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Arians on Ben; LeBeau on Timmons and Harrison


Here are selected excerpts from Bruce Arians and Dick LeBeau’s weekly media sessions. I thought it was very interesting what LeBeau had to say about Lawrence Timmons and all he has done to hold an injury-ravaged defense together.

Arians on…

Whether Ben Roethlisberger suffered a setback last Sunday in Cleveland
“No, because he was moving well in the fourth quarter. He moved around and made some great throws on third downs. Adrenaline does a lot for you in a football game that you don’t have on Monday. When you wake up, the adrenaline is not there. I am sure it happened during the game. He thought it was some time in the third quarter. Adrenaline gets you through football games, especially tight ones like that one was.”

Whether Roethlisberger’s high-ankle sprain has hindered the offense
“I think field position has a lot to deal with it. We are gaining yards but we aren’t scoring. Our red zone offense has really slipped. The other night, the clock ran out. We had two more downs but we only had five seconds. There were times when we could have played better in the red zone and scored more points.”

Whether he can remember a season when he has dealt with so many injuries
“We are close to last year’s number but no. Last year we had more guys on the Reserve/Injured List. This year, it’s week-to-week and day-to-day injuries, and who can participate and who cannot. You just go with the flow. You take what is there and go with it.”

LeBeau on…

How the defense has played at a high level despite all of the injuries
“I think you have to give a great deal of the credit to Lawrence Timmons. He played about four different positions for us this year, that’s hard to do. Sometimes two or three of them in the same game, and that is really hard to do. He has been the guy that we have wheeled around as we have lost some of our players. I think the other factor is that they have all been in the same system, and they play it pretty well. The whole group has assimilated to each new guy as they came in there, and I am very proud of them.”

How James Harrison has evolved as a player
“James is one of our very, very best players. He has tremendous experience now. That is probably the biggest difference. He has always been a solid player. When he got that confidence, and the knowledge that he knew he was a dominate player, he has been a really strong producer for us, and I would say that that has been for seven or eight years. He is going to play good every week.”

Tim Tebow and the phenomenon spawned by his success
“It is pretty unusual what he has done. All of those games that they have won at the end, that is a testimony to their team, and their teams’ character and the character of the quarterback. But you look back to the guy’s career and he has been winning everywhere he has ever been, and that is why we have a lot of respect for him and you have to play four quarters and 60 minutes because he is going to keep coming. I think they have won six in a row, and five out of the six they came from really looking up a tree, but they won. I think that’s all you need to say. The guy is a winner.”

— Scott Brown



  1. eyeheartbrucearians says:

    What is that thing on Tebow’s lower lip? Every time he’s on TV, lately, I expect Austin Powers to approach that growth with a pussy-willow stick. C’mon, Tim, get some Camphorex or something.

  2. BUNCIE says:

    On the injuries, Pouncey needs to man up. We have a QB with the same injury. I know the weather in Pittsburgh is not the same as it is in Florida, but “COME ON MAN”, who misses a SUPER BOWL! Who misses more games than anyone else. This guy is a 2 time Pro Bowler? You can only go so far with a College reputation. This guy has never finished a year. Man up Pouncey.

  3. Robert says:

    Don’t have good vibes about this game at all. Broncos are playing at home with house money. We’re playing with a bunch of old, beaten-down old guys in high altitude.

  4. Paulie Raspa says:

    1st –regarding injuries– I think it’s just a “ploy” by the team to keep the Bronco’s guessing!
    2nd) We need to establish a RUNNING GAME this week with Redman & Clay carrying the ball more than 25 times!!Do not want BEN THROWING 35+ TIMES –YES IT’S MORE EXCITING BUT THE RISK OF HIM GETTING “PUMMELLED ” MAY NOT BE WORTH IT!! GET THE LEAD AND HAVE HIM TAKE A SEAT!!!
    3rd) I really feel that oveert he next 3 years the Steelers D will move to a 4-3 — Look at the guys they have drafted and with the Speed this could be the plan — Just a thought especially with Timmons ,Woodley & Worilds as Backers… Again just a thought!!!

