but Isaac is just going to be fine. He is a great running back who can do so much in the run game and the pass game. We are going to have to get some production from John Clay as well.”

Q: Do you still get nervous with the start of the playoffs?

A: Not yet, but I am sure you will once you get to the game because it is do or die. You win or you go home. As a competitor, you love it.”

Q: Talk about Elvis Dumervil and Von Miller

A: They are beast. They are hard to block in both the pass and run game. They find a way to get pressure with speed and power. I have been playing against Elvis since college. They are beast.”

Q: Surprised with Von Miller

A: Yes and no. I say no because you see how good he is and how touted he was. As a rookie, you never really know what to expect from the guy. He comes out and he is everything and then some.”

Q: You think teams have figured out how to contain Tebow

A: Coach LeBeau is one of the best in the business. If anybody can find a way to stop him, it will be him.

Q: Giving up a lot of deep balls.

A: Some of their zone coverages he has hit receivers running up through there. It depends on what Dawkins doing. He likes to come down in the box. He is kind of a leader of the defense in the secondary. We will see if he is out there.

Q: More quick-hitting passes this week

A: We are going to have to get the ball out. WE are going to have to hit them with runs and stuff like that. The biggest thing is for our receivers to win on the outside against man coverage.

Q: Simple as how well you play is how well the team plays?

A: When I play bad it because of turnovers or not completing passes or whatever. If you have the ball in your hands every play it has a direct result of how you are going to play a little bit. I defeniotely have to pick up my level of play. Now is the time to do it.

Q: What advantage do you have going to Denver

A: We have been there before and we have a lot of guys in this locker room who have done it before from the wildcard seed to the first or second seed. We have guys who know what to do and how to do it.

Q: What have you taken away from some of the losses on the road

A: Usually when we lose a game is because we turn the ball over or not play well enough and usually it is the turnover thing. We have to take care of the ball. It is starts with me and not turning it over.”

Q: Feel like same quarterback?

A: I felt really good going into the Cleveland game. I had a little setback in the third quarter. We are working really hard with the doctors and trainers to get back to even where we were before the Cleveland game. I felt pretty good going in, and even moved a little bit at the beginning of that game. It is a little setback, we will get moving.”

Q: What happened?

A: Early in the third I don’t know if I caught it on the ground wrong or got hit … we’ll see, we’ll be alright.”

– Mark Kaboly


Author: Mark Kaboly

Mark Kaboly is the Pittburgh Steelers beat writer for the Tribune-Review. Mark has covered more than 300 NFL football games in all 32 NFL cities as well as three Super Bowls -- XL in Detroit, XLIII in Tampa and XLV in Dallas. A Belle Vernon Area graduate, Mark earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in English with a specialization in journalism from California University of Pennsylvania. Mark lives in Port Vue with his wife, Jennifer; daughter Briella; and boys Rocco and Bugsley Pug


  1. Doug Halfen says:

    Just think of that lil’ game down in Dallas, Ben — think real long and hard on it, especially those turnovers.

    Now ERASE those turnovers and get our butts to Indy!!!!!

    Our D can carry us — just don’t give them EXTRA work by handing or tossing the ball off to the enemy, ya big knucklehead!!! ;^>

  2. DavedigsDKsBlog says:

    Frustrating to watch the offense plod along every road game with the speed they have at receiver and an outstanding tight end.

    Whenever the Steelers have a chance to go up more than one score you know they’re going to fumble or drop a pass or miss a field goal, whatever it takes to keep the game close enough where one score loses the game.

  3. DavedigsDKsBlog says:

    It’s all about momentum.

    Steelers are not real hot going into the playoffs because of the injuries but just going out to Denver and playing a tough game and winning can be the start they need to go on and on.

    A lot of what they’re looking for is within themselves. The focus. The drive. Playing with a chip on their shoulder on the road like they did in 2005.

    They have the right people, coaches and players, to make another run. AFC is not that strong.

  4. DK67 says:

    No reason to think they can’t lose this one after barely beating a 4-12 Browns team. I still can’t figure out why they wouldn’t start Batch against Cleveland. Not only did the win not matter in the end, but I think Batch would have performed better than a hobbled Roethlisberger. I think Batch still might be the better option this weekend too. Our QB can’t throw farther than 10 yards accurately with that ankle sprain. Glad to see Redman get the ball finally though…just hold on to it a little better this week.

  5. Rick says:

    Oh come on, I posted the top 10, actually top 11 defensive teams list and ALL FOUR AFC North teams were in it (top 10, KC was #11). One doesn’t have top offensive performances routinely, especially when divisional rivalries are involved.

    We are spoiled to the tune of we want a high powered offense like NO or Packers, but also want top defense. Not that I wouldn’t like to see that, but I am willing to accept wins.

    I would rather take 3 more ugly wins than any pretty offensive performances that can end up in a loss.

    No turnovers, stifling defense, consistant offense – we will win.

    And in case no one noticed – Vegas slapped both us and Ravens in face with expectations on going to the Super Bowl.

