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Arians on Ben; LeBeau on Timmons and Harrison


Here are selected excerpts from Bruce Arians and Dick LeBeau’s weekly media sessions. I thought it was very interesting what LeBeau had to say about Lawrence Timmons and all he has done to hold an injury-ravaged defense together.

Arians on…

Whether Ben Roethlisberger suffered a setback last Sunday in Cleveland
“No, because he was moving well in the fourth quarter. He moved around and made some great throws on third downs. Adrenaline does a lot for you in a football game that you don’t have on Monday. When you wake up, the adrenaline is not there. I am sure it happened during the game. He thought it was some time in the third quarter. Adrenaline gets you through football games, especially tight ones like that one was.”

Whether Roethlisberger’s high-ankle sprain has hindered the offense
“I think field position has a lot to deal with it. We are gaining yards but we aren’t scoring. Our red zone offense has really slipped. The other night, the clock ran out. We had two more downs but we only had five seconds. There were times when we could have played better in the red zone and scored more points.”

Whether he can remember a season when he has dealt with so many injuries
“We are close to last year’s number but no. Last year we had more guys on the Reserve/Injured List. This year, it’s week-to-week and day-to-day injuries, and who can participate and who cannot. You just go with the flow. You take what is there and go with it.”

LeBeau on…

How the defense has played at a high level despite all of the injuries
“I think you have to give a great deal of the credit to Lawrence Timmons. He played about four different positions for us this year, that’s hard to do. Sometimes two or three of them in the same game, and that is really hard to do. He has been the guy that we have wheeled around as we have lost some of our players. I think the other factor is that they have all been in the same system, and they play it pretty well. The whole group has assimilated to each new guy as they came in there, and I am very proud of them.”

How James Harrison has evolved as a player
“James is one of our very, very best players. He has tremendous experience now. That is probably the biggest difference. He has always been a solid player. When he got that confidence, and the knowledge that he knew he was a dominate player, he has been a really strong producer for us, and I would say that that has been for seven or eight years. He is going to play good every week.”

Tim Tebow and the phenomenon spawned by his success
“It is pretty unusual what he has done. All of those games that they have won at the end, that is a testimony to their team, and their teams’ character and the character of the quarterback. But you look back to the guy’s career and he has been winning everywhere he has ever been, and that is why we have a lot of respect for him and you have to play four quarters and 60 minutes because he is going to keep coming. I think they have won six in a row, and five out of the six they came from really looking up a tree, but they won. I think that’s all you need to say. The guy is a winner.”

— Scott Brown



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