    4th — 37-10 — STEELERS WIN –WE BLOW THEM OUT !!! Looks like a game in the 1st Quarter & then WE JUST DOMINATE!!!!

  5. Jake-n-bake says:

    Pouncey is a center, pushing around 300+ lb behemoths. He needs leverage to pull and push on those blocks.

    Recall when ILB Timmons had the same injury his rookie year? It took him 1/2 the season to get back onto the field.

    Like all QBs, Ben could make due on a peg leg if he had to. Think back to Namath, who played on two bum knees with 10 lbs of knee brace on each leg, and he still often threw for 400 yds/game. Ben can do the same, especially in the playoffs.

    Would be nice to have Pouncey protecting Ben, though. Pouncey’s a real talent at the position. But Legursky is also a legit force at center, and the Steelers hardly miss a beat with him in there. In fact, the entire ‘O’ line is like a bunch of interchangeable Lego blocks.

  6. Rick says:

    Pouncey needs to man up, are you nuts. Playing the OL, constantly stressing and pulling on the ankle is NOT the same as playing QB on one.

    Get a high finger sprain dude.
    Just like turf toe, guess you would call Lambert a pussy as well! Maybe you would, but not to his face. :D

    We control their pass rush, we control the game. I think it boils down to that.

    Either blow out or close game where we shut them down in 4th Q, no late heroics.

  7. Clarence says:

    It all makes sense and I am glad that we are not listening to the media hype and is taking this team seriously. Sure we should win, but only if we do not give this team and QB a chance. It’s time for the big boys to step up and no team has a much of a history as playing bigger in these games as the Steelers.

  8. nellieh says:

    The gamblers are RARELY wrong. Steelers by 8.5. It is also unusual for spots over one touchdown.

  9. dave says:

    Can anyone explain to me why the Steelers are leaving for Denver so late in the week? It takes time to acclimate to the altitude change. I can see the Steelers running out of gas and Denver winning late as a result, but I sure hope I’m wrong.

  10. Scott P says:

    It is incredibly disrespectful to make LeBeau share this space with that idiot Arians. It gives the impression that they are peers.

  11. raiser says:

    Play Batch, he should have played last week, and should be playing this week. Get Ben ready for Baltimore or NE.

  12. Scott P says:

    Playing offensive line with a sprained ankle is MUCH more difficult than playing QB. If Pouncey can’t drive defenders on runs or hold his ground in pass blocking, he is a liability to the team and should not play.

    Go out and try to physically control a 330 lb pound athlete on a sprained ankle and let me know how you feel.

    I’m not saying that Ben’s task is not difficult, it is. Pouncey’s is impossible.

  13. K2 says:

    Big Ben needs to connect on the long ball this weekend. For some reason he is not throwing the long ball well this year. Several times this year, he has missed easy throws that could have either changed or won a game or two.

    I’d like to see the “O” get in a rthym this week that can carry over to the next week and hopefully beyound that… Go Stillers!

    I’d challenge anyone to call Bouncey a puss to his face…Good luck with that.

  14. Carl says:

    Count me among the people that are NOT gonna call Lambert or Pouncey a pussy! Bad idea….

    I’d call Kemo a pussy, but then he’d be a little late to the pileup on me and launch all 330lbs. at me while I’m trying to get up! Ha! :-D

  15. Robert says:

    Kemo is a cementhead.

  16. BUNCIE says:

    It is a fact that Pouncy has not finished a full year of playing. For that reason, he is not a Pro Bowl player. Dermonti Dawson, Mike Webster, & Ray Mansfield, all played like men. Untill Pouncy Mans Up, he can not be mentioned in the same sentence as those guys. I did not mention Lambert at all. That guy who brought Lambert up in the post is plain stupid. And for calling anybody a puss to their face, I have. Mark Malone for one.