    With the exception of Denver, all the AFC playoff teams have played each other this season at least once, and maybe three times come round 2.

  6. Scott P says:

    The key to this game is stopping Denver on the ground. If they can force Tebow in to a lot of 3rd and long situations, the Steelers will win easily.

    Offensively, I am excited to see Redman as the feature back. If Arians gives him a chance to get a rhythm going, he will eclipse the 100 yard mark.

    This could be the last start of the Tim Tebow era in Denver.

  7. David says:

    Denvets ace is unquestionably Willis mcgahee , if Denver has to rely on Tebow to do his tebowing against These here Steelers, they are in for a looooong night good thing the game is in thier house , Ryan Clark will be out there in heart if not body, I’m trying to find his jersey to wear when I go out to the sports bar to watch the game with my Steelers crowd. Well here’s to a winning effort this Sunday, go Steelers.

  8. R-Mi says:

    Rick, the expectations are higher because of all the talent we have on offense. I rememeber Ben saying at the beginning of the year how they wer going to puut up huge numbers.

    The D has been playing lights out but the offense sputters and is very inconsistent. At this point, I too will take 3 ugly wins becsue its win or go home, but considering some of the competition we’ve had the ugly wins against this season, a fan can’t help but be nervous. With all teh returning starters, we should’ve done much better offensively than we did. JMO. Go Steelers!

  9. R-Mi says:

    Rick, the expectations are higher because of all the talent we have on offense. I rememeber Ben saying at the beginning of the year how they were going to puut up huge numbers.

    The D has been playing lights out but the offense sputters and is very inconsistent. At this point, I too will take 3 ugly wins because now its win or go home, but considering some of the competition we’ve had the ugly wins against this season, a fan can’t help but be nervous. With all the returning starters, we should’ve done much better offensively than we did. JMO. Go Steelers!

  10. zarbor says:

    I’m a diehard, bleed black and gold fan and we need to get real about the Steelers this year. This years team looks weak and hanging on for dear life. Yes, there has been injuries but there is little to no intensity from this team.

    Since 05 we can’t seem to get a consistent o-line. Since Ben has been at the helm, we can’t get consistent play out of him. Even when he plays great, he’s still spotty. Our defense has been the real consistency over the years and now with this dopey Commish, they have been hamstrung. Not to mention, guys on that side of the ball are getting long in the tooth and worn out from all the prior battles.

    We need the offense to step up in a big way this year to help the defense and Benji and BA still can’t get it going. The talent and youth is clearly on that side of the ball and yet if we are honest, the offense sucks! Tired of hearing Benji talk about how great this offense can be. Tired of hearing that the o-line is good or good enough.

    Most of all, I’m tired of BA and Benji running this offense. We needed this thing fixed before last years Superbowl and it too late to fix this thing now with the Playoffs. Just because we won 12 games doesn’t mean this team is playoff ready or Superbowl bound. We were fortunate to have the schedule we got this year if we are honest with ourselves.

  11. David says:

    ok, lets say we are honest here, our 4 losses have been to playoff teams, with two coming from baltimore, thats an honest assessment, lets say ben throw 4,000 plus yards on an offense that we all know is better then even that, but still managed 4,000 plus yards, lets be honest and say that ba and bb are a detriment to this team and that casablah is almost the norm as is beating teams we should beat, and playing lame when we lose, and oh lets be honest and say that even when we play ” lessor ” teams close and with all the injuries and plays that seem to backfire and interceptions and fumbles that we should have lost ” said ” game, but they found a way to win, thats ben and ba calling the plays…. doh!, im confused, the bottom line is winning and for all our misteps and lame duck plays and giveaways, this team is coming up with ” ways to win the game” sound familiar… yes, lets be honest, we are limping in the playoffs, yes and at key positions on anyother team that might be a problem and too much to overcome, but we have depth on this team and thats what we can be honest about because no matter who steps in, the plays don’t really have that drop off, I am being honest in when i say, Redman is not a dropoff from Mendenhall, I honestly feel he is an upgrade as to where we want to go, mendy gets the bulk of his yards on the edges, and thats great, but in the playoffs, you have to be true and sound proof and run it up the gullet and wear the opposing defense, thats smash mouth at its best, well, that said, i can honestly say that if we play sound football we should be able to win this game in Denver,

  12. David says:

    i hope we have alot of representing fans out there with everyone wearing #25 honoring Ryan Clark. lets go Ryan//////// 25 /////////// 25 ////////// 25 /////////////// 25/////////////

  13. Bob says:

    Tomlin really blew this one. He should have rested Ben for the Niners game and the Browns game. The Steelers really need a healthy Q-back to move forward in the playoffs. This was a no brainer and if the Steelers go out in the first round, I don’t know how Tomlin will look himself in the mirror. This is coaching 101 and an easy call by the head man. But as he likes to say, “the standard is the standard”, whatever that means. I liked him when he was first hired but just watch some of his calls during the game. Very suspect!!!

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