  17. BUNCIE says:

    Here is a little NFL trivia. Who is the only Center ever to kick an extra point?

  18. Kevin says:

    Regardless of the injury I think all would agree that Pouncey has a long way to go before being mentioned with Mansfield, Webster and Dawson. I would still consider him an above average center. Starting as a rookie is enough to convince me.

  19. David says:

    here is a trivia, Hines Ward has caught 1,000 balls, but who threw him his 800th ball?,,, :)

  20. David says:

    going into the playoffs, I am miffed at whuy I am reading so much hate on here, come on Steelers Nation, we are in the PLAYOFFS, come on, playoffs, did you mention Playoffs!….. Playoffs!……

  21. Carl says:

    No hate here, I CANNOT wait for Sunday! Whatever IT is that makes playoffs better, I am addicted to it! And as you go deeper into the playoff rounds, the IT involved in the game doubles…… I’m going to be a junkie if we make it to the Superbowl again, Lol!

  22. David says:

    ok, here is the answer to my trivia on hines ward 800th catch, Hines Ward caught his 800th pass from, then rookie Dennis Dixon on a screen pass……..

  23. Carl says:

    I was gonna say something like another WR on a trick-ery play, but could remember and googling is cheatin’….

  24. David says:

    who threw hines his very 1st pass…..

  25. Jay Walker says:

    Broncos 13, Steelers 10. The good news: It’s Arians final game finally.

  26. eyeheartbrucearians says:

    Regardless of the circumstances of the Kirby Wilson incident, all the best wishes to him and his family.

    There are two reasons why I am not a betting man.

    First, I would bet on the Steelers, this weekend, against the spread. Stupid. What more could be wrong with this game? Can anyone else get injured? Sickle cell trait? Fires? No scoring offense? No defensive turnovers? Untested running backs? Mediocre run defense vs. the #1 run offense? Iffy field goal kicker? Away game in weird atmospheric conditions?

    Second, I lied to a priest once in confession, and I’m waiting for God to smite me for that one, and my betting on sports would just be begging for a good smite.

    Having said that, IF I were a betting man, I’d go Steelers, this Sunday, against the spread.

    Double down!

    Here we go Stillers, here we go!

  27. eyeheartbrucearians says:

    David’s trivia answer:

    Scotty Grimes, QB, PS 186, Atl. Georgia, 1986…?

  28. torontoPC says:

    Some thoughts:
    1. Tomlin is more a fan than a real coach – Ben still in the game vs SF with time winding down and no chance to win the game? Tells me all I need to know. You are the coach dude. I dont give a sht that a player wants to play, do what’s right and don’t risk your star QB..tool!
    2. Arians? Fck, this guy leaving soon? Awful, awful oc. With these WR’s, Heath and Ben, pathetic offensive display most games! Your star QB is comfortable in no huddle and you rarely do it? Good job meathead!
    3. Never seen a yr with so many of our stars being hurt. Almost a joke. This team for me clearly does not win the SB without Ben and Troy on their game. D is half of what it is when Troy is out or significantly hurt. Without Ben, fckin brutal. And he needs to be mobile to be effective, that’s his game.
    4. Fck Denver! Stack the box and let that garbage beat you through the air…good luck!

    GO STEELERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Scott says:

    jake – “Think back to Namath, who played on two bum knees with 10 lbs of knee brace on each leg, and he still often threw for 400 yds/game.” Are you kidding me? Often throwing for 400 yds/game in the 60’s and early 70’s? Namath threw for 400 yds three times in 143 games. Do some research before spitting out your pablum.

  30. Rick says:

    Buncie – I am not plain stupid – you can’t see the inside of an analogy if you had instructions.

    It is obvious you didn’t vote for Pouncey for Pro Bowl or All Pro, that’s OK. You are entitled to your opinion. And who mentioned him in the same sentence with Mansfield, Webster or Dawson, not me. Hmm, wonder who did that???

    I also wonder how many careers were cut short with old time players “manning up” and playing repeatedly on high ankle sprains? Would be an interesting review by position. They weren’t called that until recent times, I cannot remember hearing that term back in the Bradshaw days.

    And least we forget, the first 15 or so plays are scripted. We have many times gone down and scored if the players performed as they are capable of doing. No penalties, no missed assignments.

    Last time I looked, the OC did the scripting.

    Of interesting news, Dawkins and Larsen are out. Maybe we can expose Bailey again, like we did the last time.

  31. Rick says:

    David – I cheated, couldn’t remember who was QB at the time…

    Kordell Stewart, in an opening day win against the Ravens. He was the only Steeler who threw any passes in that game.

    Ward’s first reception.

  32. eyeheartbrucearians says:

    Given Ben’s injury and subsequent throwing problems, I think that the Steelers have to run successfully to beat the Roncos. The Q is does BA and the staff trust the unproven backs enought to give them the ball, and commit to the run throughout, when the offense doesn’t run much in the first place?

    I think at least a 3/2 run/pass ratio is required for a Steelers win. What say you?

  33. BUNCIE says:

    Rick, Your comment of players playing back then is exactly what I am getting at. Dawson, Webster, & Mansfield played with this injury at a very high level. That is why Pouncey should Man Up.

  34. David says:

    @Rick, actually i couldn’t figure out if it was O’Donnel or Stewart, but giving the year your rihjt, it had to have been Stewart,

    @eyeherat, your probly right with the 1st reception but i should have said in the nfl, i didn’t even know that one, but thanks for responding,

    we should womp the fajitas out of the Broncos with our defense playing some really stout games lately, the offense is good great and horrible this whole season but we are a battle tested bunch and we know how to win these games this time of year… Go Steelers……

  35. eyeheartbrucearians says:

    Jaywalker: Dejan thinks a bum offensive performance wouldn’t doom BA, because BA is Big Ben’s guy. Ben is a great QB, and I’m glad he’s on our side, but I wouldn’t trade SAT scores with him. Apparently, BB does not see that a real OC would not only help the Steelers win Div. titles, Conf. championships, and SB’s, but would pad Ben’s stats as well. However, considering that Ben talked BA out of retiring and to return this year, BA might be gone, anyway.

    A weird thing is that Dejan recently said that RB coach Kirby Wilson was in line for the OC job. God bless Wilson for a speedy recovery, but there’s something hinkie about a kitchen fire at 3:00 AM. I don’t think Wilson’s the guy. So, once the season’s over, and the Steelers have won the Super Bowl, let the OC speculation begin.

    David, I was just kidding, ’cause you said Hines’ FIRST pass, and I thought it was funny that, well nevermind.

    Does anyone know if the Immortal Myron had a derisive monicker for the Broncos?

    I like Roncos, for that Ron Popeil company of cheap crap gadgets like spray-on hair.

  36. Jay Walker says:

    Bad move to play Ben and the 30-somethings so much in the final three games. Risk did not equal the reward.

  37. Steelers7thHeaven says:

    Steelers will be all over the Donkeys, we will play one of our best games so far this year, everyone will be focused, Ben will play good, Redman will rush for buck 25, the Defense will cause some turnovers that will lead to points, the Donkeys will hold us to 17 pts by half time, with Donkeys only scoring 3, I predict final score Steelers 27, Donkeys 9. Tebow will wake up Monday morning very sore from all the pounding he will take, especially if he decides to run, that will NOT be good for his health, right Timmons, Troy, Lamarr, and esp James H.!!!!

  38. Paulie Raspa says:


  39. Doug Halfen says:

    ^^^ When you watch a video compilation like that, you realize:

    Our guys are just a tad EXCELLENT.

    (Love that song!)

    That had me YouTubing Steelers videos all morning — but we have to wait until the 2nd game!!! I wanna play NOW!!!!!! X^D

    C’mon, gentlemen: let’s whoop those Horse’s @$$#$.

  40. eyeheartbrucearians says:

    1st qtr:
    1st drive: r/p–2/5: 3pts.
    2nd drive: r/p–1/3: 0pts.
    3rd drive: r/p–6/5: 3pts.

    What do you think? More runs/passes, more points? It’s hard to argue against math.

  41. eyeheartbrucearians says:

    not a td, he came down out of bounds.

  42. eyeheartbrucearians says:

    we had better establish the run

  43. eyeheartbrucearians says:

    bad call, no reason to overturn wallace catch

  44. Carl says:

    This is PATHETIC! Need to escape to halftime. Just pathetic…

  45. eyeheartbrucearians says:

    2nd qtr:

    1st drive: r/p–0/3: 0pts
    2nd drive: r/p–1/1: int
    3rd drive: r/p–2/3: 0pts
    4th drive: r/p–0/4: punt.

    Well, it’s too late for the run, now, so dial it up BA, show us what you got. C’mon, BB, BA’s your guy. Why don’t you make a bet on whose play can get into the endzone first? How about getting in at all? Hey, DK and all of the P’burgh sportswriters: make a call on BA, would you for God’s sake?

    Disgusting 1st half

  46. Rick says:

    Terrible 2nd Q! And I hate to say it, but the refs are not there. That last Wallace catch he was hit helmet to helmet, no flag! Penalty on Harrison was just so crappy.

    Pray for a better complete 2nd half.

  47. eyeheartbrucearians says:

    No commitment to the run, Fox and Broncos anticipated this because BA is easier to read than a Dr. Seuss book.

  48. eyeheartbrucearians says:

    Okay, dial it up BA.

  49. D.J. says:

    Today is the last hurrah for this core group. Expect some lean years ahead.

  50. k2 says:

    This is pretty much the team we have been watching the last 6 weeks. I was just hoping for more.

  51. eyeheartbrucearians says:

    3rd qtr:

    1st drive: r/p–5/5: td

  52. k2 says:

    Anybody else sick of Simms pulling for Denver…. Jag off

  53. D.J. says:

    I lobbied for more Redman weeks ago. Should be a 60-40 split with him and Mendenhall.

  54. Carl says:

    Thank god. Going nuts here. Calling my shot 27-20 us, and I’m gonna die from a coronary….

  55. eyeheartbrucearians says:

    3rd qtr:

    many steeler d-men standing around after every play

  56. eyeheartbrucearians says:

    4th qtr:

    1st drive: r/p–2/4: 3pts.

  57. eyeheartbrucearians says:

    Gee, Steelers run ball well, then pass bad. You go, BA.

  58. eyeheartbrucearians says:

    4th qtr:

    2nd drive: r/p–3/3:td

  59. eyeheartbrucearians says:

    you go, dick lebeau.

  60. Carl says:

    Nice season, Ike, but you cost us the game

  61. Jay Walker says:

    Told ya so days ago!

  62. Frank says:

    Now will Rooney!!!!!!! fire Tomlin and BA…

  63. k2 says:

    Nice game Ike….Can’t cover in the big games… Humble pie much!

  64. eyeheartbrucearians says:

    nice. ok. can we begin the Bruce Arians discussion now? By “we” I mean the non-journalistic public, because the Pittsburgh sports writers have been drinking the BA cool-aid right from BA’s spout all year long. I swear, if BA is not gone, and soon, then I am going to do I don’t know what, but it will be on the internet and it will be huge.

    Get out, BA. Get out. Go.

  65. Carl says:

    With ya, BA stinks, but our “#1″ Defense totally blew it today, specifically IKE TAYLOR. Never seen a worse tank job by a corner. 200 some odd yards to Demaryius Thomas!? Yeah, great game Ike.

  66. Jay Walker says:

    Poor management decisions cost us. Ben should have rested the last three weeks. And Redman and Worilds should have played much more in the second half of the season.

  67. Jay Walker says:

    I also forgot to mention the refusal of the GM to shore up the OL and defensive backfield in the last draft and free agent market.

  68. eyeheartbrucearians says:

    I was thinking about setting up a BA retirement fund, where every Steelers fan who wants BA gone would contribute 1 penny. Think of it, BA you can retire a bazillion-gazillion-fofillionaire!

  69. Bill James says:

    Fire Tomlin and understand why Talor didnt make pro bowl. Ben shouldn’t have played past 1st. Beat a team with Batch that wasn’t much better then if at all, (other then Taylors inalbility to cover receivers) then Denver. Also receivers need to understand a catch isnt a touchdown. worst performance I can remember since watching this team. And that has been before Bradshaw and Green. Pittsburgh fan all my life and will contiue to be but the tough guy thing needs to end. Tomlin… all on you. Congrats, as much as I hate to sat it, TEBOW.

  70. Steve says:

    I don’t usually blame coaches but that game plan was terrible. As usual the offense could only get field goals at the start. The defense was absolutely unprepared to deal with those long passes. They refused to believe Denver was going to throw even after they were burned repeatedly by long passes especially on the overtime play. Stacked the box in overtime! Maybe the worst playoff loss ever to an absolutely lousy team that barely got in the playoffs. Ike Taylor was awful!

  71. Jay Walker says:

    The D looked confused on the first overtime play. Why sell out on first down and the ball so deep in their territory? And once again, a sack cost us a chance to win in the final minute.

  72. GC says:

    The defense stunk. The offense wasn ‘t much better. If Tebow threw for over 300 yards, imagine what Brady would have done. NE is a different team now. The number 1 defense got Tebowed as Taylor put it. Did you ever.

  73. Bill James says:

    Didnt think we could get past next round (hurts to say New England) but this is the most embarrassing loss I have watched in 53 years. Cant beat a college QB…Tomlin this is all on U. Injuries, I can understand, but this is the worst I have ever seen. Why keep Batch on the team (cut Dixson loose you aint gonna use him) if u dont have ant trust. Cant believe I just watched this.

  74. Wildwood says:

    I was thinking to give some of that retirement money to Keisal,Smith,Hampton,Hoke and Hines too. The “over thirty gang” needs to go, they all broke down in one form or another and it’s time to get younger, we owe them nothing more. Either we get some interior linemen in this draft or we get a big wideout because these cheetahs at the wideout position are getting manhandled WAY TO OFTEN. You can ask yourself how did Troy get Soooo bad in coverage??? He was never great but c’mon, his judgement is bad and costly all to often now and opposing teams know he gambles ALL the time. And NOW I know why IKE T. didn’t make it to the probowl …… He blows in big games, like last years Superbowl. BA can be a convenient target HOWEVER him and Ben got us to Overtime, and the DEFENSE gave it away in fifteen seconds. Let blame games begin!

  75. Buncie says:

    No Pouncey again! Ben was GREAT! No safety in the backfield in overtime was a coaching mistake. Tomlin should be gone. He lost too many games by POOR coaching. Giving your boys blowjobs do not get the job done. Time for a change. I need to see more coaching from the head coach. Trade Tomlin for a couple of picks & shore up your offensive line before Ben gets killed. Ben is turning 30 this year. The door is closing in on 7 Super bowls. Hire me for 1 mill a year, I will get coaches to take the blame just like Tomlin.

  76. eyeheartbrucearians says:

    hey pittsburgh sportswriters, both trib and gazette, are you going to have any criticism about any aspect of the steelers performance, this season and this playoff game, or are you going to gloss over all problems as if they don’t exist as you have all season long? whats it going to be? you know, i am from the burgh but have been gone since the 70’s and i swear that there is not another press that i have ever experienced that is as suck up as you. every other city i have lived in has a sports writing group that is critical. by the way, critical does not mean negative, it just means that journalists ask questions about possible problems. what are you people doing in pittsburgh? the steelers deserve to be raked over the coals for their offensive performance this year. i suppose that you will write about all of their accomplishments?

    you suck. you suck as journalists. you suck as much as the steelers offensive and its coordinater.

    if i see a single article that is the least bit critical of the steelers offense within the next 12 months, then i will apologize profusely. please prove me wrong. please write only one piece that even suggests that the steelers offense has even the slightest problem.

    in the meantime, you suck. the steelers offense sucks. the steelers offensive coordinater sucks. everyone knows this but you.

    I remain a Steelers fan, to the end, and hope that this is only a brief and unpleasant interlude in my continued devotion.

  77. Dejan Shortpants says:

    Tomlin is not our head coach. He’s our team spokesman.

  78. Doug Halfen says:

    Give credit to the Horses @$$#$: they kicked out butts. Being down 20-6 at the half (or 21-7, like last year’s Crows game) is NOT the way to win playoff games.

    Ben’s sacks at the end killed us. Suisham should have had a shot at his 4th FG of the game; you just _cannot_ surrender yardage like that. Inexcusable…

    And, of course, give Ron Winter’s crew a few assists for the usual lousy officiating they perform. BLECH!!!!! (By contrast, Tony Corrente, in last night’s game, led one of the best-called games I’ve ever seen — and he’s dealing with THROAT CANCER!!!!! :facepalm:)

    Good-but-certainly-not-great season, guys. Sorry to see it end in such sloppy fashion, but at least we don’t have to stress out anymore. X^D

    (Also, this was the game where Tebow _officially_ became a grade-Z butthole like Bratty. Did ya see his positively DEMONIC face after those early scores? He may kneel in prayer, but he sacrifices chickens to Azazel when we’re not looking. ;^)

  79. Doug Halfen says:

    Oh, yeah: WAY too much empty-backfield nonsense with a hobbled QB and a makeshift O-line. (The line’s highlight of the night: Chris K’s block that sprung Isaac for his near-TD. Other than that, the unit was pretty awful.)

    I know BA’s going to stick around, but he just continues to prove why he should NOT be allowed to stick around. A few effective trick plays do not negate the chronic symptoms of his pass-happiness disease, especially when the run was working quite well. Only certain useless academics with that golden ticket called “tenure” seem to have more job security…

    Oddly enough, our D started off REAL strong — but when the wheels came off the deep-pass defense, they stayed off.

    And I was SCREAMING: “QUARTERBACK DRAW!!!” on that 2nd TD. How can I see that coming from a sofa and the D on the field/sidelines went right to sleep on it? Anytime Timmy has an empty backfield, he’s a potential RB. And they were in nickel or dime, with only FOUR guys in the box. For a team that wants to prevent getting burnt by the run, that’s just not going to work.

  80. Carl says:

    Alright, I’ve kicked the dog enough since that debacle ended. Gonna have to say the D just blew it, and call it a day. Tebow does exactly 2 things good: run the ball and throw the deep pass. Cannot for the life of me figure out how a team that doesn’t want to give up the big play get burnt over and over by them. Like Doug said above, good but not great season, but it will be a while before this stench will go away…

  81. Buncie says:

    Let us all face it. The Broncos beat us just like the Jaguires beat us 5 years ago. Yes, last year, the Geenbay Packers beat us in the Superbowl. All three playoff games we had the better team. There is only one thing that seaparates us from those three loses. It is the HEAD COACH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BYE BYE TOMLIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Time for a trade, get rid of the lack luster, always injured in the big game, POUNCEY!!!!!!!! Way too many Gater offensive lineman on a team that needs run blocking. Don’t the Gaters pass???? Too many conections in FLORIDA for Tomlin.

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